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September 2, 1948     The Goldendale Sentinel
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September 2, 1948

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AGREEMENT REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED September 2, 1948 THE GOLDENDALE SENTINEL--Goldendale, Washington Page Thirteen BOND TOTALS GIVEN I~|I .... P .... &.. ~__:.. g'~ .... ]l~.,:J_... lllAL,_ g'~__..l__.,--! ~P_|L!shared by most of the occupation wheat matures in June rand thel]~v,~ ]~,,,D~| ~[~T tVing~ bonds purchased by I IT d~U ~.,UUlItY 1" 4:tl[ UVI:~II~ r[lud., , ITII[-~. IkJ/~tVIUl-tl lq:~ll~ ! force She states they are gener- I farms are then planted to rice I L,~ACULII I~lU~DLIL lTig~.~ kitat" county residenis 1r'~1 / . a'~ " a-q-- a'~ r~ " l~r~r a'~ ". Ious almost to a fault, for very[the plants of which look like!lT__'J l~_.--_g;L-- Unted to $12,225 for the per-II~laDorate rrogram .or .our uays ,uz r.,xperlences ioften upon making a purchase,]bunches of little green onions, lYUlU Dq:~lleIlt5 duly 19-31 according to .an- I~-. /. w the jeweler or marchant will also,The fields are then flooded un-t }cement made this week. The I Four full days and three nights] At 8:30 Friday night a three-!Ieacllln~ In JaDan'make a gift of some article. I til .October when the rice cropI h ..... d;n,, , ............... .as.a whole bought $2,276,233 Iof entertainment have beensched-levent professional wrestling show ~ " I According to lvlrs~ ~aymro, lmamres. ~ae sta~es mat the zar-.r,~,y~,~'~ "-~"~-~;~:~-~~- oz ~s during that period. ]~,led:h]syea~v!~]th~W~SCarC~UnnlWr~lLbs~aP~esent~ldrmurfr:d~tct:ntho~] WAHKIACUS -- (Special) -- ~u~Uknn~neSSoan~hers~r~Yttsm af~re]uma~rSd a~:r ~tnhecTcS~n ~a:rapiY.tS~f ]con~t'act~'counsefDr~eterans'r~'l~a~b= -, Y ' " " P 'g ' ~ Mrs Richard Ga lord who . ~, . iilitation council s ecial vocation- l~], FOR .... Tygh Valley, with installation of iThe Dalles Boxing and Wrestling! ... : ...... Y , . .~ ,~dark insofar as the Japanese are I thezr own eats, v~hfle the average i al rehabilitation ~enefits avail arena floodlights and the addition ' commission with PromDter F I~.iw]Ln ~er nusoan~, nasfipenL L.elconcerned' and that Amerzean ]c~ty worker finds it necessary to~ _ ........ , "-" " ': ............. _-I of Labor day to make the show a iBlake in ci~arge Fireworks also'paso ~.ear ~n IzoKyo, Japan, re-lwomen are unfraid to be out j buy much of his food on the black!av.~e.~.~sama veterans, are zor- four-day event. Livestock and are slated for Friclay night, mrneo to ~eatcm ms? week zor alone at any time. She also re-[market at exorbitant prices, i~e~e~,a ~.,tnealV:xte~nn:ieoIU??uc~~ _ ! a two weeks s~ay, and wm reave s ~ .... I P / . " land products d~splays are alsoex Saturday wall be Dufur day .... ~mazked that ,moking has not I ........... ': again on Friday for Tokyo, wnere ........ I Regarding rehg~n, her refer-~veteran ~s entztled, however, to pecked to se~ new zazr records ~duogmg, aemonscratzons ann ........ IDeen taken up by one dapanese ___. ....... .~_. _ ,__ ..... ,~_ :_ ~_:_, ..... ,, ......... ,~ ,_ ...... ~ne iorl~er wanKlaCUS oun wo- IIl~lLIOll Wkl5 LII.~IL ~t ,J~tp~llt2~ UKI-I~LtU~IDLt211~Zt~ ~tllUW~llt~t~D I~LL ~,LY ~: / I The fazr will get underway Frz- showmanshzp contests will keep .... Y . .g ,. :g~rls, except for a certain class ....,~ .... ~.. ~.;.~ /..~.~ .,~,~ i~,~.~ ,,~,~i,~,~ ,,,~+ ..... ,,~i,~ ..... I 'da ....... ;-~- ~--+ " ---~ -"-~ '4 ~ -].,~" ~" ...... ~ .,;.~. ,. ..... ;..'.man ann ner nusbano WH/ llve!.f,ho ar,~ shunn,~d b- o'hers and]="~'" ~"' ~'~ ~'*'"'~ xo.,,~= .... , ............................ 16 ,*..- ..... until June Mrs Gaylord and her w m emperor worship) and Buddhzst, der the G. I. B 1. ]tmue through Monday, Sept. 6, ~the morning, wzth the horse show . . ... ; , .~ i a few older omen who s eke .................... with the most cDmplete program'narade and comnlete nroaram of !szster, ~wrs. wz~lara aweeney and~a ~i~e l an.~ nave pr~m}rzve mymmog~ca~l The runng was based on the ever offered at the-Tygti Valley ilnterclub racing and conte'sts with]three children are at presentvis- ~]hen asked to compare Tokyo I~'~nzhna~.g2~ a,r.t.ahnc ~m~e~.anyicase of a disabled veteran who grounds, to include rodeos and [eight saddle clubs of the region i~mg me~r parents, iv~r. ann ~vzrs. ]with the natural beauty of. Seat- ,:,,%y~.--~s ~-~-s=2,,**, .... L*o-irezusect co deport, zor a. seconq ~~ :horse racing, professional wrest- slated to get underway at 1:15 p.m. ~t~uy ~ong. ]tle, Mrs. Gaylord said Japan is !~_~".n_L~Y:,Zsc.n:~_usmg~,t,cnem~::_~e_'!pnyslcaL exammat~pn w.mcn nan ~~ T ling, public dancing, a colorful;The Dufur Riding club is sponsor- Last Friday evening, neighbors very beautiful and that the scen- I.c~u,se ~ rcq~u-~ a~ u,~cc ~m,g~ been oraere~ zor ozsamn~y rating o oe azscdz~eo purposes ~~~il ,Indian pageant, war dances, fire-iing the event. [Dr Mr. and Mrs. Long were in-~ery and beauty is preserved .and~~ .~ " .... I "_ . ~~ ~ works and a multitude of otheri Rodeo Unde: Lights vited 'to their home to see pic- enhanced by planting, so that ~ommunism ann trade umons, l Additional subsistence and de- J ~Ik ! i~Aftg'~][~]L'* levents. ~ That night the first of threeitures and souvenirs and to hearJfl0wers and shrubs are profuse, ta:e, so far, unpopular in Japanlpendency allowances are based ,~k.P L~. l1Uu~r., ~ F~ida-.x -,.~ids Da-- complete, rodeo, program, with!Mrs. Gaylord tell some of hertShe stated that each httle" home, ],or they are a very industrious ion : the degree of dzsabflity" " suffer- In~.,,t;,. G',,A;,to,~ ,,. i n,~,~,~;,~ a .... ~ ~ ~ .... 1,.;_ professmnal riders, calf ropers and i experiences in Japan. Those pres- lno matter how poorly constructed peopm ao not w]sl). ~o be re- i ed by the individual veteran. It ,, -5~-",~.~ ....... ".'*'~" "" I da=~'~e~'3"~il~'~e"4~_I~'c'lul~an~l Brahma steer riders, will start un- ent were Mr. ,and Mrs. Fred I of scraps of tin, cardboard and istrzcted }n the)r working hours, i has also been ruled that sincethe I[ll commissioner ch~l~lre~s" da,, A(2 *,m~the an- der the lights at 8:30 p.m. .. . I Browning, A. O. Bergron, James[other salvaged materials, has a iIt there ~s. wore clone, mey ]veterans prevzousiy es~ao~snea q~h;,-d rt;~+,.;,,+ ] .... ~ ~';.~, ~',.o~ ,.,~i+ "~,,~ ~o~a Sunday morning at 11 O'CLOCK Browning Mr. and Mrs O V tiny clot sur~-ounding it cover, isee no point m no~ working un- the nee~ tor ~raining, ne mus~ De ............ ~ .......... ~" .............. , .... ' .+ ' ~; ~ i i fi i hid nd accordin ' " " , ]~.m ..... .~ ~.., ,,,~, ................ church serwees will be held at Fellows, Melvzn Fellows, Mr. and ed wzth flowers and shrubs, care- .:* t s n s ~ . a . g,allowed to continue that tram.rag. L lake Your Tax Dollar ~olcal'f~ri~l~n~'an~ot~h~er'e've~ts,"an~i .th%gran.dstand..The Grand Parade Mrs. Albert Randall, Cecile, Pearl fully tended, toMrs. Gayiord are now most ! However:. he wou!d not receive :~ ther and Give = ~l==n i ...... ,~;,~, .,~ .,,;..~o ;.,,h,a;,~, ~, .... , oz zazr nvescoc~: nas been scnect-~and Donna Randall Mrs Harold l The Jaoanese like baseball as l a~xious to marn ~ne ~mer;can/tne aaanzonat atmwances zna~ ...... - ...... ~*~.-.s, ;~. ~.-.~ ............ a ""z~uled for 1"15 p m and will pre-IPreston Mr and Mrs Burt Smith t w-ll as we do but can see little iway of doing things and to speak !would be his if he proved his con- 4%czEfllnlSlrallon ann girls bicycles. "' r ' " " ~ ' t ". " * i .... i ~ cede another, full rodeo p.rogram, land Dr. and Mrs. W .E. Maas and l of interest in boxing. As to Japa- [Enghsh. tmued dssabzhty. to mcmo, e wm)e!an rac-itheir house guest, Clyde Story of]nese music, Mrs. Gaylord foundl~" mg and ~ne zeamre oz the oay, ne i GDldendale. t there is very little true Japanese ,I ~--~ Dalles Derby. Sunday has beenl Mrs. Gaylord, who is a gradu- music, but that it is mostly cop-]1 ~-I = ............ N oes]gna~eo as rne ~alles J3ay. ate of Kliekitat high school and led from the classic or Stateside I l~Ittr~g~q~q~I|lL~II,/,l I .I~ Indzan Pagean2 Sday rf'fi~ ~-~-,.v,L--~. ~_,~,v,~ \~ . .IEllensburg Normal, ]s teachmglpopular music. However, all ofll " | ,o- " _ ! ~" * ''-- ~[(~ } , ~llll~l~~'k I ~ .Most beaut.fful program evenz ;mathem.atics in an American built lthe Japanese orchestras play the}I I ~II I ~ will be theHzawatha r'ageant, tpijunior high school in Tokyo She/American music, and ,currentil ..... De presented m iron, oz ~ne rand n R~-~I I ~It _ I ~_:'~kv ~4~ ........... g ..'~has no Japa ese children in her i American movies and plays arell [','~v t.~t,l~'~o~"f "~I~R~'~y~SlW aq ~o~ stand a~ u ~u aunoay night by zne t d e...J I ] ~ I ' v~ ~] . . .i .... classes bu oes have, besides~occasiDnally seen. She found the IK~o~ ~qt4Fff~t~t,..l| "/O~~N~~E I!~ ,,~,~ ...... ]~ wasco ~rloe zrom warm ~prmgs ~I I I ~: L~ ;%.._ ~/~f -, II/ .......... t American children. Australian, !chants that accompany tradition- I L,~~_ _f__~r ~'~ ~--",x ~ ~-~ agency. ~zf~.y morons in comrzul i Spanish' Russian, Englishand Japanese dramas quite odd. t"------~---~Z~..___-~i""'-~~ g'~ I~--"-V"--'~I costumes Will paruclpa~e ~- lI ,r ;~ other of our former alhes, t Having been an ardent lover of I ~.~*~'~"~/ll / k.L/Ii'~t, ~x "'i ~--2f~/~i~ ~'~/~"') ~/;~.-~~ \~. :~ .... 1 When asked how the cost of!horses in Klickitat county, Mrs ~ ~ II ~ . ? Ii ~ _.- I gch..! l ll| tg iliving compares with that in*Gaylord was happy to find that I! II I "~.-~ ~ "u-z..,~. -.~, ,~ ........... rV I Goldendale, Mrs. Gaylord stated saddle horses are kept for the IH(. ~,~4 :~:~"I!"~ ~ II ~ . I .~ !~,~,,,1,~ DI,,,~,~:,~,~ithat it is .cheaper in Tokyo, .al- t~se of Americans at recreational 14~/~ ~ II/~_ %~i~ II ..- ~ ~'~__.-I a~j~ I.JP~:;~III lllJlllllll~ though Commissary prices are areas. I~~~ J~ IG/Z22~ ~'~ II _T..Z~%~P~P- I ,~l~l ~ // ] ]~., M ....~]r~,,.-, }about the same as those in Seat- When questioned as to the I~~ Ill~-~L~ ~.t~ Ii- ,~_~" ! EI ~:'- f ~ ~ l-Ulr l~l~w ll~[lll fie or Goldendale. Milk :and soap Japanese dress, Mrs. Gaylord ~~L~L~~~ li.~--~ ~l" ~,~ I |. %/ ~ fare two non-existent articles in said most of the Japanese people ~ ~/lt,~'~l~_ __ - ........ .-.~ -~ [/" r]~ . I\ ~\[ Althn,,~h th~ C'.nl~ndal~IJapan, but she stated tha~ in spite now dress as we do, with but a / ~_ ........ ............ 1 f " r~t ~ ~---"~ M ~,~Ie]\\ ~ schools do not start until Se,~tem-If the ack o any kind of soap, very small percent still wearing [ '~~I .~ W~" /.. ~-~IJ,-L/.~ ~.~ ~ ..... ~.:.,~. ~.....~ ~+7.~'^..+~lall Javanese she has seen are kimonas except for formal New I ~ .g/~..'F} i k ~.__..~..,~.._,, ~l~-,~.~p~lJ_ ~ ~u~ ~n.;~,~,~ i,~1~~. .., ~. ~. .................. 1 clean, both as to. their clothes and. Year dress: when many. very | .......... .~.~ ~ "We. alwa. ys take time to be courteous, when "~_'~,~b~ -' On Monda- the hi'*h schoollpersn She sazd even small chll- beautiful kzmonas are still seen k~a ~ you vzszt our modern store You will find, too, ~ ~t Y ~ en alwa " l ' " " " t~ band membersmet withFrankt dr ys ook freshly scrub- These. are very. beautifully emo \"~,.~l~W thathat our. foods, fruzts, and vegetables are al- to,. !, ,,,,,,,.~.-, .~,-~ ~,~ ,,~.~r~Kochalko, new music instructor, !bed. brmdered and hned, and as they ~/~r ways priced reasonably and are of the best lYl WIPi:, Lllk~.~ IO ~i~1:, and made plans for band practices ! ,Re:xtSlareedbased" on pay rate, are very long, are held up around "~,.~.~t.~" quality. THE MONEY'S GOING during the next two weeks at sne p " ,SO mat a soldiers the waist to ankle length with an ELETRI $1tOP Women are like that~but we don't mind. Once we grease your car, you can bank on it that every bearing gets its share of attention. Drive in regularly for ser- vice with a smile at economy prices. CHEVRON STATION at Columbu~ ~ Goldendale, Washington Atlas Tires--Tubes--Batteries FU--LE - WOOP -- PULPWOOD 6% I Impatient football players have'same a ccommqdatmns th~ would 30 in the mornin s family might pay $56 00 for the obi, which is wrapped around and 10: g. " ' is also intricately embroidered. been meeting informally at the leos~ a malor $105. The t~ayloras Silk material, the kind American hnll n~rk for several weeks Every five in a oapanese-built U. S. re- women .are now paying on an ..... i-'- -~'"ut seven o clock wi~l*cGndztmned with Jpanese labor, average of $15 a yard for, is not as popular among Japanese we- find a half-dozen or so hmbermglhouslng prelect similar to Van-men as our rayons and cottons. up for the fall campaign. I POr~- , . An now, Student Body Presi-I-when as~ea whether they use A piece of real American-made dent Harold Wolverton has issued idapanese or ~merzcan money, cotton material is greatly there a call for all students who wish to Mrs..Gaylord stated they use U. ished by the Japanese. work on The Simcoe Pup to meet ls, scrzp at their own military es- Queried as to the Japanese at the high school Tuesday night, tablishments, and buy Japanese method of farmLug, Mrs. Gaylord August 31, at eight o'clock to pre-!yen at the rate of 270 per $1.00 said 'it was very .crude, with t dztzon of the school,a the IY S finance office for use )are the firs e "" - " " tractors and other farm machin- ~,~,~-I,,~.~-~,~4-~,~@4,,~~,4,*~*~4,,~ )er. in the Japanese market, ey almost unknown and farms r school activities are ex- Mrs. Gaylord .has found the confined .to an average of an to get underway in a hur- Japanese people definitely hen- acre of ground or less, awd with Next To Star Theatre PHONE 1811 GOLDENDALE y following the opening of school est and outstandingly courteous most of it not owned outright, md indjcatmns are that the corn- and respectful. This opinion is' but rented. A crop similar to our year will be a busy one. :: "Mom sure Be a "self appointed fire ward- en"--rep0rt v]61ations and help Keep Washington Green. tf-- I II tij LUMBER 40% can pack delicious lunches!" FOR STATE SENATOR !R- .... A R-OI}GERS " A Veteran Of World War 11 i ALL Shy knows that the most important i % thing is to be sure the bread she buys is fresh and tasty. . VOTE FOR . . . That's Why She Always Ins;sts On ActuallY,wood as moretheir thanrow 4,000material.produtSForestsUSe H.W. M a [i-elk ] llal(ll B eel ore vital to our daily life. Because forests can be harvested and repro- REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE FOR It is baked in Goldendale's own bakery and duced-again and again-they are a COUNTY COMMISSIONER rushed tothegrocer... perpetual resource, provided we pro- SECOND DISTRICT HOURS FRESHER! tect them from their greatest enemy, FIRE! Qualified to Give An Efficient and Honest Administration PRIMARY ELECTION SEPTEMBER 14 Buy It... Try It ) ii [