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June 17, 2004     The Goldendale Sentinel
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June 17, 2004

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AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. 17, 2004 PAGE 9 secure an obligation in and/or Deed of Trust, and Lyle and south of Pitt, PUBLIC NOTICE The comment pedod will favor of Dallas I. Marcott, curing all other defaults. This week in Public Notices: Washington COLUMBIA GORGE endFdday, July16, 2004 Personal Representative This is an attempt to col- ............... , ..... An Environmental REGIONAL AIRPORT (2509) ....... i~lO[ice OT /rus[ee s ;3ale re" r~unnnausen -- I-',.,Diica[ion ....... for the Estate of Kevin L. lec! a QeD[ ano any inror- . " Assessment it:A) and Draft Env ronmenta "--'- Marcott, Deceased, as marion obtained will be Services, Inc. Preliminary Finding of No Assessment Runwa 7/25 NOTICE TO Beneficiary. used for that purpose, Public Notice re: Air Operating Permit, Goldendale Significant impact N"w ........... ~- ....... CREDITORS . . ~ lllbL/Ulllt~tlt Ld,,U .g In me ;~upenor L;our[ or II. No action commenced VI. A written notice of Aluminum -- Dept. of Ecology (FONSI) have been pre- S"stem th .......... by the Beneficiary of the default was transmitted by Public Hearing Notice, re: Board of Adjustment- Klickitat pared and are available PYursuant to Sect on ,,eo-b~a~,lhyasnl,,ng~n a/Ida Deed of Trust is now :~ethB:n~rf~c~?~ o; T~;stfoee. County Planning Dept. !or public review .dudng 102(2)(C)of the National K'iic=ki'tat ............ 'Y ~" Duslness nours (/4b a m a single pending to seek satisfac- ., " Public Notice re: BLM, Eugene-- Columbia Land Trust ..... : . " ' Environmental Pc cy Act In the matter of the In1 tion of the obligation in IOwlngaclaresses . . . to 4]o pro) al [ne of 1969 as amended and MA~,,.. ...... '^ .....Adverttsement for Bid re" Fire Hall Doors --- Khckttat Fire .- " ~'..' ........ Estates of Ema Franke is ington any Court by reason of n,., ~. on~,w~,d dHU " ~-ugene uisIrlct ULM im"lemented b- the "" -'--- " ..... inp~ RP~,AM District 12 ..=..... ,~o,~,~ ,..,....~ ,.,.~... p y, uBceaseo. $/BIA the Borrower's or .n..,,:.. ,,,-..: .... ,.-,_, ........................ UH~, .'~v ~.~u uHv~, Council on Environmental No 04-4-000214 IA 'Grantors default on the v.u. uox~ ruu,~rduu~u ,u: L,u~umu~x ~uryu r~ug~ur~al ~lrpor[ Eueene, ureaon or on the ,-,--.,:,.. ,,,, ,-,-,-, ,~ ..... ; ...... H ' ' . ~ -o ~u~,~y t,4u ~rr~ rur[~ NOTice Toureallors )Ysum-obligation secured by the cod Rwer OR 97031; Environmental Assessment -- NorthernResource internet at 1500-1508' and FAA The Personal re"resenta arwithin Deed of Trust. and Consultants http'llwww edo btm gov/pl Order 1~50 1D Th .... ~ - " after the III. The default for which ' ' .. , u uve namea BelOW nas MICHAEL R. UDELIUS arming In addition, the Federa Avation ~"n " ' " " "4 """ . oe~ ,~ppolnxea anu .,~ Jblication this foreclosure is made and ELAINE D. UDELIUS EA Is available upon Administration has under ..... ~, to wit, are as follows: P.O. Box 235 WA 98684; Construction E-Loan of Oregon, Inc. to tions if they bring a law- request from the .......... ~ quallrteo as I-'e,rs.onal rap- after the CurrentlyDue to Odell OR 97044 Market Data, AGI, 9842 E, Wachovia Bank, N.A. as su t to restra n the sa e uu~umu,~" ................ LUHU .U~L Et'=r'U'n v i r o na m e nU~U"t a reseniatwe or.m s estate. b" both first class and cer Burnside, Portland, OR trustee, I1. No action is pursuant to RCW Please contact I"n in'-" Persons hawng claams =Y, 2004, Reinstate on March 19, ..~ ..... " 97216 ,),~,~n. na I" n"w """'~"" " "e'~k ""' =1 ")4 1'~n Fail'r" " - ..t o ~,=, Assessment (Draft EA) against the deceased above- 2004. tmea malt on uecemoer 2, . -,~,~,,v,,-' , x v ~,o.u,.u ,u = o oo,- v .,~ . .,v. u o ,~, Stewarasnip uirector aT ...=...,. ,. ......... ., ....., ..... 2003 -roof of which is in Journal of Commerce isfaction of the obligation bdng such a lawsuit may '360' 696 "1"1 A 1=-'^- w.,u...,.= ~v.,~u.,~uu ~,u must, pnor to tne ~me the above- Arrearages: the 'noPs~s~i'~n '~f ~h= Plan Center, 2840 NW in any Count by reason of resu t n a waver of any !.. ,,~...~u..~ ~., .u.. u~y documented the po[enual such claims would be Ind answer Payment due under that ~. ........... , . . ,~,~, v~,,uu u, ,,~ ~ . . . . of plaintiff certain Promissory Note Tru~t~= =n~ th. ~ro,'.,. 35th Avenue Portland the Grantors default on oroper arounds for mvah- .....,.. ,.,, ,~ .,,~,~. ..... ~mpacts associated with barred by any otherwtse RRE, and dated OctoberD, 2001 as o'rGrantor"s succes~r'/n OR 97210; Impactthe obligation secured by dation ~e Trustee's sale ~Um~m~Un~Y ~'*h',=~t~y. the proposed. Runway applicable statute of limi- ............................ " HZb nstrument Lena ng rations, serve their claims 'Y of your follows: interest was personally Mmonty Plan Center, sa~d Deed ofNOTICE TO OCCU-mitred in writing to the S"stem installation at the .... the under- Accumulated interest due served with said wrtten 8959 SW Barbur Bird Trust]Mortgage. III. The PANTS OR TENANTS BLM Siuslaw Resource Y upon the P'ersonal repre- notice of default or the Suite 102 Portland OR default(s) for which this The purchaser at the Area' Field Mann er at Columbia Gorge Regional sentative or the attorney YS for pla n- October18, 2002 wn~enn ~/;:; ~s~e:nS:~t~;t~lredpte~Y~:; :ho !Y~2%'I ~'~ceirtni~,~nv'a~bil,lespOrt :~a~:delatwthaenda~reaSnS 'UIRRE, at $8,945.26 ;Jl~ea~ond:fp~cU~! 9A7s2slo~iation of Oi~eogr~t~ faor~oCt~oSwU:~l~al~lad:t e d;?~ct~f~ce, ii tow stated; Accumulated interest on-....v..s cue niece on the rea Entrepreneurs 4134 N. when due the following the 20TH day following ~ ,_...~^ ,., ............ ' ' ty executed copy of the YOur failure Apdl 18, 2003 r- ' . . . =uyuu~, u,~Du. =~,,u u, r h ' ' ' nronert,, described in Vancouver Avenue, amounts whch are now in the sale, as against the ,. .... ;, ,.. Fo t e convenience of cla=m w~th the Clerk of th=s tlent will be 4,353.04 Para~,raDh above and Portland OR 97217 arrears: Late Charge grantor under the deed of ~n,~m~.~o~;~..... Lu. the public, the DraftEA Court withn four (4) ainst you Monthly payments of ~ ~, , ' ' u~v~u u~.u.u,..~uv, uy . " fh= Truetaa h........ Oregon Contractor Plan Information: Fromtrust (the owner) and any ..................... w~ll be available for Pubhc months after the date of hedemand $872.73 for eleven si'onof'Dmof'~suchs~r- Center, 14625 SE 82nd 121112003 Thru 411612004 one 'having an interest ~'r~;;t;ih;t;a't;~ u, u, Review at the below listed first publication of this aint, which Months being May, June, v n ack m Y locations beginning June not ce or w th n four (4 d with the July, August vice or ,~ostin,, D 've, CI a as, OR No Pint: 5 Rate 8.38 Late junior to the deed of trust, Comments includin" ' ..... ) Court. The September, October, VII. The Trusiee whose 97015. Charge $20525 Note including occupants and n=m,=~ '=n, ~,,o~ 17,20~... .. months after the date of .......... bo=aenoale uommun=ty the film of a co of th=s name andad,ff,,so~r,,o~., A certified or bank Dated: 2/26/2002 Note tenants After the 20TH .......... , .....~-" 'g PY aCtion is the November, December forth below w'~ ~rov (~e~n cashier's check in the Amount:$108 000 00 day fo ow ng the sale the ~uu~-~..~.~,~,..-u'..-,l-~P-u,~-'" Library, 131 West BurDen, Notice with the Clerk of I and ELIAS 2003, v . ' u~.=a, w,~ u~ ~,w,uu~u ~u~ Goldendale WA 9 ' wdtin,~ to an-one re,,uest amount of five percent Late Charge Amount: purchaser has the nght to ... ,.,: .... , ..... ,....,:.. , 8620 the Court, whichever =s ;O-own inJanuary, February, March u '~ " o . ~uu,,u .~v=w ~ u,~ u~-. The Dalles Wasco Coun r ty, 2004 9,60003 in~, it a statement of all (5Yo) of the b~d amount 41.05 Note Matunty Date: evict occupants and ten- , ..... ~.... ,~0,~,~ .... , , - ty later, o, except under Davidson, Total $ 22,898.33 costs'and fees due at any payable to the City of 3/1/2032 Interest Paid To: ants by summary pro- ;'nveU"E:ae;;=UOre~;n, ~ , u StreeLPUblic Lib.rary./ne ualles722 CoU_doR thosein R CPrvisinSW 11 40included011 or 494 Costs and Fees: In addi- time -rior to the sale , Goldendale, or a bid bond 11/1/2003 Next Due Date: ceedings under thedurin- re-ular business ...... P 9 9 97058 R C W 11 40 013 the ~er, WSBA tion to the amounts in VIII The effect of the sa e from a licensed bonding 12/1/2003. Payment unlawful detaner acthours '7'45 am to 415 .... ' ..... ~ .... ColumBia L~orge~egional claim will be forever will be to de-rive the company shall be submit- Information: Fromchapter 59.12 RCW. " m' Monde- throu-h . arrears specified above, Grantor and a ~osewho ted with each bid. 121112003 Thru 4/16/04 THS S AN ATTEMPT TO ~-~id~./.' .n.~ _~ .... .~ A,rport, P.O. Box 285, barred. Ofttces you are or may be obligat- ~tetSt. ed to pay the following hold b" throu"h or under The City is an equal No Pmt" 5 Rate 838 COLLECT A DEBT AND . ,-dY' " u~,~yu~ puu- Dallesport, WA98617 Date of First Publication: ~, ~ . ,sneo as pan OT [ne ,"~ or . 19301 estimated charges, costs the Grantor of all their opportunity and affirma- Interest: $4,112.33 ANY INFORMATIONother related documents Comments from interest- June16,2004 Z4--phone and fees to reinstate the interest in the above- rive action employer. Amount: $820.88 Total: OBTAINED WILL BEIndividual respondents eo purees a[e encour- Date of Filing: 2208, 2301 Deed of Trust. ageo ano may oe present- June 14 2004 described nrone~Small, minority and $4,104.40. IV, The sum USED FOR THAT PUR- me-r""uest confidentiali , ' ;t401,2501i a Cost of'[itle Report for IX An,,one ~lav~n,~ an" women-owned business-owing on the obligation POSE. Dated: April 14, ,.. ~f~wish,.....i,h,...,~ ed to the FAA c/o Personal Representative, f'oreclosure $469.24 ot)iection to the .~le on es are encouraged to sub- secured by the Deed of 2004 Mary McPheeters ~Y--- y .... tu.w~:,.~u~ Northern Resource Judith Sorensen mlt ~ Consulting anytime dunng Ross R Rakow ~U~TEES b.Service of Notice of an" "rounds whatsoever ' bds. All work per- Trust is: The pnncipal Vice Presideni address from "ublic ' ' ,-' ' ,~,~ .. - - formed on the ,,r0=ect will s-m ,,f 1n~ .~68 ~ .~n,=,-i=tiT,=a in,. ~ . .. ,Y the comment perioo at 117 East Main St. ~C , Default (Est.) 50.00 w,i be anoraeo an oppor- , .... ~'. J ,. " ............," ................ review or trom diSClOsure DLS DRAFT EA ...... . Anome ror ~-s(ate tuni"' to be heard as to Be SUDJeCt to me nigner of together with interest as Washington c/o Mark ........ ~- ........ Y ]LOR 'c Posting of Notice of =y ..... uuuu, ,,u r,uuuum u: N I BRA- I~efault (Est.) 50.00 those oblect one if the,, preva ngWashington provided In the Note from Hodges & Associates .., ...... ^ ........... c/o RC Tele. 509-773-4988 ] ] 'iHIUIII'dUUH ~,~, yUU ,,,u~ 1128 Broadwa 1 7 I d. Copying (Est.) 10.00 brin'~ a lawsuit to restrain State or the Federal Davis the 12/1/2003 and such P S 2375 130th Avenue ....... i .............. Y (25 0, 2604, 2 03) ' ' ' bi~lLU LII ~ 13,Ul,l,l, i:ll ' Lon wow, WA 98632 OR 97031' e. Postage(Est.)25.00 the sale oursuant to RCW Bacon wage rates. This other costs and fees as NE Suite 102 Bellevue, th~h~ninninnnfvnl~rwrit .... ~ ....... 'f. Attorney's Fee (Est.) 612413'0 Failure to project isfunded, inpart, are provided by statute. WA. 98005,en--,.~,~,~=~;"--~",~L tooul,~,,~-oz,~u HA 1,000 00 bdn.q sucha lawsuit may by a federal grant from V. The above descnbed (800.688.8430) 049-- . ..".,".'"."i,T'~. ~.....~".~ ~ EL R result in a waiver of any the U.S. Department of real property will be sold 016258WA, 6/17to the extent allowed b" ~"--'*'~ ELAINE D" $ 1,604.24 " Ho in n r ' ' y r'uDU~ IlU/ll~r TOTAL CURRENT ESTI- proper grounds for invali- ,.. us, g ai d U ban to satisfy the expense of 7/8/2004. . ..... law All submissions from DEPARTMENT OF facilP- and drafted this MATED REINSTATE-datinn the Trustee's sale uevelopmenL and the sale and the obligation(2504, Y~U1) or,,ani-,~ti,,n~ ,,, k,,,.~ .......... ~' ...... Dated' March 19 2004 -= ,,,y=u o[~t ~uc;u,uu uy ~,u ueuu 0~ ~ nes"es and fro ........................... 14 VENT AMOUNT ' W""h ..... n ........................ u .......... - CL, ULUL~Y Air uperatlng i-'erml[ ano .... '- ..... ' ..... Communih' Develo"ment Trust as "rovided b" NOTICE OF PUBLIC ~ m .,uwluu- PUBliC Nouce or uran Air uonso~ioated Oraer. )HEREBY$24,502.57 L~.L~.u~', WINISAUI-H, ~l,,-,,,,I,,~r~t~.o ..... ~ ~,,,,,~ .;~.~,.~,, ~.~ HEARING als identifying themselves Operating Permit and We invite you to examine ~le undo_r- The estimated, amounts. HA~