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September 9, 1920     The Goldendale Sentinel
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September 9, 1920

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PAGE EIGHT THE GOLDENDALE SENTINEL THE HOME I ]gWSPAPER THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1920. ' ALLA:CE P..RrD ~'-',~ j ,[j- ..-- MONDAY SEPTEMBER 13 Tom Mix, in one of his VERY BEST PICTURES '`THE CYCLONE" Two Reel Sidespliting Sunshine Co nedy I "ARE MARRIED POLICE SAFE" TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 14 Wallace Reid in a H ger , Racing Picture "EXCUSE MY DUST" Fatty Arbuckle in 'tHE HAYSEED" i l WEDNI SDAY SEPTEMBER 15 William Farnum "LES MISERABLES" Sunshine Comedy :'OUR NEIGHBOR'S KEYHOLE" , , ,' / ! 'IHURSDAY SEPTEMBER 16 Charles Ray in "ALARM CLOCK ANDY" Two Reel Sennett Comedy "SALOME vs. SHENANDOAH"" Friday Sept. The Greatest Picture of the year 'Shipwrecked Among Camb ' Two Reel Semen Comedy SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 18 Doughs Fairbanks in His Latest and Greatest Picture "THE MOLLEYCODDLE" Fatty Arbuckle in "THE GARAGE" too m m m m m m -i mm Is m m m mm m m m m m McKENNEY FOR JUDGlZ, Kelso, Washington, September 2, 1920. To the voters of Cowlltz. Kllckl- tat and Skamania counties: Your attention is called to the fact that a Judge of the Superior Court is to be elected this fall. There are only two candidates whose names will appear upon the Judicial Pri- mary ballot. This means that, in ef- fect, a judge will be elected at the primary election, as the name of only one candidate wilt appear upon the general election ballot. It is unnecessary to call your at- tention to the fact that the selection of a Judge is a very important mat- ter. No personal considerations should influence you In your selec- tion of a candidate. The man best qualified for the office should be chosen. Judge H. E. McKenney has been a resident of Cowlltz almost continu- ously for the past thirty-two years. He began the practice of law in this county. That he has been success- ful is attested by the fact that he ! of the Superior Court for one term,) MIL~ WERE TIED IN KNOTS. and established a record as a compe-[ tent. fair and lmpartl~ judge. has had experience as a laboi'er, a business man, a lawYer and a Judge. No one que~lons his abiligy, honesty or experience. The property and personal rights of every person com- ing into his court will be safe. You may be assured that his ejection will insure an honest and competent ad- ministration of justice. This letter is addressed to you by a voluntary commitee of citizens who have long known Judge MeKenney, and who take this method of assur- ing YOU that you may place full con- fidence and trust in him. Very sincerely yours, McKENNEY CAMPAIGN COMMIT- TEE. TELEPHONE CORD~ FOR~HE MAKINI~. The local Marine Corps Recruiting office at Seattle, Wash., is daily ex- pecting its first allotment of 18,000 fourrageres awarded by the French has a very extensive and varied government to the-men of the Fifth practice. He has for many years and Sixth regiments and the Sixth maintained a high standing in his Machine Gun Battalion which formed profession. He has served as jhdge the Marine Brigade of the famous Second Division. The fourrageres (Paid Advertising) are in the red and green colors of the Croix de Guerre for military units that have been cited two or three ~mes in-the ~neral Orders of the French army, and arrived in Washington a few days ago. Authorization cards for all men Who were with the Marine infantry regiments at l~ileau Woods, Sois- sons and in the Cham.l~gne at, tlons, or with the machine gunners at the two former actions have been pre- pared in.Washington. The distribu- tion to men still in the Marines has already begun: To reach the men who are no longer with the colors the cards for men in this vicinity will be sent direct to the roerulting offices: SEN. ED. T. COMAN The, obJe~ of the~ourrageres, or the telephone cords" or "cigar lighters" as the A. E; F, knew them, to quote the French Army Regula- tions is "to recall in a certain way the glorious feats of certain regi- ments or units that have been cited in army orders," Ix~ the case of those Marines who fell in action the award will be made to their nearest of kin direct by Major John A. Le- Jeune, who not only wan in command of the Second Division at ~$t. Mihiel, the Champagne and the Argonne, but is now ~the Major General Command- ant of the Marine Corps. FOR pJePUBLIOAN NOMINATION FOR Sept. , i ii ' ,i i He iTh/s Is The Way Driske Says They Felt--Thirty Years Trouble Ende& "My muscles actually felt Hke they were tied In knots," said A. T. Drisko, a well-known carpenter of 2421 forty-eighth street, southeast, Portland, Ore.."but I declare, since taking Tanlac I haven't a sign of rheumatism, and I believe I could get out there in the street and push any man tn a foot race. "It was thirty years ago that my troubles started," he continued. "I contt~acted a severe case of pneu- monia and ever since then up to the time 1 got hold of Tanlac I was in miserable health. We were living at Medford, Oxe., and as I thought a change of climate would help me I mover here to Portland, but it did little or no good. I had rheuma- tism so bad that I. could hardly get about and I kept getting worse and worse I had to quit my trade as a carpenter. I had cramps in my arms and legs so that it was lmpoesible for me to get a nigh~t's re~t I had a poor appetite and was gradually losing my strength and energy. I was badly constipated all the t/me and had a tired feeling about me all day long. I was In such a weak. run-down'condition thatfor the past five or six years I had pneumonia every MarCh. "I started taking Tanlac because I saw where it was helping go many peop~ all over the country. And I tell you it has certainly fixed me up fine and I am feeling better and stronger than I have in years. I am never troubled any more with rheu- matism and I. have as good use of my arms and legs as ever. MT ap- petite has come back and as what I eat gives me strength and energy never have that tired feeling any more. My constipated condition has been relieved entirely. I have been built up in every way, sleep like a child every night and when morn- ing comes, I feel as spry as a boy, I am sixty-nine years old but I tell you I don't feel .it, and it's the way a man feels that counts." Ta~lac is ~Id in Goldendale by E. C. Allison, and by the leading drug- gist in every town.---Adv--- FAIB TI~. Automobile Reservation tickets and Season Tickets are on sale at AIltaon's Pharmacy. Be sure that you have your ticket. $7-2t-- Governor Louis F. Hart Confronted with a contest by other candidates for the office of Govern'or, each making an active personal cam- paign throughout the State, I have had to choose between the performance of my duties as Governor or taking the time away from tho e duties in order to make an extensive campaign. Having chosen the former course, I a~n able to go into but a few of the comannnities of tile state and talk personally to the people, and I am obliged, therefore, to resort to the printed appeal. "By their fruits ye shall know ~" m~l it ~ls upon what I have ~e during the year and a half thaL I have been Governor of Washington and during the six years that I was Lieutenant Governor that I solicit the support of the people of this state to continue me in the office of Governor. Called to this office by the sad circ~ of the death of Governor Idster, I entered upon its duties with the promise to the people that I would discharge the duties of chief executive of the state in the interest of the whole people. I have given the best that was in me to fulfill this promise. ~L~tking "efficiency first," the te~t, [ point with pride to the fact that no one has challeng- ed the conduct of the institutions and depart- ments of this State under my control as Gov- ernor. The Republican pary in convention assembled endorsed my administrs~on...The Democratic party in convention assembled refused to find any fault with my conduct of State affairs. This in face of the fact that during this crltical period of our existence as a state and a nation I have been called upon as Governor to meet the most trying problems ever presented to the chief executive of this state. My p~ for the futuro---a~ my conduct of the office in the past has been---- is con- structive, not destructive. In March of this year, I convened the legis- late in extraordinary se~lon to ~mJtify the Woman's Suffrage Amendment, to subm/t to the people Soldier Relief measures, and to pass nec- esary legislation for the maintenance of ~he State's institutions. The wisdom of my exercise of this executive authority and responsibility has been justified by the fact that every recom- mendatlon that I made to the legislature was enacted into law with unanimous p~pular aP- proval and adjournment of a special session had within forty hours after convening. In c~mpliance with the legislat/ve d/reckon I have appointed a commission to relweeentative citizens of the state to investigate the Columbia Riven Basin Project. This commission is now engaged in a thorough detailed investigation (Paid advertisment, Paid for and survey preliminary to the completion of this project, which will mean the bringing under cultivation~ in the state an additional Z,750,000 acres of land, it being one of the moat gigantic - enterprises of the kind ever considered. G M~- experience as Lieutenant Governor and overnor ~ enabled me to formulat~ a pro- gram for the consolidation of numerous depart- ments and commissions of the state government which will not only make for increased effic- iency, but will mean a earing of hundreds of thousands of dollars to the taxpayers of this state. The legislature, at my request, author- ized the Attorney General and myself to pre- pare and present at its next regular session, necessary bills and data to carry my plan into effect. The State Agricultural Commiss/oner has been given and eight months' leave of absence with- out pay, and is investigating without expense~ to the State of Washington the agricultural and irrigation methods and land settlement laws of New ZealanA~ Australia and the Indies. The farmers of this state will be given the full bene- fit of this investigation. The menace to this state ~ Oriental im- migration should be met ~w be/o~ it is too late to preserve this a "white man'S country." I am opposed to Japanese immigration and land ownership or lease. I do not pretend to excinsive q~ for the office of Governor... But I do feel by reason of my service as Lieutenant Governor and Governor 1 am better equipped to Serve the people of this state, tha~ some one who has not had this experience and who lacks the knowledge I have of the state, its institutions and their needs. Cerainly there should be some higher qualification for the office of Governor than a mere desire on the part of some individual to secure it. Obligated to no clique or faction for pro- elect/on favors, I shall continue, if elect~ the same policies that I have pursued during the year and a half that I have been Governor of this state. If you believe that I have made good, I will appreciate your active assistance and votes in my behalf. Very Respectfully, LOUI F. ~overnor of ~tdn~ by Woodm~n Advertising Agency.) : ...... ....