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February 11, 1960     The Goldendale Sentinel
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February 11, 1960

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i / 1! ! Dm 6 endahD Senfina Thursday, February II, ,!%0 Glenwood Upsets Wishram 57-52 Timberwolves FaceTough =~ llUl iii i i i iii I - im T S S N T I N L In Hard-Fought Saturday Battle In Highland Tilt at Cowiche : [ ~ Wishram Indians at Glenwoodcontrol for the remaining time store for the GHS Timber- sleepers and gains Saturday night, 57 to 52 in a in the game wolves Friday evening theyThe rest of the G~ : close, hard-fought battle wit- The Glenwood scoring was travel to Cowiche, west of Yak- is about equal in nessed by a crowd which left led by Doug Mann s 39-point ima, to take on the Highland occasionally gets ex standing room only. performance, 23 of which were Scotties. Highland, one of the from the field. The Wishram led 11 to 7 at the scored in the first half and 16 unpredictable teams of the also know how to r~ ~, , ,: . end of the first quarter, the points in the last half with two league, may give Goldendale a free throws. Granger ~?i: widest mar gin bet wee n the two and a half minutes left in the stiff test all the way. High-ing with out guardI teams untiI late in the fourth game, Mann fouled out. land is just behind the Wolves nedy, who was the only quarter. Wishram led by 27 to Dave Mitchell led the scar- in the standings, with a 51-3 back from the last sea~ 26 at the intermission, ing for Wishram with 23 points won-lost record, ter the Granger fracas f h G The lead changed hands see-C-lenwond "B" snuad defeat- t-Iighland has the league's hme game fr | P N eral times until Glenwd ed-Wishra~ 45 t 23 leading screr in guard Nr" enc~ale this seasn" n r0sser, a,: es ames moved to a six-point lead with man Storey, who is averaging ----------~-~ three and a half minutes left in Wishram Pos. Glenwood 15.8 points per game. Another ~A|9 ~_ __ ][][F;f~ ~__.~ Zabel 5 F Cooper 7 standout is forward Jim Mc-~'~a ,~ay~ ~|| A hotly contested second half Jn the third quarter, Golden- GHS LEAGUE SCORING (5-2) SMet~nll5 23 F L~d~ : Clean. Highland has several~i------ 2-- 'I_J--,, resulted in a victory for FPros- &ale "m~nediately closed the players who make a habit ofal~t~e lll l"l~ ser ~ast Saturday, over thegap and the defense solidified ~ 2g ft V" av- Flock 14 G Mann 39 pulling 'sleepers," which gives ....... t~ Croldendale Tin~berwolves. The to hold the Mustangs to a rain- . '~ .~ ~ s. Ross 5 G House 0 MIKE THOME, GHS forward, drives down court against the ~'~cots a -aangerous ou~n~"" ........ xwo uemocra~c se,od core of the game, played in imum of three points in ~heWllber, 10 733 27 93 13.3 S Schilling 1 Naches in last Friday's game here. Other GHS-ites in the Highland' usually has a fmrly' nave;.. ,;_^~ run~_ m~..^_~.neww Prossev's ill-fan~,ed .gym, was first six minutes of the quarter. Itshagen, 12 7 20 26 66 9.4 r ..... th~ ,m~. ~,. ~ za,~ Oxwang, 11 715 15 45 6.4 ~ pidure are Dary1 Willis (50) and Jay Olson (30) far left. ]gla aelense, raU W ..... of Vancouver, now 53 to 47. The previous night Thus, the Wolves tied the sc~e Oison, 12 7 II 13 35 50]rjnn~41,1,,,n ,~ln~l,~ Goldendale won the encounter, 62-43. ---Sentinel Photo ne rTosser uvlusmngs now .................. i~ the G~Idendale outfit 'had ex- .at 34-34. Then, lean Harry Lehto, 41 7 14 7 35 5 0~,,~,,,~t,,~,~ ~., ,~,~,~,~ ave me msme zracz zor me ........ iclJ leglslaHve new als~r haunted Naches with a fast Cougher ran down the court Jeter, 11 7 12 9 33 4.7Golf Dues Drwe CENTEBVILLE WOMEN " " valley champmnsh]p, although ~,~ ~ ~ ..... ~ v~ite break and won 62 to 43. and threw the ball, the basket, Glenwood Towmes they still have four league ..... /~:.''."'~." ..... 1 ,In the l~rosser fracas, 42 cauls counted to .give Presser the Price, 12 7 '11 8 30 4.3 ,r, rr ,,# , , TAKE VOLLEYBALL WINS ........... mus~ nm in me new were assessed, in one of the lead a~ain, 36-34. Thome, 12 4 5 5 15 3.8 Roy Lundberg, chairman of L~raw I~oOp 1]/la$c~ , games ~o play. ~s s~ul m ~;., second spot, and Goldendale is ""~" - ...... I roughest t/Its of the season. The Jay Olson played an,other de- Sprman, I0 6 6 1 13 2.2 the membership committee of ..r ..... The Centerville women s vol- now in a three-way tie for tii efanan eeW' e r winners accurate foul shooting ffensive game and ~ Price ~rasWillis, 12 4 0 0 0 0.0 the Goldendale Golf Club, an- ~IVl$~ ]'op learn leybal] team ventured to Lyle third, fourth and fifth, with ..~ P~' e )~*.~,Lx~ *~ ir the clutch provided ~he vic- an instrumental figure in the .... ~ nounced this week that he will van Friday" - ,-s-~,";"~* *~^*'=~*-,~ ...... .Mnday. ....... evening, where Cen- Mar-uette a ..... Wlle, ~ep. avutareo tory, and a couple of timelyWolves' floor play. Goldendale 7 127 111 365 52.1soon start solicitation for ,1960 19, th=^ ,~,,,~,r'~ ..... .... ~ ,^....., ......... ,^..~~ervme won ~wo games, z~-~ q na ~le ~mm. in the same district. and 21 19 using modified rules shots against the Wolves The two teams exchanged Opponents 7 111 89 311 43.4membership. Lundberg pointed plays one of the outstanding _ , Hottest player in the league district takes in most free throws and Pulisevich one, ~or the ~inal margin of victory. Soph center, Len Wllber, was the only G~S player to hit ef- fectively against the fast, rapid defense put up by the winners. Wil, ber swished six easy field t~loals, and connected ~ 10 free throws as the Prosserites collapsed their zone completely around them throttghout the ~ame. This gave the others easy shots, but they could not con- nect. The first part of the initial quarter was virtually all P~os- ser's. The Mustangs got off cm an 11~3 lead in the ~irst six minutes, be~ore Center Bill Mech left the ,game with three Cauls already called on him. Many of his teamm.ates also fo~xled heavily, and as a result, the Tin~berwolves pushed into a 20~19 lead. Goldendale had only four field goals in the first half but they hit 12 consecu- .tire ~ee throws to keep the "sleeping' defense iced the vic- basket~ and fouls in the final out that the Golf Corporation membership voted to increase tory. ~eriod with the lead swaying League game quarters The Wolves' last lead was 46 !back and forth, until the Mus- local dues to $50 a year. Grade to 45 with about thee minutes tangs .broke away car good.Goldendale 71 93 103 5 365 and high school membership left, as Drew Ittershagen Wilber wound up with 22 Opponents 71 83 6592 0 311will be $15 a year when par- pumped in a ~,5~foot jump shot points, against the free-~ouling ents are not affiliated with the from che side court. Prosser zone. Jan Blair pumped VALLEY A LEAGUE club Back For Goal in 21 for Prosser. Lundberg reminds members [However, ,Rich Pulisevich LEADING SCORERS that dues are now payable and came back for a ,field goal, and Packed House that WIay 1 is the deadline date. Craig pumped in a tay~p. The Pross~r game was playedg fg ft tp avg. Dues may be paid to Lundberg, The Walt Wolford sank t~o ,betore a ~l~acked house r~vith N Storey, Hi 16 101 46 248 158 the secretary, Lowell Johnson, or any member of the board of people standing in the halls craning their necks to peer into the gym. The Goldendale "B" squad accomplished what very few teams are able to do ,by down- ing the Prosser J'Vs on their own court. There was as much .noise, je,rin.g, and catcalls in the preliminary as in the var- sity ,game, but the local re- serves refused to crack under ~he strain. Displaying their performance of the year, the locals were red hot all the way .and sank near- ly every free throw provided them'by the over anxious Pros- ser "Bees". The ~inal score was '60-57 in a squeaker finish./Bob ~ end- ed with ~17 points, many coming from the foul line. ~Backing him up we~ on the offensive were Dick Porter, with 17, and Frank Beebe, with ~13. Mech, Pros. 1688 52 228 15.2 C~avin, W.V. 13 67 60 194 14.9 Gdner, W.V. 1'5 80 18 178 11.9 Ln%ge, ,E.V. 13 56 42 1'54 11.8 Kohls, Marq 1573 27 173 11.5 Miner, ~ehs 1464 32 160 114 Koreis, Sel. 15 59 47 165 11.0 Wnters, W.S. 15 52 47 151 10.8 Wilber, Gld. 13 49 40 138 10.6 Bndict, C.C. 15 61 36 158 10.5 Calvert, Sel. 15 ~3 30 156 104 Dozier, Sel. 15 62 28 152 10.1 I~rthtn, Grd. 12 43 33 1199.9 Parker, Grg. 16 58 40 1'56 9.8 .Itshgn, Gld. 14 4~ 40 1369.7 Hull, W.S. 15 35 76 1449.6 directors. Several local golfers enjoyed playing the course last Sunday and reported the fairways and greens to be in fair playing condition. YAKIMA VALLEY "A" LEAGUE STANDINGS LEAGUE A~L GAMES w] pf. 1~a wl z~f. pa. Prosser 8043134811 4770649 Selah 6 1 342 261 13 2 743 596 Goldn'le 5 2 365 311 10 4 7()5 5434 C1 Elm 5 ~ 306 277 9 '5 654 554 Marqute 5 2 368 333 10 .5 662 623 From Foul Line Mustar~gs in sight. However, Nearly all Beebe's points IIighlnd 5 3 339 328 10 6 675 661 trailing ,19-20, the winners ~ame ~rom the ~oul line, and W. Vly 4 4 422 484 8 7 742 ~22 pumped in 10 points as refer- Porter pumped in ,the ~ieldW Swan 3 4 302 303 10 5 691 636 ees called several misplays on goals ~om all angles, several Naches 3 5 370408 6 10 701 743 the Tim,berw~>lves. Thus Pros- from mid-court Matt Crocker, Gndv~v 25347366 310619714 ser endoyed a ~9-20 lead at 'half- ,Roger Gubser, ~I~ BeyerlinE V'aly I ~ 34~ 402 3 12 710 798 time. a deficit v~hic~ proved to and ,Rick ~Wickman played good C. Cthlic 1 6 302 321 4] 9 623 628 disastrous in the end. f~oor games. C~ranger 0 8 340 437 .1 15 664 846 Mech accumulated one more ~riday night the T'E~ber- ~oul in the second quarter, then wolves walloped N~ches .with a .pi,cked up his :f~th a eottple of ,fast break from a tied ~first L6AL NOTICES minutes a'~ter hal~time. ,He was ,gttarter score. The Wolves ,first continually outrebounded :by cracked open the score as Len Centerville Team Beats Bickleton Scoring 32 points against a fourth-quarter full-court press, Centerville defeated Bickleton Monday night 85 to 64. Centerville's F r e d ,McClas- key, with 26 points, was lead- ing scorer, followed by Bob Stewart at 18. Bill and Dan Mains each scored 18 for the losers. Centerville ...... 22 12 19 32--85 Bickleton ........ 15 15 ]9 15---64 Cenierville Bickle~ou Gray, 4 Bill Mains, 18 Stewart, 18 Brown" 6 McClaskey, 26 G. Mains, 7 Sarsfield, 14 Dan Mains, 18 Stone, 13 Seeley, 15 Bruce Cameron, 8 Gall Cal Linden, 2 Jensen Hanson Hill shorter players on 'both teams. Wilber sank six straigh,t ,field ORDINANCE NO. 497 .goals without a miss, after An ordinance of the Ciirr of Goldendale, Washington. relating to missing his ,first six. This gave and adopting water rates and charges fay water sold by said Goldendale a 30-23 h.alftime City of Goldendaie, Washinglom. to residents and non-zasidenls OFt Olsen's lead never relinquished, andf saidcharges.City, and establishing an effective dale for such rates .Immediately, in the third THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF GOLDENDALE, WASH- qvarter, the Wolves pushed INGTON, DO ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS: Sport Sputters ~,head 51-26 and let the reserves Section I: From and after the first day of March, 1960, the fol- play the rest of the way. lowing rates and charges shall be collected by the City Treasurer ~laches had a cold night ffrom of the City of Goldendale, Washington, for water sold by said the ~ield, and was playing with- City to residents and non-residents of said City: Basketball now has full out the star player, Larry Min- 1. For each tap on main Monthly charge command of the world of er, who was ~bsent due to a Residen~ sports, an annual February occurrence. Back in 1942, county basketball, for in- stance, was a bit different from this year, with Lyle firmly on top of the league with five wins to one loss. Klicki t held second spot and Centerville, then a high school member of the coun- ty league, ffnird. Wishram, Troutlake a n d Glenwood 'held the remaining spots in league stundings. death in the ~amily. ~Playin.g off the boards were Jay Olson alnd Mike Th~ne, along with Wilber. Center La- vern Jetor racked up the high- est score of his career, and had four~for-four ,from the field. A similar field record was made *by Willie Lehto. The '~B" team whipped the Naches reserves by a 34 ~o 27 scoa'e. The starters were used .sparingly, with the bench con- tinually being cleared. As a re- sult, no Goldendaleite scored more than six points. GOLDlgNDALE ~g ,ft p,f tp Olson, ,f 2 0-3 2 4 Oxwang, Non.resident %,, to %,, tap ................................................ $ 2.62 $ 3.41 1" . ................................................. 3.00 3.90 2 .... . ................................................. 4.00 5.20 3 .... . ................................................. 5.00 6.50 4 .... . ................................................. 6.00 7.80 6 .... . ................................................. 8.00 10.40 8 .... . ........................................ ......... 10.00 13.00 2. For one or more bathtubs or showers, or both, in l~ivate residence or dwelling ......... 44 3. For one or more toilets in private resi- dence or dwelling ............................................... 44 4. For each bathtub or shower used com- mercially or in a place of business (com- .44 .44 Klickitat that year rose Jeter, e to tardom by nosing out Ittersh~gen, g the White Salmon Colum- Lehto, g bians, 36-35 in an overtime Wll, ber Spiekerman game. The Vandals came Price from behind in the second ,half of the game, but still lacked one point at the end PROSSE of the game. However, as Cougher, whistle was sounded, st- Pulisevich, mul aneous fouls on each Mech, e eam were called. Wark of ~Blair, Klickitat made ~his point, to Craig, g Wolford tie the game, while the lad oore from White Salmon missed. In the overtime, Klickitat hination bathtub and shower counted as "~4~ one) ..................................... =..: ........................... 44 5. For each toilet .in place o~ ~)usiness ............. 44 24-5 3 2-3 5 8 June, July, August ............................................ 1.75 1.75 I 2-2 2 4 11. For each place of business servicing ears and trucks ........................................................... 44 .44 6'10-13 4 22 12. For each place of business CmTying on 0 0-0 O 0 car washing ...................................................... 1.25 1.25 0 0-0 3 0 13. For each additional office, business es- tablishment, apartment, housekeeping 14 19-27 23 47 room, motel unit or cabin, receiving wa- ng ~t pf tp ter through the single tap listed in (l) 2 4.6 3 8 ~bove .................................................................... 2.00 2.00 6. For each continuous flowing urinal in schools, public buildings and place of business .............................................................. 1.75 1.75 7. For each dentist's fountain ............................ 1.75 1.75 8. For each soft drink fountain ........................... 88 .88 0.1-I43~1 19"0. For each continuous flowing fountain ...... 1.75 .1.75 For each water-cooled air conditioner, 4 1-6 ~1 3-4 q 7-10 3 2-3 0 2-2 0 0-0 17 19-31 '19 53 3 9 ~ 2: All .persons purchasing water from the City o~ Gold- 5 5 endale shall have the option of installing approved water meters 6 ~-1 at their own expense, such meters to be installed under the su- pervision of a duly authorized officer or agent of the City of Gold- 0 8 endale, and in accordance with any ordinances of the City of 3 ~ Goldendale applicable thereto. From and after March 1, 1960, the 0 0 following monthly meter rates shall be charged: Resident (monthly) Non-resident (~Monthly) Resident Non-resider~t scored three points to two Official : Klepper and Sem- (Monthly) (~/Ionthly) for the Columbians. losers, mern. 1. Minimum charge, up to and including 500 cubic feet of water ................................................ $3.36 $4.20 2. For the next 1500 cubic feet ..... 075 per 100 c~ .094 per 100 cf IN'ACI-I]~ e:l-10fg 1-2~1 ~t ~ 3. Over2OOO cubic feet up to and :' Birge, ~ 4-12 Briggs, f 6-16 6-9 3 including 10,000 cf ..................... 05 per 100 cf .063 per 100 cf Coach Fred Taylor was McGri~f, 4. Over 10,000 cubic `feet ............... 03 per I00 c,f .038 per 100 ef directing the Timberwolves 'Fisher, g 2-6 I~1 4 Section 4: Water customers with multiple dwellings, multiple that year, too, and one of Lounsbury, g 4-8 1-2 4 0 businesses, multiple motel units or cabins may be served by a their big games started in Spen~e 0-1 0-0 1 0 master meter, if minimumauthrized by the City of Goldendale, and shall slow gear. They were be- Bertsch O~l 0-0 0 0 be charged the net charge set forth in Section 2 (1), ,hind, 13-11 to White Swan Meloy 0-0 0-1 ,I 0 and shall in addition pay the sum of $I.00 ~r each additional _---- dwelling, business; motel unit or cabin served through said man- at the quarter and did not GOLDEN:DA~E fg "~" ~ ~ ter meter, as a minimum monthly charge. Section 5: All rates established herein shall be exclusive of come to life till late in the Olson, f ]-3 3-5 "1 ~ any excise, utility or other tax or assessment now or hereafter second. In the last half, they Oxwang, ~ 2-8 0-0 3 4 levied .by the State of Washington or the City of Goldendale, and canned 15 of 34 f.g. tries Jeter, c 4-4 3-4 1 11 any such excise, utility or other tax or ,assessment nor or here- and generally looked like a different team. Final score was 53 to 39. Lawson OLSEN'S PONTIAC CO. Goldendale Phone 3-4791 Lsz'gost Stock of New 8rid U~ Tires in To~m Ittersh~gen, g4-7 5-5 ~1 13 Leh,to, g 4-4 ~1-2 I 13 Willis 0-3 0-0 2 0 Price 0-3 O-1 1 0 Wi~ber 6-151-1 3 13 ~viekerman 0-6 1-4 ~1 1 Thome 2-4 2-2 0 6 23-5~/ 16-24 113 62 Rans~ord and Todd. Goldendale 11 19 21 11 62 Naches II '12 8 ,12 43 after levied by the State of Washington or the City of Goldendale shall be collected by the City Treasurer of the City of Goldendale, Washington, at the same time as the monthly water rates herein- before set forth are collected. Section 6: All ordinances or parts of ordinanoes in conflict herewith are hereby repealed. Section 7: This ordinance shall be effective ,upon its passage and publication, as required by law, CITY OF GOLDENDALE, WASHINGTON. GEORGE NESBrrr, Mayor. Attest: LUCILLE E. SCHULTZ, Clerk. Approved as to form: basketball teams in the north- with one hit. as of the past two weekends is county, except west, the ABC Roofers of Port- ],and. They were 1959 north- west AAU champions repre- senting Washington, Oregon and Idaho in the national fi- nals at Denver, Colo. They are currently leading their league in Portland GGlenwood owes its fortune in drawing a conest with the Roofers to the club sponsors, Roy Bolt and Jim Bolt, former graduates of Glen- wood high school. COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT ATTENDS SCHOOL MEET County School Superintend- ent of Schools Mrs. Grace M. Forry, spoke to the Bingen PTA on the financing of a school district Thursday night. That noon she attended the meeting of the executive board of the county council of PTA at Wish- ram at the home of .~VIrs. Claude Case. The preceding week she attended the workshop for county school superintendents for two days at Ellensburg. Lyle came back to beat Cen- tereville 21-13 using modified rules with two hits. Those mak- ing the trip to Lyle were Shel- ba Gray, Velma Gray, Nondis Ward, Carol Basse, Wanda Ward, Maxine Reed, Jean Han- sen, and Sharon Hill. Lyle plays Centerville Feb- ruary 24 at Centerville. HEP CATS WIN SIX STRAIGHT GAMES The Hep Cats of Goldendale have won all six of their vol- leyball games played on Janu- ary 28 and February 4. January 28 they played the Gold G team and w~n the first game 21 to 11; the second, 21- 13; the third, 21-5. On February 4, against Kl.ick- itat, they won 21-4, 2.1-15, and 21-17. The Hep Cats are a newly organized volleyball team and invite spectator to watch their games West Valley's Jim Gavin He is now in third place in the league and in the past four games he has been averaging about 20 a game. In the second spot is Goldendale's Len Win ber, who is averaging about 16 or 17 the past two weekends. Coach Wilkerson's r e c o r d now stands at 60 victories and 28 defeats at Goldendale, and the way things stand, there is plenty of time to increase the r e c o r d. T h e Timberwolves have five league games re- maining to be played If they don't come out on top of the valley league they will be lead- ing for the district tournament and a crack at the state tour- ney there S a t u r d a y, the last-place Granger Spa~ans come to Goldendale. Granger nearly de- feated Prosser, and came with- in five points of Cle Elum. This shows they have at least par- tial ability Granger's leading scorer is center Norm Parker, who is not too coordinated to Klickitat and ties. The Henrys are lature's only husband team. Sen. Henry greatest fear is that may file for the he says ,he is sunk, is the vote getter of ily. Sen. Henry's project will be to Henry to stick with seat. Stanley All Kinds of CALL 3-3552 HILLS BROS. SNOWDRIFT 3-lb. can 69c tbs. CARNATION Gallon DUNCAN HINES Pkgs. ~ mm ~m ~m mm ~ emm ~ m ~m ~ ~m, ~% / VEGETABLE BEEF CHICKEN NOODLE C Tins N. B. C. lb. pkg. CRISP, TENDER Large heads FIRM, RED RIPE A must T0,, ,Ti for everysalaLdb. FRESH, GREEN 1 0 y Crisp, tender .stalks. #.% So now you know why Ray's sad, He can't think what to put in the ad; But just think about Us Who must listen to him FUSS. Come buy Our food so you can dine, Then you can be our Valentine/ OYSTER H & H Butt End..ll Shank Half lb. or Whole COLUMBIA RIVER lbs. FRESH, MEDIUM "TERS full pint 5 0Y~ JUICY, TENDER, Trimmed for Finest E ting S lb.