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January 15, 1925     The Goldendale Sentinel
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January 15, 1925

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IMAGE SMALLTOWNPAPERS= INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. USE SUBJECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION. DISSEMINATION. STORAGE. DISTRIBUTION P~OHIBITED. PaSTeUR THE GOLDEN'DALE SENTINEL--THE HOME NEWSPAPER THURSDAY, JANUARY 15, 192| The ~ 11/ | | O .* |]one crop raised, or a poor market,]tunities to many more. To them her h01oenme =n meilthe single=crop farmer suffers a se-[gifts are liberal .~- -1- f vere loss, Too large a variety of] --~ - IRVING S. BATH, EDITOR __ crops should not be recommended,[ BUILDING STATE RO.%D SYSTEM ~-~-----~ .-~---~. ~. I but certainly more than one crop[ Enterea st Golaencam, wasmngton, ........ Postoffice every Thursday, as second fanme t)e grown. ~'auure m several[ Besides finishing $2,000,000 worth class mail mater, tlines is unlikely to occur in the same]of work c~rried over the last bien- ~year. |nium, Washington has spent $8,972,- StmSCRIPTION R.aTES: 1 Year, 2.i@; 61 In Washington, farming values de-|400 on improvements to the highway ~bs, $1.25: 3 Months, 75cente. Imand that the waste must roe re-~system since April 1, 1923, State ~.~-~-;N--W~AS~-G~N---Iduced. All land suitable for crops]Highway Engineer James Allen show- j,~t~t~ l~ w~zu~ ~. /should be used Proper harvesting|ed in a speech delivered at the State! _ ~ .. . ~ ..... I maehinery will help reduce grain|Good Reads Association meetin~ in! MOSt auurmg ann mteresung or/ ....... I 7 . . ~waste put there is alwaysto eel Wenatchee Thursday A total of farm practices are those speciahy,~ ' " . " ....... o . I found down tram that the sickle is| 639.3 miles of highway improvement~ = r one ere ' ]arms, wnlcn tension- ~ o P i . ]unable to reach, or small grains that]has been completed and 22 bridgesl ally are brought to our attent on oe- ...... ...... ~pass tnrough tne macnine. ~ogs,lwere built. The road mileage was: cause el tnelr marzea success I " " " r h lgiven a chance, will turnthese|Clearing, 483; grading, 91; grading' Among these, the greatwneat ant eStwastes into profits. A steadily in-land surfacing with gravel or crush-! of Washington serve as a goes ex- . . tcreasing number of Washlngton|ed rock, 221; new surfacing, 22; re- ampm I I e" r farmers are using hogs to fo low th |surfacing existing roads, 166; con- Washington has an mcreasi.nglthreshers The questioninvolvedin/crete paving, 91. Payment for this number of farmers WhO are rinsing I rtmning hogs, however, is whether|road work was made as follows: a vamety of crops, including live "]the expense of fencing the fields hog-]State funds, $6,654,400; federal aid, stock and poultry Their farms are . . [tight will be justified by the returns.] $1,674,300; forest aid, $470,800; not so spectacular as the xarms of ,, . ..... ISome farmers prefer a few cattleto]permanent highway funds, $109,500; the wneat kings and hay kings . ' ' gatl~er the waste grain. |county funds, $63,400 , and so on Nor do they make so I Plant pathologists tell us that] Mr. Allen gave a detailed state- good a storyBut on such as these 'lwhere one crop is grown on the samelment of work finished on all state the diversified farmers, the state s ' l land year after year, plaint diseases]highways. Outstanding features of welfare depenus i' lure given a good opportunity to do]the biennium's accomplishments were Washington is new, from the stand-ltheir work. Pea-weevil and potato-Ishown to ~be: point of settlement, and, as is always lecab, which winter over ia the~ Completion of 36 miles of paving ~AK]~ your kitchen bright, light and the case in a newly settled region, lground, may be destroyed by crop|between Toledo and Kalama, giving J.VJL cheerful. Did you ever stop to figure What the ladies say: many Washington farmers plant I rotations. Using the land for otherI a paved highway from Blaine to Van- out that you probably spend a fourth of your gl L__J .... II ',v Uto ~,- ,- what will grow the easiest and forlcrops for a year or two robs the]couver; beginning the new Tacoma- wRkill hours there? But is your kitchen '11 I Light ..... mrnl on [Irl t.O.m.p ,o WOuld .o which there is a ready market, i disease of "host," and when the crop]Seattle, Seattle-Everett and Everett- well lighted like your other rooms ? It's so I - ,. .... II -Yo Thus, we have various sections oflis again planted, the disease wlll be|Marysville routes on the same high- much easier and pleasant to work in light l "" n ~d~t~o~~,, the state devoted singly to wheat, [ little in evidence, particularly if they way, beginning work on the 821-foot that'8 mellow, radiant and restful! I M ........... II "Would not ekink d mdatt may ot~r frult or da,rying. This system of|seed treatment has~been practiced.,Ferndaie bridge over the Nooksack I !! =.,,h~=~ II single-cropping succeeds well in the Washington farmers have learned]river. O][ 11 g][alt I, ....... roman ouuec ,,11 beginning, bu~ a permanent system of t that there is such a thing as too ~ Construction o~ the Yakima canyon The Day]lie Unit fills your kitchen wtth)mn~hiny I in uze I)ot~m ~ your n-on, || room."---M~. G. W., The Dzne~ Ore. argiculture requires diversified farm- ] many crops, or too many varieties of ~ road between Yakima and Ellens- ~t~y[ight. It banishes 9~are and ~loom; it Ooe$ away I ...... .~ .... |! "wouldn't ~o b~k to the old kitch~m ing, such =as now practiced in older]crops. If too much diversificatic~n lslburg, shortening the distance 13 with shadow~! Get the Daytite for the "workshop" | ~r~, ,m.~u,., ,.~ ~ [i ~. The Da.~m Unit b~ SeCtions of this country. ]practiced under modern methods,]miles, providing a water grade elim- of your home. It's all white and really beautiful. J other appltan~. Work~ e=l- J] ~~.glare amW.'---Mm. M. B.. White ,.m ed te,d whi,o ,ed ob,. I =" The growing of the same crop on t necessitating the use of expensive ma-~ inating two Yakima river bridges and Easy to keep spotlessly dean. Gre~ ~ drop cord the same land will in time rob the[chinery and equipment, the expense ] two grade crossings over the North- and nickel finished switch. " I illnlr.. II "Have eeru~ hmnd my Dayuto soil of the elements necessary for lwill be great. The farmer who grows] ern Pacific. Two tunnels, 269 and I - [| ~ttx:~m U~lt a ~t lnapr~vmt oven" pinnt growth, A rotation of crops ista few acres of corn can hardly afford]95 feet ill length were required to T~ ~ tw~ 1~ee~ ~][~]~ , " | bOwl~h old method of lightin~.l weald ltet ~~tl)ma't knowlt.,,__M~l. necessary and will in practically every I to own a corn binder; nor can a man ] get by a point on the lower end of the ~ Mll~t ~ .... case, correct the fault. Humus-pro-, with five or six cows afford to use ]canyon where perpendicular cliffs Try out a DayHte Unit for two weeks, FREE. The ducing legumes solve the problem. Al- i a milking machine. Again, If many | rise from the river installation co~ts you nothing. The fixture is quick- falfa, sweet clover or peas may well i crops are grown in separate fields, I Completion oz Snake river bridge lYwheninSmlledyou move,and maYif yoube detaehedrent. We'lland dotakenthisWithfor youYU be grown in eastern Washington, lthe expense for fencing is great. ]at Central Ferry. Bridge is 1,740 If you move within ten montlm. where there is sufficient moisture What has been said has been l~[feet long and has a concrete road- Where alfalfa o~-sweet clover is pro-lreference to the great grain growing]way Other notable bridges include: O~y ~,~1~ ~ IPmlMIth duced, the stalks are removed in the regions of eastern Washington; butJ Fallen bridge over Yakima river in For a short time only the price of the I)ayllte is only form of hay, while in the case of the principles involved may be well[ Benton county; Tottchet river in Co- 7St a month added to your electric light bills until s peas, the growth is turned under, applied to other kinds of farming.] iumbia; Indian Timothy Memorial totalbl~ easterner $7.50cities!is paid. This is a lower price than in thus adding immediately to the .rich- Where alfalfa is the leading crop,] bridge over the Alpowa in Asotin and Call for a demonstration in your home, ~ Ne the nose of the soil. The hay producdd cattle and hogs might well be kept] strengthening the interstate bridge Da~ite in our store. may profitably be fed to livestock. There is adways a local market for| at Clarkston. Then there is left themanure to be dairy products, or the hay may be| Building 122 miles of the Under- =|fie I o, vet & LL returned to the soil. Peas afford fed to stock cattle and feeders. |wood-Lyle section of the North Bank pasturage for hogs which, with a lit- Where apples are the chief crop,[ highway, a hazardous and difficult O= m p at y . tie grain at fattening time, will yield some forage crop planted between]piece of work owing to heavy rock the producer a neat income, the treesand thecull apples will pro-- const~,uction through steep CififS in c/llways at your ser =ce On the one-crop farm, particularly duce a few head of h~gs at a very low c~0so ~roximity to the railroad. One wheat farms, there is on unequal dis- cost. Again, in case of ~ 9oor apple l$2~foot tunnel was driven. Four- tribution of 1~oo~ throughout the market, if the grower has part of his teen miles of distance is saved by the b ~- - ..... ' year. During the harvesting season orchard set to peas or prunes, these ne~, work. thereof ........ from March 15th, 1924, together son /L Stout, also known as J this Is most noticeable, as one would may lessen tl, o loss brought by a low Pavement between Olympia and Notice is hereby given, tha~I have ~Y~ a~tane~ ~eef:nl~ht~:Y~v~eeCe~i~er~-I with the further sum of:.Two Hun- S~out, deceased; also a!l un n, ex ect. Labor shortages on faxms price for apples ~r~v,, 14,~h~r ftni~h~l and In miles duly levied upon and will on Satur-, a~tio" in the o~'ove enti*]~ ........ ..... ~ , ured Fifty (~z~u.vo} uo~mrs as a~- n eirs of Allecia G StouL le( a~ P .................... day the 14th day of February, 19' 5 , ~ . " .-=" . " - -- ' torney's fee ann costs of this action also all unknown heirs of 2 ~o: -' - . ~ " ' ann answer the compmmt o~ the 2 .q5 with interest on ~aid Ta " or deceased also all rsons during harvest are often overcome Individual ~drcumstances must of Olympic highway between Hoods- at the hour of ten o clock m the fore- '~la'-*iff an~ ~^-ve a ~o-- o* ~o-~ ~ taxed at $ ..... ): , . " ; I~e ' a noon of said day sell all the right ~ ~"~ , u =~. ~ P~ ~ ~ "" ~ judgment at the rate of 6 per cent parties unknown, if any having by farmers helping each other. One guide a man in selecting the kind of l~rt and Duckabush on Hoods C - title and interest'of the above n~m-'-answer upon the. unders.igned, attor-~per annum from date thereof until claiming to have any right, title r i htened neys for pialntlI~ at tnelr oI1ce ee-t man s crop is harvested, then the farming he prefers. Some men do nal were widened and st a g . ed defendants of in anti to the h uc- 1 "a .... a .... paid, all in lawful money, said judg- interest in or lien upon the real o~ st tea, ann In c se ol your rail i ~ r m 1 crew moves to he neighboring farm, ! better with fruit, or wheat, or poul- Other grading, construction of lnafter describe~l real proper;.v, or ,,r~ ~ a~ ... ~..~ .... .11;n ~ .... - merit being a judgment of fo eclosure tale in the co p aint herein desc] so much thereof as may be necessary "~ "~" "" .", ~"~'~"~ ":'" "~ "~"- of a certain real estate mortgage in ed, defendants above named: and so on until the harvestin&Js corn- try, than they do in general farming, bridges over the Hama Hama river to satisfy said judgment attorney's 'd~red ag~nst you acc.ordmg .t the ! which the sale Is ordered of the here- Y~)u and each of you are her~ - - ' ucmana el tan complaint wnlcn has - plete. So which kind of farming to do Is an Morse creek and Bagachiel river, and fee, costs, interest and costs of and ~.^.._ ,._~ _;,~. ,~.^ ~, ,. ^, ~_;~llnafter described real property sit- summoned to appear within sl I m accru ng upon such sale. ~=~u ~,=u ..~u ~-~ ~,~=z. u~ ~='~" uated in Klickitat County, State of (60) days after the first pu,~licat It is in the winter season, though, ~ individual proble in the hands of clearing of the 50-mile rlght-o~-way Pr~r~- l~--~e~ u~on and t(" b,, court. 1 Washington --orticul~rl-~ ~escribed as of this summons towlt" Within t at the sin le ere farmer utte of he farmer himself But he n~tust dl etweeu k uln It and the Be- F sold as follow~ to ihe ob2ect of this action is qu I ,, ,,~, d w ~ ~ t ~ ~.t a.v n~ ]..,.~ h g - p q - t - b La e Q a being described ,. - ............................. Lllows, t......: _a .... t~r _h .............. ] T t,tL~*Llt.ll~ JLL L/A~ I/~II~LILL ~IA~ LU ~A-- O ~) - " hewit , All of section twenty-nine (.9) in 19~5 and answer the complaint ten finds himself without work. Per-lversffy with the things which are [gachiel river were features of t ;% ...........and 10 in bloc~* clude the defen~ant~, and each ~fl,_wnshi_ ,~ ............ rangethe ~:laintiff filed a~ainst ~ou in haps most farmers welcome winter adapted to his condition or clrcum- Olympic highway worknumbered 3 in Theodor Suksdorff~ them from any interest w.ha o ntv ~o ~ ~" " i n .v I I _ .... ~ .... . ........................ [twe ~-tPhree ,.3, east of the V~lll- court a~oresa d, a d serve a co... because of the rest it affords but alstances or he will not succeed In [ ,First Addition to the To n oz ~in-~.. ~ "[amette meridian, containing 640your answer or other appearance ! - " gen, Washington. ,rate: to [acres, more or less. on the undersigned attorneys f~r I few head of livestock to consum~ general, the farmer with a high acre- [ ~RD FOR AUTO LICENSES ! The sale will take place at the The southwest quarter of ~ctMn[ Notice is hereby given that I have plaintiff at their post office addr~ part of the hay produced will often[ yield and with four to ai~ dit~erent [ ]front door of the county court house* ~20, tOW.hemp2, ~. n ~, 5. less i~Iduly levied upon and will on Satur- below stated, and If you fail so to~ in the Town of Goldenua~e, Klickiu~ containing ~o acres~ more or , day the 17th day of January, 1925, judgment will be rendered agai] result in a better price being obtain-!products to sell is better able to pay I Three hundred and thirteen thou-/~ount~ ~t-t~ -~ Washington at pub- Kllckitat County, V~ ashington. I~, ,~ h ..... f ten ~'clock in the fore-]you accordin,, to the demand~ of 1 ed for t e a than t it were sold ll~s obll ations than is the single doll rB er llected b State~l'ic auction- f r'ca'sh m han~l to th~ BROOKS & BROOKS Attorneys for ............. h h y f ~ g I sand ~ w e co y e o " ~ . .......... ,. ..... I noon of said day, sell all the above]complaint which has been filed w ,h~ heat and best bidder plalncllI Ul~tlCe anti stOt~lCe aa [ ashin ton has man di " o "g . - - described real property, or ~o much the clerk of said court direct: .......... cropper. W g _ .= Y "_'_ [T~.easurer C" L" fr aut._m."I GiVen under my hand thts 9th day drew. Goldendale_K~c~ttfltCoun:[thereof. as may be nec~ssarv to satis_[ The object of the foregoing s in tne event of me tenure ot tnei verslnea zarmers ann o~xers oppor- bim t~cense tees ~ast "l'uesnay TinS of January, 1925 , ty, wasnington uec lJ.-jall ~-~-~l.[fv ~-~irl -i,d~rn~nf ~tt~r~ve f~ I'- ~ ~ " --- " - ri'" o" "'ti- : "" ,.., ,~.... .,_..,,, .... , ........ ., .... ,,is to recover .uu~ment a__nst --_~-=:--~-~_ _~-- ~: |is the record day for motor vehicle W. S. WARWICK, .S. e it ~ mK~-;~~]costs, interest and costs of and ac-[defendant, Ada L. Bullack, for "Y~~ - - - " ~~" ........ -'~" ....... &l ............................ I tat ~ounty. wasnmgton. Dy L~eo, ~u*~.~. v~.~.~_y2~,~.=-[cruing upon such sale. J sum of $8.000.00 principal due II~ellS~U UOt|t~t;~tULt~A.JUA-IU~ t.Al~ M~ I "'lU~ J~U~ _,~LrJ~UqL~~U~.~IJ- ~ l remiss n ;: " 1 M. Baker, deputy ,~ ~ - I The sale will take place at the]eight evera p " ory otes ,~. _ -" - - rush of 1924 the state treasurer re- ROBERT W GARVER, attorney forIO1~ GUARDIAN ]front door of the county court houseI $1,000.~00 each, signed by the si .~ . ~Y:;:--~ I~.~,,,~.~ e,)~ nan in a sinole aa" Ell plaintiff, White Salmon,_Wash:. ' ..... ~ ...... I~n the Town of Goldendale Klickitat~:da L. Bullack and R. G. Bulls ? ~:~ ..... :~':~ " Jan ~b-~'eo. lz-ot-- In the ~uperlor t~ourt oI the ~ ' _~t~fa ~ ~vfl~b~trf~n ~t r~h. Ion the 10th dav of ~tober 1~ ; . ~;~i!~:~~ tlforts of motor vehicle owners to oh-I~, ,~ashlngton :or Klick,tat Co.unty~lhc autumn for cash m hand to the]copies of which s~ld notes are set, I, * ~~~ _~Jtain new l~eenses before Jan 1, were[ SUMMONS BY PUBIACATION ~In the matter 9z. ng..guar~.~.ansn]p U, lhighest and best bidder l in the complaint herein, with int .~, [ .--. ..... ~--" -- j ........ I t_lA~ e,~tate Of ~l~Ll|e "J:OOII1, James[ Given under my hand this 15th day]eat thereon at the rate of seven ] :~ i ~ ~. ~I~L~JI.~:~ ~IresponslDle for tne Dlg ~usmess uonelIn the Superior Court ot tne ~tate o~ ToDin, ~onica TODln anU ~uciml~f ~,.~m~. ~ Icent her annum from the 10th day ]last week Receipts from county~ Washington for Khckita Co nt..t Hector, minors. .. . . IW. S. WAR~CK, Sheriff of Klicki-|October, 1923, and the further s: " ~. ~~i~ ~.] ....... _: ~_.,-~ ................. [ No. 41_2_4 I Notice is.nereoy g~ven tna.t on tne] tat Ceunty, Washington, by Geo. lof $121.76 paid by the plaintiff ~, ~@~a_~ll~ ~.[autu~ur. n~u j~u~ reacneu ~.e .t=~ !j. A. Stowe, Plaintiff, 118th da_y.o.t p.ecemger, ~2a, M. ~.[ hi. Baker, deputy [taxes on. the real estate hereinaf ii V~JI~ .~/treasurer. I . .. vs.. . . ,Hector.nine]uon nereln,.as~-iLEO j HANLEY ,attorney for plain-/describea, with interest thereon ; ~| _ IThe Stateof Wash)ngton to ~e~ma ,the estate of the above.named Ne]heI Ore Dec 18-Jan. 15-St--lfrom the 29th day of ~ovemb !~ @' Vetma Stowe, ue~en.aant.. . ling that a guaruian oe appomte~l ~orl tiff,'208 Spalding Bldg:, Portland, lthe rate of seven per cent her ann~ !: T * \~F REAL ESTATE ~F, ANSFEF.S I Stowe, ue enaant: . . ;ToDin, james TODln, Monlc~ Toein! .................. 119"4, and for the further sum ~, You are hereby summoneu t aP" and Lucile Hector, and that Thurs-" " 7= ne ' " ~ r the date BU)L~[ONS B~ PUBLICATION $ ~0 00 attor ys fees for bring "' t .;:[ . . pear within sixt days afte .......... day. the 22nd day of January, 1925 [ " [th~ ~.|t, .................. .rid fur oog~ ~nd di~hn~ , .: W.D.~Homer G. Day ann wife to of the first publication of this sum- at the court room of saxd court at the],_ the Cu"erior Court of the State of] ments of this suit and to have A BETT . [ $10. a~e=na f~ .h.~,, ~nt~tled action ~u ............. ~- [J C Duly Plaintiff Jand Ada L Bullack given to secl ~ ,' ~k ' |Sadie Per er Dicket y, tract in 19-311- , mona, towit-, within sixty day.s after 'courthouse,. , of Klickitat ............................ County, at['"w..~.~t~. ~nr T~li~lritRt. Cnun v |t_. mort_a.~e~ g __ecutedex ' bvR G Bulh ' t ER PLAN FOUND the 15th day of January, 19z?, anc~iGoldendale, Washington, at the hour . . ~ . . . , " ~ ~ ': ........ I':"~"-~ "" -'r'~-~" ~ ~ .... ue lz ~u ocmc~ a: m. ot ~9 uy~, ~1 vs ]sald promissory notes foreclosed, s ~ : W D---Jonn ~ jussua ann w~te me aDOVO enttueu court ann arts " r been fixed as tl~e time ann ntace for, ......... - ~ " " " the ] e laintiff on file i ; . . v . Aua ~. ~u~mc~, wiuow, Arthur tlleT~erOpertYsouththerelnhalf ofdescrlbed'the northet~ T . . __ To.. .... .=..~. '= I ...... t~...... =~-u ~?,w ~ ~v~ "'--n'" : :~me anu pmce any person ln~eresteu[ husband and wife; Motor Service]quarter; the southeast quarter of : ~i ~. A MERCI-L~N~ WENT to his banker ", Ire Herman Niskajarvi, lot in Po-" of -,our '~earlng-n sald petition, .at WhlCh] Bryan Bullack and Laura Bullack, l was good---but that banker ella not *I W. D:--Mary E. Sturdivant to Gus-l~aea~ne~ a~~Zd ~el~'an~ ~tcause. wny a guarajan .saoula noto.[:~! R. Adams and Jane Doe Adams,]quarter of ~the southwest quarter . ....... .[..._ .. ......... ~ ttu~ . ~v .. . ., .. ~ .appmntea ~or sale estate, ann theI his wife if married; Margaret E [section ten (10); and the west b e me mone ta~ ~erman .r~isKl~ar1, 41 10~S in t~en case o~ your ~allure so to uo 2uo~ w tlon X lec nlm nav Y. ~, "1 ........... 't -~ut ritten objections to said peti " _'. t Adams and John Doe Adams her]of the northwest quarter of sect ter men~ win oe renaereu aga~ns y Witness er 1%1r . ..... ~'| v~lle, $100. I ....... = ..... ~ , the Honorable Hem _.'|husband, if married" Hugh Adams [fifteen (15) all in township four ( The banker knew th _ _ . ~ O C D--J G Allyn and wife to~ ....... ~ ........... ;,~ ,~,~, ,~.!. . g of . .. P ._ ,] husband of Margaret E. Adams;|north of range fifteen (15)east. ~- , ~mu~0 w,~u ~ u~- ~ ........ an the a t nereun t he had ..... P ..... a se~az o~ s la tour - Bessie Jackson Adams and Royal the ~Villamette Meridian; also t was .a poor coU tor and tha .... IA. G. Beisheim, 125 acres in 20-6-10 [cle.rk.ofthe.above entitled court Tfl.'! to affixed this 18th day of Decem-] E Adams her husband" John Doe~northeast ouarter of the northe~ a lot; oI accotm1~ Oil DAS DOOKS T~fla~; a ob~ec~ o~ tins action ~s to secure ~or ~ bet, 1924 (L S ) ..... r nd 4-4-11. f - Adams, husband of Bessie Jackson (~uarter of ~ectiou ten (10) townsi "~ h~"Id be collected X! ,~ r~ .................. I__the ~)laintiff ............... a decree of divorce rein IEVELYN NELSON,, County Clerk and] Adams, nrior to November 2~ /four (4) north range fifteen (1 ~ ........... ,,_~ ..... ~. ...... , .....Clerk o the Sup i r C. | 1916; Jane Doe Jones, wife of]east of the Willamette meridmn, ][ ~,~ h,~ ~,;A +,~ +k~ w~h~n~.. "U~v ~t~attie M. Claxton West, 160 acres!~u~~utr ~,~"_~_~u'~.~u t~L,~ ....... : Klickitat County, Washington- [ Gee. W Jones prior to Noven~her~Klickitat County, State of W ashh X ~v ,~ ~,~-~, ~, v,,~ ----.---~-----. .. ~ ~! ._ . __~ ..... =. I seem u,~w ~uu ju.t. . Dee 18-Jan lo-~t--i .=.h 1 QG~. olo~ ~11 .~lr~tn~-w hair= I fon enid i. the manne~ nrovmea ' he o le that owe m anu Dated this 12th day of January,,r . ..................................... don t you go after t pe p . .................. I ..... I - , ..... [ #f each and all of the ~bove nam- ]law and the proceeds from the s~ retest on borrowed money if you will ............ [ plalntlff. _Post O ...... i ~,,~.,,,~.,,~ ] t-now- oo J A Stou~ aeceaseu: J menuonea sums clalmed to be .d= . l 1 t aJmon WaSh- *" ~===~-~,~,~==== == - =-- , -- only get what the people owe ygu? ~lrown of uomenua e, ~ anne her. I ~nd~n~.s" W~ ~5-Feb' 26-7t-- I Case No. 4055 [ also all unknown heirs of Allecia]the. plain.tiff here,. ....... q'q~ t,~,,t,~,, h~l.~A +h~ ,~,~r,,hnnt TI~ I ' 1 ~ G Stout deceasea: amo au un-t A turtner ooject o~ ~nm suit is ] ~ . . ,'1~ .,. ='=~.=~ ~[NOTICE OF SHERIFI; S_SA.I~_ OF!" ,~r~u~, ~v PUBLICATION "!In the Superior Court of the State of] known ~eirs of Thomas Taylor,]have of the plaln~ work ouc apron ~o gecnls moneypa, la X} REAL PROPERTY UNV~I~ t .... v ....... ! Washington for Klickitat County.] deceased; also all persons or par-ldecre.ed a first ann~ priorden on s~ ~][ ;rl ~,rtd ~,~tlrl ~'1~ lnn~v./~nt ~O~_Q lrlaSt his " dl~[ J[fi.~_J~'_lLJ'l'JUl~l iIn fh~ .~z~,~.~,~. 0.... t ,~f th~ ~*-te c.~ 1 Nedra Comnanv a cornoration, plain-[ ties unknown, if any, having or I aescrioe~ reaJ estate and to nave , . Cas . 4 tiff claiming to have any right htie or r~ghts of all of the de e d t m I need of more mol ey--he hadall . of the State" "['- ...... Washington o...o ...... Klickitata r.orCUnty.__- .... vs / interest m, or hen upon 'the real Ireal estate declared and decre dS . needed and it was his own. In the Sup~r~r Court . o ation Plaintiff. Euphemla McPherson and Ale.xander esm. te .m ti~e complaint herein de- fern.or and subject to the lien of tl " =,.. W=~h~gto= L,. K~kit~.t_County.I ' ... I McPherson, her nuseand, scrIDea ue[endants. |plamtlff under his =o~ ~,~ ][ A h.n]r~, nm~.]lv +~.;=. t-~ A~ *~ fh{n(r ~lt~eorge t~ Je41nlngs, l~laintlff, t~ho ..~.,,--. h~."- ~e ..~ .f Lillian t ants [ State of Washington to Ada L. [gage. and to nave sale , ~ vs. Johnson deceased and any and Under and by virtue of an order Bullack, w~dow Arthur Bryan Bul- fendants and each a d that is best for the depositor. ~t William L. Peeler amd Myrtle M.t .....~.:.L ...... ' .... =,~ ..... I, o,~= under foreclosure issued out]lack and Laura ~Bullack husband and [of them barred and foreclo'aed of a .... ~| Pe~er,-his .wi % Defend n . ~ ~-~wn ,-1~,-~-- on~ right title ' of the a~ove named court m the|wife; Motor Servzce Company, a cor:]rzght, title or interest in or lien u~ ( lnin ic over. ~i unaer ~ I)y virtue or an execu:| ~o~ ~=;~-~.~;~.~ ~,~ ~t .... ~}ahnv,~ ,~ntitl~d an~tion on the 15th day l~oratlon; Harrison R. Adams anolsaid deserioeu rea~ estate, save az ~[c0urt ta thee above entitled action oni ~nta_o_reales~t_e ~es.c~Dea m ~net~.~,~,~=7.-Tre-~a~rea .in~-sai~ court onlried- Marearet E Adams and Johu demption and to have the pur4,ha~ -~ " , ~ .... ~[F|the 8th day Of January. 1925, pur-~ c~mp~xn~ nyr~u, ~_~W~.u~a.~ .~--~ ~J.~*~."~--~.~'r~mh~ 1924 ln lnoe'Adam~ her husband, if married; under the sale of said property und! ~ . .... ~[,j suant to a judgment rendered in said L :~ne p~,~u u~ ,wa~.~,.stua, ~u ,}~.~ ~ ~'~'~-^Z'Z~ ",-~.. ".'~'~,~'~ nlai~tiff I ~,,~h Adams husband of Margaret nlalntiff's said mortgage, let ~nf 4, .... . ...... ~[*]court on the 18ill day of December, [s ........ ., ..... .! ' ..a ~'~ ....... ~--~ o~=in~t the ,~efendants Eunhem- E Adams: Bessie Jackson Adams and possessmn thereof ~mmedtately uP~ !, ~ alU unxnown nezrs zi any oz~m~ ~=vv. u, ~,,~ =.~-~ .... .- v ~--=~, , .... i $Iat BanR Ol floIdcndalI'" ' ,,,o, o, .oo. namealouu ................... v .................... ! " " sbn o " a er Me- al E Adams her hu a d, J hn the sale of said premzses, az d t~ arties unknown claimin any ~ia McPherson and Alex nd Roy , on her husband for the sum Doe Adams husband of Bessie Jack such other and further rehef as ~illiam ~. Peeler and Myrtle M. right, .title, interest: estate or lien Ph~e~.t_ five Hundred ($2,500 00) son Adams:-rior to November 22- the court may seem just and ,d Peeler, his wife, for the sum of Four jin the lan~ ueecrlrma nerem, uetenu-,_ .. ~'7~....... -- ' t ~tl e " ~ " "re -" "~eo' - .... ~[; ~[Hundred wltn interest tnereon at tne i .... ;jane uoe Jones. wl el ~ .~mu. - . .... g ............ ) v~. o.a =.,.h ~f you are hereby ~rate of 8 her cent per annum from lW Jones, prior to November 26th, WARD & BRODIE, Attorn, k.TIL|~ it= Lars a=lu costs anO a.ttorne 'S ,.e,,1 ............. I .... I1~]~JL~,I~~ , --=' .... " " a a~Ma 16h. ~[922, and the further sum 1894" also all unknown hefts ofeach PLaintiff. Post. Office t~d ~t Fifty ~ev~, and 00-~00 dol- summoned to appear wlhm sixty d y Y . ' " " ~of 167 91 with interest thereon at and all of the adore named dezend- uo~aen(m~e, Washington. ' ;. lars, with interest thereon at the rate after the date of the first p.ub.hcation ~.,_ $ __.: . ,, -er -e-* ............ .nt." sa|~n ~11 nnknnWql heirs of John- Jan 1-Feb t/ ~@ : " ~ ..... = :=4~~i~-~4-~i~-~-~~]of six per cent per annum from date~of this summons, towlt: wiLn|n slxty!tne rtttu oz o p ~ ........ j ........... ,