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February 21, 1935     The Goldendale Sentinel
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February 21, 1935

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INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. CENSE AGREEMENT, I~EPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTFON PROHIBITED. Tim GOLDEND ,ALE 8ENTINEL----T~ Horr~ N ~t-/~#~per THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 1935 V~tnM__L___ II .... o_1_ Thursday night. Mr. and Mrs. S. F. D:--tL~l--., rt.,.j.. /%....__ ] Blair Shippey g~ve =nether of his [ Bette Campbell is playing hook;i The fifth grade has just finished l[~illu0$(~rH nul['~ o~[|t~ Ganders attended from Bickleton. Ull'LllUigy rttrty give, [Jolly parties at his home Saturday.I from school and having one swell]reading The Everyday ClasSlCB read- no, . == I~,=~ Mr. and Mrs. Ches. Jansen were . ~ . ,, ~ . = ~Dld we have a good time? I 11 say.I time in Spokane so we hear. More [er. This is the third he had read this Attracts .eavy mooers din. r guests Friday evening of Mr. at uenmrvme batur0ayI Word rom John Lynch who is power to her! lyear P and Mrs, H. O. Wilson. " J worklng in Ariel, states he is get- i Plans are getting under way for ~ The sixth grade has been making / "------- M.A. ColIins and wife, and Peter [ttng along fine. John had the mis-t (From Page Two) our annual Alumni Banquet It is [drawings for their hygiene note f / BZCKLETON---Tho Van Nostern Miller spent Sunday with Mr. and CENTERVILLE --- ~Lrs. Leland] ~-'tune of hurting ~is leg while[~ ---- to be in March but the date has not|books: and are no~v memorizing the sale was attended by between 200 "Mrs. Albert Godfredsen. Niemela gave a birthday party at her~ working in the woods. [ i~1 ..... .t u.. t. o_t. _,been definitely decided upon, Mae [Gettysburg address. ...,=,~uwutm nqg,,t oc.ut. and 300 people, many coming from Twenty-seven persons were out on home Saturday afternoon in honorI t m in charge and says that we can I On Lincoln's birthday we learn- other towns. The ~orses averaged a the r~bbit drive Sunday when about of her sister, Miss Hazel Ke.hkonen. [ WARWICK I BrrrrrvDon't forget the 8ksnior look for'ward to a .better time than ~ed some of his favoritB sayings; and little over $100 each A Mr Good- The laouse was tastefully decorated " , ,. we have had before and that'~ say read patrmUc poems we also had . 800 rabbits were shot. "Fne drive be- ] [Class Play Haunted which will be . -| ; win, of Ellensfburg, bought two gan at the Ed Allbrltton ranch and ~or the occasion. Those in attendance| Mr. and Mrs. Guss Hollett return- [given at the auditorium, March 1st. !.rig pmnty as we usually have grand ~picture study of the two famous ~ teams, paying $400 for one teem extended to Alderdale Another is were: Misses Margaret and Betty[ed from Yakima and other valleYlGosh but its going to be one wierd umes. ]statues of Lincoln. ~nd $315 for the other, scheduled for next Sunday Olson, Evelyn and Lois JaekeI, Mar-]points lest l~rlday, where they spent]production. There Just simply aren't ~uster Rainey our only P. G. has} We had our Valentine box on Willl,~ O.~-,h,r, nf V,~rtm~ o,,a ..... " . . cella end Margea'et Short Edna Wil-~a week attending Mr. Hollett's sis-I w r o been absent due to a wisdom tooth|Thursdav Th u ades decor- ," ........... , ....... , =-~ A numver ot the young peop|e o~ ' . o ds en ught in the dictionary to . e pper gr Robert Montague of Toppenish, both Bickleton atte-aed the a ..... e A1 con, Doris Randall and Ruth Wilds-[ tore funeral and visiting with relaolexpress the creepiness of it, so you'll that is having lots of fun making |ated it. old time residents of this country, derdale 8~turday night. Clear Miller n~n. Haze! received several _lovelyI tires and friends. ]have to come and see for yourself, h miserable_ You have all of our i- Eric l~ostrup aceomlmnted Clef- ling a cut~bing .|Rennels, who is keeping house for[son dreamed that the school house _ ....... " .... JJ ~,rk ...... ,~~. ......... [ en~-~ Jensen "~"a Koith to =u .... *d ...... " ....... The afternoon was pleasantly spent|her daughter, Mrs. J. C. Harms who/burned down and let me tell you sUaaBnty azen a n-]ng to uy~e anal] ~v,c[~ yuu 2~e~ ab me ~uore I ~" ~'~ ~ "~'*#"= v U.OOUWIll SOCmt meeung m to oe playing games after which e delici /r "ur -" " r .......... "~ .i ............. violins. ~[ for I Monday evening .............. -9 et ne, to FO tlanQ Wl~l Miss t.mroljtnat person tett ratner gunty wnen .......... II I ~'raaay, FeD. zznu tit Mrs. Hazel Jell- ous luncheon was served after which l ............ I.,- ........... There is a~so a gar~ ,n w H ~ If I - , , ~o spena ~ week vmlung retat,ves |t~,e very nez~ morning tne are Dell " George Matsen and Chsa, Jansen sen s. 8erring committee is Elizabeth= all departed for their homes wishln- | ............ ran ..... who likes red felt hats I[ ~ ~ [ br ' e ~ , g ann ~rlenas, ann tnat t.ranapa tierms g. rter tears wereqmtesnort i~ ought hem some purbred Here- Matsen, Nora Donoho end Ethel l Miss Kahkonen many more birth [mav make the ac-uainto-,ce ,,e hi" I lived for it wa~ onl'- - "~'-~ .~..4,, Where did our beloved principal IJ I'I([ I~r~ttl~ ] ford cattle Tuesday, buying t~em Jensen. da~.o | ...... I . find nis sore throat Don't do too]] .m. ~V~4~l, [ , ~o. granason, Jonn, at. Ma De OU think t ' " from the Hesse Brown estate. Mr and Mrs. Donoho and son Am ............... | ....... I_ _ Y..Y.. he. boys area t much guessing. We wonder Why Mr.][ [ , ............. , ............... I oar t~rete, r~o. ~t~ entertalneal J. it. Oliver and ueughter Either, Inaro maustraous workers. Well! Glover doesn ........... II You A]wa--~ ~------'~-- -- ----:--~ t alr. vwtson, Ot The ~'armers Lmnala vlszteu at tne a. F. ~ommen the ~--Idenda,^ l~=-^ ,,-=- ~', .... l ....... [ ..... , . - t u~e some o[ nls re-ll y~ ~p~-~uy ~ ope~m= l Mercantile, reports the sale of an- home over Thursday and Frida,y of No ~4; Tue:e'a uu$t~, .,,tt ~lrcte, ~arove uown. from lrrlgon, ure., Bat- I we ve got prooz. :rne.y re 2aKen. SO medies for his ailment. I[ Brand of your Preference--a [ ~i other Diesel tractor le.t week to]last week. [ , .y evening. [uraay on ousmess et the t, oUetttt:atYitnh~tat~enV;[::a,th:U, umss Miss Wallace seems to have a[[ kind you have found most de-I Mr end Mrs Roy McI~vy and son home returning the same day, ac ee weeks dee lee f has Furman, of ttte Flalnview I ....................... ] , } , " ~. P e or Walter Winchell's work [[ sirable in your household [ ~ .^__" _. [ .~=~. uutt rttm=tt c~ttue up ~rum[ of G01dendale, were guests at tholcompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Chas. ~ust to arrange the mo~t useful in- She savs that sh= wm, m ~,,o* ~,,,,~ ,~[ " ] S nnysme to ~ttend lodge Tuesday for _ " ...... ] ...... theme of Mr. and M~rs. J. A Miller l Cosgrove who will spend the spring[ mat!on in order, go around diz~tn~ u- scand-1 ~h--II Many People Buy [ ~any of the Blekleton peopm ; ntght, staytng overntght at the ~ome I o,._=-.. " ! .~-^-- ! The art class Is studv;-=, e-"h . . . " .......... II I ha ~uutut~,. ~ut~=t~. ~'"~ "~ We le~ her write the school notes Ve been "having the flu the past] of her ps~rents. [ ....... ] ........... l week about different artists Th,~v ..... I] ~ Am' 11 [ ........................... I ................... I M___~SS Lmnte Mulligan, who wentl Mr. ano mrs. uuss no~tett went ! .......... . --~ ~eorge ~ayourn ass oeen spend- [[ |~[[ ~ l t~w u~y=. oumt~ *~ave geen qu=Le n*,l mr. ~,u mrs. rL w. meureuy ann ! ._ _.~ .......... ( ._ ~_,= _~_,_ . ...... =_ _,.~ ~ nave stumea tmonarao ue v~nel ann in-- most -" =i- "'--- ,_.. !I ~ m m m~ I oth^rs ~-I" -"~h"-- ,, ,~.,_ _.~.,__ i =au..h,^r _, ........ ,_,., ..... ~_ i ~o wnxte ~almon UTIUay to Bpenu al to ~o~uenuate monuuy ~o ue w*tu |,,, ._ . _ . 5 u~ , s t~me *a[ely some|l ~ JL~~ u..,, ~=s ,..,,.."- .~,~ ,,,urn, wr,.t,~m~l u ~ ,,.,= ,=,.,,,u were v*,~,,,au~ at, t.e I ...... ! "" r -- - r ....... /~n,enae, Angelo. where on thetin-' .....,,.r ,, II / few nays vmltlng her daughters and rte man Anne son ann ~v~r. ann mrs. uer patu~vve,, most 0f the sick are improving. !L. McCredy home Tuesday and Wed-~ ........... ~ ................ J Therewill undoubtedly be sever- George that will be "' ......... [| ..... | .,: ,,~.-= t, ..... ~ ....... ._ ..... =._ itnetr famines, returnea nome mun. lvTeuer,ce anuerson, waose ntu~]_, .......... "'"= ~ '~-s -o.'= wimou~ a ~nou~ht us *~ +h. ~treu ms|sen afore to xa~lma neswty at ue vmces coming from tnls class ou don't c e, ,~ ~, ~--u 8a~--rd-- to ........... t _ ~" ...... ] day evening, ] daughter passed away Sunday morn- [ Si l ....... :y get lnders in your eyes. [| kind or nualit-" If "'ou wa-'~ [ ta~u~t~t t~7:~ tCsLir~neKe~tht:l ~bhM~teeSTue~Pi~ K~ldm~ r~ot b~7~ ia'sk~t~i~w~!/d~uytttVe~wn~i;~t!t ~deyra~ ih~b~r~aghtP!t~eG2~ildd:!i[ i!ih! bgtUt/nhtJ~~e=='t~ l::rYcba~n be~r~)tuS'SUnttweek I] ~'~d~e~oUu~fSoet~i~'~ce'h d e g 13 e afternoon The sympathy of the corn a ,tu r.O secure ~ne oes~ Ior your ~ Mr. and Mrs. Chris. Jemsen were[ Goldend~e Saturday, returning Men-it nded. They received the neat sum/ . " ., .'1 A nice harvest of Valentines WaB S----- "~ .... ]/and body, telephone or notify | If!" ~O in Yakima 8atu.rday t(~ c~11.,tI day morning. The Misses VelmalOf $16.00 for which they wish toI :nU;l::lat~lv:s.ut to tne young parentSlreaped by the pupils and Mr. Nieveen l~rmg ~reeK i~llOOI INO~ t/ I/8. I o t r r Wilson Audre Je sen and le thank the pubhc also had some dandies on exhibition I ~ ,t d c o cones ning one of their " , y n He n "" " The sixt " ~ I Mr and Mr ........... ~ Frank Adams was at Goldendele I ............. " h grade has been stud)'- I We call thls to your attention [ !~ S~all sons, who is suffering from | Mason accompanied them and visited| s. suet mosmer, o[ uom- | [ .as ~.ngnsn iv cross was go,ng to ing famous artists and their -'~ ~e k ....... ~t..._A :_ _ ~_.~ = k ~ tonsils. /with relatives over the weekend /endale, came down Saturday to at-|Saturday having dental work done. |take some pictures Monday morning, ........ ' .. I| .,%,e m a ,merence l ~" l~r. andMrs. Edl~lowerandMrs.[ Mr. and Mrs. S.A. Rossier were|tend the basketsocie-l. | John Harms went to Fortlandlbut, sadtosay, thewsathershow~ ~ua~:Sh ~neyzrame~a P~c~urefSlr[[,mmlm, an o, you areentztled| t'~len Glass were valley eeJlers onidinner guests Wednesday night at| Virgil Van Hey went to The Dallas|Sunday afternoon with truck load I disappointment in store Ruth "and Ch .......... ]i , ., | e~,.e= oprOul oocame I/ Iamlly. ~day. Prof and Mrs King also|the Clarence Jansen home. [Sunday to bring home hie wife, who|Of rat stock. 1 Another ship Was drawn by Eva Ill at school last Tuesday and were~| ......... / I d * ~ ,, ] r !has been in the hospital for the past Huffsmith and it surely is a fine out the rest of th 2~ [rlai m all we aSK. uur cows rove down tc the valle: l~rida~ eve-, M . and Mrs. P~lph Brown, son. ~ ~ ] ~ W~tr ~l / [ nhlg. /Byron and Miss HazelBurdette spent/two weeks. | KLICKITATHEIGHTS Ine'She,_tsa.tthevergeofreceivlng The first grade finished thetr ti have all been tested for tuber- | n~%llt:s?:rbUyers from Thorpe,| SM=doanY withaMr, and Mrs. A. D.|mArt~rbBs~SnSeessatdpMt:kpoKralY?;| Mr and Mrs.---.-.~. E Atkins of[and?=r;d:ge:ei:n ship drawing, rP:te:wand Peggy reader, and have~| culosis and Bang's disease. I ~" ' g, were in town Frt-/ . Mr. nd Mrs. King were| | ..... I ed it. I1 / day looking at the VanNostern horses|callers in the afternoon. |Monday. | Goldendale, were visitors at Mr.I The eighth grade agriculture class __]i IIAilII'I'I~&I o t~a'ttl | ~nd also at some the I~trmer's store~ | Albert 3ussila came up from Port.|Bradleys over Sunday. |is making a small farm. The build- _I| n/'UtIIILIUII O( ~UN [ / =I2" d.e,, f,nishod ,lr., " Io'; 1tl._2 ~ Mr d Mrs. Wa)]lng and their[ One brand of dome~tic Swiss | J son came up from " g ' ! .... " COMINC /I. nay mormng, we all are he In "" ~ nests, the Petemen family, o1cheese now being manufactured islH0rseshe Bend Saturday to takeI young people are giving a play. We~ .......... p .g itr~o ~ ][]Lr vt'~| rl~a,,~ |l,~,4,-t,*I~.I,.I,,l,4,4,++4.4,.t,4.4,4,~,t~,~.t,4,4~ lS about giving the return rt /t~E~t~ ................ Jregon, spent Monday evenlng|veneered before it is wrapped with ]e beautiful birthday cake, ell deco-l hope to have a good crowd, so every-| ........ pa y. ~.,. ~1~. ][ U~JI~.I~ |~, ' ,t the Alfred Jensenhome. Ipasturizedeheetsofthessmeeheese, lsbsenceofthepc~tmaster, l~o~,oomo Icla=ne :Ptn;'tnewrldHistry' o~o=,~, /t" ! ~ r o White Salmon last i "}randvtew I. O. O. 1~. Lodge eels- without the holes, to increase its Miss Evelyn Matte is doing the The veterlnary, P..H, Cosne : wen/Monday night to see the show ..... Who has been making regular ~ ~e~,~w w~w~v~ D ~ed it's 25th anniversary last|keeping quzdtties. |housework for Mrs. Virgil Van Hoy~called Monaay morning ~o sector a~,,~ ....... ' .... ,0 "~ ~"e~rips to your cit~ ur;!! o~,~;.. /1~, | ,| ||| |1~ i~1| |~k| !~ ~' -~ ~ ~ -' -- - /while she is convalesci ......... !horse for Mr Bradley The horse! .~uunt o[ monte crmto. After the L_ .. ,~ :', . . ~=' ..... "~'=' /|,i, .~ava.~.~a..~ ~,~' ~. . - -'I uK ~ttter neri " " !show the" were eat ......... De m ~olaenaa~e I ~ . :? ' ' |operation. ~ rolled onto a fork or rake and run]~ er~alneu .y ~er- -t-i a mm . -. | ~, ' f1 - | - _ ~it into her ~ip. |nard Pollard, witha dell_.eious lunch: nurs0ay, arch / MI AT ~. I 1 ............. I Mrs Bradford was a caller at the I my. my. ur rather Yum! Yum! ~, ~-~t~t~ , -- v. .... I ~, --=~-~ =~ vVe .~. ~ ~ .~ I ,, [ tlUG tiKAVEN | " |It's plain to see that us be== wqt ,,~t ~.,.~ ttLrl~L |T~ ~: ) " ~'~4~ ~154/t~ ]~'~1~ I~'J/J~1~ ~aei~ It'j~$~l [ |Bradleys Sunday. /have to Join up with th 4 =;'- " " Lm,ce nours, 10:00 to 3"00 lIT T I JK,.4~kt ~g,,lt,~r t,,,, P,'dr.J, tk,, ~ll/~/~ W~w~ ~H~W . /Mr and ......... / / e -rt 1~oomtot exam! a'" " " t Y " 7 t . a~rs. M~greD, or uaell, m n non ot your eyes and ,t, .j[ J J I provelnent Club. The girls are th ~ ~' t [Ore., were visitors at Hildor Kures[ MARYHILL ~giving a card -at ....... h~ew~l~ofglasaee. See hLm .and /I~ O |Sunda " ! p ty z-rmay m~t, tie - you money. ~amma-1 4, 4* ~:~ Y" a February 22. A new card game call- n nee. | l q l f'.l-4T qA~il ~! ~ [ ] Mrs. George Orton was a caller all Mr. and Mrs. McDonald and f m-[ed "Court Whis .......... l.~Always for Better Meats I ~4~W~;; %~| ~.~| || %,JPr"I&V || "~ ~=~ . [Mr, M.tlns Tuesday. |tly, w, ho spent the winter in Porto|H;re will be an*;nt='t~i::e~aye(l" != t , at week ,, , and ] ..... I [ Mr-end Mrs. Ensley were visitorsllend' returned t0 Maryhlllla "/ lunch" (Ah' What a beautiful |'~ -- i ~,m ~Lampswhich bear ~ IJ~.S. tag |at Mr Kures Monday | Mrs George Cross, who has been]~elI chosen and a--e'igi-- ".' ww tww ~ .... I'~ I ~ .are ~~ust~e~tht~ and ~=~ho~t-~; / H. A. Mastin went to Raymond, lin The Dalles hospital the past two|that ,uneh Is) The onV~;tchar~J:;ll He W RATI;K ])~Fi.est Selection of Fresh a~d; . ~, ~ rag_ _ ~. ~.~. _ IWash., on business last Thursday |weeks with flu and complications, |be 20 cent~ ~*-~. ..... Vl L~A'lk JL Ltl~ |1~ ....... result of extensive ~c~entif~ re, torch. .... ~ ~-= s=,.,-t,. ~ UU]'eOltte_.~g8 ag P~ ! ~ These lamp~ are infinitely more efficient [,returning Sunday morning. Miss|returned home S~turde,y, much ira-/ ]@ t J~k ~ ~ than ordinary |runes. vet they usually Nora Cosner stayed nights with Mrs [proved in health, i W;oh,-~,,. ~.k~., -, - ~', ~,- , I ~ that cannot be ~emdl~ ? .,~ - - .... .... ~ t,,.~,,,.,.w,, z~otes r r - - =' -- ~1 ' i~'t~ ~ ~ cost less. And their graceful beauty t Jewett while he was away. | Mary Plusses was ill wit~ flu lest | __ ~ oce =es ~'lour slug [l g ; ~k~ makes them ~itabie for either home or [ Mr. and Mrs. R. Rein were White!week, but is back in school again.[ Hello everybody ho-e ,,o,- !, ..... ||~ S, heSS use in in ~] , %'~ [ Salmon callers Ieat Monday. | Mrs. I. C. Robison was ahopp g }not forgotten us just because we had l,'eea lift ft ~ ~ " ~ 1 Mr. end Mrs. Ensley were et Hart-|The Dalles Thursday.]no news for some time. ]|!We do commercial butcher-~ '~I ~' ~'ii~'~ ' Iland to church Sunday. / Mrs. VandeVanter, of G~ldendale,/ The High School girls helped an- ~ it! ing and sausa~re rrindinf~ ~ iI I ~ | "'Pin-It-Ups" ~ Mr. and Mrs. John 8plawn, Mr.|is staying with Mrs. GoBs. ~tertain *by giving a skater's dance --- [~ ...... ~ ~ ! el~ | ~: ~ [ =m*,,'* ~ land Mrs. Win. Splawn and Gene| Mr. Mont~gueleftlastTuesdayforlat the Lyle 4-H Club basketball I*'I~_~H FRUITS AND |1~ ~ dit &' ~ -- , . | .... f'-------'~ [Splawn were visitors at Mrs. Nancy|Wil~onvllle, where he will run the]social Thursday evening .......... il~ ~ ~1 II ~ U ey~ we!come ] and / \ [Garners Sund~y. |ferry. [ Both first and second basketball1~I~-I'AI~LI~ | ~See us for Potatoes, Oniotm,~ i ~ tltem Study ~nd I useful! ~ ] Mrs. Martha Jewett was a o~ller/ Mr. Switzler end Mr. (leer were teams ~net Klickitat at Lyle Monday . O= ~ ~ ~ Keaclling i It's~oea~__topisce [~J ~ ] P.H. Cosner was called toJ~liek-|Saturday night. [too many good looking girls on the ....... ItT fore yOU buy ~ 19 In fo m q~ d~ a el I' p I' ! Y