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May 6, 1948     The Goldendale Sentinel
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May 6, 1948

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Page Four THE GOLDENDALE SENTINI~L--GoldondMe, Washington Thl May 6, HAROLD FAdlELLO ......... PUILISHER WAYNE MARSHALL .......... EDITOR ENTERED aT GOLDENDALE:~ WASHINGTON POSTOFFICE EVERY THURSDAY AS gECORD CLASS MAIL MATTER SUBSCRIPTION RATE, $Z.50 PER YEAR OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER OF GOLDENDALE AND KL|CKITAT COUNTY official poll book for the Golden- lay, W. C. Burgn, A. J. Ahola, other relief as to the court seems dale city election on April 6th. iC, C Alvord, M. M. Warner. ijust. Jacob Richardson and party de-i For marshal, O. Soper.~. .- parted last week for the Lyle (Note: The date which was ac- country to finish up a surveying cidently omitted from Clippings :e EenterwLle contract, of the Past last week, was March! MEMSER WASHfHGrON NEWSPAPER PUSLISHERS ASSOC/AT|ON INC., Mrs. H. N. Davies, wife of our 1, 1896.) ~ Mrs. Win. Niva AND NATIONAL EDITORIAL ASSOClATm, hardware man, arrived Friday to Selah, make her future home in Golden- Mr. and Mrs. Ted Carratt, of dale. Co~[rt Notes were here on business last Our Support Will Help anager Nesbitt has manure- Monday. tured a "patent" mixer for the Mary Mattson, who has spent THE JEOFFROY "SOIL CONTROL eUL'~IVATOR'" S ....,, ........... ,, - ......... self-rising flour and is now able In the matter of the estate of :the last few weeks at the home INGE WAY BAGK WHl~-~ the ulty oI tJomencmm to turn it out in carloa~t lots i Hertha Suksdorf, deceased. Order of her son and daughter-in-law, ~ ~ii:i:: has been able to pointyears,With pridenametO a lot of good baseball CAds. BerneYt hadh the mister- ~ hayer ~ entered ...... , .C appointingH Knosher. A.andC.CharlesKeef-Mr.for herand, homeMrs" mDiCkGoldendaleMattsn' lastleft ~ ..:: ]~~i:: (" teams. Through the the of Goldendale wastune of get ing is leg broken i. ' .... *'~i:" .:!'!~i:i.:::.~;~.: .... - :,L ...... . U~-- *~. .... ~-'~ --~Monday His team aot tangled un ~llbrl~ton appraisers dune ~m, *lvlonclay one [o Be Jlstenec/ [o WIL[I Ye~pecb when bite auujet:~ u~ . a .~ ~, *', ' , " ' .... ~',~..'.- ...... h t' ,1948 at the hour of 2 p.m fixed Mrs. Walter Ahola made a trip .... i m t e harness and is get mg them~ . . ' .. :..:.:."~...:.:.:-L lnter-cl[y tmseball was brough~ up in ]he M]d-Columb a loose w~ kicked i as the time for hearing on imalito Portland last week. area " ~ ...... :.-_ ..... :_ !account and distribution. Inven-, Zenas Mattson medea trip to ~~~;.:.::,~rr-~ _~~~ ~ve,an~ ~armers are very to] i ' ~~Lu~pljI(~~" ----':. 0MB~! " I "Y and appra sement shows ,The Dalles last Thursday. Since the war, an effort has been underway, and gain- busy at present. Although the v-I .... ~ ~11 ,~o~,~ +., ~,~ ~,i~ an I ~z. ~..~ ~.o ~,~;,.;... ~,~; ..... 4 gradually, to restore Goldendale to that position at or near ~ee~ingfwe~thwern hassre~airndedwtihl~I ~In't~e"ma~er~oi~h~e ~st~e'~f [ visi~t'ors"a(~'t~t~e'~Frank~''vit'~l~l~a the top of the baseball heap in this region. ..................... oo ...... P .... gk,~...~.. .... z ....... ~ +~..~ t Theodor Suksdorf;.f~led, and etmon'' todeceased'robate PreWill home Sunday ~~~~~).~ -- ~ I Last year the town team won the county title w~th a winter wheat in this vicinity was i~,~; ..... ~P.,+ ..... , p~ ..... ~,,~..~! Mr. and Mrs. Wm ~r~~~~.~ "F . ,-.-,.,,,~ ~,~=,,,=..~ ~,,vw~ ~,,,=~, i tenclea ~ne ~ran e nail flectlcaT`lon good season record. Th~s year the local batsmen are killed by the March freeze-up.i~,,~,~,,~ ~.~. .... +..~.. ~.Tv ~-~ ..... g .., t in k i e mor e i r n he are D. C Mary, of Dot, informs us .............. ~ .... ~,,.~, ~.~., ,*--,and po~ me~ droner a~ me new a tempt g to ta e n ev n e t rrto y a d t y ,~+ "~. ~, ........ ;~ ;.. +,~+iWalter Suksdorf, Bmgen, Wash., I Grange hall in Goldendale las ..... ..a~ ,~..~ ~,,, .a.,, ....=~ a heir ti v v once more m a M~d-Columbm league whmh will put them section i.~ killed an~ th~ ~ronnd S ~ S. Es mated alue of sep-ISunday" in competition with the better teams of south-central is-being'-re'sow~.- ............. ~>~%p~oper~y$35,000.00: Mr. Roserreturned from a trip washington and nor~n-cen~ral uregon, trey. ~a ~aKer and ~ami~y nave probate and aDDointin Walter ~.o.,~,~;o~ +~.~- .... ~.o .~, ~;o. The first ball of the new season was pitched out last been visiting, in Goldendale the I~uksdorf and Richard ~J'. Bates ifa~t~he'r~w"l~o~'Dasseda'wava'we'e~ ,The chisel-type cult;va!!on of the Jeoffroy J~-~.~ I ][~lr v ] * s " s n v li ~ past weeK. ~e preac.nea an ex- i executors. Bonds filed in the ~a~o at McCl~arv ~ Sell Control Cultivator is not newl In fact, /~7~m I 1~][ _unda and the ocal_ d~d themselve roud b. humb no ~ ..................... : ......... ; .......... i o .. ...... " ..... - ................... ~;uuL~ a.u*~.~= amounT, oI lo uuu uu eacn uaT,ns the first plows of this type were made over k~ll~ I . , I Rev Ray Kellom, of Golden WHite ~mmon m ~ne season opener, at the M. E. church Sunday eve-Ifiled and Letter.~ testamentary tdale "spent Saturday afternoon This, however, was only the beginning. More and ning. !issued. I here worl~in~ 'in Zenas Mattson's 3,000 years ago by the Egyptians for farm- ~ I ~ ~ tougher games confront the Goldendale diamond team and - Hen. W;. R: Dunbarleft Satur-I Order is entered vacating and!hobby shou. ing along, the Nile. .RNer" They used a sharp-. ...'~c,,,e, l I fh,~v ~,~ o-~,i,,er f,, n,~tl ~ll +h, h~l~ino. ~n,l b~fin~ +h~v ,~ay zor urging and on isettLng aside judgments hereto-I Mr Junneman. of the Eugene ened stick, wade m the Jeoffro. y machine, *~v ~or mol~, .... ~ --.- ~, .... ~, ....... ~ .............. ~.- ........... ~ -.---J .usmess connecT,ca wnn me ~ot-',fore entered in the case of W J I R;hl,( C'~11oao "~r~11 ..... lff ;. s,hcenmanganese steel is reqmred to stand into can get if thev accomplish their goal oi bringing new o~se- diers home and to attend the IFilbin vs Harold Howell and w'ife"~;Z:~-" ~"-~P~' ' .... ~.~,~.._..."" stor,~e. I t*~ " " ........ I .'~nrzs~zan cHurcH nexT,~unaay present-day speeds and uses. Down through ~ I ~. ~,=1] ]o,,,,,~h, ,~ +h,~;~ h,~r~ ~,,-~,,~rr~n;hr meeting ol T,ne republican sm~e, Last will and testament of Geo morn] . ~a ....................................... ., ...... i I "ng and evenin~ the ages many plows have been used and ~i~ I ~.~alW Not all of us can play baseball--but we can get out centra~ commtT,T,ee. . IA. Obarr of The .Dallas, WaseoI ~ discarded, but the chisel-fype plow has - ,~-~ ,.. ,~.. ~-u ~-~. -~] ,,...~..~ ;, ..~,, v~. ,~ ~..~ ...... I wa~er zrom tne new wacer it~ounT,Y, uregon ~s IlleO along wi~n See the new Ro,,al P~r+~h~ ~.c.c ~u ~.~ Ha. p~=. a,m w.uuv ,~ up ~.. ~.c m,mc-~... " e i ...... ...... roved fo have less draft, control erosion, ~ t ................ works was turned into the e~t t st mony of subscribing w~t-, ' Y Typewrite at The Sentinel. P ~}~5~1 " ooys. tney ~l apprecmte a~ ~ne suppor~ ~ney can ge~ an~ Irescrvo]r Saturday As the water nesses to will and order admRtmg i ~ and conserve mo,sture more effectively than ~ I will feel more like going "all out" if there is a big crowd [is piped about 15 miles out of the will to probate. ) any other plow ;nventedl ~~=t~Y:i~I " -- ~,, ~h~ ~,,,~ fa ,~h,~,,,. +her, ,m /mountains it is the purest and uraer is issued dispensing with "'" ~'"~ ....... ~ ........ ~ ..... " .... a r i " S+ugble an )coldest to be had. pp a sement m the matter of the) * Plows and cult,vates +he natural way. 9r Con .... k*~ ~"~'[ ' U~ k,I~,~,~,I,,~-~,,H~,H,,~+,~,~@,H-I-~-,~,,I,~+@@~~~.) Father Gard's residence at Cen- esta~te of William H. Lucy, de-I ~lrr~ m i ~TI serves the ...... momsTure. "~ rrevenTs OlOWmCJ." " zat;o,mre eff,~+;*'o, ,h, -~ $1terville got on fire Sunday but ceasea. , I "l I ~ /A~I "k Stops erosion. "R Cuts plowincj cost in half. ~ ;~l[tliO-p )kwas soon put out with but'little In the matter of the estate ell ~L. I //'~1 "~ Constructed to last a lifetime "~ Pre-war ~ b._,.- ..... T{damage to the property George Reed, deceased. Order is) .......... _p ,ces. ~ M. de. jn..4szes,.+o" " " O~mo ~ble ltSle ]~, ~Flm :~) Mr. C. M. Ryman has had to issued by the court dispensing, a ~ ~P $ [ postpone his school at No. 27, in- with appraisers and that no ap- i KlickitattoGoldendale ]rtt._lUtt.-/~tt.-'mo~.fityurPwer: 1~ ITIUIlIIlI]~ UIUI ~{definitely, on account of the praisers be appointed again l OR ~ ~)whooping cough among the chil- C.H. Knosher, A. C. Keefhaver, I -- 'l~ dren. and J. W. Dressel appointed ap-I Wishram to Goklendale ~.,,~,,,, ~1 /e ~ ~ ram)l :~I Jas. Leverett and Albert Soner praisers in the matter of the estate t +ha+ qulckly "' y Causes wlt, e r mn~tTa~rlt IalmT I~mll~nl~T! .~)have bought out the butcher of Annie Hook Hiukka. I ....... ~m~U~L~m]~ ~m, uu ~uml~ ~l,business of Arthur Hale and will In the matter of the estate of ~u.uu to: u~ ~'assenge: O ~/ ~)henceforth conduct the business. Jess C. Bradstreet, deceased. Or-j $100 ~,o~ M=d~lle -Uh! .~] Nominations for City Offices is entered setting aside prop- AdditionaI o ........ lto~ ~1 PO| if ~..~,,. , 1oo Citizens' Ticket erty in lieu of Homestead to Alda! ...... ~" J ~l For mayor, N, B. Brooks.R. Bradstreet, as her sole and W~v~ t'"s costing" *'*i For councilmen, Allen Bone-separateAcuon propertY:is insT,iT,utea ..... "Ill lINl~- I~l~ ~l-~m~m ~m~ you by urpna A,~tJ'l V ,~l~,~]meat ~illP' _ :)) --J. I. Case Equipment Murphy and None Madding against Nettle Braly and un- GOLDENDALE known heirs to quiet title on Lots ~f~r 'g~"~r T f'~A~ ~"~tr'~qr, nlr~ f~l-~ Ir~r~ ll and 12in Block 1, in Bowman's Goldeadale, Wash. Fermerly INUW IUU k,/~klN w~m*-I IKIU UP II Addition to the Town of White Salmon, Washington. In the matter of the estate of with Ivy Workman, deceased. Petition for letters of administration show ON DISPLA Y that the deceased died on or about April 15th, 1941. Approximate value of said estate $1940.00.: THE NEW BENDIX GYROMATIC WASHER Heirs: Silver and E. M. Read, RubyKing, Mable Scoffield; Ed- O ward Doubravsky, grandson and The SURE Weed-Killer ! ,Mary Ray, granddaughter. Action for divorce is instituted i i: by Vend Burris against her hus- band Floyd Burris. Parties were " We also have a complete line Bunnett married on June 3Oth, 1947 at WASHI~$1 Stevenson. One child born to this f marriage. Plaintiff prays for de- of Insecticides and T~r.. L2___ cree of divorce from the *defend- neua Blinds ant, together with the stody the child and that the defendant FITS YOUR SPRAY EQUIPMENT are "OW made ilt $50.00be requiredper montht paYfor thethe careSUmandf 10 DIFFEI~NT COLORS support of said child and such BUDGET! " e other relief as to the court seems just and equitable. J. F. OLTMANNS Action for divorce is instituted by Lenore H. Yandell against her General Paint Store husband, James O. Ya~delL Par- ~.~.. Phone 751 Goldenda]eties were married on the 16th of August, 1942 at White ~ Wash. No children were born a~ . ]]el [the result of this marriage. TheI plaintiff prays that she be grant-I ippings Of The Past..... "led an interlocutory decree of di-] By W. F~ ]BY~2RS ivorce from defendant; that theI CLIPPINGS OF THE PAST ibrake, Joseph Nesbitt, Willard 'personal property, except 19471 MARCH 18, 1896 (Sloper, C. E. Morris, Sam. Lear. ~Ford Coupe be set over to plain- Ed. Snipes took a drove of 140 For marshal, F. C. Brooks.!tiff as her sole and separate prop- i head of ca~tle to Yakima last~ License Ticket lerty; that she be granted the sum, week. ' For mayor, N. B. Brooks. }of $10000 for attorneys fees and l There are 131 names on theFor councilmen, R D. 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