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March 11, 1948     The Goldendale Sentinel
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March 11, 1948

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qPAPERS, INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED ALL RIGHTS RESERVED E SUBJECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED Page Four THE GOLDENDALE SENTINEL--Goldendale, Washington Thursday, March .... of these machines now owned . fl]Bureau has consistently ruled it A A.-.--1--L=.- ~L.. - with his brother by the publishers of that paper. With Hal H01me. II out on that basis. W pp=ctug =~wa Mr. and Ma?~orHdrleYnd are "~~ ~" ,~o ' ' "' * -tant "'"'" " ,,~ ruooas i ~ ~ tcame iroln r ~ne t)re~ nlan s nno~ype p ~ . ---" " " rs iscomplete in every particular, |n ~.N.NPI~Q HI The Pa]ouse River has flood edl Agn~ Green Ithe home of his sister, M andhas r~uired the exnendi- |H v~,,D--~@~ U; several times this wimer, tne -- Imo0n . . iae! '~ ..... f M~t .~40 nil0~ --~ J_l!iast time February 26t.h Consid-I Mrs. Kittleson and Mrs Mc-] Mr..and Mrs Wilbur .don, " ffi s .. r,~_ erab]e damage ~h'as occurred in Clackey were Friday afternoon land sons, of Hlgn ~rawm,. The following are the ,o cer I M~Nary .... t P,,II,nnn nnrt CMfax nnd ran' ;ealle s ,t z ISundav with her parents, . .... I a Lut - =of 'the Daughters ot t~eoeKan re-t Tn theCivilFunctions De I ..... -?.-"" ...... -;. ........... -~ ....... :. , -. ~ ~Na,els ., . . -,. ~ , - 'rounmng areas. .~kt my reques~ i GoD nartwiff gin,man ana '-"~ HAROLD FARIELLO ......... PUeLISHER !~'fn~ly installed. Sarah Turn er,)partment of the Army, appro-l,he c'hief ~f .Enoineers immedi ..... ;~ ....... ~i;~,z,,~ ..... ~, thol There was a good a~ttend; WAYNE MARSHALL .......... EDITORin. G.; Anna Current, V. ci.;'nriations bill for the fiscal vearlF:~ ."';...~Y./~ ,;~3 .... .~ ;~.~[~a~e muu, ,Z,~ .... ,~.,,2.... ........ iat Sunday school. We are g Mary White, R. S. Mary Mast- "i949 for Rivers and Harbors ~.~.~,'$+~'~'2:;~;~;2~*~_~2~..~../':.~ cmarmg cur me powel nne o to start "to have Sunday sc ENTERED AT GOLDENDALE, WASHINGTON POSTOFFICE EVERY THURSDAY AS er~, P, S., D. Clam,Tzeas., projects which are separate h'~m it.; ..... ~ .......... x ~...~ r Ben GIeen ana Iamuy,O{]at 10:30 a.m. instead of 2:30 SECOND CLASS MAIL MATTER !Amanda Sturgess, R. S. N. G., flood control projects, there wereihro,,aht in h~ n~ton*inn ~nt onlv{Nacnes',came.(}uaav ro sp I ~-- -~ ...................... .,' A nes ureen ,Lydla Dlekson, L. S N.G. Anna ' " ns forth Co]umbra . . . .the weeKenct at the g SUBSCRIPTION RATE, $2.50 PER YEAR i .... ;. .. ''~I"apprtop~mtlo e I the uraency of zmmedmte rehef l homc 1 HEADS JAYCEES OF~,CIALN~wsPA~ERO~GOLDEND*LEANDKLIC~ITATCOUNT, 8~r:~n'L.%. ~: Gv., C~'/~e~.M'~:~::R~iecrh $2ot~h~ffO0 !21f4?'O~0Nayf boUttralSfoth~hSr~b~rme ~fndfl~d,I Jodean Millberger suffered an,I., .~ ~ , MEMBER WASHINGTON NEWSPAPER PUSLISNERN ASSOCIATION INC., shall, Warden; Ophelia Cram, iDam With tf~ie total for Rivers ~~..ortance of s"^^ain" u~ "h2 injured :foot when her saddle- aonn u..,_vtamnas nas AND NATIONAL EDITORIAL ASSOfilATION ~'~,n " John Albrin~, I G _ . ,, , . .... . , ~ .~=~:.u ~ ~' ~ "'~ .... ~ ,,,;ta ~er a+ school /eleeteo presment o~ me nc "~" , ~,, ,and llarDors projects ~otallng - i,,u.~c .,.~ ~ ,, ,, ~ . I While up Snake river the first $75304 000 for the en.tire United'~ol,~.J~aoa2~,g;a I a ~nthaerl~rogamzeede a~tn~~teCnhsam2er [of the week Gib Savage rode up States 'it is easy to get an idea The Euro,,ean n~eover- Pro school .house Friday. Elf . .....~+ .... ,, ~, , 'o" Who Said Underdog:q ...... in of , ..... -'Kittleson was e,ec~ea marectori--v ............ =r ....... '.~-~ to one of D. M. Coonces corrals of the pr.opmt o our own ap-,~,ram usuall- referred to s~mnl,,I ............ .~ ..... ,:,..~- * ....... a ..... lalong the river and found the~propmatl,ons for this work How-'as ERP s~m h,q,~ ~ ,..,~.+ d~qjt ~lli me p c Y . . ....... On paper, the Goldendale high school Timberwolves ....... ; ................................... aor taen~" ~ranK ~.oeoel treas remainsortwo nurses~vmcn ever t ]eei we can flo some more of attention here ~nd thro,,'hout ~m,,~*,,- . .-... . ~ -. _~. . . , . , " , - '. - - - ~ ~,s d Newell anct ueo nar~wlg and nugnle irwin, secretary 'were fastened "to t,he c.orral by effechve work for McNary Dam . . Fre . . were considered "also rans" in the district "B" tourneyI........ ,. ~ i the country, espeemlly as ~t has w nt to The Dalles Monday af-tnew orgamzation m under s which opened last week in Yakima. .~ .... e ,,ne who allowed them to!m conference between the H,,use,now movea ~rom tne committee e . , - ..... I =, ......... They managed to squeeze past their first opponents remain there and perish for want *'and Senate as it is an extremely "to the fl,oor of .the Senate for ,de- ternoon after a {oaa oI stock 1or SmOrnmuPna~t~5~J:r~S%l} ~1~, from Kittitas Friday night and thus, said the experts, of food and water. The poles important project, bate and action on S 2202 which ~awrence _~_~ewen$__.:,. a .... ... ~ "--e~'~-"w~-~-- ~ .... ;,.. ~, _ ...... ...~. ~ ........ ' ......... ~. ~marge~xng Ui ~z7 ~-a,nle ~,eas emoo~les ,me recommenflauons I v_~t.;,~ ~ spend ,the weekend tinuing were in line to receive a thumping from the favored Zillah that the animals had su, ffered I have been working for the[of the committee for the pro-I* ............ ~" . Leopards. , from the pangs o~ 9unger Delore Ipast several weeks with the De-igram to be adopted. An air of i['~~ ~], ~r~][]~-~,~[ ]:~V ~n16*]~Ol~1"~filq The Timberwolves, bless era, refused to believe they oea,tn came to :tnelr renel. *ne i partment of Agriculture on an I purpose accompanies t'he l"-'~*" -- ...... a ,-~A'- ............ had made the trip to gamma to be a doormat for anyone, oooI?s were . D.aaly eaIen .OYlover_aU marketing plan for the,discussion ]n view of the tense,~ "--" !eoyo'tes so ma~ it was impossible !dry edible peas .of eastern Wash-~:situati,on existing in both Europet The result was that the dope-bucket took a kicking and so ~i tell me Dranas on mem. --iington. It is ,one of the most im-land Asia. While 'the Senate is! --"'7 did Zillah, and the Wolves earned the right to play in the l i.asco l~ews, i port'ant products grown in our i debating its bill, Chairman EatonI | finals this weekend. This is the spirit we all like to see. The Goldendale Thomas M. Gilmore was born State and 1:he future of the in-!of the House Foreign Affairs ~ | May 12 1845, in Washington Idustry is dependen,t upon a con- Committee has announced the [ !~ ] basketeers refused to bow just because they were sup- icounty. Ore., where the town ofistructive marketing program. It purpose of :his commi~ttee to in-~~:~ posed to be "inferior." They demanded that anyone who Carnelius now stands. He enlist-',is with this view m mind that elude the Greek, Turkish and[ ~:~:' ed as a private in Co. D, first'~I presented the problem .to the Chinese programs in the ERPt felt superior to them would have to show it,---and la~tt iregiment of Oregon vGlunteer Secretary of Agriculture, the l proposed legislation, and 'that it weekend no team was equal to that task. :infantry, in 1882, and served in I Honorable Clinton Anderson. As should be ready for eonsidera- "" Well done, Wolves, and may this weekend bring fur- that company until the close of its well known, the Fourth Con- tion in the House by the last of thor victory, the war. After being honorably lgressional D~strlct grows more March. discharged, he returned to the/dry edible peas than any other~ ;Willamette valley, where :he re- area in the United S~ates '~ Cla..I..e /%f Th,~ ;mained until 1873, when he came ~l~J~s~s~l~o ~.Jm ~s~,, ~o~. " " " to Kliek~tat eoun.W. He was mar- By W, F. ~YARS Tied in 1881 to Mrs. Sarah Lewis,: ;s~nce Which time he has lived JANUARY 29, 1896 t L. H. Dills and Dr. Fletcher, 'continuousi', in Klickitat cou " Dr Goddard of University each of whom owned one-sixthl ...... ~.s .... '.~ nty " ' . .~ 1~ ~ . ~ ~ .-- .~ ,. . .. . [unl, ll 'me 'time ,or his aeam, dan- Park, has hycated m uomenaam. ,m me bummi~ mines in wnienI .... ~n ~na The North Yakima ratty coun-["Doe" Current is interested on i~'~~, *' * .... . ,, e~l has refused to lower saloon iTuesday of ~his week sold their t . ~e~ow" .aregiven ~ne names m licenses from $1000 to $750 per interests for $2,250 each .~o J. B. I~yuaen.ts z n me .~oiaennaie put)- ~C"rrent a son of the elder -en ,uc scnooi recmvlng pmzes mr year. i u , ' - s - " . c,~l Pik .....down from tleman.2-Yakima Republic excellent work m thmr studms, ........... J ." '" . l~s shown by the recent examin- Goldendale la~st week. The col-~ The Goldendale Sentinel prmts i~i ......... mh ~'r~- fi~ onel will :hereafter make his , sermon preacned by a gen' -'nv;Ta Mio~ T_U, Rh~xxr Rfh -r-d,~ home an Vancouver--Independ- man with the veiw apDropriatel __, ....... ----* ' name 0f -oo'~";"'a "'~'~" ],.~,kc i,secona pmze Mr. herman xren- .... [,, ...~ .;?,,,~,,, ~{o "~'~'(.'~'ner, 7,th grade first prize Miss mrwaru m ~ne t me when tee Auditor Phillips and wife,~ ~ i Minnie Hess, 71h grade second Deputy TreasurerAldrich and , British lion and 'he American Howard Spalding have been en-'eagle will sleep ,together. Not prize Arthur Pierce. Those de- gaged this week comparing theisleep, good sir; but stand up, serving special mention are John treasurer's tax rolls, ending with wide awake, to guard the eternal Eddings, John Miller, Win. GluT- or, Rachel Carratt and Maud iprin,ciples of liberty and justice. Dustin in ,the 8th grade, and the year 1894. Grant Bunnell and wife moved this week into the house occu- ~ed by Olivet Carter and wife. Bunnell has purchased a couple of lots in the east end of town where he expects .to build in "the "near ~ture. Wasco eouney has declared H~od river a public highway and leased the ,use thereof to the Hood River Lumbering Co. to float logs down it. The lease pro- vide~ that the company shall improve the river and regulate ~he ra~es of toll to be charged. --Seattle Times. Mrs Caroline L. Putman, wife of E~der PuCman, received a let- ter this week from the pension department at Washington, D. C. bearing the informa,t~on that a pension had been allowed to her $12 per mone~h. This money will go .to .her child, she acting as guardian. The Oregonian has just install- led in its composing ~ooms two l additional linotype machines, of la~es-t pattern with all the up-to- date impamvements, making ten Dotha Varker, Edi:th Graham, Stella Whi'tney, Edwin Barker, and Roy Spoon in the 7bh grade. These prizes were given by Mr Leidl, the jeweler, and were well worth .the efforts made by the pup~is to secure them. ---W. H. H~dson, Prin. l|ll Navy expenditures for theper- - iod 1939-45 totalled more than 90 bil.lion dollars, 40 per cent of which was for skip construction alone. SAY! lip TO PER TIRE Morn natural rubber. You also get at least 20% more wear--5% more weight in tread and body-- 4~o morn tread width--more non- skid protoction. It's the buy of the yeart TIRES Also special offer on the fames Pennsylvania RX fk, t Iiae tit. PLUS TAX 600 X 16 other sizes similarly priced quip now with tafe Pennsylvania tires. One of the most famotm nam ta rubber, startling low prio inelade a11owane for your old Re-tire today--save dollar . This offer i= for a limited time only. GOLDENDALE, WASHINGTON Ill l Win. Radke--Proprietor PHONE 902 i HAL I~OLMES i Satus Unit No. 3, Wapato Proiect NOTICE I am working .on Satus Unit Call For Bids For County No. 3, one of the soundest and Printing most feasible irrigation projects The County Auditor of Klicki- in the Fourth District; however, tat County, State of Washington ,the Budget Bureau, acting under will receive sealed bids for CDUn- the President's freeze order, re- ty printing, up to 10 A.M. on the fuses any bridget recommenda- first day of April, 1948, for the tion. I 14ave urged the Interior lyear beginning on the first day Appropriations Subcommittee tof July. 1948, and ending on the durintg ,the past years to include !first day ~f July, 1949, as pro- an item for beginniag cDnstruc-[vided for in section 4081, Rem- tion of this project, norwich- !mgton's Revised Statutes of standing .lack of Budget approv- Washington ,~l, and I am again going beforet Said bids shall state the price the Committee to urge favorable lper sMid eight point for which consideration Gf an i,tem in the ~said bidder will, do said printing 1949 bill. It is my opinion that and subsequent insertions. The ,.:~:::~i:i:!i!iii::i ~'!~i~:~ ...... this ur~it is an extension of the board of County Commissioners i,~/!i~i i! i~i~ iili:~ :;~:.:~4:'i:!:ii~!)!i'~ Wapa'to ,Project. Evidently the reserves the right to reject any ~ ~!ili:,~i~.i:~ii~ il :-< i!i:i.i! ~)i:~i:~;~>! Presidents Budget Bureau con-lOT all bids. "~=~: siders it a new project :and re- Dated this 20th day of Febru- 1~1~1)~ c :~