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June 11, 1925     The Goldendale Sentinel
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June 11, 1925

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INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. JECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. scum 11, 1925. THE GOLDRNDAI. SBN'rIN] L,.-Tm BOMR PaGm cwJ do ,..e odoe... on. b..n-- ,,., O III .NIIP_II l as high as $60.00 a volumue, on the|and pleasure trip returning Satur- Vancouver Wash, Sunday, where " qSM, d I~mJ Linotype. [day. she visited at the home of her moth- ) The first Linotype designed had[ Sunday school at 9"30 a m and or. , | ." ~ ". . __. I sition in a machine shop. Their l " P y I Supplementing the announcement~ tain tile matrices. [s~ampe? on eac.n matrix. "l'nls waSlfriends here wish them all kinds of[during the evening Mrs. Dora t~e rea~ oeginnmg of the talnotype Robertson and Ned Towne won high ...... lof the purclmse of a new Model 14 2. The keyboard and its related] . .. Igood luck in ~he new home I .. . Outofltsvearsofex~encemthemakm of olme I[)L . - .......... las a commercial proposition t Iscore rotsKorvnaee and W C . _ ., .... r---- g gas , s~o[ype, wnicn was installed In The parts. I Whitelaw Reid ave the" Line | The smoker given by the Mud-l-o- . " _ .... " " l~e~andardC)IlCompanyhasdevelopedag~solincthat ~tlnel office the first of the week,[ 3. The casting mechanism. [- -- .g ...... "/ern Woodmen Saturday evening wasl.J_nn,stn were secon.o. .At x x..p.m, not on|y gives quick starting, speed and power, butalso ..... (ype ItS name, ann was me Ill'S[ [O the nostesses serve(l a (IelIClOU~ I_~el.ght .be.~-ell t o.pubhsh, for the 4. The dlstrlhuttng mechanism, fuse the machine in setting copy for aid success In every way. except in at-Iluneii. The guests were ~r. and s max,mumofMILEAaE ~r,.r,um~to.,~,. [~. e[l[ ot ln[eres[eo reaoers, some W'hen the Linotype was cm'l daily newsnaner---th,~ M,~,~ Vnrt~ q'~t. | tendance. Owing to the wrestling[ ~.0 ~, .... ,,.~ ,1 ~-...,,...~ ~- ~r~-r n.~ ~-~r~v l~ta appertaining to the machine, mercially introduced in 1886 itlbune .................[match between McEw, en andCreiganl'n'~'..'~"L~" ~.,~ ~. ~v.~.~, ~,. .~. --.~ .~.-....~..,v.~.-, _. . ~y have watched the machine inl ~av.l.q,~.i~,~ ...~.~.~ .... a o~U.~. | " i~..~ .... ~.~ ..~ ~..~.~ ~.....~....... [a a rare. w u Jonn~on,, mrs L~ra ine1~#t.r~m~vl##alst~#rm~justouttoaay--maees }}tile window during the past several ~d ~t on~ otr-~-e +~ +-'~,,~veo -'~ i" [ ype m ta a mechanig~iI ............. IRobertsou, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Rain- Increa-~|ng your summer ml|eage and cutting down gas-- ~ " ~ "~ ~"~ ""~"' ~ "" "'mixture "if lea" tin a " "" la rumor wa~ clrculateu ~.nat the taetl .......... ~- , __ l~Ye~rs and marveled at the numer- ai~*M..t m.,~.~).l,. ~v,~ It ~.t~_i o u, nuantimony. [.., ,h .... i. ....... a..-~.^a ..~* ...A [ By, aL ]aompeon, ~v. ann mrs. u.ollnecost$ as slmplcal a-D.C. I~0US movements- and a -ood man-" ~ ""~"~.'- "~"'""~ ........ Tf"'~. I Lead Is used as the bodybecause | .~ .... _,~.,,~, ,,~_ u..~ ..... . .... .'~. [ E. John and Mr. and Mre. ChristealL You saw what record mileages the expert economy- . , s ~ a ueeo zne.. WhOle line as a. uni~ Ogler its low- melting po- Int. Tin pro- Ilots of lkllCKltat fOlKs went out Oil Mrs. ~." u." Yoder returne-u o"unday~- r.un- urlvers~ " - mane" m' [ne-~ xoscmlze'" "- r.~enomy~ r~unn _ l Lhave dropped rote the shop and so- compositionthus reducing the[ ...........................[town to spend the Sunday holiday I ............. ~ .............. [-eur ........ e,~...~t~.,, , .' ..... /ouct~ tou/~un~.~s, permits trio meta.t/ "] from ~ana ~oln[, taano, where silo l-low. I flese urlverg u~a l~.eo ~rown tile mlle- ~a more uemnea m ..........printer's tudor to an astonmnmg ue- I w Tim Older of the M~$tnomah Ath .... ' l~hile the new machine will not be as ] to f o " more smoothly and freely, / ................ [ visited the past 10 days , age ga~hne, and they know how to drwe to i,t the gree. a d a se t i lettc Clue, &rig E~GUIe JO~pn el ,ne , . ,, #, IProminentlv displayed as the other ........ ~ ................ I n Iso ryes o un te the other l~,n,o, ~ .................. i Mrs. W. F. Segraves, Mrs. C. gor- re)ledge that s In Red Crown. - ) .~ s.,-= ,-= ,,-~ ,~ -~o, ~v,,,,.~, two metals Antimon" -reduces the'~'" .~u., rortlanu, were rusaeu, ...... ;~ ........ , -.~e~ ~ ,, ~ , , ~ .~ |l~chine owing to lack of room it!of ~ut,~ma,i,.ollv o.a ~.~o,~,1~, ,~,.,~. | " ~' p [~_., .~^ ~., -., ..... :^ ...., ^_ _| taase, mrs. t~ U ~g~r an~ -pia~t ~o~- . ~, u ~rown ~s rumply ~ w~tn muea~e---we , , , ...... . ...,, ,.o~,,, ~ v-,, re ulred hardnes~ ,u ~t ~ ,~o~ mmute ~u vu~vu ~. |~rlll be located in the front of the ~ ........... | q " l . . . | k]ns went to The Dalies Prlday have put It m there--and, likethe economy-run drwers, |Workroom and all who are interest '~oucmogse~ an-~eY-:s~ti~?e~':a e]i~es b~' The mentpuqation of the Lino- [3LmInute w:rest ing..out.. F~n[evening to attend the concert given youc~getmore~ndmorem~eage.utofk[ I ' - p (1 ~ s eo yp ] t"~e ke-board differs fr--- .L_ __ /ha(l won a uecision In ~wo oouts inl ............... .~.^~.._,_ _ |tM are invited to call and see thisl used once and then melted down tel ~.~ ~ um tae oper-/o,..,~,,a o,~a ,t., .... .~....~.,~.~4..~.|oy ~nem. tbnu~Cott, ttt tuv uqsu HOW THE RED CROWN MILEAGE III!1 I '~_.hlne. The Model 14, Mergen-ibe used over again in the machine. ]qtutlrnsfpraac~Yc~P;lyrl:: phytsh=tl ietx~r~ / =ut~ It w~ s~re ;=d~";l;= ="Llsc~I W F .Shorts was in Port CARD A DD$ M ILlS ~a~er Lmotype is thelatest ma ~ I [ " " " -t Hovever, since the first Llnotype[.ion ...................... ling ther first fall in four minutes, t. _" ." ." _ _ " The Red Crown Mileage Card is thoroughly practicaL m @J~|n t uu tu~ cypt~wr~ter L~l~ oper- lan(I on DUSlUeSS, "t'uesaay. . - ILl e made by thL~ company, and composed the first newspaper, ex-/ ............ /and Joaephtaking thesecond Pall ~l ........... ~ [t tcil~ you lu~ what to do for your car--}ust how to i I'.~m~braces the product that -'ears of[ ........ lager s~rIKes the Key wIcn cons|nee-/ I Business men o[ Uolueno~tle Will , t e ~,e -~r~ ., . . " i" ~ I perimenms ann mecnanieal uepar~- ~ ............. 135 seconds At the end of 30 mln-[ .......... (Irlve---to get anywhere [rum 1} to ~v miles extra per . able force v,-nlle on the l~Inotype tne " p~ay a game of Iraseoau at J~a/l-., ~ s, - II ]~Pemence has made available t;ments and inventors, who are life[ ' lutes 5 minutes "~o-o were -,'~uted[ t4nkf~]from Red Crown Getyourmnkfilledw|th i qle " slightest touch on the key buttons .... o.- bridge Wednesday evening - ,, " II I:- wepaperdom the world over. V~el members of the Merganth~ler Line- ] ......... ]by the request of both men, and I .... " - - I RedCrown, ask for your RedCrown Mdeage Card II P lrlql .... ~ . lie eu[zlcient to release tne matrlcesl - I ~ Nee Towne returned Eros -- ~ .- - oe pleases ~o answer any ques m I. " " I type Company organization, nave ! ....... fOlder pinned Josonh for the winning I ..... " .......... i ana oegm gt~mg egt~ summer mueage ~aay--at the i |:~lO~s you may care to know" regard-!never ceased to work on the Lino-I[rm. ~ne magazl.n.e...use, quzcZ|faiI In fOur mlnut~ ann 44 seconds [ uulings, Men. t., where one v~mteoI first Red Crown Pump(red, white and bi~te)--at St an- itsoperation. The picture ty e. [tOUCh on a Key Will urine Gown a/q,~" ..... ,,l,, ,o,=~. h..,~.',~ r~,a u~L']the past weeK. J dard Oil Service Stations and dealera " | p- "mat x if the ke-I h l .......................................... Ill miOWn will give you a general idea , .~ ............. ...... , _,! , y s eo aown ~ne/ ......... I Mrs. ltay votaw rmltea in -pascoi |:l~ , .........................,~ ,v. a~,,~s~ y~,,y. ~.tput U~{matrices will continue to drop ~ntll[man ann t'eter uevIKee was tam anaI Sunday I J:ltaln" m~ln~'~=~.;"~"~..i;;~7t the nearJy txfty thousana M..not .y~s/the channel is empty. / furious, as the boys went in for I Mrs P J Simmons hns been visit-1 ~'4~ll~O~t, ==].~ - -.-o .... s ............. now in use were prated in xlne fuel .... I .... iblood Billy Winters of Vaneou-|. . "-" " ..... ~ ~. i l~'F'.~l~'-~laili~t i4~- ............. ' Wnle it seems ~ixe "tooting our[ " ling In _Portland t ne past week wltn~ l,~T@nl?2en[ Will ,nclufle Eli[BenI lln~ t-ou]d Bxtend around.t?e sun lhorn,,, we arB not so overly modeetlver' kept his reputation as one of[her parents. I ~[O1~I 31T-.-~~ v- ,zv~.. ...... ann.sick to agaln,, or Stiro omit stating that machines of|the,tp men in the profession, by l Mrs. Hart of Portland, is visiting] ~'-A~li~q~-JnT/ ..q / - u~esluea enaanng the ope~tor to ; WOUld reach to cue moon and nacx I this tv,,e are not as - ,,o,,~ *~,~,,~, |having Kid Winters practica~ly out ] o, +t,o i, .... ~. ....... ,o u.. ~.,,, I ~.J~'~lllll~'.x'ql~Av " i l!et type, the Lim.otype makes i~ pos-i more than two hundred times If ..... ~- ...... ~', _-_.~. .... . ...... |in the fourth round "Red" bl~rhin]T." --'~"~-.~" ".~" v ....... .... ] ~q~tl~jv I ---ffi .................. i ..u.u ,. tow~ eros small, or two orl " /~rs. uene wheaten. " I ~vl,.yr~,," _ S ,m~le for ntm to proouce cue rules, * [ne macnmes were place~ s~le Dy [ three times as lar-e The Sentinel/and G. Stoll also gave a good exhi- | Faltbrid ....... e '---ell ...... e" I II ~ I |/~iahee and borders which are ~asedi side, they would cover more than I has nd - ~ " $ ~" ..-/bitlon j. . .so men ~. ?u_, ~us~ u j IL,m~ ~m,~,..--..---- ~.-~ ~-- .,m~ A~ . ,. . , a expects to xeep aDece wltn " In organizing a goll elUD. ious advertisements of each is- o3 miles of space Together they the re uirements of the commu it Word was received Monday from i I t q n "/ I and .K.-,o rll111V 1111 i | I If by placing at the dispoeal of all /Frank Moore at The Dalles hoepital, ] Red in Portland Sunday. ] ~ ~ ~I~ItI~I~V II I .1 ~ ]local users of printing, a complete ithat his eye is improving nicely. | . i .. ~ _ , -. -- I/ ~ [mechanical equipment of modern/ C.L. Fleldand'famllyarev/s/ting] HA~[sAND J ~l~l~'~l~/~~~Ib~~ | I _ " ~ .:~ ....- _-_ [make, operated by skilled help, we [at the home of her brother, EarlI - " i 1,- ,~~Ma~-e'l--- lean give better service to them, we|Lash. They are from Grlmdview. I James Powell went to The Dallesl ~0~~~ I / ~~.~11~~i~ lwin have accomplished our aim in[ Mra. winlams spent the week-mdlMonday to see a doctor, a8 he ha*l (~) I t " I _~/~" .~F "AI~ Imaking this addition to The Sentinel|in Goldendale, shopping Imd calMng/been sick for~ev~gldglq~. I | / | *'~ff'. " "J . _~lr~" Iffice- .]on friends. / Mr. lmd M~. Le~tor Omeg and l I / ] ~~ I / Simon Sabot is h~ving a new gar-tL~etha Ome~ returned from Portland[ram - =" " .II~BIB~ i I 1~ ~ [COUNTY CORRESPONDENCB|age built. G. R. M.ltehell is heip-IFrlday, after spending several da,sll | / ~ ~ -~-~.~" I! [ ling him. |there. II ,a _ _ I | _ " "~-" --' -~-~----- --- - ~i I (From Page One.) l Tom Golden spent the week-endl Mrs. Arthur Thompson, who w ll __ ...... ? -: .... I / _ ~ feel ~1 [ /in Goldeadale. Io~rated on for a~pendiciths at the[[[ With - ~ -_ Without I 1 ~I~.~,~--~~ ~[ [ The Coolidge family was over and | Mx. Sharp's con and daughter, of IGood Sanm.rltan hospital tn Port-~II F.-a.__ ~~ ~l~i Fenders I I ~~i] ~-- .- - I ]bad dinner at the August Kuhnhau-[Portland, came up S,~day. T~e[land two weeks ago, is much bettorl ~'~"" ~'- ~ = := I / ~ ~~l I {sea home, nexr Laurel, 8aturdaY. ldaughter rem&ined here, and Mrs.] and will soon ,be OUt of the ;hospital. ll ~8~[3,~0 - - -_ "- _ -"~ -" --'~. ~_- - ~5~F8.60 ! | ~ ~0M~l~mm~ii~7 I ~ | Peter Troh Is laid ~up w4th rheu-/Sharp returned with the non to help| Mrs. Roy Clark and ehtldren vte-|l ......... ~ - "~/~" Go]d__~_,_ [ / l~4~r'"~~ Imatimm in ht~ foot again. ]care for a sou tn Portland, who t, lited a few days l~t week at thel tvememmue~ ~i/l~L-~' ~m]m~e I / ~ '- "-- --- ~ - ~ I Harry Welienbrock IS quite iJl,/ill. I home of her mother, Mrs. M. Ryman, 11 ~ ~ [| -- -- .._ , - ~ ,~1~ [and was taken to Goldendale for[ Mrs. C. Bruillett of ~kane, is lln Goldendale. |[[ ' [I- {;i~~ [medical aid. Dr. Bonebrake Islvisiting her son, L. Jackson, andI A~bOut forty young folks gathe~ll DO YOU KNOW YOU PAY FOR A FORDSON " [ | ~ --o------ -.- = "= "~J~P'/ ~treating him. /family. She expects to remain d~r-|at the Sorensen home Tuesday night Ill WHETHER YOIT OVIrN ONE OR Nf~? II i Tressle Gerbing, who has been ailing the summer, land gave Miss E~unlce ~orens~n all ..... I I ~'- - " ; - ,/~;r~' J [ C.oldendaie sta~Ing with Mrs. Daisy I Mrs. L. Jackson and son motored | eurprise I~rty. "I~e evening wa~ I1 ............... I / "'-.= , -'- _ ~" ,_ =~b.-__ [Hause, has returned home, and at-/to Vancouver, nnd spent the week-]spent with muste and gttmes and all ---]fOU pay ~or !~ m extra [me ane moor reqmrm ~o ~o I | [~I; ;- - - - . , |tended the dance. |end with her mother, Mrs. M. E.| midnight. ]~veryone reported a fine/I your Farm Work without a FORDSON; pay for it in It ~~ I Next Saturday evening our regul-/Mrrisn" ~ [ time [i smaller acreage tilled,- " ~ / ~[]-~~ liar grange meeting takes place. The[ L. A. Woodburn spent the week-/ Mrs. James Powell received word[[[ m [and less thoroug.~111-, cultivated / ~~ I Pomona meeting will be held here|end in Portland. [ that her mother, M~. Davenport, I1 due to bad weather, tack of help and holidays,~-=, pay for it i i ,11~.~ . "~m " -_ t the coming Tuesday, June 16th. we/ Mr. West has the grader at work! had passed away ~;unday morning. I ~m extra t~e required for the htmdred and one jobs that ! / ~ -" - i hope to have a large attendance and {finishing Main street, which will bel It is not known yet where the fun- 1 8tt~ time from mode-" --~'~" .o~ for it in feed reoulred / ~k -- ]a good meeting. [a great Improvement, but ts rank-feral will be held. ~ ....... .v "-~_~_a~'." ...... ~'/~_~. the 1 [0 Keep mm umleeema]ry nomi0e]r o nOIt-prouulVe re'axe ' I . " I A 'baby glrl was boru to Mr. and ling hard luck for ba i ground, l Mr. and Ma'a. D. R. MoCoy, Don- I ............... I ~ [ Mrs. H. R. Murray Saturday night, ]The boys will have ,to locate their i aid McCoy end Jim Rudy went to I ~ cnro~nout the enttre year x0~ uo~ omy a xew i I~ .~ . ~-~'---~----- I June 7th. Mother and daughter]diamond elsewhere, iT be Dailce Monday. M~IN MacJorie I wt~kli' work. A FORI~ON is a portable power plant of our publication ~'or sucn could make it possible to prodace | ~ " I |are doing nicely. Dr Ze~xer of/ Mrs. Chapman of Waeco, Ore, ~McCoy, who had been" in the hos- 1 that mrs for ilmeif man~, times over. It costs more to work as advertisements newspaper~ four thousand books In one day. . " " "--'~ " |~,, '. .: IWhlte Salmon, was called. Mrs. M. land Mrs. Fenton of Goldendale, vis-/pitai since ~ttttrdlby, returned home I be without one thala It does ~ own It. In h,4,,~ e,-~, i~uings, ~booklets, catalogues an~ In Japan three English newa-ID Parrott amisted him. [/ted last week at the home of their]with them. ~ mobile r " , !~"~" " ;'7 _.- ~'^..'=.='..',."." ! -,~ous other kinds of printed mat- ' papers are "produced on the IAno- [ The Misses Inza and Pearl Gurno [sister, Mrs. Roy Brown. / F.S. Calvin of Goldsndgle, wait on ~ poWe when anu w ere neeaea, me ~u~u~ m 1 ~1', a single Linotype enables one t type by native operators. In CThLua ]eey of Hmsum, are visittug their I Mrs. F. A. IAnk, the prlmafT/the Prairie Sunday morning, i the best investment you can make in Farm Machinery. I ~_rator to set in the same timeI twenty job offices and newepapers[ brothers, Louis, Roy and I~y. |teacher, left Tueada0v for Seattle. / Mise Eunice 8orensen left Men-~~ t~s IMMEDIATELY and learn how vo" ..... ~ore type than can ordmarfly b~ s th m hines In la as ~ a, ,- ,ffi,~..* i,~,* |~_~ . " " . ~ u e e ac . d h overl The George Hayden family of/ John Tobin and Ernie Suveraen/day for Elleushu~, where ,he will i dlase one of th "'-'e-sa " F .... ~" " '-minced by five or s~x men or wo-( two hundred Linot es nearl all ~ !~ Vili~ UII4J~UDI~t On one ol |~-~ - I " YP , Y [Yakima, have moved Into the Dr. lmade a flying trip to Centerville|attend l~he normal school this sum-i .. _ _ ! "~n doing the work by hand. l operated by natiTes, many of whom|Brewer house, where they intend to [Tuesday evening. [ mer. She went with Mr. and Mrs. H our ~aym~t | 'Phe Linotype x~s invented in ihave only slight knowledge of me-I remain for the summer | Mrs. Hayden was called to Yak-/Caivin, who expect to epeud the attm- ~ .... - ..... .... ' . . 11116 er nth~ler and chamcal prlncJples and of the Eng Mis E1 1 i l to see her r in th t [~ by Ottmar M ga . " " " , -[ s tzabeth 8 oanaker left for[~ma Memoria Day father,[me o~mp g at. e coas and other t e first Linotype to be used corn-, lish language. IAnotypes are in use I White Salmon Wednesday morning, iwho was paralyzed and was very i pointai I~lre11 X~l | 'r ally was installed in the corn-[in Manaos, Brazil, a thotmend mileslwhere she intends to remain for aliow. The H~ydens ~e rooting to| Little ~ed Thompson met wtth Illo n . I~ng room of the New York Tri- from the month of the Amazon [few days while making arraage- [Glenwood, where he has ac~elPted a [ quite nn accident l~t q[htteeday, w~en I L~[J[~AI ~U'V~il IUU[U/ ~A). | in July of that year. i river ; in La Paz, Bolivia, more than ] ments for her atay in Btns~en next ]position with the Milton Box Corn- [ he got ewught lit & g~te engino wltteh i l, The Linotype, which is a compce-I, 13,000 feet above eea level; and in[ winter. This summer she intendalpany." |M;'. Thompson was using in l~r~-i " | ~ machine equipped with one or I ever," other city of importance in i to spend in an E~ropean tour. She ] Ed Hollenbeek nnd Simon i~tbet [ening plow shares. His elothee were I | l~ore inclined receptacles called i South America, includtng Punta~ iea~es many friends in C~lenwood, ldrove over to The Dalles Wednes-/torn away and his body ecratohed I[ ~...~ _-~ I | ~zines, which eontain the mat-iArenas, the most southerly inhabited]who wish her a successful year in IdaY'- where Mr, S&bot purchased a|~ breed. He received a bt~ eut , ,.?,4rlelll tlW' ) lh~4~, of ene or more fonts in use,,, tTtT:s inn the world! ln_a ~_.m~r.ofl.the Bingen echoois. |Ford truck and ,brought it beck.Ion his head. "l~ey rushed hl~ to I !"~ with a spaceband box. which l c AlasXa; m tl3e Pilllipplne[ Frank Creighton spent seveer~| John Tobin and family spont|a doctor at White 8aimed, who took I " l~.e~t~ns the spacebands, or exten-t !slands; in the Hawaila~ I~ands;[days in Yakima last week. |Sunday visiting visiting friends Ln/eieven etitches ~n hill hel~l, bat 1 'l,qble steel spacers, is based on the in the West Indies; tn FlJi; in theI The newly elected trusteee of thelCentervtile. |found no broken bones, nor interxml ~il |~lea of establishing the entire i'n~ e as ; Siberm, in the principal cities of I Hell Roaring Irrigation Co., bl~ut | Victor Le~o and fan~ly m~mat | ln|urtes. He hi getting along nice- --- , - lit Unlt in place of the single type Malay peninsu:le; in many cities iB],Ladlges, Paul Knrhnhaul~n, C. L. ISunday at Glenwood. /ly at preeent, M~qflFIODllS~ EPIMCOPAL ~1[" " ' I |~lttracter established by Gutten-, both North .and South Afriea; in]Trout. Peter J. Troh add C. C.| John Walman came up from[ Mre. V. C. 8m'mmen, Vernon and, [/ ~ w~ _ ~, _~ [ | etllg. The entire line, or Linotype Nalrobla, BrlttSh East Africa, the [Restorff, met Thuri~ly slid perteet-IPortland Saturday a~d met M~rs./,idred ~oreneen ,~d , ~ials of a Bihle wife with[/ I he I ltat I Sl~ heart of the big game countr ,, ,,~,,,,,,~, v~ ~,~,~ |~ g is formed by bringing together[ . ". " Y. led thel,r organization. Paul K~uhn-IWalman, and they drove to Ceuter-/ton were in Goldend~e Friday after- a Lazy Huefoand, will .be the cub-i/ I |a~ae~ matrices and spacebands as are: Six of the machmes are in oporaUonlhauNn wt~ elected president; Peterlvllle. Mr. Walmam reeurned to|noon. Vernon tis spending a ,few Ject of the evening sermo~ at the~/ t~ I ~ i | required for a line. and then main-)tin the Vatican, at Rome; thirteen of]Troh, vte4~-preldent; C. C. Rmtorff, [ Porl:land Sunday. [days there with his uncle and aunt, ~]Wethodt~t Episcopal ohurch. Th~hs ~i IlllAd |lno ! I flailing the assembled elements in ithe battleehlps of the United States [tre~urer; and C. L. Trout, ~ere-| Mr. I.,eGall hae the SY~m.thy of]Mr, and ]dr~. Gee. Rouah. hi the second of the series of set-l| vvv,. v~.v [ I ~_~ng position while molten metal, navy have Llnotypee on bo~rd, and ltary" Notices for a s~ond ms-Ithe community in his bereavement [ W. Thompeon of Major creek, was mona on "The Dolztestie Trials of|/i |.~ Pumped into a mold and against I Lmotypes are used by the govern- I merit u,pou the stoelcholdem ha~e land lose of his wife, who was b r e/|on the Prairie two d~Ys this w~u~k. Bible Households." 'Phe remalnlngll I |t~e face of the assembled line. The :merit printing offices of more than]been tmued.]Seturday near Alrpleton. | ~ eubJecte are as f611owa: "Jealousy |/ DEL MONTE CANNED i | ..l~lehine then completes a revolu- forty countries. ] Mr& Henry Lad'lgea is a Portland | Quite a numq~er of people motored | We wonder what that I.~ouhwfllo, of a Bible Old Maid;" '"fine Grouch [/ 121M'IYI~ | |t!0~ nnd the Linotype slug IS pusl~-i It takes one-third ,horse power /visitor this week. [to Lyle 8&turday night to attend the lKenucky, chap who fainted three of a Bible-Old Bachelor; .... All ..... | |kl out ready for printing. Fifty to operate a Linotype. } Mr. and Mrs. Anderson will leave[danoe glve~ ill the apple hou~ at|times while he was being married, 'Prouble-Making Bible Widow; '[i | | e~ lltore slugs can be lifted by hand t The distrirmtter will distribute [ Tuesday morning for Cheir new loca- Ithat place. |will do when the first month's bills "~-tais of a Bfole Hen-Pecked Hue-//o ~v~r~o, ~~r,v~ Iz,wn'~v .... i tt tl nd .... 'Return f o~ux~,o trc~ju mtvt~a.~x~ts .|~ one time and the slugs can be', 270 matrices per minute. [ on on the eO~t, where they will/ The MDderu Woodmen expect to/come Ill? ba , o a Wffi e gt/ , ., .... I | ~)ed about from .place to pla~e There are in the neighborhood of / be located next winter. They wtJl [go to Lyle next ~turd~y eveninlg to / . , Bible Da3xghter." [| ~Ur~r~5 | i hout danger of "pi-ing." Indi-i1,000 patents on the Linotype and |epend the summer in California. [put on team work. They h~v~ Ibee~| ;. - - _ - There will be all the other resu-]i ~ | i~" nul characters cannot fall Out, l its improvement~ | H. F. Kuhnhaueen, Jr., trans-[~romised a good time and plenty| II ~_ ...... II lar cervices of the day. [/ | l ~ ean they work up in a form on I The Congressional Record i,t set t a e ted husinem in Portland over the lof "eats." / H ~kX]k ~,Ip~'~LU~ H Sunday school at 10 o'clock. I/Ro88' Fresh Milk alld Cream [ l~/ell~e.. And when slugs have on double magazine Ginotypes, the/w~-end. | vernon Moore spa.~ tho w.--d| i~ N .~m~l ~. ~ m Morning ~e~hing at 1. o'eiock.)/ Delivered With You~ i |~ used once, they ea~ be i'eturn- I only machine which can set it at | ur new barber, Mr. Looy, form- |in The Dal]es with relativ~. [ li "P).Y II pworth at e:s0. [/ ,MOrn|he g~lz~. | |eq to the melting pot. fone continuous operation. ~erIy ot Goldendale, is giving very[ Qwite a ~tumber of Klickitat l~eo-| ~I m~_....~~ II Preaching ee~dce at 7.30, [/ . I ll~'~me first commercially suocessfulI A school for the instruction oflgOOd satisfaction to those who havelpie attended the ball game at Gold-/ II ~',F~--~",~--~ Ii You will find weleom, t/ I !~ 0type was installed by the New Linotype users or their employees,[employed him. We are ~L_nd to havelendale, Sunday. | ~] ulm~, Til~ uum'w_e ~ ~ at all these servtces,----,M, L. 8AN-i| i .| ~W_k Tribue in July, 1886. At the t free of charge, In the construction, [such an enterpr]s/ng young man add-/ L F. Jackson went to Baltks, Or., | ~ mU_~beof~Od~__lll II DERS, D. D. pastor. ~! ~1~ * 1[ ~ 1 I | ~ of 1924, 49,000 Linotypes were ladjustment, operation, and care ot|ed to o~r list of bmd~aem mere. iSaturday and brought back a load| i msmmu~__~o~n~ II -- , k nd Aw . i :|'~t~Ima in eixty-three different court-[the Linotype is maintained at the/ c. w. wec~ ~nd Henry Ha n]or fine atr~wborrte~ | H~m'~o~~l~ll~ i "A man dat thinks he alnt got]|~, j~ oauUt;l;)l -| = , l~roducing correct eompoeition I factory of the Merganthaler Lino- | were Hoed River v/s/tots Monday. 1 / II ,ffi ~ ~ II ~ need of relig/on, said Uncle [/ ., ' | I ~ ~alf a hundred different lan-I type Company in Brooklyn, N. Y., ! Mr. Ha~len will remain several days | F~ / !!x II JOSh, "is gener~ly fouad Oarryin' at/ I i , , , , ~.~li~l~VVJi.~Jl.%,~ .1. l~a~'es. Thee i~clude Syrian, , and at each of its agencies. I for treatments for Dr. M~iller. | il IZ~bits fo0tan worryip bout notl| ! " ~:l "reek and even Chinese. i As evidence that Linotype is i -- . ] Mrs. E. W. Mymls of Forks, Wash.,| I! a,d~c,.&lm~ ~' II uein" the now moon over his left |i I ! ,~.'rhe Linotype has four prlncipall equal in every way to the best hand[ ]KIA[C~I~&~[~ [is visiting this week et the home of| ~[ __ E.__Ly. O,(g)MP._ ANY.. ~ shoulder." . )/ Phone 1882 - Free Delivery I /I~ ".vt~4~l~e" I set product, Thee. L. De Vtl~e &[ o---- Ihef sister, Mrs. W. C. Johnston, i[ il "~''~W~ I! About the best filling station evei[| GOLDleNDAL | / t, The magazines which con-]Co., New York, set their fine souve-] H.O. Wtlson a~d wife motored to]family. ]1! ,~ ,r ."~-..~._-~ , J| IZatlt is the dhttng roont, i1 -..v-,..-.. ~ [ 1 ii i: