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September 2, 1948     The Goldendale Sentinel
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September 2, 1948

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k USE SUBJECT TO LICENSE Page Four THE GOLDENDALE SENTiNEL--Goldendale, Washington Thursday, September 2, 194S .____ - I . with a sharp knife. Make a slan~ i II OBITUARY tOwen Clarke Is [Brans- Creason How To Prepare ingcut. Cut twice as manY. ] [[ ~ Ir~ ! ~ 1o/ . !~T . 1 !/ ~. ~,|o, ~_ !needed and thus allow for ~je~ I ]! MARY ALICE McCARDELL !ropular ,analaate!l Upltals rlela 15xnlDl[$ tar iof. discard when you reacn ." ]lMary Alice McCardell was born l . jfalr, 's lay (in Ontario, Canada May 19 1895 For State Attornev At Church Sundav County Fair ,. a rangmg I l ' i ' -,, -" *" ~ ao not overcrowd Lrlein. * J and passed away at her home n' i ill be Goldendale Auaust29 1948, ^ .~. ~ j .... ~ . .. . ~ . , , ',lighter colors so that they ~ _.~, I I' .. ~ ' ... ~' " i uwen ~larKe, xaKima attorneyI achaia ~inns, son of Mr. anct~ 1nose planning ~o emer exniD-lhiuher ,than dark colors. AlW~.~~ HAROLD FAdlELLO ......... PUBt.lSHEn [:niter a rang mness. !and Republican candidate for At- Mrs Elam L Binns of Center-:its in the Home Economics divi-!~,o ~ ~,,~h~ ~uEh as ow~, [ She came to the Umted State~ ' " " ' , .................... 0re WAYNE MARSHALL .......... EvJros! ........ . .......torney General, was a Goldendale ville and Elaine Creason daugh- sion at the county fat m Gold- three or five This makes it m , [ ~ ~ ~ ] ~i~rnyn/~iP:rl~ent~ mais'aUm~a/neA~[~ivisitor Tuesday evening speaking ter of Mr and Mrs. ~Ienry D...enda!e September 10, 11, and 12, interesting ~Iave one flower, re~ I ENTERED AT 00"DENVALE, WASm,GTON POSTOFFICE EVEa THU~nAY AS I; ................ before the public meeting span-Creason, of The Dalles Oregon ~can get in the money if they arnun of "flow,~r~ handing o _ I sEco,o CL^SS UAIL ~ArTER I,n...n'.wtct~az.fle~.~.a~_wenatcnee: sored by the Young Repubhcanlwere united in marriage at a'follow these helpful hints, glven~container or near the edge s~ I SUBSCRIP1ON RATE, $~.SO PER YEAR [[ ~ne ls surv~.veo Dyner nus~ana{club In order that Klickitat 'single ring ceremony Sunday af-'~by Miss Pat Armeling, Associate ins to make the container a~o I OFFICIRL NEWSPAPER Sf GOLDNDALE AND KLICKITA COUNTY I ann seven cmmren rm~er~, uon- '-'at-us m--" kno'"- -ome'h~n" o'" .......... ~Extension A-ent Miss A melin - . . . , ~ ~" . a.~ **. ~ ~as ~iternoon, /xugus~ Z~, In ~:ne lvle[ao- , g . r. g f.ower one. . ,- aldWflham and Annabell Mc- ~ " ' h ]n to , , xl~ MENSR WASHINGTONAND NAT|ONALN~'WSPAPEREDITORIALPUBLISHERS&ssocIATION&~L~OCIATION INC., | rd dM~s Leland McDonald I . ' i ...... 'v e ape t , . .. ] .~ , , , the abfl ty of OwenClarke and dzst chinch at 4 00 o cIock wzth ;asks t at all those plann g ' ~ h o ha,'e many e . 1~a~e;, . ;. ...... ,Ithe. h;gh regard held for him by,the Rev. Walter Smith perform- enter exh;bzts to mall m.the;r its this year. Let's make i.t,.~ [ [:m ~o~aenaam, jv)rs. ~au~ ~Jess- Eitlzens of Yakima, we are re-~ing the ceremony entry blanks immedmtely m or- beau*iful flower show" ~" j ner, oz w~anszm~, an~ harry ~,. !printing the following ed~tormi Mrs Arno Cooper sang 'Be-der to save bot'h the exhib;tors ..... ;,~ lr~ .o !~v.~ct=ame~, o~ uppormnny; one!from the August 3 issue of the!cause'; and "Oh Promise Me."!and clerks much time on entry .............. - . m rarun sjs~er, .w~rs. t=nas.., usoorn, miYakimaDaily Republic: !with Reuben Ausink at the or-iday, Thursday September 9. Ex- tnl t r, L-^I, , ...... :_i~4a~erwae, two oromers, ~nomasj "Owen Clarke's character and lgan, following which Mendols-Ihibitors may also mail their ex- mnwooa cnuu,- THIS 1S ANNIVERSARY and farewe,. ~ wa~ ,l a. ~em, m wena~enee, ano nay record commend him to Washing- sohn~ We~dina Ma,-eh ...... 1 .... i hibits to the County Agent's off-! _ _ .. f~ I/' September of 1945 that I came to Goldendale and became iReid, of Yakima; and six grandlton voters who will choose the ed as th"e~-ed~in*'g pa'rty'ent~re~t, iice, who will take-them to the (~t'~lt~ .~r~" "l. ~.~, ~.]~orl ur~fh Tho (:ddanr]a|~ .~onfin~l Thro~ v-~r~ h.v~ [cnimren _ Republican nominee for ~he office ' Carol Binns cousin of the!fair grounds. Mailing of exhibits vlr"~'A* *"*"lP'~" __ _ ~-:~/.=:'a"~.'~=_"..'~.~.f..'~..:]'~..~..'L':~'.=~"..';f~'~.~'~:~.=: ~...".~,'~ I She became a member of the'of state attorney general [groom and Dol3na Creason sister early ~s also urged by M~ss Ar-'~"~|~o.~ |,,~ #"~gli*~[ puu~vu umc~ ~.v., auu uuv, ,~a ovp~c,.~,c, ~,~vv~ **~,~,,, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter "The Renublican narty is for- ~f ,h, h,~, ,,,~,,~ h,~a,~,~;,~/mehn~ I%.~l~L&OIUell Ill ~.~$~!~ I am bidding goodbye to Goldendale and to The Sentinel. I Day Saints, m 1933 and was ac-Itunate in having a young man of and Mrs Robert Linden sister of[ Be sure your Jars of fruit and~ ~ --~ These last three years have been pleasant and I shall ',tiLe in church work. . i Mr Clarke's capabil!tieso in the i the groom, was matron of honor I vegetables "are ~iped clean be- Glenwood schools will o~ never forget them. I have found Goldendale a friendly, t euner~.serv!ces were con ouc!-'.race mr the impor~am office. It.isI Robert Linden, brother-in-la~v[fore you pack them for the fair Tuesday, September 7, .(s[an~ 1,,,ahU, ~i,~ I h.~,, a,n,~ thut ~t is - town that does lea Dy uJs~ct r'resment J. u. to oe nopeg. ~na~ ms worth wmlof the groom was best man. Arno!Jars and covers should be clean, time), with Erling K olats~l .~'.'*~"" ":.'~2,_ " "~[-~ 2-"-"-*"-_[ ,~-[_'f ..__--- ........ :'-.^-:~, i~agley, oz ~unnysla~ l~al} ~)ear-l~ecgme ._wme~.y enough l~nown iCooper and 'Jerry Mattson were [Be sure that .the jams and jellies superintendent. Olaf son s er~ i:nlngs~ln l:[le snor~ span at LaKeR year~ a war ummtu-,u, lers were rcexzor~ tserKstre~seT, lauymg tne primary campaign ZOluchers ' ,h_~,,,~ ~o+.] ~,~,,,~ ~ ~= +a ~,~_ superintendent of the scnu~,~_, swimming pool has been built, ,a new Grange hall has !Mel Densley, Les Richardson; a~ure him a place on the ticket. I "The'bride dressed in a high t t'ect~th'e~seal~ ............ "" Paulsbo last year, Miss Jay~ risen, a sewage disposal plant has been completed, a splen- i.n.Y: Walter ,and Al!en or_e.ea-iThe voterscouldn't make a better i necked, long' sleeved white faille ( In chasing the cookies or i Kreps, clerk of the.GlenW~o~: IlelQ, OI l%llCKll, a~ XlyH]nS Wgt'~ cnolee oi me zour asplran~s, mree trice re or~ea wnue in u A;.~ aA,~;,i,,, ho~ ~,aa,~ .a~t~-.ota~ at th~ mimarv ~chool ~ .... ~ ..... ~ . ...... wedding gown with train and :doughnuts for fair exhibi.ting con- , P piansU~li~;'Ve'b'een develope(] for a new "~losp'ital, scores of ~ur~igetbYlnlenemWtm~nss i~e~e[ i~as~l~e~oreSnl~enfSno~upWeS~rer~ i~h~t vetihl apdnt~aory~n~, antbleU~ }sShdae;e 'tnho~ t~PaPetaruan~e~l tUhnlfe~$ dalTeZUoe~ldearYnew teacherS vn~.~~ homes have been constructed, and the fairgrounds have I.O O.F cemetery at Goldendale Ins capable, qualifications for the ~on the arm of her father Her of th= n~, XT^t ~"e- t~re~ i-ch~ in Glenwood this term Miss _~'P]~ en im roved Those thin s show the s irit that domin- [ ~posmon. . i only jewelry was a single strand !in diameter The surface a dell- said. They are: Harmon ~teP~ be p g P ( IVAN ALVIN JOHNSTEKD t Prosecutor Clarke zs a product! / ~ens and Mar aret ste n~,~, nd , ~of pearls a wedding gift of the Rate brown g P ~. ai~ist~Se~amn%Uni:rYtItshSae?ePivrit whiChJalhaV;yl/k;dh~se inI~?%noA2aVl~uJguhntst~d lV8~b:r~l!fe~hy:a~a~:V:ae[l:e~:~ls~S~cv~elrls~dlgr'~m" bridesmaids were attired tyTheo~eXtoUJk~edep~nodlSedUp%nothe aWsh%rpleY[n~dnhen?ot~Pt~:ir~. accomplishments. . ipassed away there Augu t 8,l ....... g ......... '*.~.^_~ Ylin pink formals with bouquets oflc'hould l~e cris~ frui.t cookieslschls and Mrs. Step. _.^.. ~i It will always be a source of pride, too, to remember l~.~p _ _ .. , ........ !u',,~|a~'l:~,~..wt..~'~ .... ;.. Ipink carnations. The matron of lshould be mo[s't and tender re. me ~raig. wasnmg~(1-~ ..........:_.-..... -.~. ~.~ ~.,a~...~.~ %-,+inel Now that I ne oegan worKms ~'~.~ me umz-l.^.~-~,-~ ,--.--~--~2,*.*s ~w..?~.;.!.honor wore green with a bouquet !'~-"~-n"ts ~'^uld ~-^ "^-~-r ~_~lscnooL mr. ~flepnens w~,,~ti~.. [ny a~t~,.~,tn~, w,~ ~u~.,a>n~*u,~,~ ,~ *)~ : .....Icago, Milwaukee Ranroaa at,, ne nas nanalea.successxuny ~of yellow carnations l~,~.u~' ~'I~ ........... I.have charge o~ musm ann ~ ~tb. I am leaving, 1~ seems no~ in ~aa ms~e ~o pom~ ou~ ~na~ ]Othello in 1913 and became clerk i a heavy vomme o~ cnmmm cases, [ lVlrs -Crea~on- mo'ther of +~o I"~,~'*%.~ua=c"," ..... l intendent Olafson will coaca -'~ this newspaper is outstanding in the Pacific Northwest [and statistician, a position he [withthe assistance of[bride,'was a(tired in a black a~d ~.:~,nefi, mv2r s noum De .agreea~}e :letics ...... t~. from the standpoint of years of continuous publication and [held at the time of his death.., l~epu~es, an~ nas mannatgaeani~s t~e lwhite print dress with black de-[extra'oneas *.one*~r~a~r~real~ on*~-Teache-r-rs returning thjS~t~ ne was married m ~na -,~= =*~,~,=---a. -,. .,,,,,.- -, '.cessories and a gardenia corsa e t . - ,~:arl o. r'erry, "~m anu ~. from the standpoint of servme rendered to the commumty. Stoughton at Jumper- " Canyon ] peace and d]gmty of Ya~ma t ..... g "1 the way to .the .............. fmr w~rl wnrk *hnn',. ....... Mr.~ GeaR, '~K~' Leave-taking" ~s" seldom a pleasant task and to prolong February 13, 1915, and Othello l~county. Incidentally," the, v.olume, ware` Mrs. BranS,black withinreCta whiteZ mehatgroOm,and~l ......................... Take a last minute look around *~ner, thwd" and four}.h.gradees',~-:- it is to increase the sadness of the final parting. So k is [became their first home. ioz. cases recew}ngme a~en[~on O~;g~oves and a gardenia corsage !Yb~erfor~a:raexhSieb~,waa~se'~:tAlbin Bergmnd, fifth .an~.~~ ,__ ~ _'-___L. ~..... .... ~..1, ,~..A |,,.lr a Iq~lr]anAola ] LaterIvan was rtransferred to t n!s Oiilce well exceeus ma~ oxI ~ ..... .: ....... ~.~,.~ :...--~:~: t . , * ~ ~ . u ~. x~ ,.ay u=iand Mrs Wallace ~avls ~*~" ImS~ simply bu ~yg~a~uu~ ~.u ~,u ..,~. v~, .~..,~,....~.~... I.. .. - . ._ ;"- ...... i .... ...~,~,,lous Snokanecounty , ~ ~w-~p~.t,n wa~ ~u a..u~m- the chair you s]in covered a sett ..... .~ 5k_.~ ..... .t , o closin an door behind me P' 'Lte y after the weddin 'in the.of dish to~,els o'-made an i " .~_." and The Sentinel.I am n t . g y ..... ITacomabecame their permanent[There in 1947, for example, 2~7 ~h .... h n~.~ ...... ;,h ~g~ ~., !~ .. . y u . , c ..n ng, t Miss Kreps also announce~.., and, if circumstances should bring me back m~s way a~ l home - ]supermr court eases were as tea as i~ar't~oln~ew"'aun~--of "t'l~e" brideI eoomes zrom your xavon~e re-[the new school bus orderv,~ " " h d or still o n "" ' " "fe Alta"-I against 399 in xaKima coumy, uz . , c~pe or even the prize pumpkin year would not arrive somefuture time, I hope I will fred t e o pe . t. He zssurwvedbyh~wl . . 1o~ ..... *~.~ ~.,, ~ 1 k in~servmg the cake and Mrs. fredlfrom ~2~e *,arden Se t ........ ,.^ ,: .... ~ r~ober~.~a ........... r C ar e , o e how much v~t "L nis clauffaT, er. /~lta ~v~.arml~ " ," ^." " .. - Pa~IT ~l~a ~ ~,,~t af ~h,~ h~iA,~ I . . . _ l,--~u-u t.~ ~,~ ~ _ _ ~Ou"; ~,-~" .... ,. ^ ~.,...~, ~ .... ~,,,,~ 1superior courL za~ resmzea m~---.~--, ~:~ ..... .--- ::. --%~ .... r,~you can emer so as ~o make mis:that the districts' old ~us r,~, ~w~ ~,~=.~, ,~ ............. ilt Two'Servlng toe punch, wnss ~onme fair n 1 co n x i " [ din *" . convmtmns or pleas of gu y. . . a a 1- u ty e h b~t. Send make the same run it ,~, of Tacoma, and Ahce Sahng, of[ . " i en Lou Beeks, cousin of the bride Ie " i ~ b~' m s Of The Past ... acqu,ttais left hzm w th an - ntry blanks to the Extensmn ear As soon as ~he ne o Cl pp g Blckleton, a brother Arthur, of . t on- had char e of the guest .book. " Y. " ill~ ~a. us ~, lav~ p~]r~Rnrlna~C~[if .,~v,~ral[Wable record of 99 per cen c ~ m~.~ ~r~.. ~,.~ ..... ~, :_ l Servzce office m Goldendale or}rives changes m routes w ,: : I " l in wctmns .... .bring them with you September nounced ,. ........... I~^. "~'e ""~t three -.ears en"a~ed fn~eees- and. nephews; ~ncmd g "In World War II, Mr. Clarke lmedmtely follow.rag the receptmn 9, when you make your entry " JUlqg, O, 1o~@ ;~u~ ~, Va~ a a , J.vlrs. Dlellle Ingrain, o~ DlCKle~on; ' zor a ~ri oown me ure on coast .... " .......... ~ in the .same business on Sauvie s t ....~.^_, ~, ,_:__.,^ I served aboard an mrcraft earner [ P g I Open and Junmr exh~bRs m the ] HOSPITAL NOTE6 U. . ' " ' d " " In the Asmhc-Paclflc theater and I bakmg d~vislons can be entered[ $[ wer~ at Vancouver zsland, has put up a hotel an, oI ........... Serv] were held m the C C ...... CHURCH ........ OF THE NA~-AR~NE morning" " " n~i~t ................ dllt'*ted last [ .~ .~^~:.~. ' .[partt]clpatedmthePhfllppmeandl luntfl 1/'00 a m the ofl ThoseadmlttedanddlS._ inJ'~:ncKnieg{ ~fastC~me~US'a~Wa~ re~e'w ~he'a~;uam'tan~e=o~o~d ~..~0~p,gmer A~m~rl~l, wCnt%rci%tea-~ Ok.inawa...$~mpaigns and the lsunda~al~c~o~,e~0..~ ~am~,*~inton )Fr~day~ September 12,announees~Goldendale General hasp~ta! .... Itime friends I:.:__, .:_ '~^7._,_:_ G:^... ~ .... ]s~r]Kes a~ xo yo. ,~ .. . s. ~, oya~eeKs, oz Trou~ ~aKe,:ing me Aas~ weeic are: ,,,,~.~ delegate to me sm[e grange..- ] .. .. .-. -. [W~ ~ ~uun'~**,u v,~w ,v,~u,u,-[ "State ehairnmn of the Wash-[.o~ro.ves, ~up~: .... [superintendent of the class. } August 25~Admitted _'::~ Columbia water ~s now a~ me. _~oro ~vserver says: ~ w. za~ r'ar~ . ington Young Republicans .far ~mrmng. . worsmp, ~,:uu a.m., ] If ,=ou =~lan to be in .~oldendalo~ l e,.i ~'-=-'-'*-, ....... '-,'*'~ ._.,~.~,-,,n .... ~n'.'i-,~., height of 22 feet above h,gh,Pmrce, Jr, of the well known[ Casket bearers wine hfelong[~aan ~ Mr ~. a has establmh ounmrs and Young People s meet- ~'ria~v R*,r~mh*~. In ha ~,r~ m,r~i~m~ n,,H,~ ~.ra ton, . .... -~.. . 1 rke - ,, f W~t-er and rising at 12 in .per day firm of D. P. D. & Son, of Gold- friends ~ Frank Hobbs, J. G. [,~a ~ w'rf~'re~u-tation as a leader ing~ 7:00 p.m. '[n';{,-a~, "~.~--'~-~'+h~v ~,~'~,.~ ~_~:..."~:.~_..:"i',~...=~- / '..~ Jacob Rmhardson and W. F. endaie, pazd us a vzmt. Monday. Norris, R. V. Hamcker, .T=. N.[of that ~roun and as a consistent Evening preaching serwce, 8:00 tion ~ud-in~ contests and other' ^ ...... "~ ^-~--itted, Re~. Byars are over in Sherman coun- He.says the roads to ,their ram-1 ~cearns, ~. ~.. uetauire, an~ u. u.[ art worke-r He is vice presi- p.m. fair'a~tiv~tie~ that will be '~oin~'!~-~+"~t'~:~'~-~"*Doro~'Y~ ~andberg. ~en~y of the state association ofl. The evening service at 8:00 will on that day Besides the acti~iie~iger~er 1Russel]'an'd sharOn T~.' ~y today on surveying business to beri_ng mil~, are now in splendid settle a boundary disputecondition ~pey nave. a StuCK ozI " , [prosecuting attorneys, a member i'D.e g~ven over ~o our N.N.C. stu- at the fair" -rounds home eco-tma~ ' ,~ Geo. W. Filloon, formerly of 600,000 fee~. oz.. enome mm~er I Tnn |~ T~ ~.|~l~l~ I of the committee on juvenile de- !dents,woo will soon be~.oing back nomics demo~stratiohs and style [ August 27~Admitted, 1~ ~. I terest in a sawed read for ~nerman coun~ .v,,, ~=~.~ --v v.~.~v, hln ton zo scnom mr uarl Wllae, wno , ' soy. Goldendale, has an "n ' . I Y Y" I ' I I linquency for the Was " g ii . .. . ; ...... w.~ show will be held at the Women s iMcCormick, Eunice .Cro~ .~ n a ast s a mm~smnaz smaen~ a~ ~orm A 40 ~t ledge in British Columoia Married, June 3rd, at the resi-IFOR SALE -- Case stack baler State Bar Associatio , p I . .. " Association buildin~ at Golden tHen"- Wilson Mrs . or~l, he ton .... 0 " ' Kiwanis wes~ cortege, will preach and s -, , .. ~$ that pays $250 to t . . dence of Mr. Carratt, of thin mty, 17x22. Good condztmn. $250. 0. pres,dent of the Yak,ma ..... z others w:ll h,,v= .......... ,.h,,,g~ ,,f ,,the, dale. Many of the 225 4-H club lMrs.'~. S. Crafton. D~ a,- ea~l~ Rev Goodfriend remrnect,Mr. Henry B. Carratt, and Miss Blaine Marriott, Centervzlle, club and a director of the xaK '~"ar~ of the service members as well as F.F.A. mere-ily Fletcher, Lillie 1~ ,.. Thursday from Frisco. He was l Louvina Hooker, both of this ] Wash 383 [ ma Kiwanis club and a director t~" " bers are enCering these agricul- Woodruff, B F. Hutton,__ ._~ gone a week but his ,trave~inglcity, by Rev. Geo. Edwards, oflFOR SALE ~ Golden Bantamlof the Yakima Community Wel-I _ rural and home economics con-I August 28 --- Admitt_ea, .~J[ ~nd other ex nses didn t amount the Free Methodist church A few sweet corn Owen Calvert 1 ~ fare federation He is a member t See the large variety of school tests Glarer Virginia RhoadS,.~'~i~. fie " ' " " - " I ' ~" ' ~" " o $25, owning to low passengerlinvited friends enjoyed an ex- miles N.W. Blockhouse store, of the American Bar assocmhon, supphes at The Sentinel. It Any flower that is at all ab-;Ann Watkms. Dmmzssed, . .i, rates. .. |cellent supper and a very pleas-I 36lit'he American Legion and =th.e ~" normal, that has a defect, should k Winterstein. "" d I~/~-~ Thos. Hart, formerly of Gala- t ant evening, ending in prayer and ! FOR S~E ~ Lawn mover, beds, l Vetreans of Foreign Wars. : He _~ ~mbe discarded says Mrs. Win. Rich- I August 29---Adm~ , endale, and Miss Bertha Malone, [many hearty wishes for Che long day bed, dresser, dining table, I married and has a nine-year-old ~ ~ ardson, superintendent of the Morehead. Dismissed, ~ Of Walta Walla, were recently l life and prosperity of the happy[ chairs, rockers, rugs, 8-day [son. 1 alll~_ flower show at the KliekRat Crosby. _, ~f$ ~' married in that city, where Tomlcouple. I clock, fruit jars, other items. I "Mr. Clarke filed for the nora- County Fair The flowers shouldl August 30--Dismissed, *" ..~ has position of foreman on the] The county populist convention[ Phone Mrs. Plett at 1703. 361---[ination at the request of Republi' lrm~m~.~V be at the right stage. Asters and lWilkins. " ~ ~e.$ t~ Statesman. I met in Goldendale Saturday at !~ can leaders in widely separated ~ ~" Delphiniums should be just fully l August 31~Admittea, *~ _~.~.j, N. Norris went .to The Dallesil0 a.m. for the.purpose of elect-[J- ~. ~ee~s.. - - ]points of the state Their con- blown Yellow center should notlNickerson, John Nore_e~.~r~l~ Frida to meet his daughter ing delegates to the state conven-! _ _ _~pnng_~r~ .... Ifidence. in his ability to manage show unless it might., be a sin~lelOstlund. Dismissed, MaU~.ce,. Beul~ on her return from Seattle, [ tions. .. ~ u. ~toKes, TaL ~rat~on, w. i the ofhce of attorney general can ~ " ! variety. I 'is important to han~[le ! ton, Mrs. J. R. McCorm~c* , where she has been in attendance [ Chairman Rusk presided over I u. ureveimg;. __ 1 be shared by the voters who ! , / the flowers so they will keep ] ~ .? at the Free Methodist Seminary[the meeting .... wn,te ~.a~mon _ want clean and sound adminis- tI |~ / well while on exhibition. [ Hate to write a let.t~.~le for the last nine months. ; The following were in attend-/..'~" ~" aewe~, uam. nunsaKer, [ tration in accordance with the ~[ ~ [ Put in water of a room temuer- buy a New Royal por~'~'~ John Dethman, formerly in[ ante: !Jonn t'urse. _ [highest legal precepts " ! - " ature. Keep in a cool, dark p]ace~make letter writing a,P ". business on Camas Prairie, but[ Cleveland I ....... ~a,na~ .... . t"The only Y.akima county Re- ~. : ~,.... before taking to the fair. Cut The Goldendale Sentine~'~_.,.~'~f A. wellenorooK rl. ~aalges .%. " ra st te ..... ----'-- .......... ~ J. J. Callaway, T. Lahar, Jas .................... [pubhcan c andzdate fo a ....... r,f~w% ~ ~ ~ /Zumwalt, S. H. Mayon. wmara, ~ 1. Tuner, m. ~unn-[adminitsratzve office, Mr. ClarKe " : . _ m ~l~ Columbus nausen. - _ . merits the henry support of the ~/[l~[~lL~ I[ . .~ . r~a rU][~. ~ I.IP. / ..... ~ine roresz ......... c rd .............. J T. Compton, u. J. ugbee ............ people on ~ne ~)ams oz ms re o . -- ' k" I II 1 "~B a~ ~,v,~~,~ ~a~_AIN[M. S. Short. [ T.J. rto~er!son, ~. W. ~mrK. IHe should enjoy the active back- 1 q =ll 1 E1 ,: ~A~ ~:~a~aJa~A~A JL~Z"A~J~ ~yo~ [ Goldendale ......... mg of everyone, regardless of ~ d ~ll q qm ~ .... ,...,,,+ ;.,~,+ ,,.,,,+1, ,4, ,a+,~ D. F. Hartley, H. D. Young, I t:. ~. ttus~, ~.. n...~urvmnce. I county or sectional feeling, who II l~ ~ ~ 1/ ' ~ ,~,c ~***,~ j,.,.o,, ,u,~, ,,~ ,-,~a ,~----,-- ~euzerv~-e '..,=.+= = f;,-~t ,,1~= ~ttornev ren m ~ II m ~ / RI [1. %.,~OIIlpL~II. -,~*,*~ ~ * ............ J t'" hmlts on Satus H~ghway., Hanla~d ] O. H. Rmh, Chas. Drake, T. B. [resentin~ the state in Olymnia." ||l ~ ~ ~ ~/ ~ I .... n h , Brown, A W Montgomery "~ - Little Khck]tat River o nort D.E. Brooks, A. J. Pitman, ". ", , . [ I m -I~ lm I ~ m~ ~ I ~,~ part of property Has two ideal Win. Lee. The follow.rag were emceed I FIRST BOYS SIGN UP FOR IIm M b M I || l E 38 " " " -- 1 Husum ~memoers oz tne counw cen~ra*/DRAFT. DATES LISTED in II ll mm II I V l ~l ~M corners ior business sev-up. '~'-- "Pe" committee: Claud Rusk, chair- " II ~ Excelent view ofboth Mr. ' .......... Luna " man, D Hunsaker, of White Sal- (Continued from Page 1) A I/IYA I a Jam= ..,] M'+ T$,~a~ I ~^^, r,.....~. ~ .... I mon, A B Courtway, of Good-r A reprint of the schedule as an- _1ill m r ~ ml il~t t ~Tt~ rr~,~-+l ~IT ~IT ~ ,'-1-'.. ~r ~.~ Inoe I2111S b I'1 ~lason O]: ~Leve- ~ ,,uu**,~u u# o,..,:,.,,= o,=,~,...,-,.,,,= =,,= - m ........... e ........ e ........... . ' e ter race" headquarters is as ~ollows @q ff/%~ dIUR ICarlock land, and O. H. Rmh, of C n - . i~ ~ I I II ~ ~, I ~*OU~,U~ " Lyl* vil]e, land those who must register are "DU I L N Z Z I# & I F~ B Hewett Haskin Trabue, Sam Shell and Haskin Tralue urged to c~ip me seneome an~ City Water and Electricity [Frank Splawn. P. Einick. were elected, delegates to Chelre~ster accordmg.iy., uz .... az er .% .... r~. r:--~ ..... ol.. r~-... ....... ..--, a..... Available No. 4 state conventmn ,that meets at[ znose Darn In 1 Z t u.g- . Mr Burris [North Yakima June 23rd D E lust 30, 1922, should have regzs- jeoffroy developed hi~ ~hl,em tered on August 30 w co aa# ' " " No 6 t Brooks was elected as an al'ter'" I ,. , plo wet a ~oil aeed oa " ' nate Those born in 1923 should 1%ave T R.,.,.. B. Fenton, J. B. Miller, S. H. I .~."-. ..... ^"'~t-red A ..... st 31 and Se"t 1 J~o~roF t~m~ Tids plow ps~ ~v~,.~a~.~ ~e ~.~y~ u Millor I ~Ignt were nominated Dv ac- .cs.~ = ~u ,, ~.. . _, . , , ~..~.~._~.~ ~r,,j~ ......... = _., a_.a --. t clam.ation as delegates to the [ Those born m 1924 win register yen=Re ero~,ea aaa eomervea A .T n n ~,,,,,-+,~,~.~ state conventmn, as follows: C. E. Septem e 2 and . . ptecio~ m~x~tu~e gor profit~bl~ .......-- -~" " .......... J' [Rusk, B. Fenton, Wm. Olsen, W. ] ThOSel born 'm 1925 wHI' regzster" ~Ol~ N~bo~ ~o~ wore uk. Griffeth, P. Einick, D. E. Brooks, September 4 or 7. Shell and A. H. Jewett. After a very spirited debate, convention decided not to nominate a county ,ticket until the hst Saturday in August. The convention then adjourned with ~heree cheers and a .tiger. Our platte~ is endo~l by All: Finest Extracts and Spices Money Will buy; Courteous Service to All! Deliveries Right to Your Door! Satisfied Merchandise or FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY Your Money Refunded, Roy and Wilma Lund~rg Goldend~e, Wn. Investigate the advantages of this popular home freez- er before you buy--a size to fit your"needsVote For R. M. DIVERS Sales and Service for-- , R, lic,. for Electric and Acetylene Welding -- Shop Repair County Commissioner Gould Pumps -- Hydraulic Farmhands Second Dlstric~ Ben Hut Freezers Firestone Tires @ Authorized Distributor Wisconsin ~loors Your Support Will Be Appreciation EQUIPMErqr COMPANY ~. L Ca~ Dealer Goldendal~ Wash. SepL 14 Those born in 1926 will register September 8 or9. ~-g for ~eo~rey plow~ Thu, ,a Those born in 1927 will register September 10 or 11. Those born in 1928 will register September 13 or 14. Tho~born in 1929 will register September 15 or 16. Those born in 1930 before September 19, 1930, will register September 17 or 18. Those born on or after Septem- ber 19, 1930, will register within five days after their 18t'h birth- day. Registration should be in the area in ~hich the registrant has his permanent home; but if away from home a registrant my sign at that place and designate %hat 'his .card be sent to .his home board. All males 18 through 25 are required ~o register, even though they may not be subject to induc- tion, The local office will be open l for registration only, according to l :present plans. Once the registra-[ tion is complete, all selective set-] vice matters for Klickitat county[ will be handled through Board l No. 15, which will ,be located at l 208 East Yakima street, Yaki- ma. ~auwle~ ~du~7 w~ born... to mire viud rail need. Todsy 8ueeee~ul fsrme~, ~!1 over the world ere protitln8 by u,ln| J,e~rey ~ Plow,. JEOFFROY MAKES THE SOIL DRINK DEEP...,,,....,..,. for ~ ,m,m.~q ,ram, m,a all-e~eumd |srm plew. T&e Jm41'~/' eh/seis b~eek up eke bard-~ Me/stsn rm~ dower Im~o dm mdmdl for ~oml~. Tim J~ i, slse beeemia| v~ pelml~ beume it prevmu don. Aid t~e |l|ht deag$ e~ a l~ ~ e~-l~f. CARD OF THANKS -- We take this means of expressing our] appreciation to our friends for[ their many acts of kindness[ wuameton-umer during our recent bereavement] and for the ,beautiful floral[ Equipment Co. offerings. --The Lainhart Faro- [ ily. 3611 G~den~e, Wlmhin~n eeo MOO A I-Ie'ps you get })etter marks! He~ps $ !0 make your school work lighter[ T~ More students want Royal Port- ablea than any other make! INCLUDING ,fe Only the new Royal Portable has all these FINGER-FLOW KEYS RAPID RIBBON cHANGe" SPEED SPACER "TOUCH CONTROL",dl ARGIN EXTRA-LONG * LINE FINDER LOCKED SHIFT FREEI)" P/~ man), m~re fea~rml Easy paymen%Ian! Buy your Royal Acro~ now... Imy f~ it while you me itl _ ..,~l~'~J,,~. THE GOLDENDALE SEN 1