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May 27, 1948     The Goldendale Sentinel
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May 27, 1948

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USE SUBJECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. Page Twelve THE GOLDENDALE SENTINEL--Goldendale, Washington Thursday, May Shifting Of Population In U. S. Shown By Government Figures 1 The traditional restlessness of Job opportunities are usually! the American people, dating back the mainspring of migration, and to the earliest colonists along the the war and subsequent recon- Atlantic seaboard and their suc- version period with their far- cessors who moved westward to !reaching effect on industrial pro- national convention. settle and build up the nation, duction and location of new[ The democratic party in Ore- manifested itself as never before:plants accentuated this influence. !don has declared for free silver in the seven-year period, 1940- 47, according to Government studies. Figures just made public by the Bureau of the Census show that 70 million Americans, the equiva- lent of around half the popula- tion, moved about in this period and lived in a defferent house in However, there were other mi- gration factors as well, including the large number of wives who moved about the country to be near their husbands in the armed forces, the many veterans who couldn't "stay put" in their origi- nal environment after demobili- zation, and the housing shortage i by a vote of about 2 to 1. i Merchant S. Walters, our new- ly elected Mayor, was serenaded i by "the boys" Tuesday evening. i Attorneys Brooks and Spalding i were visitors in the East end of the county last week on legal business. The Carey faction defeated the .,,, ," Moth Contro! ITbese preparations are not effect-ltheir container with I)DT. avvm s ... The Past...... live in controlling insects that stay I And while the spray ~ ~f W. Y. BYARS Im ./ 1 I"~* out of the air. That includes moth spray window and door lVlel:noa t=lven larvae, of course [action, it's also a good APRIL 13, 1896 Imediate]y left for Granddalles,I ...... ~ _ [ DDT spraying is useful for pro- porches, the garbage Shearing .of sheep has been near which place the wheels are lit's tna~ txme at me year wnen tect'n- c nthp~ hnnMn# in eln~t~ other spots where hous fixed at 6 cts. in this county. Ilocated. They re.turned Sunday'-- . ~ ....... ~ ' 1 o 1 ............ . ........ Oregon republicans send four ', evening, no trouble being feared !the ~arvae oi clcmese morns ge~ while the more familiar moth[soon be showing up. In silver and four gold men to the',fDr the present, all set to make a meal of woolens, flakes or crystals are advised for en a thorough spraying But moth larvae can be perman- :clothes stored in tight bags, trunks Tuesday morning William Per- ',kins Woods departed this life, t i or other containers where a fum- I being nearly four score and ten i igating effect is desired. Added i protection may be given to stored clothes by spraying them and ently cured of their appetite for wool. A little DDT applied in the years of age. They came tG Gold- right places will turn the trick. endale about seven years ago. And it'll get rid of egg-laying Eight years ago the deceased re-moths Dn the wing as well as '.ceived a severe injury by a barn their wool-eating offspring. i door falling upon 'him which A DDT-oil spray, according to caused paralysis, from which he: i partially recovered, but 'the recommendations from David itrouble returned last Saturday Brannon, WSC's extension ento- !and the end was hastened. Mr. mologist, is probably the home- baseboards and storage tied for the occasion, of will help kayo cockroacheS most other food pests that come visiting. AMAZINGLY LOW 1947 than they did in 1940. Ofm so many parts of the country. Simmon-Oregonian faction, Fri-iWoods was born August 7, 1807, lmaker's best weapon against both OPERATING COST this group, an estimated 25 rail-1 Relative to the population, the day, at Portland and nominated!at Hollis, N. H. He married Mary clothes moths and carpet beetles. lion were classed as migrants be-number of migrants in the 1940- their candidate for judge and i Wright, .at Lowell, Mass., on Aug. As for the DDT-oil spray, the cause they changed counties 47 period was more than half as district attorney by one majority.115, 1839. There were born three 5 per cent solution is the one to within a state or moved from one great again as in the prewar 1935- The republican state conven- Igirls and one son, G. W. Woods. get. I~ can be sprayed lightly on state to another. Except for a 140 period. . . ,Lion in Oregon did the right ;The daugh.ters,have all d!ed and wool clothes without in~urin,' the special classification, members of! From a geographical poin~ o_z thing when they seated an equal mere surwvesmsocompamon ann fabr~ ,r, ...... ~ ,,~ ,r,~ ~,,1,~,,~,,, the armed forces are excluded !view, the West was the principal number from each of the striving lan amy son. Tne mneral serwces "~; .......... ~ ~-;'- o ........ Wartime Influence" ~gainer, showing a net increase of factions in Multnomah county. Iwere 'held at the M. E. enurch :may snow up in wnmsn traces on ~,2,000,000 in population from mi- Mr. Davies says the price of Wednesday. clark clothing, but these can be I~ gration. The South, on the other nails has been advanced about i Mr. R. Lauterbach of Lauter- ~Lremoved by brushing or dry clean I I hand, showed a net loss of 1,500,- 25 cents per keg, ash result of bach Bros., merchants and milliing. The residue, of course, is im- HEATER [ ,,~ ,-q ~ ,,~ m m 1000 persons. The Census Bureau the recent steel billet pool. t men of White Salmon, returned iportant for continuous control. _.~ I ~ U ~ I U l~ I study found that the rnaiority of John Michell, of The Dalles, home this morning after a short t Aerosel bombs or space sprays migrams irom me ~outn were is the nominee of me repumicans:business zrip in mis section. ~tell~nv~ rm rP~id,;, ~n t~U] ~,~1. II ,.~R ,~A ,_,| .I ,N~ ~.. I,IwhiteSthatforratherthe countrythan nonwhiteS,as a wholeand, Gilliam, tfr joint ShermanSenatr frOmand W ascO,crook t nerymen!has~ taken forrders30,000amonghsh' theboxes I'can-I ~;~,;',~-~..j._e, -:'=~"~:'-~-'~-~'~=':"~'~";'~...o~,o ,,- ,--,-~ ~"'~"~"" ' ,~, S{I|NTIF|C ~-WAY IN$1JIATI-'OII there was little different between;counties principally with Messrs Seufert, l~ I with Ilmigration rates of whites and S Waters was elected Mayor Taffe, and Herrick. This ~looks ticket we thought was right, anti- :!~): KEEPS THE HEAT IN THE WATIII I .......... llnonwhites though the latter!of Goldendale and D Solas Co-Ivery much like these gentlemenllicense, and we are not a~hamed , n Mr of it All the newl elected ofh l Ann Ar~or wlre r~cKupI moved longer distances. I~,~ ;o ^n ~e wa" ~'the mavor-'intend to catch some salmo . I " ", Y. "- ~ You lllike thelow electric bills rcsul~ I Baler a dn Tractor " I Some Highlighls la'~"/of"Po~tland~In the distance Lauterbach informed a reportericers Know our position on this: I ................ I] Some of the other highlinghts i we~see the li~]ats of tl~e New i,that the company has on hand question and are men enough to '~'~1~1 frOmFowler,s efficicncyis ncarFWler s efficient performa~C~,~fect I xlt ifJn~ Pr~ I from the Census Bureau migra-!Jerusalem__Arfington Record. for eastern shipment a half mil-}Lhink none the less of us for it. -~:. 100~o t-'that I ........ ~' ..... I tion study are: .... t Goldencfale, hitherto a dry lion feet of white pine lumber of !~.ven ~ me wnole ~own snoula :::=~ _~--~} with scientific, exclusive insulation 't ' Mi ration and aura seem zo " " ~ r vote mr a saloon we WOUlCt Still I Write or Call I~ g ., ..Y ...... [town elected a hcence hcketlthe Mr. Adams varmty, a ve y .......... :~ ----~_i works 3 ways. Here's hoW~.~ , ........ v.... , ~otoe[emerwith~nemgnest;~.~, ~.~,, ~,~~,~ft,~ thoif~np ~rnrto nf nnct u Pc] r fin ieonsmer IL as it is, a aamnable ~, , . .... _ w_ _ _s__ fo - ~ .~i ~ keeps the maximum heat I rt ! rl I rates f~ound amon.g the,r i~tl.u~g s*'~ores=~il~'not'~ave'a~*mo'n[, is~mE--~ma~erial.~ __ Friday's i curse. ! rarKer Bros. I t.we~% ~na~teea~Yth~n~mSndan_',opoly in the "wet good" sold in Chronicle. . ..... ~ ::~ N J~ thewater: ! l i me me s v ilhat city.--Vancouver Independ-, The Goldenaam rempnone ~o. ;'i[~ ~i ~..~ 1. Sealed dead air spac~ aro~i~ I o....4...,~ ~. D~ ,) ~.~.. o,r l age groups. . !~.~ !submitted toda7 ~through TheI~ ---~~~-,.. /~ ~- ~,~r~ tank provides continual w~ I u~e~m, ut., hi. ~, m~. o~ I The migration rate for veterans i=-~- - -- IDalles Commercial Club a nrono I[%1=-~1--- ---~---:._-- -~'I1 I Phones 5372 or 4912 I118 vears and over was about one- The 77th anniversary oI me ~ .......... r ~.." n ~F--~------~ ~-~-"~r-..~n "~'~:'): ~-i ~'_/'] jb air blanket. _ , ,,- .'. } ....... l inst"-q~n of Odd Fellowshi'~ in slnon to me people o ~ms mty Ilfl-= = -- ~ ~l ~ ~ ~ 'r~" ~ ~ ~, Polished aluminum refl.~_~_~~ I I/naiL greater man ior nonvemrans,~. ,~ u ....... ~, - :'for *he buildin~ of a line from ~ -_~ -- =- li, or see If and they moved longer distances ,America win De duty celeDratect .~ .: ... ;~..-. "1 - - '""=J .... ' -=~_~i [~---] ~.~ J~ ja~kett:l~flects heat rays i Ed Abeli;?~ldendale Ilon the-average as well. Onlyi[n Goldentdl~eler bYllAwli~thus ~edga~;C~~naent~ew~i~h~?t~e %aonn~]Soge~e It~ I -- 'about 3 ou~ oI every lu ve~e:ans on Saturday eve fert system. We are only ,asked to Ibt -., LY it, b I $. Thick, cellular fibre bla.n.ket ~ ~. ...... ..~ .... ..~._. ...... ~ .........................,i..I,.aeae~..,~,.l.i.'.~l ...... ~,_ -"isubscribe $25000 half payableIr~~.~P~ ~~1~ /~ sagproof, fireproof add~nO~'*" .~' A number of people of Arhng- . t I~J tain'Cmpletmn and there ought no to ~I TOUCH TIST , ~ . -. ~3or~s dan r i beoaunYt diof:lseuelty2n :l~f:c~l.nTgh~sha~ ' Gtve touch.- test to Fowler scold,. ~j~, '.,ta~ 20 YEARS OP ~l ~ | ~1 II i Ii 1~ ~W I 1.11 ~,iThe ~a~. ............. music the time to strike; the iron is hot; __ ._=__-_-~-'--~ " exterior m any users name , " . l~ l~l.~lm- ~. renuerea some exce~e.~ i ..... --.a sign of efficient insulation. SERVICE ~ill ~lt~ll I~L#r ~ ..... "~!~,~ ~h ...... mh~ ~n~ian was iWe have right now the hvehest ~ Ct " 17," "'t~ :'~ .' .*-7 .V_~_-T_:_, "he httle,--or---blg town in the Pacific ~ ~-"~- A Fowler brings trouble-free service for manY line cnrlszenlng oi the oua~ ~- : ~: i1~11~ AI'%V I~AIVir~lt~ir~lDll~l'~l~ .~ ...... onGr of .the Ca%ain's Northwest, and we can m.ake ~t m lEE US FOR to come--with long-life "black heat" elements, $. l[~E.d'IklJl lllX~k %.,~./1~1~.,111.~11.~ .~ i~ora ~n n.. P ' ilivelier, better and bigger by the j. .~ ~ OlCtes~ daughter. , ........ YOUR resistant porcelain-lined tank, and adjustable eco~m__# __ r, , ~ i Sheriff F. B. Stimson was tel-g.UlCK use. o Just sucrl flpportum- ~:~''~"~'"~&& F ...... R temperature control. Every standard Fowler porcel#~ xcavarmg * I e-ranhed to late Saturday eve- hes as th~s one now olterect us~ ilJIMilIII~I~L IJIV/d~ water heater is backed by a 20-year prorated ~r~l~' ..... a,.~::?.:~,~ ~., Mr Winans at The we only need to touch the button $lSUllalrtg .]Dalles to come at once and help ~or nature ,has done the rest.--- ~[ _.- _L_'_ __ DI_*___I_ ~* ,~/'~,~ ..... t,~ l17,a,,/- "~'[nrotec't the fish wheels on this Mountaineer of Wednesday. Vl$11~Kli~J1 DImCI~ ~,, ~t,,o,t~, t;~,t; vr ~.,~ *'e fi.~ ~ ,~.....~ .... n~ ~ hnnd of" The babboon of the Agri when @ , $ i~[sUhermen'= l~a~l~'' a-r=rived----from l he says that we "sneered" in our ........ ,to I,~ All Tv es of Construction Astoria to destroy them. The ilast issue at any of the gentlemen ................ .,~t- ~. -"sheriff and Denutv Burgen im-electect las~ lvtonaay, ~s .a con- 10 DIFFERENT Cftr.f~R.~ ~: i~'~ I~l-~,~l-~a,~ ~i ~" " Itemptible sneak and liar, and he ......... ,~ it~;;~;|U,t.~O ~l ........ i knows it. We would not get out ............ ~ were nwn in the same nouse m _ " . g i the posters for the anti-license / I~ g~U "I'R/I~J~J~ . I~ w~a~ ~t~ n~ 1947 as in 1940. ~ticket, then ~hope to win favor ~. I'. ~J~ l12~kl~il~l~.~ lua'~ or aa~. Apprommately 2 out of every l " . " . .......... i with the new y elected officers by General Paint Store ~: OR LEAVE ORDERS AT ? peesons ~v~ng ~n ~ne tW?~o~~lfalsifying and "craw-fishing".as Phone 751 Goldendale GEORGE NICKERSON'S CIIEVRON STATION ~w-]ee'~as~ ta'ig~a'~'as~'t~aat''f-or "the i~ne h~n~emp~ee p(~puns~c~r ~l~ $,, :South or the North Central States" ...................... and three times that for the Northeastern States. More girls leave home between the ages of 18 and 24 than boys, partly because they marry at earlier ages. Education may have something to do with people's moving about. For each ~age group above 24 the educational level was higher among migrants than nonmi- grants. For both .males and females, professional and semiprofessional workers were the most mobile and tended to move longer dis- tances. CONSTRUCTION CO. General Goldendale L Contractors Wash. Goldendale H. S. AUD. 8:00 P. M. YOUTH FOR CHRIST FEATURING THE COURIER QUARTET Just returned from'a triumphant tour of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Spain, where they sang for thousands and were highly acclaimed. See Them . . . Hear Them This in a program EVERYONE will enjoy! If you "support or advocate the basic principles and tactics of communism as es- poused by Marx and Lenin;" or-- 0 If you think the price of feed is too high; or that Universal Military Training and the Draft lead to war; or-- If you ~hink Public Power and Reclamation should be extended; or that racial dis- crimination is undemocratic .... Then the Attorney-General (under the Mundt Bill, Sec. 13-a) can rule that you are working for a "communist front" and subject you to a $10,00.0 fine and 10 years' im- prisonment. This is NOT a "registration bill." United States of America. It aims to outlaw tho Communist Party of the No country where the Communist Party has been outlawed has retained democ- racy. Look at Greece, Spain, Portugal, Hitler's Germany... THIS BILL! SEND TELEGRAMS OR AIR-MAIL LETTERS TODAY --- TO YOUR SENATORS: SENATORS WARREN G. MAGNUSON and HARRY P. CAIN Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C. - [-] I wish full text of Mundt Bill (H. R. 5852) ~ Enclosed is contribution to help finance fight against the Mundt Bill ...." . I wish more information about the Communist Party, U. S. 2L .... ....... ' .... ' CLIP THIS COUPON AND MAIL TO: ~ommunlst Pm~, P. O. Box 832, Se~me 11, .Wash., or Phone MAIn 497"/ (Paid Adv~ent --- Placed by_ Washington ~tate Communist Party.) J