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May 27, 1948     The Goldendale Sentinel
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May 27, 1948

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AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. ~-:~ May 27, 1948 THE GOLDENDALE SENTINEL--Goldendale, Washington Page Five " ] " " " i s PROGRESS WATCHED Wh:tmore 1Father Of Local Asparagus Is o Maryhdl News Paul Adkmson o Klick tat Ht. ame. Commi~si.oner Vir, gD ...... iv ~,~/ W~ ---.~ -- !~ennmgton el waua waua nan " -- , , . . . ~ ]~,*- ]R~_qllp.nt JJaRRP-S II/,,!!,,,tA,~ T^ i Mrs Blanche Asher I|S ~,l'losen tar Mrs. v. Cochenomr ibeen watching with mterest the ~,,,,xa A%~.~,~ ............... vv ~;11 ~t,UL~;IA 1/3 ' " -------'--" I,~ o ,.. : _ ,.~ . ---'------- [ progress of the farmer-sportsmen t ~ [ Mr Reed'~ mother returned to il4[n.ara" .~t'~i'~*l-IPll'% A baby daughter was born to relations council. Bennington nan PO~~1~ M~~JFuneralrites were heldin ][_][~ ]~.,.,,,,~,~~ I~.~'~..~ ;..~T .... ~Or~,~ ..... Id~ LnvJr~ ,.w,.~,.~., ~a-l~ Mr. and Mrs. Foster Morgan at expressed the need for work to- --" "-~" ..... " -- *"'~''l %.1111~; llIK;q~;;/.dlll x~:L ~Ju.~,: ~-~ ...,,.:,v, .,.~.,v,~o, ...- __ . . traore ~has been nom-iPrtland.Mnda~rJrrFP~rr~eE" S the after a few days visit witht Citizens of Ever'~reen Bo-s' the White Salmon hosp~tat early :Jdsbreinglc~go:ehte ~a~mt~randtt~ t , ,dacKson, iamer . - -9----- ' . s y Auesaay me nmg. p g . he Blckleton country s ,.., ,f thiscit-who nassed t her son and family. ' rainin re- . not such a reat roblem he has fo , ...... ~, .- . . State, leadershap t g P Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Conkhn went g .P , r Khck~tat county , " me in Frozen asparagus is gong to be ~ 1 " " r i ha c rodeooueen and her Iaway suddenly at his he a labor-savin~ menu favorite next t Mr. and Mrs. Ray Br, ck were l gram of The Amerman Legion to Goldendale on busmess Whm's- asse ted, but ;s one tt ould 1" received a bi~ boostlrr~mnd' way iv. fall As the ~arietv of any fruit{guests at the Blanehard ranch]will witness a rodeo on Sunday, day. De oyercomeDy Defter under- r benefit dance held in 1 The deceased was 74 years of or vegetable will'influence thetlast Thursday. i June 20th at 1:30 p. m. which will Those from the Heights who at- s[an:Rng ann a program o~ eau- last Saturday night !age and had resin eel m ~or,~.lana i quality of frozen foods be sure Mr. and Mrs Montague went %o !be second only .to the Ellensburg tended the Field Day at Lyle last ~"~" .... ace was well attended mr man.y years umer relauves, !to consider this in doing your The Dalles Thursdav evening, tLabor Da- Rodeo in brilliance [Friday were Mr. and Mrs. Ronald ~- ] '~S cleared on the dance ~n.add~in~toM~oFent~vin:ne a ifreez!ng. You will find suitable George Riggs wi(h his school-it was announced by Command: Bxdeout, Mrs=,.Loyd B.utler, Mrs. I t'VE' ' A Dr" I dr, for which the food ,~,,us-~=-, ,,-o. ~ - ', /varieties listed in ~ne l~xtenslonl.,~,~o ~,.,~ ~ ~,,.o oohNqwent ,~. ~:_ ~_:.~..~ ....... ~ ~... ~^..~l~oney, ~v~rs. t~lmmlyo~l, ann ~.- i I-/I~ /A.~a~ I ted l oromer, Jxoiand JacKson, anu a I bulletin "Freezing Farm Prod-i ......... ........ "~. ........... ~... o,[~ ~,~msc.~a--,c ............ I ma and Daniel Cochenour. &,d A, &.d ~i.~,A'-'~,l,l,i, dl I ._]" t sister, Mrs. Pearl Pfeiffer, all of ucts." For asparagus, Martha]to Bend last Friday where they ]American Legmn post. [ Shirley Monteomery, of Port- I -. I " " he Roe~ ~Jarc~ens ~ -- .- 'n" On- a IIl[Prtland" ..... ned iIWashmgtn ....... and Mary. Washlng-i i I wslted t. g " J~andPaUlMrs.AdkmSnpaul Adkmson.Jr" SOnofOfGoMr.j land,ll . is. spendingy, th~s week w,th Your_ , I | I Your W y Mr. and Mrs Fenton returton are best. Also mcluded s n- Mr and Mrs Gear e Gunkel ' . ld- Mrs Bill Conre to Goldendale Monday mgn~ a~- ~ormauon on ~ype o~ conmmers and ,, and Mrs D Gunkel attended the ndale and o ular GoldendaleMr. Mrs. Vern Cochenour i !iii ii:!iii .i '*,i ,aCO itatlon car enter to fix u some of the - " " " ' " . Larryand aester, spent Sunday k? ............ in P P . Select products in the best con- Goldendale, visited Mr. and Mrs. Boys, 15 to 18, of high moral., ~r.~.., r,,,,.~ ...... ,, evaluation of I "" ~I~V~bN~U_~ I]odd jobs you've been neglectmg, idition for freezing As in canning,!i C Robison Sunday afternoon ]character, good clean sportsman-]~Mr~*~re~:~an~ecrge Hartwig, sight I 'R~t~iR:: ~Z I~i!bS~i!~i~fma~'~n~tdde~e'd~i~P~ ~hherPre~d~;sf~fS~sm~a~gqi~ef~u~ilteY~" fam~!yofndeMda;n~e~lgnchta:;at~id ~B~!ist'Ys?ad t~i:~Y~il;e~oegdemdSii! n;A:P~%t~'v~sl~tnedh:ttheM%%~:; I I I I P-- " P--- lure handled at a time .... "] J " , I vioion i Are Clean I now. Make your house the nicestI ~ ...... .... n,~,,~,~o~ ~hr~n lhop Sunday eveningIt he development of leadership as/ .......... , ,~,,~ [] I looking house on the street t Dan Wed wood s ent the well as good cRlzenshlp Here ' " heit or below. Stack and store atIg P ' . [] See him with I zero degrees Check to see that!weekend in The balled, young citizens learn to under- w,.,~ ~,,.,~;,~, ~.,n ei~,~, ~; ..... [] ,,,,,;,~ .... I ~J the storage temperature doesntl Mr and Mrs Jake Beeks old-,stand how a commonwealth {fees in the ~tate of Washington I I I!fluctuate" filed Mr. and Mrs. Bob Short one !works, to inspect and ac0ept our tare set by the State Legslat=e, [] DR, F. EREmHTON I ~, ~/~|~i$~|llll~~ I Procedure for freezing each in-lafternoon last week. Iframework of government, ap-]which meets every two years, it OPTOMETRIST I ~~~~IIIdividual fruit and vegetable, and I Mrs. Barrett s grandd~a~ghter ~nreciate the American heritage lid pointed ..... out by the state game Bi~e~, Wa~ | I meat can be found in the Exten- " d ~nd _~,nnort ~ merican wav commlssmn. Fees were rmsed by In ~,~ld~nd~le ev~'v Thm,~. I " " " rm and husband, of Seattle, armve_, ..... ==___ th_ A ~ . . ,_ ._ Islon Bulletin Freezmg Fa I ......... .... ,^.~ _ :_:, i_, ~^:_.. ,~.;... tthe 1947 legislature, with the ad- day at Tva~$ Je~ [ .... ~ " -~" Iltension office ]. Wm. WeltzmA of Chffs, ffls!ted] Boys' State functions through!available to the game department ~ l I Mr and lvlrs l~lancnara ~unday r lCl allen of o _ One of the newest containers is ~. ' . . ., " ithe objective pa t" "p ' to begin a program of devel ping ~ It. G. RICHES I the glass freezer ~ar in p n . . ,, tyouth m repres g - p .... " " Go s n " . , - mm~," 1 t and t~eorge s took care of ~ e entahve overn ubhe hunting and fishing areas ----- , I quart sizes. The contents are vim-{store anct postoffice Saturday ment organization Learning by The game commission recently ~,~,~ ~ ~ ible. so the label isnot ' always,while Mrs. Asher was in Golden- i doin~ is the secret to success of ] has been urged to study, the need ~ ~~ ~-~~ - ion the otner slde. l~asy ~o urea**, dale. ' ", are . ' ? ~'the jars can be used many times. I Mr and Mrs Ji-" ~; ..... n !the acttvlty..Text .,books .i , !but there is no authorlty for the ~ ~~l~J~ I~ ...~., .. .:.'~' Easy to fill, no shoulder to retard] Jim' "Howe went .... to Rock~SC~cck ] "~" 'provides explalnlngndtnes~a~:e.pracncal 1 cmmissinov to take action in any ~ .u.--~,~,~ ~w~ _]|~ ~~~[~~~ ::: removal of contents. Being slight- i ........ 1 operation of local a g - ]way regarding them. i~ ~~' " (" ~]~ -::" "" ly larger at the top the contents[na nsnmg.~mp ~unday. ~ . !erxLment; counselors and direct-] ~ iV I'" - ..,,~|~t |~ ~/////(/~/ ~ slip out easily Theymay be usedi Mr. and ~virs. Jack Cofneid~Drs have been chosen because ofI DOGS DESTROY DEER !~i~ v ~OR 1~v'- , -- I! fl|:::l.'~ L-'I~ ~u/ I ~'AAI~ *:" for home canning by sealing with were in Maryhill on business]~.~; ..... cess as -outh leaders ! ~ ~ii~.~ ~ _.~,,~ I ~~!~"~ ~ .~ wide mouth caps. A contamer with Monday evening ..... i"l l'~tures are delivered b,, I The need for effechve control ~!~ IL .~, ~~~'f I "~~':':im I $ ~ a double use. They would be very Mr. and Mrs. C H Knosher, of ~w~ ~i nc~d -overnment offieiJs of dogs in deer area is shown by !i~i "~~/f~'-- ~ d ~,~]r~ ~ ~ I~~ ~ *:" satisfactory for the freezing of Goldendale were "~,', x~" .... ~miexpere e .g ....... !a recent experience in Kitsap '" ~~ mw~ ~r~L.~ "~ ' ~-' "--,and recessional leachers wlmou~ ~ ~ .~~ ::.~ asparagus. Sunday ......... - P ........ i County, where a number.of fawn,s, ii~ ..... 4 " '~*; -" ..... Ime dogma o~ parusan pouucs, !have been Kinea oy %gild dogs, ~ , P~tr}~,v ~n g~TIIRn~t FOR SALE -- Portable washing ._.mrs. lanman and .sons, o~ militarism or propaganda. :it is pointed out by Game Pro- i~:-, The .ew BALL DOME {2-piece ...................... machine with wringer Phone wlsnram, called on lvlrs. ~oo, A wide variety of recreational tector Walter C. Bush. t~om qogs i' metnl) LI~ is eosies~ lo use n.d ~n doin- .ou Holida. shonnina see 4,7. Mrs. Glenn Webber. 221 Short Monday afternoon . l events is planned for each after-and cats nave been lez~ abandon- ~ ,urest to seal. Kit, o.y Mesa. j ..... ":~ ~ r~ ~..o , ~r ~ ~: mr. ann ~vlrs. Jim Riggs and'~noon with baseball and swim- ed in certain area sand pave be- ~:ior. Totestseol ~ ~'~ var,e~y o~ ryers, ;mc ens, Hams M,:s Asher were in Goldendale ruing in the Eltensburg municipal ~.%m%pr~eam~S'anmee P~:Ski~l~ L press dome--lf ,.~~,~.. ~aturday Iorenoon ]pool attracting a ma'orit] y of the ,, . ,, *, . ~ down, ior is ," nd Lunch Meat Assortments ~ ~ Mrs Woods s---" ~''- weekend by wild housecats each year is i seoledl t~~~.~.~ ~ IL-~'-iK(~II ~-f'~ll . .~. - . pen~ rue ]boys. ~remendous, game repartment fig- k g~l:~ /-~.. '_ ~1;I l l ~'~ 11 ~ , 1~ --,~ ,~Jk~ IAI~ dJi~ in ~olflendale. I Two outstanding boys from the ures show. Game protectors reg- ~ ~:.~ 17f ;;'*~ 11-:1 ~ [ecI ~,,O1~ ~L,UKS ...... lb. ~UC U- ~ t/ %./ / Mrs. Jacroux, Alfred Jaeroux,!250 assembled will be selected to ularly warn against abandoning ~.kk~.e~Mna~.// ] ....... ~ Petra Speigle and Mr Gods were l.,,~.n ,~.~ AmericanLe,,ion'a of either dogs or cats in rural ~. -'-'-'~~.~ l-lOllClay uufing . . ,~,~-,~ [-.. b . in Mraryhlll Sunday. ~ .... ' F .... m on N-tional Govern- areas, for they become feral In ~ "~ -- ;-- ~ "~ Mr and Mrs r'l-ir Bickford .... ~ ~." ...... . . . their natural search for food and H 141 EAT ...... men~ on tne campus oI ~merlcan . ~ < Ih 1 ~ /~AD[ /vl J of Hoe~ ~; ...... ;~on M;~ T,~; ............... do great harm to the wlldhfe pop- BALI. ZINC ............ """ ,If~ s.w'~r)r'~c" ~.: .-. ~, ~.~, ................ umversny in wasnmgton, u. ~., ulation ..... n ~ wv~.L~o ivlcMonald bunday ~ar~ ona Style, A breakfast delicacy ~~/~ [ with all expenses paid. Hens ..... lb. Glenwood To Hear Besides The American Legion, many fraternal and civic organ: T,,, Forum Speaker izations are taking an active part is Pride Ham ...... lb. -____ in supporting this program. GLENWOOD (special)--An in- ' ..... or Swift's Premium Ceresting meeting is planned for Clean up--Paint ul>--Fix up-- Wednesday, June 2, when Nor- Always be proud to say, "There's .......... man S. Kunde, of the University the house I live in." ]Fr 5 ~i~l ~~ 1 of Washington forum, wili speak Keep it clean--Paint it bright i q ~ ~ at Glenwood high school on the !---that's what make a home just subject "The Family and Plan-right! i i : ----ned Recreation." Prof. Kunde is professor of physical education Ideal For Your Picnic Lunch ~ , . . for after one visit he wa~ at the university and his address as enihusiastic about RALPH'S should have a wide appeal. Ily Diff as she wasl The program will begin at Rea erent ~ eight o'clock and ra dessert pot- luck will follow the address. FROM TOP... July 31 to August 5th, inclusive, County Clerk and Mrs. John Miller were in The Dalles Tues- day afternoon and took delivery on their new Buick auto. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Yates, of !Glenwood, were Goldendal~ busi- ness visitors Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. W. F Hornibrook and Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hornibrook were in Seattle last Sunday to attend a piano recital given by Tally Hornibrook at the Cornish theatre. Wally was sponsored in the honorary solo recital by Un- ited Northwest Artists. Rubber Rings < hove been favorites for genera- ~, lions. They seal nil Mason jars. .~ Easy In usel It I Ham ........... lb. 89c and Fatless, Fine QualiW e ARRESTS The sheriff's office recorded the following arrests during the week: Cornelius James John- Negroe, picked up for drunk- Posted 10 dollars bail.. Dan B. Jones, of Portland, ticked up for drunkeness and recklessly, fined 50 dollars and costs, and had his driver's li- cense suspened for 300 days. Alex Purdy, of Moxee Cit7, posted 20 dollars bail for negh- gent driving, s l__ _..Pride ............. lb. 49c i Long Horn, Aged FRESH VEGETABLES See Us Today For The Following A-6 Combine Wheatland Plows Armstrong Bale Loader Calkins Rod Weeder J. A. Disc Harrow Vac Tractor, just in- SATURDAY ONLY ................. lb. 14c ............... lb. 15c ............... lb. 10c l~rduce Kept Garden Fresh In Our Completely New and Modern DEW-KRISP unit For Your Sunday Picnic Lunch LET'S ALL GO FISHING YAMHILL OUVES lb. 28c T. l Gould Water Pumps 21c Stock Tanks ... qt. jar Garden Hose BEAN; i i. No. 2 tin Firestone Tires For Tractor - Truck - Car RELISH ...... pt. i~ 21 ~ Electric and Acetylene Welding @ 1882 Free Delivery EQUIPMENT COMPANY J. I. Case Sales and Service " Goldendale #~ ~ SHIRTS won't creep,bind, or bunch. Made of 100% combed cot- ton to wear longer, wash ia a flash! TO BOTTOM MI.~c O~ BOTTOMS with full elastic waistband. No buttons to break, no ironing. 100% full combed cotton. ~xclusive Cantilever Support lifts gendy--won't chafe. lfealthl n# SHIRTS " SHORTS " DRAWERS UNION SUITS UTILITY SHIRTS Ben F. Bush Co. Goldendale, Wash. These Flavors NOW AVAILABLE Cocoan ut-Pineapple Pecan Chocolate Chip English Toffee Black Raspberry Chocolate Chocolate Ribbon Maple Nut Tutti Fruitti Vanilla Strawberry --Special This Week-- BANANA NUT ICE CREAM CLOSED ALL DAY MONDAY MEMORIAL DAY ORIGINATORS OF R.ELIANCE IC CREAM AND BUTTER. Don't Hang To Your Old Frame Throw Woodwork Away-- Ke~p Machine Head Bring your machine head to e~ shop, where It will be made lntl I modern Portable Bectrk MAKE ONE TRIP ONLY WlU.I ' R[ IR 1109 Uned. Ave, -- YtdRm~ II Hill, ~e,i, eee,t, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~ee~e~ I FOR A PERFECT VACATION i J~ MAKE AN EARLY RESERVATION AT Benbow Lakes Resort On Lake Tanwax Where else can you vacation just 1 hour from Mr. Rainier . . . Large Cities . . . Puget Sound . in "THE BEAUTY SPOT OF THE WEST" Cabins - Lodge - Horses - Boats - Swimming - Fishing GOOD FOOD For Weekly Rates WRITE AL WELLMAN or PH. EATONVILLE, 6612 Kapowsin, Wash. AT THE FOOT OF MT. RA~ G )! i: !