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September 2, 1948     The Goldendale Sentinel
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September 2, 1948

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JECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. September 2, 1948 THE GOLDENDALE SENTINEL---Goldendale, Washington Page Five Ganders State Traffic Candidates 1 Y g ' '~ Campmgn 4Deaths Dechne ] Deceased, The Old National Bank Speak Tuesd ay[ of the Estate of George Tams, i ~ ~oI ~poKane, a corporauon, aamin-lI f~ !11 11 anton Ganders. of Bickleton, ! While highway traffic deaths !istrator of said estate, will sell at iln L olaenctale ea the Goldendale area and for the state as a whole were private sale to the highest bidder, ! end of Klickitat county this i lower in the first six months of l subject to confh-mation by said! ..... ~ .... in promotion of his race as11948 than they were for the co,:- Superior Court, on or after the t~analaams. Ior sta~e q Izices ~j:teah:e cla6~d:fhg:!s]~Ot! s:~etSre~: 'r~:POcndu~gy Pheg~O~w~yf 1947~?hcke !i~:p~k!so: Septem:er, ?::~i~t spne:ak~~ ~dpa~u:dinb~et~m: .. , s e d t e post higher this year. Three die.~ in I p a e, County of Spokane, I .............. [ate senator since January of the first six months Of 1947 on i State of Washington, all of the].~.ncm~[ uoun~, x oung ~eput)- Year, announced as part of Klickitat county highways whilo right title, estate and interest of ncan ~lu? a}. me womans ~o ..... , oi i " " ,Platform: More and betterlfour have been killed during the !the Estate of George Tams, de-~ea~;on Du~l.alng m ~omenaale and bridges for the district;l first six months this year [ceased, in and to the following ITuesaay mgnt. aer development of publie i Accordin~ to the "renort iu~t I deseribed real estate lying and[ Speakers included Ralph Rodg- or, reclamation, and conser-~issued bv ~he Washing(0n ~nte m|m !being in the County of Klickitat~ers, of Paseo, and Erwin S. Black, on; and re-apportionment of Patrol 193 oersons ha-re-metI I|l State ,of Washington, more nar:tof Kennewiek, Republican eandi- ~th district. , .... i death 'in traf[ie accidents in the i. Pictured above are the members of the royal Rodeo court which will help Ellensburg celebrate itieularly described as follows_to-]dates,.for.state senator from the ~rSi unopposea ).n me uemo- !January-June period this year. its 25th annual rodeo, on Labor Day weekend, September 4 5 and 6. The annual western show features [w~.', . l l~tn. alstrlet; .uwen ularKe, oz .~.~mary ,u~ st!n is maKmg Sixty_four of these fatalities!the larges~ purses ann oest-known cowhands on the Washington state Rodeo circuit. The girls are, I xne ~ortheast Quarter (NE)ixamma, canamate xor attorney I c~ve campaign to ~amiliarize occurred in urban areas whi!e[from left to right: Ellensburg Princess Beverly Shirran; Spokane Princess Gloria Anderson; QueeniOf the Southwest Quarter (SWV4)lgeneraL [~ w~.~n" nis views on import-1129 were in rural areas, t Marjorie Atwood of Ellensburg; Yakima Princess Evelyn Gano; Tacoma Princess Mary Russell~ and }and the Southeast Quarter (SEll[ Earl McKee, head of the state ~uestlons_.~anqers is a ranch: In January-June .of 1947 231 Seattle Princess Mary Jean Grugman. i of the Southeast Quarter (SEY4) IYoung Republican group, also was , .~ne__t~lcKle~on area anu,lpersons died -- seventy in urban] ............ l of Section Twenty-nine (29),]on t.he speaking program. ! m woma.war n overseas mishan~ ....... an~ ~ ~n. .......... ~ff~ [~ "1"~,,~-I ~t,'~ ~t]~o lPoruana, were weeKena viskors' INFANT DIES tTwnship Three (3) North, Range Henr. .y Garner, resident of the t e Army Air Forces ~ ~ A gUULL~Ur~ ~ at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. I Gravemde services were con-:Eleven (11), E. W. M., Klickitat!Khckltat county c~ub, presided at " I ~ ', C. Lewis. ducted for the infant child of Mr. i County, WaShington (80 acres, of i the meeting. r~, .......... :FAIR, RODEO SPIRIT GRIPS ~ondis ~ ~ur~ell I ~ ..... ~'~,,.~ .... ~ ~.~ r~,~.~, land Mrs. Charles Glover last Sat- lwhich avvroximatelv 4 17 ~rr~l . ~ ~-,-,~ n~=.,-.,~,,,-,,, , ENTIRE COMMUNITY I ......... ] ~n~nt th~ wo~k~nd with h~ I y at 4.00 p.m. at the IO.O.F. I are m the Town of Bm~en) [ BIRTHS REPORTED ........ ..,.~,...o; --------- i mr. ann ~virs ~ ~ ~ew~s ar-rsq:j;,k,,~--~,,()~-~-7 ~'~'" "j~ !cemetery. The services for the in- free and clear of all in -'---'-- . ._.. . .... ] (Continued from Page 1) [rived last Wednesday from Mls: I Mrs Jack Ald-hl I rant, born Saturday mornmg, were ]brances. Births reported at the Golden- : ~nuea ~rom t-age l). I of these two popular bands will [ sisslppi ann are Jiving in one o~ I " - !held by Rev. Walter Smith, pas- I TERMS AND CONDITIONS :dale General hospital during the . valley -- lvnldren N.~ar- add much as entertainment lea- ~Mrs. Martha Huffman's houses. I Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Marsh and I tor of the Goldendale Babtist OF SALE At least Five Hundred last week are announced as fol- ~ry nunsaKer, Ahce ~ob-itures of the show. i Mr. Lewis is one of the new highison, of Klickitat, were weekend I church i Dollars (-~500 00~ all ,,~h ~lows" ........ I In view of the fact the Fair As-]school teachers. I visitors at the home of his par- ' ' 1 The *-la^~ "..C2 .... "~=t:"_ ..... f - " ......... a vooo t~ert ~=~aDCOCK; / , i ~, ~ w~,~,e u~ers or urns I ~ugusz zo--lo Mr. ann zorn. _~ "?" ~. ,soemtlon has been under great ex- [ The Wade Fordyce and Maur- ' ents, Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Marsh. ,RETURNS FROM CONVENTION may be received .is at th~ e, ffie~ llR~vt W~ll~in~ s ~n Arian P~q ooy, exnna r. nansen. ~ .... 1 . i Mr ~ ' ' ........... C ao~ ~4111- ,_,_~ ~,,~o [pense in rebuilding the g rounds~lce Trlplett famlhes have movedI Plans and preparatmns are~.. . and Mr~ R~ V. B linn and[of Brown & Brown, 902 Paulsen rio wei~'ht 6 rmunds 4 ounces ,, - v=--~ ---.~-~. ..... ;:aestroyea oy zair several years!to Oreaon City Oregon, ,,,, ~,,~ w .... +iiwr. ann Mrs. u. ~. vanuevan~er/Buildina in th, c'~t. ~,a r, .... ,,I "~ ..... ~ ,~ ~.. ~'~" ~...~ ~)'., ~eer mar aret lmrle ~, .,, ~, , ,~,....~ ~ e, ~o-,s ~. ,.,.~ ~.v~.~ ~,, ......~ -~.-,- -~-,,~..~ .~.o~ ~,,---~v ~.~.. ,~.,~ ~,~. son'.T g~ Wh~rrv.'C~--;,- l a.g' G.oldendale.. merchants are Iboth men are to be employed. ILake fair to be held Saturday, !r_eturned last ,week fromSe.attle, ~of Spokane, State of Washington. I A m Shupe, a son, Mark Ga , c is ~Ien~L ~ ~ ....... innancmg me enurerace programI Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Good September 4 at the school A w~ere ~n.ey at~enae9 me~auyna~ THE OLD NATIONAL BANK weight 7 pounds, 2 ounces" to , ,_ "-4 .~;*'~"y",, iana some of me roaeo events 2krt and familyofCarton Oregon !,q'~,~,~ ~r;ll h~ cr;,,,~,~ ;,~ ",~,,,~ Iconvendon oI ~agles. The local c~wanr,~^,.T~ ........ ,..__ ,, _, ,,,~ . ~.. . ' ancl -- Adenne ~orensen; , -, . . , ~,, "~""~ ....... ~'~="""~"'- "-~'-- i [ ur o~=ur~z~,,~, a curpora~ltm lwr. ann mrs. ~arl ~noaas, a son, additional $25 has been added to sto people were delegates from the I t Whi+~ ~ ~ ~,~+t~ i ....... I pped a short timeinthe val- :ning for the benefit of the county ...... By CHAS F HAMLIN Its Trust Randoloh Lloyd weight 6 hounds I tne Kms pony race, making a zotai le last Wednesda on their wa " 1 n ' ~ aenoale ~eme. t Ofhc r " " - t~On. ,.al Yarnell," .~e..r~,.,~ ~ v,~ ......... I Y Y . YlfaE at Go de dale. Music for the i _ . . ,' e , Admlmstiator of the]7| ounces; to Mr. and Mrs. R. S. OI ~au In oanyrlze mone The E)s, Frances Vigus .... ;~ r,o;,, ~,P~,,:,,~,~a r,~Y'v~a home from the berry fields. __ dance will be furnished by The l "twenty-five hundred delegatesI Estate. of George Tams, de-ICrafton, a daughter, Susan Marie, " .~lickitat ~ Anna F West- ]~'~er,~ an~"~'~Y~=~,,~'~;,'~'~ [~. ~virs. ~oya .~eezs, ~v~rs.. J_ W. I Westerners of Goldendale. were in a~enoance at zne con- i ceased, weight 4 pounds, 13 ounces. gatha K Zon~,ker ~.vel-,niN~%~ ? ? "y'~. .... ~.-."~" ..... Z-,'ol~eeKs, r~ooert ~eeKs ann lviissl Mrs Rose Sickafoose of Oak-!venun ann every state in ~nelBROWN & BROWN, 902 Paulsen[ August 29---To Mr and Mrs. , o , ~ ~na~ a~ leas~ six entries mus~ oe ' m " i ......... Carole Carr attended the wedding ~ ~,,a b~ue~,-,~;o ~:~ a#.o ~,~+~,, i u "on was represemea, zne meal Building, Snokane 8 Wash]no- ~ Lero,, Watkin~ a so~ D~I- 1".,,,, maoe, omerwlse zne aany pursei " r n ~ .................................. people reported on their return to ' ton " ' ~" ' -' - " --~'-" t Kli t . . ]of M ss Elame C eason and Ro - S 2-S 9-t2--[we] l~t 7 unds 3 ounc ckltat -- Ida A.Over-. ,1 2 ~ , . . Kelzer, of North Bend, Oregon, I t p p g po , es. M~,~o ~,~" ..... a ~ , w 1 be $.5. By mak ng, a. larger ~ald Brans m Goldendale Sunday ] ....... ~; ........ , .~ ..... ~.;~ i Goldendale. Gov. Earl Warren, of'.. . _ ~,.~:~ ......... i Mrs. J. W. Becks remamed for a l-.~^t, wi+h ,~.^;. --^,~.^. ~#~ i Cahfornla, a member of the Eagles ~- ---~* --- ..... .-* ....~-.~-T-..~-.~-~-~~ [" ,'" ,~juvennes xrom ........ omer secuons o~ ~'~ur ,~,., ....... ,,;~;+ , ~Y.=~....~" .-..'~'=".. A?''~"=''. *'~*~ tlodge, was one of the man" ~.~-~t- .... . , . J .-- R. J Ka-eps; Theresa I the county will brmg thee horses t Mr ~n~ ~r~ c' ~ P .... ++ =,~,~ i ~nz.abetn ~enmm. Tney remrneq ]er ~urin~ the convention , Amy V Patton ~to Goldendale for the two days '-- .,~ .:... ~.:. v.%.-:::-''l~amraay zrom an excursion ooa~l . ", " ,- '1 - " " . - lv~rs, marma lVlCUla]n, o~ AIDany, i " o A1 k , While m Seattle the local dole- Corner- Lulu M. Yarn-At press time Wednesday the trip t as a and were accom-~ I . . Ore on s ent several da s last l . . ;gates took hme off to take m the , Bates Florence Hand. followmg firms had agreed to help g' .~P . ~ .. Y: .. pamed on thetrapby MiSS,horse r~c-~ w,~ ,,na,~,-~~,a ,h~, ~J~k~ [ week a~ me none oI lvirs /-kmella . * -' ..................... ,~- Genevieve Slckafoose andMiss ,, ..... , ,, :~ Cora Curl; R F Nlb- finance the $750 race program" ~. ..... ....[ ' Van and Freeda~otin th,~ a.~dM~l[~'J~~ ~r,~'T-'~F )rn " " i , .~ rearson. l~ne ~onnetz s le~t ~or att Schmid b , ~" " "" er H. James. Ledbetters, Mayson Furmture, +h,i~ h ..... ~;a .... ~ ~ P y , oth of Portland. Imonev n h U t a bet f~f~" , ................................. o t e ~ar-muuA ___- ! ,,rooks -- C. E. Walker; G. Glenn McClaskey, Khck~tat Pme McClain is sta-in- ........ ~^r~- ~ .... ~ .... ! Overnight guests last week at !ting their local friends are ~ ,ank, Kate Williams. ! Box Co., Frank Grillo, Reliance lon,er , s "~ the :home of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph [wondering if they ever loose ~~~~~l~ " "--Gladys N Rob]son; J E ~Creamery, Star Theatre, National ,.s ......... ,Didriksen were Mrs Charlesl : ""[ - r~oager uoate, r~ex WilSOn " . ; tgnes Sarsfmld. Bank of Commerce, Goldendale Tomm- Burkell attended Elks IStewart and son, Scott, of San CARD OF THANKS --- We wish ~Wm Hoctor; F E Yeley, iLumber & Mfg Co, Star Market Y Antonio, Texas " D D~-- " - " " I ...... "- " ...... lodge in Hood River last Thurs-1 to express our deep gratRude FRI AY AND SATURDAY [ ~porr..~ ... a na ,no ~a.iies emcuon..~ara..~n day evening Mr Wilson was in-! Miss Shirley Riddle of Pasco, to our many neighbors and ~.~ ............... t F aKeSn'~.. I~:;gl~i ~rn:r; aia~lPorDoat~ea~Y,%;cmm~eeoew~ itiated into "the organization ]arrived the first of the week for friends for the acts of kindness t~=~-~l~" ~'lUl~l 141R. Ih Ae' " "' " :::,'+ .;" .:-~" 7~'%":" .......... -"% The Ladies Aid met at" the a two weeks vacation to be spent they showed during the illness ,~u.~,, ...... -,,~. #r.~t~ ~o .... ^..-~ ~_^~.~.. ~nr~uuons^~o nnance most ox ~home of Mrs. Carl Pearson last with her sisters, Mrs~ Gr~t~am and at the death of Mrs. Me- "==~ "~b~el~"~ "~"~..'~.~-2~'-' "'7-~-~..~,vv-~~: ............... Friday Rev Steven Lee, Chin- Wilson and Mrs. Tommy Burkell. Cardell. We shall never forget __ _ ~_ ..... ~,~., ~. ~. ~.~.~u,,. u~,,~ ..uug..uu~ ,,~ ~vu.~ "" " theass] tanc --- Andrew ~w~n. ~. ~" ~r,~ *~Ir,n~, ~. ~,~* .... * ~. *h,* f~i~ ese mmlster of the Chinese Pros- Mr. and Mrs. Lee Barrett and ; ., s e you gave and R~'~lliJ |~ 1~ ~ -'- , .............. ~" ............... :"~ .'--- b,,or;o, c~ur,~ ;, ~^,~o,,a ,,~ ~,,;]n,,~n ~o ~.~:^ ~,r-~ ..... ~ noDe ma~ we may someume oe a~, ~.~.,v- . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . as~s I mk~, m~ Anderson. this year and from all Ind" icatlons j .............. v. ~a..,,, --~o ~,..u.~ , .... . o. ~a~,e . xx~ua,, a.u, able o " " -- Win]fred Flippin; a~riculture, home economics and guest speaker for the afternoon. George King, all of Hlllsboro, . to sh w.. our apprec~tlon Ends and Paec~s g"~ " H se wer Mr hn n in some pracuca~ way --m ~-L 1 ostes s e s. Merle Jo -Orego spent the weekend at ~th a Becks. hvestock exhibits will tax the ' M "~ r .......... c~a ueu ann ramuy ~ .... Th son, Mrs R C Lewis and Mrs Peterson Prairie camping and -- --- S. E. Miller, exh]blt space to eapaclty, ose _ ._ ......... BacnN ., ,,a. Ada Clary nlanning community booth exhib- ~arl ~'earson. plCKlng berries. Mrs. WilSon is a ,~.,,,,,,.,.. ,.,~. o,,, .. ,,,~, ,~,~..,.. . ,.vv~ ........ "~, l'ilMl'-' " ' '" " ~ Mr and Mrs John R Farrin - " t r of Mr ,,~,,.,~, ~ ~e~,.,~, vr ~z,~. . , Bessie Sehmld; its are: Columbia Grange, Lyle; . . . .. . .:.. g sis e s. John Sehm}d. ~c~,am~ Shced---Morzells ~I~ Elizabeth L. Mc- FFA, Goldendale; Trout Lake ~on spent Ivlonaay of ~ms week ...... G ...... r"~-orvillo -ran-e" ~old in The Dalles CARD OF THANKS .1 We wish No. 45,442 B ~ W. F. Ludlum; A. endale Juvenile Grange; Golden- Mr. and .Mrs. Wlson to thank our many friends and In the Superior Court of the urt P. Smith. dale Grange; Goodnoe Hills Corn- i ann a augnter and .J~L~, Gj,mer a special thanks to the Ameri- State of Washington In ~nd For Charlotte John; munity; Pleasant Valley Grangela~zenoect me roaeo In ]no Danes can Legion for their kindness the County of Spokane. trn, Eugenia J. Clark. and Woolgrowers Auxiliary. l~unday~ .... and sympathy shown us during In the Matter of the Estate of [--Richard H. Sellers;Educational booths will be put . The "~rouz ~a~e sohool will be- the loss of our loved one. -- George Tams, Deceased. ~e, R. C. Storkel. up by the Keep Washington Green gin Tuesday, September 7 at 9 Mrs. Robt. Glasco, Mr. and Mrs. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN - Betty Berry; Francis Association and Soil Conservation a. m. stanaarct time. Lester, Walter and Robt. Davis. that pursuant to an order of the ~yle North. Service. Commercial booths will Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Krueger, of 361-- Superior Court of Spokane Court- Lte Salmon --- Orpha be shown by Gillenwaters Hard- Randall, Vera McCoy l ware, Knight's Electric, Ross I :to Salmon-~ John G. Biggs Radio and Electric Shop, .. ~ka Hunsaker, Jessie [ Ledbetter's and Bishops Agate Shop Additional space for corn- '" endale---Grace Brat-'mercial exhibits is available and Madden, Jennie Law- will no doubt to. taken up before the end of this week. ndale ~ Sue More- Additional exhibit space has Whitney, Carolyn]been provided under the new i grandstand, which will also house dale--Ve: White- some of the concessions for the Garmire, Maude three-day event. [ Places for each precinct I Sure you enjoy the forests. Help announced next week, keep them green--Be Careful with said. Fire ! tf~ < (IOLDENDALE MEAT CO. L~ 1 i ! save you money- .Why more? We feature h gh quahty / meats for Less C Lid Rolled Picnic Q~ade h BUTTER is nature% masterpiece! To make it pure czeam is churned until the goMen globules of but- ~ex~a gather to ~orm BUTTER. The natural golden- &low color is there! The nmtch[ess cream-rich flavor b tl~re. That's BUTTER as you know it by taste, by looks. As a spread, caolthag aid or flavorin$ iagr~li~a% BUTTE/{ has no ~qual---no couaterpart. Rich ia natural food values--Vitamin A in its natural source, p]tm Vigo- mln D, Vitamin E and other natural ~ood elements. BUTTER~J natural golden-glow . . . bestows& &y ~our p~s of cream i~ ~ery pou~ . . i, your way go ~w~tfy BUTTER . . . your guarantee tha you gee whag yma pay ~---go/d#~b lelitou4 BUTTER. ~ade O C Ocean Silvers, Whole or half ............. lb. 59c For ,Canning LAMB, GENUINE SPRING Lamb STEAKS ........ .lb. $9c Leg o' Lamb ............. lb. 69 Lamb STEW ............ lb. 29c PICNIC HAMS ........... lb. Boneless and Lean HOCKLESS HAMS .... . .lb. Picnic Slyle BEEF ROASTS Steer K~ef .......... lb, aby PORK STEAK .......... lb. 67c PORK CUTLETS ....... lb. 69c PORK HEART .......... lb. 43c BACON . ........... lb. ii iii LUNCH MEAT ..... lb. Assorted Gi:bsoon'sf_H .AMS .......... lb. GARDEN FRESH PRODUCE- FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Local CORN ............... ea 3c Local CANTALOUPE ...... lb. 6c Local TOMATOES ......... lb. 6c Juice ORANGES ........... lb. 7c O I PHONE 1882 Free Delivery "