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May 27, 1948     The Goldendale Sentinel
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May 27, 1948

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DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED Page Sixteen THE GOLDENDALE SENTINEL---Goldendale, Washington May 27 ~. #"11 ....... .] l~T__.._ I[])___!_L.___L2__.-- A IITL _'L_~_ ! ..... ]his baseball nine from Mount 11}'.! I m _ dence is noticed the bait should for a copy of the bulletin ~lenWooQ l~eW6 l%.t~gl~Ea[IOll " g l~'[ll[e ~aln]Oll I Angel, Oregon, also attended the weevil Menace be applied, ing Strawberries in Was: ~ . lr%___L _A ...... _] ---------------- ~ Igame that night. ,qr,_ c~J__ __ L__ _ _'__ Most seed dealers handle one or, -- LuEllan Ward 19qrlve ~nnou[nceq Edna Tnpleti 1 Miss Adelle Daubenburg, of IO o[rawDerrles more brands of strawberry weevil I r-a=r~ ~._- .vua~,~e v, Jith -'-------- - -----'---. White Salmon, journeyed to Se- ~ ---------- bait It should be applied at the "~''" v .... @"'~"--" r The 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grades For Next Month Da d Cox, of Wh,te Salmon ........... : .............. .~ ................ T-I est appreciation fo__ motored to Husum Frida" to *,dr ~returned home from the Hood jatue las~ Tnursoay ~o V1Sll: ner It wilt soon De die to put an .aL= ~ ,.v ~..~.tu ~,,~ ,~c~c. ~.~ thoughfulness and exp tieipate in a track meet with Hu- .. ..... ~ o . !River hospital last week. Davidlgrandparen:s~ Theynwfl}_ accom; strawberryroot weevil bait, re- h~avitliY_mf~tuedd f~e:ds, three ap:[ of sympathy we.w]sh~ ~,,,~ ~h~] , ~ettlng me manta o: oune as I was in~ured while workina in the]~a''~ ""-" ~'~" ~'~'"~'uY ~u ,~ux,u minas ~. lvi. ~lUCKIemL counw P CaL UU~ ~U e maul, aOOUL[ everyone ior ~nelr Klll ~':::.,~Y".'~=;," ........ tthe official "Registration Month I. _^.:.J ......... ~ ....'.?...~ ~.~.lher high school graduation, extension agent 10 days apart. Home made baitl for the beautiful flowe] Will /-~l/Drll:~on an(1 Mrs. rte~a~for the State of Waghinaton aIwUUu~ ~wu ,,,u,,~,,~ ~su ,~,,~ ,,a~ ~. ~...~ ~z.~ ~ .... ,, .~. .... , ' ,~. ~. ........ ,~ ~......;..;.... ~ ~,. at the time of the uv Doll spent last week m Benton non partisan gathering of repre- Ibeen m the hospital smce then. I^~ .......... I The strawberry root weewl, he !~. ~^~=. ~...~ ^ .. ~. ........ :._ Galen B Faulconer We .......... t ~- ..... ,, I ~-- ~$ ...... + T ..... .~ _~.,~ +_,,, u~ For~lano, spent ~ne weeKen~ ~sa-s is destructive to strawberry, I ux ~u~xum ~uu ~C,~L~ Ur W~*~C( _:~,~ ,~- ~_:_~_^" ^o ( Harold Kuhnhausen celebrated laver the sta4e met in the See're- children, of Portland, spent last!~'. ' .... ) ...... ;~'" .2 ..... "'.~ .: .... )plantings in Klickitat county as " ~ ~. . ~ ...........--Mrs. Faulconer, Mrs, h~s mnth b~rthday Saturday after- I tary of State's office, last week, !week in White Salmon visiting l! Jnnsr~s parents, Mr. anct ~vtrs. well as throughout most. of the ground apple. . . , . Crane. and Mr. and, Mrs, ,~n~ to lay plans for th~s year s reg:s-.Mrs Leonard's narents, Mr. and Henry Johnson. statewhere strawberrms are ~al~ me ~ounty Agent s ofhcel Gerkmg and family. ..... q i tration drive ' ~" Mr and Mrs Bob Percy were - .................... i Mrs W F Bennett l . , o igrown The best hme to put on i r r~arr :wm~- a~ ........ ~v~r. anc~ ~w s. y ! A coal of 924 000 votes in thei , . /weeKend ws~ors at the name o:i+~ ~,oi+ i~ wh~, +~ ...... *. ..... ' .--~---~ ....... ~ ............. +"-.~ ~ .... Mr "~nd Mrs Jim Wh:tm-~ ........ I ............... ~ ........ s..o . Lcnucu ~, cu~t~cmc,,~ ,,,,:=~,,,s "' fall General Election was set up . ". ~ .. " . . ~ lVlrs. ~'ercys granctparems, :wr.~+~ +~,~ ~,,~+ ....... il .nil hofnr~ ~ ~$~]~ Okanogan last week, tby the group steermg committee;mve~nt tnmr new no e St,and Mrs. E. M. Peck, of Whitelthe larvae h-s a chance to l.v /.~_.~-~ SJD' ~~1, ##k#nDtMl~ Miss Dorothy Lucas had thetwhkh named Kenneth Gilbert ~weeK. xne:r new resmence :s to- ~.]~. Tho P~rP~'~r~ ]]v]no'l. - m.- , ..." .---- ~l~ ~" "* . ~#~aa. ~ ~ma.l~ .~ ~l~,al~ir , " " ~ ve 1 kin ) lner eggs There :s no saus:ac~o:y misfortune to cut her leg at school supermtendent of electrons, as cated on the bluff o r-oo g in Portland at the ~resent time " ....... Thursday She was )aken to theldirector of the registration cam-ithe Columbia Gorge a short diS-!but are moving to Seattle in the con~ro~ .:or ~ne :arvae THAT W~U. ~A~E YOU WORK~ doctor to have a stitch taken in(paign. Tom Potwin, representing tance from the city -e~- " ..... ~.~_~ ~.. il~ _~- na~cnes :ram me egg, and wmcn +h ........ ~ !the Republican party was named The seventh and eighth ~rade)~,~.r ~,~,~u~c-w~,Lc~ o uy, w .cum-ldoes the most damage to straw- a,l#'t ~ll?'raNI 'r~ ~DgAifl &l#%ID~'~&I#&Ig~.| ............ ~vice chairman ~ ~" ~ IPlete hiS scnoollng a~ ~ne umver-, ~-er--- -1~-'- m~v ~..v~J ~v #J~.,-~ ; ,~v .~v~.,~m.w. Mr and Mrs Osier Ladigesl - I students of the White Salmon ~.:+.. ..v ~r~.~...~+^.. u ry p a~s. droveto Portland Saturday to! The g o. al :f reached will set a IiGrande School held a party ml~, ~,~:]+,~,~ ,~ w~:+,~ ~.~ .... I The adult weevil changes from ~h~Mg~ $:~gY' ~ ~ M~IU~ # -inewVOilna recorc[ Ior lne s.a~e ,-- .. .... . ... . ~ ........ .v.., _. ,....~ ~ ........ ,,.~ , . . , ~ .....-,.,...., ,..-...-- ,-....-i .,r.,.,.--. rnnveMr and Mrs Kenneth~m- . p %~/the rllgrt ~cnoo! gym Tnursaayl.....___.~ . ~r ........ ~.^.~.~..~tLne pupal stage in late ivtay or ....... ' "" :ne vote two years a~o wa aua , . i,~,,~-wu . v~,,~uuv~, a,o~v,~a~ ....... .-..._ . . Sheridan's furniture to Glenwood 1704 and in 194( ~h- l~t nrosi(~' light' May 20, w~th parents of~ ~.~,,~,~ .... ~ +~; ...... ~. + .... ,~ ..... early June anct starts laymg her ~..:~..~.._~,. ~; Mr Sheridan is employed at J.)tial year was 86,5799~'~4h~--q24~.nn'o!the students as guests Dancing ~m.~ +.~+~+ ~w. ~;,+.~ /eggs about 10 days thereafter. ~'~ th :r~ ' was enjo ed b all w~th music While the weevils are :n the Neils and they will make e vo~e figure was bested on a regis- I " Y Y " 83 years of a~e is known to be~ ]) [ 'Jr ~ Iv e~ home in the Norman Troh house, tration goal of 1,255,000 on the furnished by the juke-box, the~oldest Mason in this vicinity /adult.stage' they feed at night on ~P$~]~hbn~,~..~ Mrs Sheridan will be remembered theory that past records shownor-I A delegation of fifty-six White] "/the strawberry foliage and hide ~ ~ .~[~,~,.l~..l ~~i~1,'"---~ as Freda Ladi~es .mally 80 percent of the state s I Salmonites turned out with the l :about the plants under clods and .~'~.'~"~--~ .... ..... --...~ ",~,~,~,~a.~_ .. ~-. ..... ~ +ha)registered ........ voters cast their ballots !Columbia High School baseball t Let's all clean up--Palter up-- dead" leaves during the day You M__ I]_.;l~ EE SHORTS...--~=-Y/-,~SHIRTS m a pres~dentml electron yea:" 1 c : "/~" Grange Hall Friday evening in "" I team for the Portland-Sacramento~F:x up in and around our homes an f nd evidences of them by honor of Laurence Bothwell's Representatives were present lzame a Vaughn Street Thursday for heal.thier, happier, more carefully searching the soil around BEN F, BUSH CO. from bothmajor partms,all ini~ht Coach Verdel Ragsdale and gracious living! the plants As soon as this evi- brother and wife from Portland u ..... gro ps of labor, the chamber of l Bible study hour will be held at the M. K. Hathaway home Sun- day evening, May 30. Everyone is invited to attend.. The Campaign is on--Clean up --Paint up--Fix up now! commerce, education groups, tem- perance groups, veterans and service organizations ,HI A beautiful home is a more pleasant place in which to live-- Ifix up now! l m m . We will take care of all Apple and Pear Trees in Goldendale. One cover on Fri- m m m day, 28th, or Saturday, 29th, and another 3 weeks later. Call all orders for work to High School on Thursday, May 27th or before. J m Large Trees ................ $1.00 Season Medium Sized Trees ..... 75 Season Nm Made by Sanitary Refrigeration Company, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin Makers of Refrigerators for over 40 years In the home freezer business since 1939 With These Advantages I " . I~ 1. Refrigerator, Quick-Freeze, and Home Freezer, ~ ~ ~ -~~.~: .- ~ (~ : ~- with individual temperature controls, all in one beautiful cabinet. 2. Refrigerator has ample space for the average fam- ily. (Equivalent to 6 cubic feet.) .~, " 3. Home Freezer compartment of S~ cubic feet. ~.**~~r~~~ ~1 4. Quick-Freeze compartment enables you to seal-in ~..~ :t~t the fresh flavor of foods of all kinds. Quick- Freezing is the best and most modern method of food preservation. ~ ~~"~]~~~'~'~ 5. Only ONE refrigeration unit for economical opera- tion. 6. Sealed Copeland unit.., with 5-year guarantee of trouble-free service. 7. Beautiful, gleaming white cabinet, with smooth, easy-to-clean finish. 8. Doors open out, permitting more shelf space in your kitchen. QUICFRFZ meets ALL your home refrigeration and food freezing requirements... IN A SINGLE uNIT. Nothing else to buy. Priced at only Compare . . . and you'll choose QUICFREZ "BELIEVE IT OR NOT----- I WAS JUST HUNTING FOR A LIGHT SWITCH ./" Don't give your home a black eye by installing cheap, inadequate wiring. A well- wired home maintains its value longer, and serves you better. 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