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May 8, 1930     The Goldendale Sentinel
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May 8, 1930

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1950 !! i [iI beds ltral 173 lone 173 For- lone tf~ Ls at YSl 'era ney 'ort- dry- inc., Res. idle, t~-~ lOW, Jars, ~fN. Established 1.879 Goldendale, Washington, Thursday, May 8, 1930 Vol. 51. No. 19 Ml Uio rnnH flfUl|lTV i scott has a position on the state[L| T ,O rnnn t llrtrfl ] COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS l nritlil ?it fir lll|lilll ;time 5:12, record. High Jump: Bel-I|LiLiilaa PnCtl! rPrrt nll:W rfllJM 5UUN/I road work. INU/I: rnum aurr.n- I --- llrbUL/5 UI" ANNUAL isan,. W S, hetghth 5 ft. in, IANNUAL I'lbH I'l:tU ------ i f Minutes of the regular meeting of/ i Broad Jump: r~och, W. S., dlstance~ fl1ol roIlnMIIC&lTOl WlSHR S[ " IflO OflllDT Dr NDN Ithe Town Council of the Town ofi INIIMTV TO|tiff ||rrT116 ft. 10 in. Pole vault: Henslee,[ ~t||U~[V U|V 4 4TII :~i ~un~r~ru~ur~i~l -- i |un ~uu||| ~LUU~U~[Gldendale held in the Council ~UU~|.[ |~ |]~rE[ Gold., height 9 ft. 4 ix,. Shot put: I %)U~U~|~ Mat I l in :~ Miss Wilma Segraves was oper-i IRoom Monday May 5th 1930. IDavenport, W. S., distance 35 ft.[ ~i -- ated on at the Mid-Columbia hos- ,--';----- I The meeting was called to order ------ I10 in. Discus throw: James, W. S.i -------- I pital at The Dalles Tuesday evening tat 7:20 P. M. by Mayor R. Z. Willls,I [distance 100 ft. 8 in. Javelin throw:I i GLENWOOD for appendicitis. Miss Wilma is get- The inventory and appraisementI all the council, marshal and clerk The twelfth annual Klickitatl Winter, Gold., distance 128 ft. I0 in I Plans for the annual Fish Fry and ~! -- l ting along very well, and will leave ~iled in the matter of the estate of~being in attendance. ~ [county track and field meet was heldIRelay: Goldendale, time 1:41. I Picnic of the Klickitat Hunters and i! Mr. and Mrs. Peter Wroh, Mr. and ~he hospital the last of t~is week. Frances W. Bullitt, deceased, showsI The minutes of the regular meet- in Goldendale last Friday. ThereI White Salmon took first place inlAnglers Club, to be held at Block- Wellenbrock motored to Lyle Satur- McGra'th were in Goldendale'Thurs: Cerfified copies of the last wllliapproved. /various events. Unfortunately, the|Goldendale second with 36 points, Ibeen completed by the various cem- ~j~ Mrs. Ferdinand Markgraf and R.R.[ Mrs W F Shorts and Mrs W H the value of the estate to be 9800.~ing held April 21st were read andlwere some 250 contestants for the~Class A events with 48t points;|house next Sunday, May llth, have day, May 3rd where they attendedlday and testament of Wallace Green Col-I The following c aims were pre-lweather was d!Isagreeable, and both|and Bickleton th,ird with 16t voints, lmittees in charge. the West Pomona Grange. They re- Mrs W C Johnston was in Port line, deoeased, together with the~sented and ordered paid: ]spectators and contestants did not~ .......... ~,~ I Mr. Cole reports the grounds in I l~ort a very interesting meeting, alsolland three days last week she in probate proceedings of the KinglPaciflc Power and Light Co, have an enjoyable time a~ they ~L~Jm~ru~.~ .~,,~m excellent shape, the hotel manage- all know how the Lyle Grange ...... r' n~s y p t a filed. The| lights for April 9 151 04|should. The meet was capably/ [ment having dunes lot of im"rov- we - ' - PP g' count r0bate cour re WIN AT V/ISHRAM " lugs, Oregon. ~rs George Grunnett and daugh, flied in the matter of the estate ofJp B Doherty, ' 7'00tcharge of the track judging, E~ .P.[ _ . d a d itting byGold-] a few more so a~ to have plenty. The directors of the Hell Roaring Mary Silva deceased shows the| o [ J P , ' [ ~ The club is furnishinz the fish an " .................. Roe um s Prof Roy l-Iwarn enaam. Fete Petersen showed real ters and Mrs. Francm Hayes and J e D~vers ............... 7.00 i ~ d Irrigation Ditch Company moved ~ ......... ~-P,~rta,~a Friday value of the estate to be $3400.00.]Trost Planin~ Mill lum[ber 1~36[weights' and Prof V. A. Bacher was|form at bat, gettng 5 hits in 6tcoffee which will be served at their shovel up on the ditch April Mr. and Mrs. George Selpi~ went Petition is filed asking that the|The Service Garage, gas, etc 5.00}clerk..f the. me.of._ Wh!te Salmon[ l_m s a~ouat,e one at:wast" hi| ann{ 12:30. All are asked to bring their ~0th and ~ in r t n IIIi won ~ne meet wltn ~ne nlgnes~ hum o~e a o~ x~y m~o et~ ~nu u - w'll beg opt a io . B e to Spokane Wednesday ~o spend a will of Emma S. MacI~od, deceased,]W. D. Lainhart lumber ... 4.50!. ' _ ....... ~.'[ ..... r .....: ............. :'[own dishes, etc. ueeks will as h tor e ' oer or polnts zor OUCH grade ano ~zcua ~ua each got a ~ ua~e a~. sist t e opera , Luk ~w ~w be admitted to nrobate The esti-] Sewer~ [ ... [ ........ ! A1 Johnson, chairman of the en- Ni " ....... " -~ high schools in the county. In n,lgn t~reae watson was m mlu-summer eol~, and hm wife will cook for Mrs. W. L. Webb and Lillian were mated value of that part of the es-] Goldendale Hardware Co, I _ . .......... ]'-r .................. I tertainment committee, has dug up a the crew hare Ide ar . . ~ . I SChOOlS only, wnl~e ~almon ~oo~r tv m and nanuseu severa~ uaru . The s he rs e shopping in Portland Sat~.~rday. tate in Klick~ta~ county is given asi sewer pipe ........ 351.031 ............... |cha-- - a" "r .... e ..... a-u-r l lt of old stunts and thought up zookin for o ha ~ . "''" nrs~, t~oloenoale seconu ann ~zc,~e- nce~ t ~ u na ~ mg ze S e . . g ward t ving the water Miss Bernice Skar, of Vancouver,96500 00. The devzsees of the estate~E. E. Montgomery cement 8.801 ............... is a -eneral[Garver and Stout -itchin- for '~old /new ones, among which will be a z~r . . ' [on tmru J~OIIUWIM~ ~ ]k~ ~ I~" - irrigation by fall. wa~ visiting ~n Wishram over the ~re one son and two daughters. Cure-|Frank Hamllik ........... 8.751 - .... [en~-I~ we~A o~,- t~,ht ~ll,,wi-~, -~lvtrifle contest, 22 caliber. Bring your Hsnr Troh I shoe ratera summary o[ tne meet u~ ~,, ..... ~,, .- -.-- o ---.~ Y "s el ope t week end mission to take the testimony of the[Floyd Hamllik 8 00[ " " ~ "'- AI"''-~ ~v r ~ _]own guns and ammunition, The pro- ............... da h" Bit- ~ mrs. z oz me eye a e n good Toledo h ~ Class D Boys----50 yd s limln~ri , Washington and says e ~rs noor,',~ Bunn and daughters subscribing witnesses to the will, is[Delbert Hamllik ~ 25[ | ....... [ es for the various contests ...... ~'~ ~' ........... im 7 new re shape and reauy zor a rea~ game. likes it fine " "~ - ~ - 'ssued [C 0 Atkins , ~^[sanz W. S., first, te , "[ _ - . l~ill be held in the forenoon II 00 were in The ~alles ~aturoay ~ - , ...... ~ oo ' 1-1 od ' ' : " ....... '' nz W. S o River will p[ay at Golden-" , Mr. a~d Mrs. Heber en]oyed~a Mr. and Mrs. H. Gillie spent Sat- Acting on the complaint that[R. Riley ................. 3.50|cord. High_jum@: Bier. , . ~,,-'[dale Sunda~ Ma~ llth Tho~, h ..... Iclck" emit with their daughter from Port- urdav |n P~rtland .~ara.h Mary Akerill wa~ insane and~J W Allen 36 75]first' 3 ft. 8 ln. ~roaa 3ump. ~ze~ ~_ ~ a, ., " ~ ~'*'~.'~/ Prizes for the big fish contest will land, over the week end The also ................ ..... " ......... sanz, W. S,. first, distance II ft. II| strong team ann are gozng ~o r~ry to be awarded The childrens events Y Mesdames Wm. Rp~e, S. G. unsafe to be at large, she was[H. Fahle.nkamp ........... 35.00[. . Idlin the Eagles win~s hu* ~o ~o.,..ol " : attended at Hanson's hall. Murphy, R. E. Crowley and H. Gillie broffght before the court and after[ W. S. C assell, hauling, 2 ||n.L.recora. .......... t will have =omoth~:':: =~" ~':~ ~.~::] will be in charge of Mrs. LumiJarvi. The SChOOl ws~s closed Fri a for ~ ulass c lJoys ~0 yu u~u ~ ....... ~ ~, o~j ,.uv~ _. ' d y attended lodge in Vancouver. being examined by two physicians' trucks, clean-up day .... 17.00 --- " ' l ~ " ~ It is rumored Amos 'n Andy from all day on account of the county Mrs. J Down,ng returned to her and hearing the testimony of wit-{ W, ter Fund INutt, W S. firsL.t!me_7.1. ?Y ~d.lth?: ...... L,vlehram will ~e there. ~raarC~il::e:t wG:lde~ aAlsltt:: h::d= iS:k?hr~er spending a n::~s t:~:uly~?]t~:slbygtth:l t~gZi :nU~;:~i22:~ li!~m~'p~dgida~:o~[ ~ii! ii~f~ t!!:~!Yi!:lc:~l~e;;r~tgi!il tTi~]el21a~rS';Yhbe~Irl gw!a~l iba~h~2a~tdhnd;dal~ Wpic~; W i? ' b I t Frfaeulty and some of the parents. Mrs CharlesRayburn and daugh- Hospital for the Insane IR. Athow, work on pipe line 4 35[ ". ": " "" ft"1 in Pole[ . [ , P' Con- Some stayed over for the in tbr spent Saturday in Vancouver. Order is entered appointing Z. o. JW. S. Cassell, unloading pipe 7.00[ vL:]kl~' Mm=a::: ~ S: height 7 ft [g~Th:h=n::: =:P:rt;etter from/tae;::llecCh::k:f a~ Clark eRiCh- ~e_evening. Some of our pUPIlS car- A.B. Signs spent Sunday in Van- . " " "n " ~'i .... ] IAbrar-- l,'"d [ 4 in. , ., iLefty Schwartz stating he has a team]Steelheads will have strong teams r~ed home some first and second couver Brool~ as administrator of the es-IJ. H. Allyn, sundries ..... .~.80{ : . ' ' ' "| g [ , P " Go d ndale I ta~e orurl r. ~ uenwa~ers, ue-[ ~ ~ = ~'- ..... d dash ~l-- t;lass ~ J~OyS ~e y Pries., Mrs. Jas. Sar~field and Mrs. Jas. " "xin his .... |Pacific Power & Lt ht Co [ .... . [at Portland and wants to come uplin the field to uphold the honor of It"eased, ano n g Dons in tnel g~ "' ~ ......... ~ ~ 100 "d dasn'- , Drlt~0n I:~ICK , time o o ~' , ,, DOn t forget the monthly grange Ha es __ .. Y end children went to Golden- sum of 93000.00. The estimated] lights and labor for April 2.001.. -" "~- "~ -" " "11 3 n;w re"|fur a game. If we can 'Jew tufty/their re~pective communities. Rev. meeung to be held Saturday eve-dale Saturday. value of the estateriS given as 92,-1 ne~heatr::::der:: repo:tdW:S exam-I::;dr.e[220Wyd? r::mEverett. W. S.,[dwn a little it will be scheduled./PrTfiB:c?i~lw~ off~:ttse =:prP~=; ning, May 10th, at the Grange hall. O.E. Pettijohn wad in Wt~hram 500 00 and the hei to same is theI " , pp" d pla e n file.l ~,~,~" ~ ~i,-~, ~umn" Giles, Blck ,| ~ / Th " ' ' I ~:Bl:idn ~m ICENTERDVI~I~AT~DM~A~,I~LY IV :irpeV:r:b :~~= - e Trout Lake Christmn En-Sunday. o oooo,o Sun- w,t.a 0a n*u, ?a='dZ, W =Y afternoon and held a meeting[ accident Monday when his foot slip- tester is directed to publish nottce t Dressel to conduct a pool hall, on| b:itton Bick hei:hth 8 ft 8 in i ------- [ . . . S EKING P iatt;h~hurch at 7:30. A good crow~I ped as he was stepping on~o the'to creditors. ,Ipre~entatin~ of proper petition, and].- .l~emy. 'wn]te""" "tmlmon nr~t,- * ":ume a,. "'.| Centerville Community Day willt EXTEND 1BUS81~ ~ Y~ " ]footboard of the engine i In judgement entered in the easel his bond approved and placed on~ ~.. " ~. ~., ........ |be held Saturday, May 17th, underl ~IaSS~ ~IrlS---ouyu. oas*n" Jonn- i Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Bear and son .......... Iflle [ . " . ..[the auspices of the Parent Teachersl The Spokane, Portland & Seattle AR~HILL Or]n visited Mr. and Mrs. S. G.l~:rc:,tn~l~o Vlilin. S .on P .nlt G,'ant~ lsn'.L~,le' t!me 7, ti .u recora:^,OlAssociatlon" Managers Win. Niva and[Transportation company, operating ............... , ......... ' -- yu uasn" Jonnson, l.~ylO, tMne IV.1, , " r " " Joel Abshier assure the crowd al motor stages for the Spokane Port- -. " ~ s j Yoder Saturday and Sunday. judged and decreed that the plain-I ~,rgil McEwen was g anted per-lnew record. Baseball throw: John-i .......... l ............ ' . ,,mr. and Mrs. L. A. Babcock hadI Mrs. Jabs, of Portland, is vlsitlngltiffs and defendants formed a part-[mission to install a filling station atI~n L~,le distance 117 ft 1 in new|gOod oaseeai4 game m the azternoon, lane & t~ea[zle ral~roaa, has mrwaru- ........ ..... r ...... l the northeast corner of Columbu~~" ' " ' . . _ .'" ".. IA program is being arranged and ed to Olympia, Wash, application and spent the evening Imst! her daughter, Mrs. George Johnson, nersnlp In ~v~u ~or tu~ u.zuszlg o~l o, .~..,~aHi~,n ,urnn-Jonnson l~yle,i ' . " eanesday with Mr. and Mrs. R. L. and family, for a few days. Icattle and sheep and farmin- andland Brooks avenues ~ ....... ~ v. ' [the community spread st noon needsI~or permit to operate a bus line ' ~, heighth3 ft 6 in r McDo~lald. I The ~almon run is heavier than it .................... [ _ ~.." "" ....... |no advertising Come on Cente -I f~om its present bus terminus at tn~t ~ne l~artn~z-~,-p cuZZtlnue(l tel ~ Class~i t~irls---~bU y(l lasu: t~nam-i .... , ' . ' I .......... Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Sanders drove[has been for several seasons. There this time and that they are nowI SENIOR BALL ....... """ -~d dash lwHe lets get together! lwnl[e tsalmon to ~azima, according ~:ni~O l t~ntehs l a:~ v2~is~trsd~tYl for a]are many fishermen here taking ad- " ~ ...... ~ . ,berlaln, L, yle, time ",. ,a Y. :1 ' to announcem t i par[hers; tl~a~ [ne uuly appointed re-I ---~-" [ wi~ A-n~tn- tlme I0 record ] ~ ] en Saturday by W. F. n , i h Mrs ivin DAD 8 NIGHT Tu n , p esident of the companies Br " "1 vantage of the run. ........ ~'~" .... ' ' " ' r er r ceiver have judgment zn the sum of] The Seniors are g g the final] Basball throw" Mitohell, W. S., d~-| 1 oOKS.. ........ ] Emmett Mor~arty, of Portland, Is2262.00, should there not ~e suffl-~terpsichorean event of tt~eir highltance 142 ft'4 .in High Jump'[ ~ ~ The new line, if the permit LS The member~ of the stronger eex granted contemplates service over Marym~l scnoot a~tenued the trackt was ~n Wishram Saturday. icient assets to pay the partnership~school career on the 16th of May, atl -" Bick h l-hth S ft $ tn"| t , meet at Goldendale last Friday. J The Larkin Club will meet with'debts; that the 383 shares of the!the Goldendale High School Auditor.[Rl:;rnace. W' time 42, record. /f G. H. S. are planning to enter-lthe new Satus Pass highway, which tain Choir dads with the annual will be ready for travel in the fall Miss Lois McDonald ppent theI Mrs O E. Carter Tuesday. capital stock of the Badger Creektium, and invitations have been sent[ ~n,~ ~o~,,~ won the ~rrade[ " I " ' I ............ "Dads Night' on Friday evening ef The new route cuts 50 miles in the Week end with her brother and fam-, Miss" Pearl Korthase visitedin Land and Livestock Co., is the prop- out. Elaborate plans have been made[section events with 81 points, re-| ily I " - ! . it will this week Ftstic encounters featur h~ghway distance from Goldendale "- _ !Goldendale over the week end. erty of the partnership and the fSr th~s Ball and surely be[ ...................m nontl= of/ " "1 ' t "he decor mg many o~ our local present day to Yakima ha~:'::dedre. Reynolds and family Mns. Charles Tollman and Mrs. ' i , ...... ~ ~, ......... v~r a ......... troeteein bankrup cy for A. J. la grand success ~ ati~ns, we|the cun | - / ' r ' ht ever "" and future rooxing and wrestling The S P & S Transportation wor'- " - to Maryhill. He will Dewey Lambwere shopping in Port- Smith, a bank upt, deliver the samel hope, wzll delig youe, being] Class A Glrls--Sr~) yd. dash: Estes,| . / " ' ' the rec iver for bet al and effect]ve~ champions nave been scheduled A company now operates busses as far .~ lot Mr. McCrow. land Monday and Tuesday. to e the partnership;i h origin" " IW. S., first. 75 yd. dash: Estos, W.| .... t miss Naomi Johnson, of White Mr and Mrs H Waldorf were and further the trustee is required l There will be inspiring music of-[ S time 9, record Baseball throw'|snrt program m oemg planned fori as White SalmOn, and If the Yakima Salmon, spent the week end with shopp'ing in Goldendale Saturday. to deliver to t~e receiver the Chev- fered by Eck tetra andIM'cCredv Bick, distance 181 ft 7| Rorick's Oreh presentation on the stage At the application is approved it i~ probable Miss Wanda Brooks. The Entre Nous Bridge Club will rolet coupe now in the possession~this event will initiate the new floorlin'Hi~h'Jump"Estes, W S heighth|cnclusin of the aforementlonedlthat busses will be surostituted for uests t t ' ~" .... activities the schools'best cooksl ~team trainsIn the Goldend~tle ~Ir and Mrs Waldorf of Wish odor Wed r " - , " meet with Mrs. S. G. Y - of the defendants. It is further to dancing. The g a tending areI 4 ft. 6 .in., record. Relay: Btckleton,i j fro, were Maryhill callers Saturday neesday at one o'clock, ordered that the plaintiffs have judg-[sure to enjoy t~is jolly night with[time 39 record |hope to be able to hand out a lunch branch. [ternoon. s Mc .~ ment for their costs and disburse-1 the Seniors of 1930. ] Class ~k Boys"" 100 yd dash" Koch/appetizing and delightful. I The S. P. & S. company pioneered Mrs. McDonald and MIss Loi - CENTERVII~E monte expended, l " |W. S., time 11. 220 yd. dash~ Wint:| At this time the high sc~aoolj in railroad bus operation in Oregon Donald were shopping in The Dalles --------- - t Dance at Eagles Hall, Saturday,|or, Gold., time 23, record. 440 yd.|wishes to invite not only the highi on its seaside line, and plans, said ~t, urday afternoon. Bode Anderson, who spent t~ae Mrs. Rosa Ward, of Glenwood, was May 10th. Let's Go! lt] run: Creighton Glenwood, time 60 | school Dads. but" all the men of the Turner, to keep abreast of all new n~r.t:n~ol~::daGl:ss:P:;da~he eve- ,,-inter in Canada, came a felk daY:a Goldendale business visitor last, See notice of Closing-Out Sale ofI 880 yd. run: Camp, W. S., ,ime 2::[2,/ communlt, to tl~is very informal' developments in equipment and : ~. ago and is visiting home fo ks. H Friday. I Propst Variety Store on page 6. | record.Mile run: Sutherlin, W. S.,| good-time at the school auditorium eervice in the motor branch of transo ,~r. Brooks returned home Sund/ay will leave shortly for Aberdeen, Wn., fl i ~ , '"~ : , , . ~.~ |at 8:00 P. M., Friday evening, the~ portatton.---Oregon Journal. ~*~er three weeks in The Dalles hs" wher'~ ~ ~Pttal.. Ben~ ...... Keel ...... came*' ........ ~'~over from Top- ! I ! Morner'"'S ay I ] | ]9th f May" M~S-~O ~----~AL . ~t~neand Neal Cooper entertained penish last week, a~disvlsittng with u, I UI ---- ~aelr young friends with a birthday friends for a few days. ' ...... i | The following program was given Party Saturday afternoon. The guests Mrs. Wm. Niemela motored t; -~. Were Byron and Harriet Babcock, Portland Sunday, accompanied~ Claude and Richard Rude, Richard her son Leland, who spent the week end here. Mrs. Henry Lauterbach and little son Jimmie, of White Salmon, spent i Monday evening visiting he~" mother, Mrs. Linnie Mulligan. Mr. and Mrs. Christopher and son of Pendleton, are visiting with her mother, Mrs. Wm. Basso. S. C. Eshelman went to Tacoma Thursday to attend the golden wed- ding of his uncle, Jake Eshelman, oni i Friday, May 2nd. I ! August Jaekel met with quite an accident Tuesday while plowing. HeI was standing up on the ~ack plow| when it hit a rock, tlirowing him to' the ground and turning his ankle quite badly He has been confined to his bed for a few days. Mrs. Charles Runyan, who came down from Roosevelt Tuesday to visit her daughter, Mrs Roy McLavy, and family, returned to her home Sunday. Arthur Johnson, of Hockingson,,' ~~E~2~ ~.~..- j/~' Wash., who came up Friday on bust-I hess, returned Sunday. I F. W. Klockner went to Yakima] Tuesday, to eerve as Juryman-I I ~ 1~ ~''~% Miss Ions Mulligan, of WhiteI Salmon, spent a few days last week j~ It's May time and Poppy time again. Already, the Amer/can Legion Auxiliary are ~usy making pia~ for their yearly poppy sale. Already, months, in factl our disabled non-. compensated war veterans have been busy making beautiful crimson poppies. And now, it is time for us to be buying and wearing a Poppy. These paper memorial Popples are sold nationally by American Legion Auxiliaries previous to Memorial Day. The poppie~ are, every one, made by our disabled men---~nd every cent of the net proceeds goes for welfare work. last Friday night at the McCredy Music Store, by pupils o~f the De La Parelle Studlo, to fan appreciative and enffnusiastie audience. Playing Train, John Thompson, Mar[erie Show; Gavotte, Metealf, Richard Turner; ~n the Begat, Francke, Mar[erie Lawler; Songs, (a) Wake Up, Philllps, (b) Gtnger- bread Ma~, Gaynor, Mrs. Chas. Dud- ley; Minuet from Sonata, Opus 49, No. 2, Beethoven, Betty Chapman; Wayside Chapel, G~rlitt, Helen Mil- ler; Sextette l~qm "Lucia." Doni- zetti. Betty LumiJarvi; Song, Duns, McGill, Reginald Miller; On the Ice, Th ........... Crawford,, Robert Turner; Boat ~s year tne veterans llo~pttal ........ ................ l~ong, uurnnam, L~Is JacKe~; Waltz, at WaZla walla /lab O~D &uueu CO~ .... tor z pianos. ~urlitt Betty Chap- the list of hospitals sponsored by man, MarJorie I~wler, Helen Miller, the Auxiliary--and everyone should Lois Jackel; Japanese Sunsetl I)ep- feel it not a duty to buy these poppies--but a privilege. The Peppy says-- BUY ME---I stand far service. I enabled one cent to roe earned by a disheartened service man in the ~ospital, who needed it, and all you pay for me goes for service for those fqr whom the war is not yet over. Bhy Me! pen, Natalie Lawler; Songs, (a) Sylvia, Speaks, (b) You in a Gon- , dola, Conninpby-Clarke, Alice Col- lin~; To the Rising Sun, TorJeesen, Della Norris; March Militaire, 2 plano~, Schuroert, Reginald Miller, Maxlne Welter, Zilda Baker, Evelyn Jackel; HungarY, Koelling, Max~ne Welter; Invitation to the Dance, 2 { pianos, Weber, Della Norris and Mrs. WEAR ME----I represent the sac-lDe I~ Parelle. riflced blood of the men who fell in l~ Flanders Fields. I am a memorial] You can ascure a car for hire, to all who died In service. In rever-[with driver, by calling 905, Sorvi~ ence and understanding, Wear Me! [Garage. t$-- i GO~S, IMndy Sanders and Stanley A~her. " Mr. and Mrs. 01in Case drove to Presser to spend the week end with his Parents. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Raimey, of Wishram, were calling on Mr. and Mrs. Asher Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Jacroux, Eugene Jacroux and Mr, Eddie were Mary- hill visitors Sunday. f --_ Miss Beatrice Manchester, o Tne t~:l~, was married to Ben Scott in ~he Maryhill church Sunday at 12 O'clock. Roy. Chas. Bennett, an uncle of the bride, performed the core- n ony. ' s Mrs. Mattson, of Goldendale, spent Unday With her sister, Miss Wands rooks, i B Mr. Jordan held ~ervices in the aptiet church in Goldendale Sun- uay O Ing Mr. and Mrs. Chas. E. Bennett., Of L~hanon, Oregon, visited Mrs. ~ ~d,~, Sunday ~-d Monday. ..... ~eanett held preaching services in the ehur~ Sunday night II Qult~ a number of Maryhi men attended the Legion Smoker in Gold- endale MOnday night. Mr, and Mrs. Scott and family are staying ~>n the Rude place. Mr.