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August 9, 1928     The Goldendale Sentinel
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August 9, 1928

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ECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT, REPRODUCTION DISSEMINATION STORAGE DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. THE GOLDENDALE SENTINEL---THE HOME NEWSPAPER THURSDAY, AUGUST 9, 191 m Hope to Extend View ' Annual Harves '; g o? [ it is now suggested with good tea- District No. 44 all warrants up IIVANTEI)--Man Who knows ] ~to and including No. 1149. life to drivethrough c, o{ Heavens" Wonders Bzrds" Nests i Siam sol, that the golf courses of the na- District No 53 all warrants u Stead) work Good a) ~olu,~,,~ ,,~w ........ ,~ ~..A~.~, ...... : .... #1 Ition be clpsed for a few hours on elec- tO and including" 'No 345 P I~Schwitzer' E" 192~ Pllth'" ................ pc, w ............ ~ une or the nnl)ortant tca~ares oil ion " r / District No. 54, all warrants tip Spokan~e~ 'Was'hington.- expanded the known stellar universe the export trade of Siam is the birds'lt day to gwe the tied busmesstt and including No. 729. I at the beginning of the Seventeenth nest industry. According to the lat-[and professional man a, chance to go I . District No. 57, all warrants out- L~ ,~-, ~ ~ ..... Q ,,~, m, century, had a lens about two and a est available figures, the shipments [and vote. I tan~ng:, xT,~ ~ ~,, ........... old pigs. 1 brooder house We have the following good buys ~uarter inches in diameter, with an for one year amounted to nearl_v_ 20-[. ~ ,Ito a'l~l"i'~cludin:~o"'ll~ ..... ........ v GoldendaleBees' $5.00 a stand. R. E. Br ~:a e~ghtytl;Jis:~a:s:flth~lPhPlllf. 000, the value of which was more than[ NOTICE OF CLOSING R~GI~TItA. Ito D:~rt~.tcN(~'in71"Na!l 3;'~.rrauts up -- .......... .m Used Cars lecting power was sufficient tg reveal $1T1211e000greater part of the Siamese]TION BOOKS . Dis.trict No. 73, all warrants out- FOR SALE--A good K imt)all( nearly 500,000 stars (over the entire nests go to China, Hongkong andl Ista ltnr et NO. 84, all warrants up Iq:il~'ofALob~gnga~r~Iro;?]~? ~ ,~, neavens) as compared with the few Sinvanore The value of these nests ............ !to and including No. 286. dale. 1925 Max I write Geor Ell r l ' , reglsLration oooKs [or the reglstra- to ann lnclu(llng iNO. b#,b. , ,, --wel thousands previously within range, lle.~?of course, in the fact that they ~ouce is .nereoy given taut. tne District No.. 91. all .warrants up ~~ S ge e y Hue in Harpers are edible. They are considered a ........... [ District No. 94 all warrants up RO USHS GI~H'ERY-v-Steel cU The 100-inch mirror of the Hooker great delicacy in the Far Easttmn ot voters will cruse rue evenlng]to and including 'No. 075.tee at 39clb.; h iarl~et Day rt Reconditioned telescope at Mount Wilson observa- --The nests are found in the islands of August 21st, 1928, and remain! Dlstr~ct No. 101 all up ~ ms. ~m" ;~;~c; KeHogg's .~- ~c Ford Touring Good Condition Buick Roadster Almost New 1926 Two-Door Buick Sedan Good Condition 1927 Oldsmobile Sedan '27 Z-Door Oldsmobile Sedan IIII Have you registered? Only a leg more days left for registering for the Primary Election. Call at the office of W. F. Byars. Miss I)~ris Smith left Sunday for Stanfleld, Oregon, where she will visit for a couple of weeks with her sister, Mrs. Lucllle Husted. Dr. and Mrs. Win. H. West are on their vacation trip this week. He will attend the State Legion Conven- tion, and Mrs. West will visit rel- atives at the coast. County officers are working out their budgets this month, and a pre- liminary budget will be available after the next month's session of the county commissioners. Miss Katherine Crooks went to Spokane the frst of the week to visit with Mr. and Mrs. Gee. Baker. The Bakers will drive down to Golden- dale later and Katherine will return with them. County engineer Lynn A. Spald- ing has secured waivers from John C. Kaidera and W. M. Niemela for sufficient land to eliminate the sharp corners on the Centerville road. Thin will be done soon. Mrs. George Coffield, who has been in Portland for the past month taking medical treatment, returned to her home at Wishram the first of the week. A grass fire Tuesday afternoon near the Joe Bledsoe home, was re- sponsible for the fire alarm. A large crowd assembled and the fire was soon put out without damage. V C. Weltztn, of Pale Alto, Cal., spent a part of the past week with his brother at Cliffs. He is with his family and is returning from a motor trip to Minnesota. This Is the first time In fifteen years the brothers have seen each other The W. O. W. picnic at Blockhouse last Sunday was a decided success and was attended by a large number. Senator Dill waB unable to be present to address the assembly. Spoxts of all kinds were enjoyed and the hall game was won by Goldendale by a Mmall margin. Everybody reported a fine time. Here's one for your earwigs! Keep a few chickens about the place and they will gobble all of the earwigs that cross the property line. A couple of earnest chickens on your front lawnwon't look any worse than finding a couple of earwigs on your bedclothes when you turn them down at night. This has been done. ~ora Angeline Anderson, aged 20 years. 7 months and 3 days, passed away at her home Monday this week, following a brief illness. She leaves besides her husband, Ed Anderson, three small children. She i~ a daugh- tel* of Dan Ray. The funeral was held yesterday from the Chapman chapel, interment following in the I. O. O. F. cemetery~ An obituary will follow Judge H. E. McKenney, present Judge of the Superior court for Cow- lltz, Skamanla and Klickitat coun- ties, has filed for re-election, and his announcement card appears in this issue of The Sentinel. Judge McKenney will ap~r on the ballot under the caption of "No. 2 posi- tion." as there are two Judicial posi- tions on the ballot. The Judge has many friends among the attorneys and citizens here who will welcome his re~l~a. I I IIIIII1~ ! Mrs. MaTtha Wlckman, of Klickt- tat, is at The Dalles for medical treatment. G. N. Maddock, of Maryhill, is at The Dalles hospital for medical treatment. Mr. and Mrs. Gee H. Hyatt is expected over from Pendleton to- morrow to visit over thB week end with friends. A call for help to control a grass fire at Maryhlll was received last night. The fire was soon put out and there was little damage. L. E. McKee will motor to Port- land tomorrow, taking his son Keith with him. Keith leaves on the Ad- miral Flake this week for San Fran- cisco, .to resume his art studies. Wni. Stuart, attorney of Kelso, is in the city today. He is a candidate for Superior Court Judge, position No. 2, and is opposing Judge ~I. E. McKenney, present judge A bad fire at the Vandevanter mill burned over quite an area last night before it was stopped. About 25,000 feet of logs were burned, as well as her grandmother, Mrs. Anna Sanders. Mr. and Mrs. M, L. Sanders and daughter, of Albany, are to be here this week also to visit her. Another fire occured at Maryhlll this week, which was not Be good !This time a fire started Monday afternoon about five o'clock, when Win. Harp was hauling wheat from a field. The car back-fired, which ignited the stubble, and with the high wind prevailing it was im- possible to make a start at putting the fire out. Help was summoned from Goldendale, Maryhlll and near- by ranch neighbors, until about a hundred men were stationed along the line. The fire started in the field of the old Koenig place, west of the lnadale Fruit ranch It spread over the hillside, destroying the buildings on the Keenly place, fences and dry pasture, In ths barn were forty tons of hay that had been recently put up. The place has been unoccupied for some time. The old orchard and vineyard were also burned. The prop- erty is owned by Samuel Hill, and this makes the second bad firB to occur on his properties this sum- mer. The fighters had control of the blaze about eight o'clock, stopping the flames at the Inadale place, which is occupied by A. O. Jaekel. This place was threatened and the grass around the garage and fences started to burn. WOMAN'S ~IATION The Woman's Asociatlon held a business session to discuss policies for the new club year. The year books have been formulated and will soon be ready for distribution. Every member is urged to register in order that you may use the right which belongs tb each of us~ and' vote at the coming election We ask you to guard with watchful eye this heritage. Through your vote you may help to enforce improved laws and policies which will help to elevate the Social, moral and intellectual standing of this communnlty and state. We ask you to help us stand as an organization 100% registra- tion. We hope to continue to prosper in our new club year growing in use. fuiness and power to this com. munity and return to our members great dlvtdendB for the time spent with us. tory, which collects abo~t 1.60,000 off the Siamese coast and are the closed until after the Primary Elec-lt andHoadincludingDistrictN0' No.49" .~ 2 for 29c; Pennick's Golden 77c for 10 lb. hucket; Ehl times as much light as the eye, is capable of recording geographically more than a thousand million stars. While the galn since Galileo's time seems enormous, the possibilities go far beyond. Starlight is falling on every square mile of the earth's sur- face and the best we can do at present is to gather up and concentrate the rays that strike an area 100 inches In diameter. A 200-inch telescope would give us four times as much light as we now receive with the 100-inch, while s 300-inch telescope would give hine tlm~ as much. Whales o? Antarctic Worth Many Dollars Under modern methods of extract- ing the valuable products, whales caught in the Antarctic will bring as high as $10,000 each, says Popular Mechanics Magazine. The humpbacks, found off the coast of California, some- times realize $2,5{D each, while the white whale of the northern Atlantic Is prized for Its hide, which Is shipped to Scotland for the manufacture of shoestrings. Floating factories that convert the whales into material for the soap companies, bone charcoal products of a species of bird pertain- Ing to the swift tribe. The harvest- Lug of the nests occurs during the period from April to September. In the construction of-the nest the female bird plays the leading part, al- though some assistance ts lent by the male. About three months is con- Burned In the building of the first nest. It is taken by tim hunters be- fore the eggs are laid. Thereupon the birds proceed to the construction of another nest, which, however, is finished in about thirty days. When this is taken the birds begin a third nest and again they take three months for constrnctlon. In this nest they are allowed to rear their young. But when the young have flown this nest also Is taken. Those nests that are taken at the beginning of the season are deemed to be the best in quality. The C~inese not only hold these nests in high esteem as a table deli- cacy, but they contend that they pos- sess high tonic properties. French Records Might ""Show Up" Old Houses French notaries public preserve their records with attentive care. for the sugar refining industry, dried They file and alack away the notarial meat and chicken feed, simplify the acts which they draw up, just as their task of turning the catch lute profit, predecessors have filed and staclted Members of the United States bto- for centuries. There are offices which logical survey have asked for informa- tion about the logs of old whaling vessels, as these records are consid- ered valuable data concerning' the mi- grations of the hlg sea mammals. Parasites found on the whales may also give a the animals' wan- derlngn. For instance, one species of known southern origin has been dis- covered on whales in northern 'waters. Columbus' Two Wives Christopher Columbus was twice married. His first wife was Fellpa Munnis Perestrelle,~ daughter of a captain of Prince Henry of Portugal, p . p - revery, Columbus' son, Diego, who accom- panied the father on the occasion when they were reduced ~ beggary ~a~ the convent of La Rablda, was the only ?hild .of this marriage. This wife t.led in 1483, or there- about, and In 1487 Columbus married Beatriz Enriquez at Cordova. She was the mother of his second son, Fernande, who became his father's bi- ographer. She's Coming Up The woman whose husband earns $110 a week met her old friend, the woman whose husband's envelope reg- ularly contains $60. "Yes," said the first, "I bought a bridge lamp, a rug and two of the nic- est pictures for the library--do you still do your own washing?" Reluctantly the other woman admit- ted that she did. "My dear l" exclaimed her friend aghast. "Don't tell me i Why, my maid wouldn't think of doing her own washing l She sends it out Just like me." That same night the woman of the $60 envelope Informed her husband of a decision she had made.--New York Sun. Good Enough An actress who possessed a costly pearl necklace thought to circumvent burglars by leaving tt carelessly on her dressing tables with the note: "These are cheap imitations and worthless. My real pea~'is are in a safety vault." One night when she arrived at home from the theater she found the neck- lace had disappeared and beside her note was another, which read: '~rhese are good enough for me. I'm only a substitute. The burglar regularly assigned to this district is in prises."--London Answers. Brute Her husband was patiently waiting tO take her out. At last she wa~ ready, and came tripping up to him. ~here," she exclaimed. "I wasn't very long, was I? Do you know, Borne- times I---" She broke off and stopped to look in the ball mirror. "George, dear," she began afresh. "haven't I got a tiny mouth? In the glass It doesn't look large enough to hold my tongue." "R doesn't," sald her husband. Valuable New Alloy A metal alloy for moving picture screens which shows pictures clearly with half the usual electric current, has,been invented and successfully ap- plied in three workmen's clubs in Leningrad, according to motion picture authorities. A special shape in thb screens Is also said to increase the effect of perspective in the plcture~, making figures seem to stand out in ~h_ar~ relief against the backgroundS. have been preserving this old paper for several hundred years. This is natural enough, as the pa- per tells the story of French families. But aH this makes weight, collects dimt, fills space. A Dew law, there- fore, authorizes notaries to send to the official French archives all docu- ments more than 125 years old. But the interested families have a right to Insist that the d~cuments remain secret. What a catastrophe, indeed, if It should be learned through an official paper, that the ancestor of this or that great family, pretending to be descended from the Crusaders, was In the Eighteenth century merely a lackey who succeeded in making money ! Well-Known Perfume One of the oldest amI most f~mous of the blended perfumes is Eau de Cologne. It was first made in Cologne at the end of the Seventeenth century Three firms claim to possess the orig. tuai secret formula; needless to say, these* processes are very Jealously guarded by their owners, and in the past men have lost their lives in trying to steal them. Analysts have discov- ered, however, that Eau de Celestas is a mixture of the essential oils of orange flower, rosemary, lavender. lemon, bergamot~ and petltgralu. In the finest qualities only tile purest rectified spirits of wine Is used to dilute the essences, and when the per- fume Is made it is left for many years to mature. Love Was Blind Apparently they were very much In love and the passengers on a Pry- tunis car smiled as they noted the girl's hand held close in that of the youngster of eighteen. She handed him a bit of a silk handkerchief to hold while she powdered her nose, and he stuffed It into his breast pocket, close to his heart. There tt remained u the car neared Canal street and one passenger who boarded the snme car they did reported that the youth dug into his pocket for transfers and: his eyes on the girl, handed the don. ductor the crumpled up square of Silk. The conductor smiled. The youth smiled, The girl smiled and the pas- sengers smiled.--New Orleans Times Picayune. Bad Luck /or Thief Most thieves hesitate to rob a church. Some of thelnelmVe real re- ligious scruples concerning churches; others let them severely alone, not through any sentiment, but for the reason that they fear such thefts will bring them bad luck the rest of their lives. A t~lef confided to a detective that he had nothing but trouble since he had stolen a. prayer book from a pew. He had desired it only aa a sou- ventr, he said, and after the theft his conscience pricked him so badly that he had seriously thought of returning it. While he was deliberating what he ~hould do ~e prayer book mysteri- ously disappeared. Elect~on November 6th, 1928. Thet books will be reopened on the morn- Ing of November 7tl~, 1928. 2t-- EVELYN NELSON, County Auditor, Kllckitat County. tion September llth, 1928. The[ All warrants up to and including book, s will be reopened on the morn- No. 4231. Road District No. (! ing of September 12th, 1928, and All warrants up to and including will remain open until the evening No. 4771. Head DisOdct No. 8 of October 16th, 1928, when theyI All warrants up to and including will be closed until after the General No. 526. Road District No. ~6 All warrants up to and including No. 1995. White .~d nlon h'rigation l)ist.rict Maintenance All warrants outstanding. Interest will cease on the above warrants August 13, 1928. Dated and signed at Goldendale, NOTICE OF CLOSING REGISTRA- Wash., this 9th day of August, 19:~8. TION BO~)KS HELENA McGUIRE, Treasurer of Klidkitat county, Wash. Notice is hereby given that thB books for the registration of qual- 4fled voters in the town of Gclden- dale will be closed against original registrations on the evefiing of Au- gust 21, 1928, and opened for re- registration September 12, 1928, in accordance with the provisions of Section 4766, Remington a'nd Bal- linger Code of the Lairs Gf the State of Washington. W. F. BYARS, 2t Town Clerk. I ANOIBATE$' I ARII$ Candidates Cards listed under this head will be published until the Pri- mary Election for a fee of $7.50. T.hese cards are listed in the order received at this office. REPRESENTATIVE W. K. READER Announces his Candidacy for best catsup for 22c. A col supply of pickling spices an~ ning supplies. ~'ANTED--Home in Goldeat will exchange residence iD Dalles. Phone 1203, Box 443, endale. I,~)R SALE--One of the nicest ern homes in Goldendale. finished inside and out. tract consisting of three might consider subdividin; sell at great sacrifice if once. Roy P. Quiney, Golden~ Wash. RESOLUTION FOR EM]ERGENCY BE IT R]~SOLVED, By the Board of County Commissioners of Klicki- tat County, Washington, that there exists in said Klickitat County a ~ublic emergency which could not a-re been reasonably foreseen at the time of making the county budget for the current fiscal year. That the facts constituting said emergency are as follows: That at the time said budget was made and adopted, a sufficient sum was not allowed in the budget for tndigents; that owing to accidents and unusual demands on this fund, the money available for this purpose has been exhausted and the further sum of $1000.00 will be required for the balance of thB fiscal year. That in declaring an emergency for the purpose or painting court house roof an insufficient sum was allowed for paint; that thB further sum of $46.50 will be required to finish payment of paint. THEREFORE 1T IS HEREBY FOR SALE--Fine mahogany Piano. Cost new$650. class condition. Call 1772. BEAUTIFUL PIANO near dale must sell per month. A rare bargain. Tallman Piano Store, Salem,~ gon, for particulars. TRUCK DRIVERS use McClaren tires which are anteed against stone bruises blowouts and to cost less than any other tire brand. Ask the may who use Richfield gasoline. Richlube, voline and Quaker State Oils and long distance haulin sured carrier and Ore Peasley & Laynmn. FOR SALE--Eight room house, bath, cellar and woodsheo paved street. All newl and painted. 25 N. 1st 1695, or see Chas. Bogart. FOR SALD--Good young work team; new harness; wagon, with new grain 1)oX. Edward Abeling. ORDERED that a public hearing be held upon this resolution on Fr'day, WHY PAY MORE when yol the 17th day of August, 1928, at the Watkins Supreme Mira hour of 10:30 o'clock A, M., in the effective, shipped to your office of the County Commissioners station for $6.00 per 100 in Goldendale, at which hearing any R. Paull Dealer. tax-payer may appear and be heard Representative of the 21st District for or against the expenditure of the T~A_~_O_G_OOD. M~.LK GO.~TS for Klickitat County money for the emergency described. .$.5.00 ~eacn. j. A. riuJtne-~, The county auditor is hereby in- r~o. z, ulty. Subject to the Will of the Republican structed to publish notice of said ~~ Voters at the Primary Election hBaring, together with a copy of the LLMBER. ~Olt S ALE~-Sidl~n, September 11, 1928. resolution in the official newspaper ~ng an~ bBaoea retting. ~n~ --------------- of Klickitat County, in accordance ~s we~l manutacturea~ v,a~ with Section 6 Chapter 164, laws of two years ago, a.n(1 snot, s 8. A.~ ROSSIER 1923 ' ~o ~ne a~ser~mmatmg ou~m~-. Announces his Candidacy for C ~~i~Ci,E I p__~~~~/~ux CitY Representative of the 21st District 8 Klickitat County it-- loners. Subject to the Will of the RepufDltcan Voters at the Primary Election RESOLUTI~'~E-~EI~ENCY [ boiling Ineat " September 11, 1928. -------------~ BE IT RESOLVED, By the Board 30c; Silvers flour $1.9[ H. E. McKENNEY of County Commissioners of Klicki- flour $2.10. Terms str ~lsn W~htn~,tnn tat County Washington, that there Wanted to buy veal and ........... ' exists in said Klickitat .County a pub- p.~ Candidate for Re-Election aslic emergency which could not have Judge of the 8u~or Court been foreseen at the time of making kinds of papering, pal ~'" .... ~'-~"^ the budget for thecurrent fiscal tinting. Residence, W, yomuon r~o. z year. Street, north of primary SubjBet to the will of the voters at That thB :a~t~loCOnstituting said Phone 1612~___________ emerg ncy a " : ONE STEAM THRESHING the September Primary Election. That at the time of making and for sale, in good condi _ _ adopting the budget .the Board de- N D SHOWAI/I~R ~ cided to construct a portion of the ProssBr, Washington, ~, Cheney Washtn ton Husum-Trout Lake road. from Thousand Dollars. Wa , g Seeley's mill to Trout Lake, a dis- Greathouse. Republican Candidate for tance of approximately four miles; ~~'~I~" State Su,,erintendent of Public that the said road is now graded; v that available funds are now ex- , Instruction hausted; that to discontinue con- ~u~,,~ *.. ,~ -,,~- ^# *~^ -^*^=- ~* struction before it is c~,wpleted will G.E. GU~NAN ,, ~,j~ ~,, ,,,~ --,,, ,,, ~,,~ .u,,~,~ =~ cause heavy loss to tlt~county and the Primary Election, Sept. 11, 1928 great inconvenience to the public TAILORING AND REPAIRING served by this road and the residents CUSTOM MADE TO YOUR MEASURE |lof Trout Lake valley; that said road SUITS AND OVERCOATS [ill left in its present condition will GOLDENDALE, WASH. Ilbecome practically impassable dur- MAIN STREET .......... Iling the winter months; that thB I I !1/ ll~ 1[ T][-~. ~-~ I]grading of said road has been corn- NSFER cO. rl w l~/,=~ll~_'~ l]pleted and should be graveled or J.H. TRUMSO, PROP. _ ~&w VV ~-l&,K~J Ilsurfaced. That it is not possible to LIGHT AND HEAVY HAULIN~ finish said road without declaring OF ALL KIND~ ~.~ an emergency and providing suffi- PHONE t0SS :'BARSEB s~" cient funds therefore; that the sum of $3,000.00 will be required to com- - GOLD~NDALE, WASH. r~ ~.~ ~ plete said road and put it in condi- ~ ' rocer es - rloltr ann tion for winter travel; that the said HERMAN C ROLOFF ~_._A~ sum of $3000.00 to be provides LIVESTOCK AUCTIONEER..~It Jff ~'e(~ shall be a tax against the Road Dis- USED FURNITURE AND FARM-.~~ . trict No. 8 and that emergency war- INERY BOUGHT AND SOt- rants shall issue in payment of the AND EXCHANGED . construc~on against Road District OFFICE PHONE 262 RES. pHaSl~ .... No. 8. , GOLDENDALE, WASH...e~ ' THEREFORE,It iB hereby ordered that a public hearing, be held upon this emergency resorution on Fri- " OHN "R. MCEWEN_. _ day, the 17th day df August, 1928, ATTORNEy AND COUNSELU~ l:~r~4-]~r~ ~ ~-h~ at 10:30 o'clock A. M., at the office DARCH BUILDING .t~o~ ~vv,xa ~.v.. u,.,., of said County Commissioners in the T,o~,~(a County Court house in Goldendale, GOLDENDALE, WASa. a.~,~,~.,~ Washington, at which hearing any BROOKS & BROOKS tax-payer may appear and be hearu for or againsf the expenditure of the ATTORNEYS.AT-LAW money as~aforesaid for the emer- ONE DOOR NORTH p. O, . , ~ ., , gency described. GOLDENDALE, WASH. The three commissioners beln FREE D .EI:IVERY Anywhere tn Town PHONE - 992 "We Like to Hear It Ring" CALL FOR WARRANTS I have on hand funds to pay the following warrants, viz.: District No. 301, all warrants up to and including No. 268. District No. 302, all warrants up to and including No. 859 District No. 201, all warrants up ito and including No. 798. For 500,000,000 Years I District No. 202, all warrants up ~tG and including No. 171. Geologists say that if we could | District No, 212, all warrants out- make a great film showing in proper. Istanding. " ..... w-ran'- u" ties the successive geological periods I District No. 214, aJt a t. v with the appropriate plants and ani-[to and including No. 179. mats and scenery for each successive | DiBtr~[ct No, 215, all warrants up [to and including No. 289. age, and could arra~ge to unwind the | District No. 217, all warrants up whole film in, say, fourteen hours, be- [to and including No. 297. ginning at ten in the morning, man District No. 5, alI warrants out- would begin to appear on the film standing. District No. 19, all warrants up about ten minutes .before midnight! to and including No. 2686. Organic evolution has been proceeding District No. ~4, all warrants out- Slowly for far more than five hundred standing. District No. 29, all w~arrantB up million years, so we must not expect to and including No. 507. to see very much cilange In a lifetime. District No. 30, all warrants up --Prof, J. Arthur Thomson, to and including No." 207. present and voting in the said resolution is hereby The county auditor is structed to publish this resolut thee official newspaper of said county in accordance with law. C. S. McD0WELL, /o GRANT CLARENCE, A. E. HARDEN, lt--- County CommlssionerB. F. A. SMITH ATTORNEY-AT-LAW ONE DOOR NORTH p. O, GOLDENDALE, WASH, WARD & BRODIE ATTORNEYS.AT.LAW P. O. BUILDING GOLDENDALE, WASH, C. W. RAMSEY ATTORNEY-AT.LAW DARCH BUILDING GOLDENDALE, WASH. DR. WILLIAM H. wEsT DENTIST GOLDENDALE, WA~I~- OFFICE PHONE 722 . RES. SUNDAYS AND EVENINGS BY HAY---Baled alfalfa hay at the ranch or delivered. C.O. Garmire, DR. ORIN P. GILLE Phone 3184. 32--- DENTIST oPE. EvE.,N S. SU.DAY sY hogst 80to 125 lbs. Will pay TELEPHONE 10$Z within ahalf cent of Portlanu STATE BANK BLDG. GOLDEN market. C.O. Garmire, phone 3184. 323 ~'-"~- ~ ~ JOHbl W. LANDE. D. FOR SALE---Three large Poland~ CHIROPRACTOR China sows, ,also some hundred pound shoats, Frank Coffield~ Cen- PHONE $5= . ABELIgG terville, Rou~e 2. 323--- :, WASH IX)ST---Small brown coln purse, with DR. ALLEN BONEBF bank advertisement on it. SomeHAVING RECENTLY EOUIPPE! change in it. Leave at this office WITH THE LATEST APPLIANC and receive reward. 3~1 RICITY AND "~HRAPEUTtC PREPARED TO SUCESSFU STRAW F()R SAId~, by the load CURABLE CHRONIC DISEASES- $1.00.or by the stack. See John GOLDENDALE, wASH LeBlanc, or phone 315X5. 323 OVFICE NOU~S S TO lZ, t