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January 15, 1925     The Goldendale Sentinel
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January 15, 1925

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M.AGE SMALLTOWNPAPERS INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED ALL RIGHTS RESERVED USE SUBJECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT, REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED, PAeamx THE GOLDENDALE SENTINEL--THE HOME NEWSPAPER THVRSDAY, JANUARY 15, 191 i IQTH R IflN 000 Bond issue for IOLA OP COY f IU/II UL-IiJWII$11 U/ bonuses, voted by th.. ptJ~:~ i: ": 'C "~,~C'r]ED I --==.A..,....,== ..--==,=.At and a reforestation bond is~u ..... m,,',~ ~ t ." IFRI.RIA/IIHF MFF/,Rt ing to $I0,439.03, which is no, a y~n Campers, smokers, brush burnersl I,--v,,.. ""="~=~Ieral.state obligation. " and loggers all appear in the list ofi ~'e c ! ] .......... ~,1[: I I T 0 1 , ,.. ..... "~ ~'" "" t ,-~ ~ ~u,., ,a uM vv ~o~..w.,~t,u ~d ~--- "- "" Lr " " " ,- Ilature, the six permanent funds of th~ national forests of Oregon and Wash- $70 to $1Z0 ,0 .ece ve arly Istate--school, university, scientifi, ington during the season Of 1924.I .... -, ~-- Attemi0n. school, agricultural college, C. E. "P The report, which has just been is- ~ Without Accessories " Iand R. I and normal school had ag sueS~by the ~et forester's office, [I ............ re [] I g gated investments amounting to:Portland, shows that 222 cases werel_ Olympia. ~ (Special.) --- The nine-I respectively $18 145 882.35 $18 $96 Ibrought to triM. Of these, 197 were teenth regularsesslon;:n~d~asbinigho~[ 504.35, and $21.877.43297 The goverlconvicted, 9 found not guilty and 1611 ~4[-.-~--~1--....~ Fl~:.u.l~-- Ir~ ,, T ~" Ir~ ..... 11 legis ature convened M .day "! t nor gave Land Commissioner C V I eases axe still pending. I| ~,~tflllUUtl[-U ll[e~ ...,, , at K rterles anti on.tensing issue recogn]zeu as likely Savidge's handlin- of .... r t-- .~~,g~.~ ,s..~.~,w VaL Ja.~a, ........... [ $ the state lan(Fines and costs were assessed in I-- to oecome the storm cen[er oI tne bu- -~a-- "~ - -~, ....... ~1 - -- .. ., ......... ...... ~ ,:,.^, .... Is~ ats thevreu][ [or the Dig ga~zttite amount of $3.096.25 under theil . in the state .unds. criminal fire law convictions In ad- III Accessories Carrmd m Stock bers agreed, that the legislatmn to be Most of Governor Hart's messa~, I[] d"~l _.~___. At_._.1__ f-~___ __ pushed hardest at the outset would be ,as ~-, .......... --{ditlon, 33 civil cases were settled ,nd~lI UIUSIIIODIIe ~,ars . .~.~o~,.. ,, +.~ ~'~..o a~o~,.,^a *,, 0~,..I " uu 'uteu ~u a umcussion o[ tm damages collected covering govern-l 1 state institutions . m . =-- the state su.~ervtsion over the listing/ ' ~ merit timber destroyed m the amount t I eir~i ~Ir ~ .t ...... tvvl'.r t,Y,tlnn Wh,t .... I New Institution Needed[of $17,615.64; 22 civil cases are still[~ lne wonaer ~lX v. /f-va.~....~ ..................... ' " i 1 I _ _ _11 1 _ ~ .... ...~ ~. may be the outcome legislative lead-~ The average daily attendance at t~[pending, involving damages amount-l[ t,xOl(l~n(lal~ ~Ja] era agreed that the present adman[s-/ fhirteen state institutions, Governm ing to $39,006.27, according {o the ~ trative code organization of the state~ Hart said, was 6,221 for the 1918-192(Ireprt- [i ) , taxation department would be revised,I biennium, and 7,266 for the 1922-2:I Campers fires head the list of con- [] "~NIZ'ldr~d=~ R'JIf'll-tltlPll''~l~ IIIIIlIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIliIIIIIIB Hnl mma both the out-going and incoming state~, period, an increase of 1045 or 16.,'.%tractions under the criminal laws, with 1 JL:J.~kJt~K~,., .K.Ng.K~,Llkwi Jt~,,t,~ ------ i =m administrations being agreed upon thei which amounts to the equivalent o t128 convictiins, 5 not guilty, and 6 [] .... . . COUNTY~HOILTICI.~TURIST GIVES t they are generally represented by necessity for that. Ienough new. state, wards to compel ;'~ pending Brush burning without ,ira --=.." I'hf, -_.v--,.LnnO- I .lips,.... ~D~, ...... Ihonest, relia]ble salesmen The effort to slash state appropria-, construction st one new institution. ~ permit ranks second the smokers't~ u ,, There are also, like in all bus[- tions is met at the outse~ by a demand Because of fire hazards at tile ~est]f]res, third II ! ~ I t nesses, those who are engaged in for a multitude of increased allow-[ ern Washington hospital for the Jut Although the greatest number of I elr ? _ _ , .-, , I ~'Cl The season is now approaching growing nursery stock, who are not antes, ranging all the way from the[ sane, where a serious conflagraH,~ttcouvietions is for campers' fires, it isl/ lime IOr tmams---t~el: i ..d I w n ~ " Itte when the farmer, frultgro er a d essential funds needed to care for a ~as narrowly averted a few me ill, lI n always concerned about the quality . l * : ~-[pointed out that the greatest damage ..... ~I home owner in general will begin to of their product, and those who have growing state's business to appropria- ago, Governor Hart urged considers came from fires caused b lo ors t~ Ihem Here l think about what they will do in the[continued to grow trees and shrub- tions for several new tnstitutlons./ li tion of a policy of gradually sul~si~ue Of the total $56,621 91 damages un- I ] " .... , ~ " - ~ were way of planting fruit trees, shade[ bery on the same land so long that There was, roughly, a treasur)" balance / ing fire-proof buildings zor the b~'](d der the closed and pending civil IlI [ I trees and shrubhery, in order that[the soil has become infested with of $4,500,000 in the state general fund[ and frame structures now in use. -~,caseB over 80 per cent is due to log-[11 I Drl they may provide a grea,ter varietyI diseases a~ld pests that is is [ropes- last month, and this has encouraged/ few wooden buildings erected in ~1~ gang fires, it is said 11 1 o. .. ! I of food for their families and to im-/sible to longer grow good and thrifty some of the demands for extra funds [ days that the U. S army, 70 y, ars ago I "Much as we'd[slake to inflict l - l/1 I1llill i:inlrl .~t~ t| | tend prove the general appearance of their | plants However, the state equalization corn-i bad a fort on the hospital site are st[ - ..... "~:. ]i i, ~l, il~,ql~t.~ql,~lLi, li~,,I, lll,*~ Ik~tl.LI, Ilill I I phi / .... ( ipenalties upon zorest visitors," salu,i I !.-_ I home surroundings. | 'V~ere ~o /,~o,, ,-,i* *reo ~o-*o mittee did not levy a property tax for l m use Dy asymm employes. All tl.e],h~ ~,~, ~ .... ,,,. =.. ~a~ ...... ~...II c..k..:..a e...kk^.-- ~....--~'--.. I =mow It zs also the season when the pro- _ ........ general fund nurr, ases this year es- farms at the state mStilmions are ir] . ' I~ I ~mel verbial tree agent will come fort | .... " h who su t~ thv diffuruat nursemes, - ~- - ' .. _ the report, "the fact remains that ""-'in- u ...... r ....... a ..... er timating instead that the present bal-I a prosperous condhmn, Governor Ha:', I ................. t~H~DIIH~iaai~IHiarmIIIH~II|mlHi~l~il~ii~iio~li :I t n in in "~'"~ s p tu=,. vj=~ .u ... - s i h he de 1 lul&tt wile vlol~tte tile Ilre laws are with his greatest offer i due g[cltoc- e llin it to -- un ance and revenues from indirect[ ad, thong pr(cated the tact........ t . Ume. I ........ aSS S K, r se g tne - - - I ......... t law-breaKers ann must be punmneut --~ ,FOR SALE----Baby chicks and hat_~ - I the nature-loving citizen to buy as ....... ,, ..... ~.,;^ .~ .,..~, _, .... , .sources w0ulu meet legitimate neeas teat not enough progress nan oee'~ , ~ ~_,.. ~ o.~,~,---~.~,~ ~;~o ~-u.~,--.-i ....... I~-~v ..... s v .... ~ a,~ ...... ,~, c.~ a ' "t .......... ~." "las Such The future economic wel-i Read theW~t~dL ~ Lng. eggs flrom my.. bred-to~ n~ucn nursery ~tocl~ as ~s poss Ole. --ic- - li ..... n=er the ---r ..... h~-- This apparent conflict between de- maue In [rult ra stag at the boYS' train.. .......... ! ..,~,a ,~, ,,,~ffi~ ,ffiu=. i W-bite-Leghorns; cl~icks $15 ~ em a I ........ ipr v ~ ~ue u u ma ae% t ~r~- . .... I . - . " I [are oI tne t'aciIic Nortnweet ue-] ~ ~00 afte -r Mar_~12: 4~-~s 7-5c Tne growing ana selling oz nursery ,_ - a'-'n -o-" --an- -al sire for taxation reform and the rarest- I ing scn0oL i - . . , ........ [ ~. *Z; eggs ~oc li~ .,~ I t Dy m K~ g a g va m y a as. manes it. floweret ' tie aaaeu, ' it " " v setting oI lb, or $5 per nnnureG, ~m stock is Just as legitimate a business~ .... ence upon swollen appropriations fur-[ In a reference to prison pardons and T .' I 4. perhundre ' .-.. I h ::1=7~ ithse~ g~r:dt V;:lYp ::de:cc:he;; ;::ch:ditoh: bathse :eaT::: :fo:heo;a:l: P::tl;:n:h:n ::~ri;~gorg::e:::e:tt;~; ]wO modation to the prospective buyer... . g coming session [ only eight per cent of paroled prisov.t .... [~ '~ ~~Also all kinds of rep~'lJ j ......................... l~rom sales, and in the mn~ority of " I ............ h ............ I~ewer rarest ~ires and fewer law on-[L~O~ reagpnabl_e prices, at the I! Went Tnere ~re rell~tDle uuruery ,men wuuI .............. evu wumteu v te=-=us o[ inelr parolv~ i the 9th~ ghne Rhnn- Wp~,~t M~tin R~ cases, hB ~is only a salesmau, know a ~am,n s ra , n ~nanges forcement cases I conta~nln ca h Te s Fr~ grow good and reliable stock, and ..... " " -I and that state records failed to shov l "" . ~rop~etor.~.l~ . I ling nothing aoout the zlna or vame- However, legislation was overshad-I that any person who was servia ~{ -- I Phone 1952~~ited. " " " ltfJ~ r.e ec ties of fruit that is adapted to the owed in interest by the changing of life term for murder at ...... . [ THE R.~JI)IO BUG ]~.T~-,r~-,~_ ~ ,, . ~,..^. : De~l ountr n I " -,- . , PAl2 TL~G---See O. M. Eddie zor [ I c y i wh ch he is selling, nor admimstrations and the resultant poll- -arden had ever bee ............ t I can he tell anything about how to tics in the organization of the two ~ ' "" " I Oh the radio bu the radio bu ,~lace and Divers school house on tinting. ~sidenee, Wast ]~rtl! I TL_ D__-..l ,L_ J) lane=her crime committed subscu~:~u: g, g' I ....I I lnc De6t ul til llplant, protect and caxo for them. houses, and the nmkeup of the eWl to his release. " tHe,]lbe]isteninginwhilehisgrave,sl ~1~.= ~,~ l, .... ~l,me.i I Everyone who owns five or more state official family. I , ~ being dug, ! " ~ .......... -_7.1 M Boys Sleep in Tents "~ FOR S.~L~F_P--Guernsey and Holstein l M.KRI~ [ flA...-[ ~'~ .... ]lacres of tillable land should grow Coincident with the convening of] . IHe monkeys with static and mete~l~O~'~ ~l='0Pi'l ,I ......... Illlll[I tllltt]$ ,,11~ .... ^~n" ,r~ .................... ,,;, ~ oh,,,~.~ o~,, ,,~o,, the legislature on Monday was thel~ Emphasis was land on, the fact that and volts, ,I ~oner K~ck/tat2b months giving 3| gallons per] Coroner Klick/tat CountyCounty ~d~ To~ v , - the absence of building room at tht~ nay. ~nquire vars. t:. F. Haraing, Funeral Director and Licom~d hand ! []out shade trees and shrul~ery. It opening of the Januar~ term of theI ..... h "'~ .... And he twists little handles and doe-I ~neral Director ada d Llcelmed 1111__..., I rt which Warr n boys trmmng sc om had mane it nec calmer mtn 1 I ---'-'-- His not only a source of pleasure, but state supreme con st "e ] " jigger bolts, /~[ calmer ~ I I ................. Ilof profit as well. There is nothing W. Tolman, of Spokane, succeededl essary, to compel many of the boys tOiHe climbs on the table and falls onll'X)~~22:.,?hne:7[~" Iilg "1 f Seattle as chief us s)eep ]n tents e~en dumn~ the se e e,y. rlte Residence Phone 1502 Mrs [ l/J~J~ N/UDI'I"Jl5 ?~l~'~J~JI) [I that will enhance the valu~ of a ]John F. Main, o , J . [ " ~ .-r ' } the r~of ~ ~ ~a.ce Phone 1502 . ll ~ I cold ~eather durin the h i GOODS IlhomBstead more, for the time and tice, and the formal meeting of theI " g oltday sea- And he thinks the non radio guy is a ] ~[ I.O O. F. Bldg. Oolden~istek Ii ! l~money expended, than [11 this way ] presidential electors who east this[ son. The general education of all beys goof, 8~rom mvl "Lgdy Attendant . ]wrlUn in the lnetit ion is looked after Just dark red bred to-Is R I Reds 18 key I "-------- [] 'Phe ~m'f,w|'no' f~f frntt ig .1.n .n state's vote for Coolidge,. and Dawes. ] t~J I He'll sit up at night with his bakelite I " v~~I'~-.I~s~., .~[ .... " ; R I | ~ ~.rrt~-~o~ ~#~r~Tta~o~r~_ II ...................... m~. ...... .~.~..w^ s^~o~....o ~.~a( as in thepublic ~chools while trainingt ~...- | e~eh. Setting eggs. 75c for setting J.H. TRUM]BO, ]PLop s~rvic~ Ion o m ~raoes zs given oy a ial o snoop f rr Mar o ~ =T~.-~,~ ~ ~a~, I I[vtd~ ~ ~r~t~r variety nf fnnd fn~, been extracted g ag for as thei . r , 'Till the cuckoos have cuckooed to ~~,~.~utd~ rz~L'~jn~t~ t~_~ M I ...... It .... senior of the trio of supreme courtt boot and shoe shop furniture factory death in their clo ..... ~l LIGHT AND HEAVY ~UIAN~ith the ~ami~y at a mw cost, and is very i . . ' ' ~. , 4 i ,-, h lied labor, are not swtisfied with the ~ because of insufficient room in the for the license department and conse-/~t~o~'saaC~m~n~tw~D~v~E_~ | S~5Hrner, Route No. 2, Pho~[i __ ~ ~e I l'rep I}elwerv Ilreturns. This will have a tendenoyl temv~rarv can[tel buildin~ ~t which quently a 30% increase of !~. f Relief by local appltc~tlo2 an~ the I ...... : -" II. ..... ...... J~ "./ . ~,, , I ~rnal Medicine, a Tonic, which acts [A~k~-----A black yearling fill brand- to make the price of fruit higher and the installatio of hcaused a deficiency It also ~as ~ I j i i !1 I . t e governor and . ..... through the Blood on the Mueotm Bur-/ ed ouarter circle 5 on tie .ight,I -- ,=, I I]increase the cost of living,i the delivery of his inaugural -ddreu that the finance committee's reco::~. ~aces and al~t~ in ridding your ~ / shoulder Reward for information ~1 ............... " ~" -" menda i of Catarrh. Rob't McKilli Centerville Wash" t~tasses F~ttea--LAtest b'~yie L x [ /. , kNYWHERE IN TOWN [I Plant more fruit; plant, the right['were the sole features, t on of an increase of $1,00') 000 8Old by druggtsta for over 40 Yelze i . . P' , _ L" tl - -- ), i IIkinds; use your horticulturist; take~ ..... i .... in the appropriation for the depart- ~'.J. ~ & Co.. Toi~lo. O. ] li / --------lithe same care of your trees that you [ ,.~ov ,art Hey ews AOmlnl~ratllon. ment of labor and iudustrlss---taken i~|FOR-- ~20 tone of extra fine[-" - . ~ ~|rf ,~ / " line of vou.r other ,'r--- o,a ,,,,,~ ~m [ Governor Hart left the field of leg[s- from fees naid by the emnlovers---w-o i ~, At~ ~~ [ baled alfalfa hay. -~ W. T. Jor- I / PHONE 992 I[be well paid for ;o;r tro, uble.~-=~J.;~/lativeadvicettheincminggvernr, disregarded, thus'incurring a deficle~~-, ~ I )1 ! dan, Maryhfll, phone 3126. 13---[ ~ / ' I[BROWN, County Horticulturistcontenting himself on Tuesday with a cy. The legislature while authorizing * I V_~ "~ I I FOR ~kld~--Two good fresh milk [ r~ i I I I I 11 | | 1 li ~ I r /"WE LIKE TO HEAR IT II " " review of the work of hiB administra- rebates on gasoline taxes did not ap- ! ~'~v"'iM~~ ~ ~J I cows; also 1 piano.~-Inquirre 9~_[ i~lll:dll'J:~il ~11 " " ~ e J~Irool~ ~ uo. ual11L 13 tion State finances were str ssed in r ri i / RING. i[PRESBY~EltmN CHURC~ NOTIC~ " p 04) ate any money to pay them, Gov- It'~A ~ I~ I ~ su / II .q,nd,.v ~ahanl at 10 o'~.lao_lr the message. He quoted the state ernor Hart said ~ ~~,'~| IF OR 8AX~,-T-S. sine 10-weeks-old pigsI ~ ~ .................. " e reu r ..... ' on th and on D SOW, all Cheste treasurers report to show that e The retl [ Morning service at 14 a. In. " . ring governor closed his - ""I I Whites.---H. D. Rolberts. ' 523 I llle Natural lli last day of December the condition of mess e wi ' I Christian Endeavor at 6:30 p m. ,, ag th a plea for earnest sup- - " I-. ........ +,.U , " the general l'und }~8"been" In 1920 oft of h ['U~ ~l.a_lt,~ ~tm~t'---~eatlng stove, I'L ULg ~Ivl~dn ser~nce at 7 30 o clock p is *zealons and eonsciehtigus J~ ~[l II '. ' ' : " - ............ :: ..... ' " ' OARD OF THAEI~d~---We wish to ex-[ good as new.---Abeling, Phone NO.. 1E;~llFU~ti~ ~ ~_T I an overura[t e[ ;~1 o~t~,~u iv, in ivz~ successor J 1124 ~ 523--- i- J~ _ --_ u -~ ] ~T~m ninTH I] YoU wi~i[find a cordial welcome ~;o L ' *~ " " ' " press our deep and most slocere , I 4 .................. ... I] ~|). ,,,~ ~rvt,,~= __,v ru~ VRT~.~, n,,. cash balance, $2,~84,325.81", 1924, cash Committees t'br the"le~lslati~'~ .... ~r~. gratitude to the kind nezghbors and ~[ ~ .--i #. ........................ ~"-- ' = friends who helped us during our LXLqtl--Anyone w~.nung corn ace balance $~ 511,676 87 The total cash sion were an .................. i]tor. ' " " nounced by both Speaker bereavement in the loss of our be- Ross & Oldham. or phone 1563 or] Y('ll|lr gnces S t ~ v Jl~t~JM~ TAX ~r,,~taALm'r I/ ~ in all fund on these daes Floyd B. Danskin of the house and loved h,usband and father.--Mrs. 1642. Plenty of good cos.i on hand[ ~,,~[~ k , ............ !| ~r,u ,~ ,~r~,~m have been: 1920 $3 688 766.12" 1922, Lieutenant-Gov~-~ w .... T,.h .... S.T. De Yoe, Bertram D. De Yoe, at $13 per ton. 353] / I,T A~LaL)U~'I'AI~'I il .............. "8 053~74 96" 1924 "11347 2731'1 ....-~" ...... -'~"~ ......... MaXgaret De Yoe, William $. De ~ ....... ,~ annuali LIIE,131~Ul/ ~i|~ II Goldendale, Washington ) , .... ~ , ,, presluent ot the senate. However, Yoe. ,,v~..~ ~ ~.m~lm .tV--;~u~ . .. I I ~ ~ IF It 'V~,~,-o ~) ), ...... ~;.~, ~ ,he The general fund tax levies made in with the ceremony resultin~ from ,he meeting oz the etocKnomers or theI ~ 11| THE DAIAd~, OREGON []Church.......... v- ,- " th hr ~eARn OF THANKS---We wish to KUckitat Valley NaUonal Farmt~|~~" e t ee years referred to Governor chan e of administratio n I I of Christ on Sunday, January , g ns a d the dis- thank*the many friends and neigh- Loan AasociaUoA ~ be held int~~| 2= Volt I118th, at 11 o'clock, and at 7"30 p m, Hart stated, were: In 1920, 4~ mills; traction of an inaugural ball on Wed- .bors for their kin.dn .ess and sympa- the court roo m.~[ the ~ounty corn-t) ~~ ~ ~-~'~ " " 1922, 2 mills, and 1924, none at all tny ex~enueu in tne loss o[ our he- house m t~om~aa~ue, at z:uu -- I] by John Bruce, a ~anadian orange- . . . nesday, the committees did not have loved wife and sister, and for the o'clock p. m., o~ ~day, the 15th t JOMN W. ~ PHONE 880 II list At present the state nas no mdebt- much opportunity to get down to work, beautiful floral offerings.---Guy day of January, l~g~.---By order! , II W,v~vvh~dv ~trnm~ edness except the outstanding $11,000,. durin~ the first week Hause, Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Sunder- of the F~zl. I,,~tl~ ]Board, J. J. I ~.s.u....a.a,. ~=.~ IJ .... -----" ....... " -" " land, Mrs. Elizabeth Spalding. Brown, mocy'-'lTe~, o~g---I .... , ....