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September 9, 2004     The Goldendale Sentinel
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September 9, 2004

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PAGE 4 SEPTEMBER 9,I ANDREW J. MCNAB- TARTAN PUBLICATIONS, INC, PUBLISHER KAREN HENSLEE. GENERAL MANAGER SAM LOWRY, CO-EDITOR GREG SKINNNER, CO-EDITOR hold your Between now and September 20, a small group of county residents who care enough to tackle it will pore over a huge document: the final environ- mental impact statement for Klickitat County's proposed Energy Overlay Zone (EOZ). The study, released on Friday, is 992 pages long including 342 pages of testimony presented last fall in response to the draft environmental impact statement, followed by 76 pages of response to that testimony. Readers who testified earlier will judge whether or not the county took their input seriously. County officials have said that they did do so; the proof is in the pudding. Many residents, however, still have not grasped that the time for debate is about through. The 992-page document is not really up for discussion. Its business end is: 13 pages of language in Appendices D and E imple- Tenting changes to the county zoning ordinance and comprehensive plan. On Sept. 2o, this language will be up for adoption by the planning com- mission. If the language is adopted, as seems likely, and if residents feel the coun- ty dismissed them or is heading down a path destructive to the county's health and well being, they must know by now that their remaining option is to appeal to the courts. County officials have made no secret of their strong wish to see the zone in place. There is consensus among decision makers and the economical- ly prominent that it is a good thing, for the local economy and even for farms, to make the county attractive to gas-fired power plants and wind turbines. Interestingly, there is also a great deal of agreement among representa- tives from the power industries, both green and not-so-green, that the zone is a progressive idea. Many local residents have expressed grave doubts. Is the EOZ right for your Klickitat County? If no, only speaking with utmost force will do now. Sam Lowry I'm on "Orange Alert" as this is written. That means I'm keeping an eye on my suitcase, watching my backside, and staying away from the Transportation Security Administration. The last time I got on an airplane this country was on blue alert. I was searched every time I turned around. Who knows what they do on orange alert? Tile It all began when a machine printed an "S" in t f~0~my name on ,the boarding pass. Apparently that means "Search, 'Security; .... Shakedown." If Back Forty you get an "S" on your boarding pass you might as i well turn around and go home. The security people x-rayed my luggage, searched my briefcase, and made sure my shoes were empty. I wondered what a terrorist might do in a situation like that. Maybe he would see the "S" on his boarding pass and decide not to fly that day? A terrorist might get out his bottle of"White Out" and obliterate the "S'. Or hand his bombs to his buddy and tell him to bring them back tomorrow. I stood in line with several hundred travelers and wondered why a suicide bomber would need to get on an airplane? He could get most of us right there in the baggage line. Maybe a terrorist would be scared to death of those folks with the x-ray machines and metal-detecting wands? He might see them searching kids and grandmas, and realize he could be next. I was so befuddled by the time I reached my destination, I got lost in the rental car garage. That's where we need some federal employees, giving direc- tions in the rental car garage. I got into my rental car, crossed the tire punchers, and turned right. This put me in the maintenance area. After circling around a few times, and finding no exit that wasn't gated, I stopped to ask directions. I talked to three different people, and none of them knew how to get out of the maintenance area. Two of them thought they did, but their directions wouldn't work. A third man didn't speak much English but admitted he didn't have the slightest idea how to get out of the airport. That surprised me a little. Here we have an airport employee who doesn't know how to get out! I realized later this man might not be an employee. He probably got snared in the maintenance area the same way I did. Someone should report this to the Red Cross. Who knows how many peo- ple are trapped in that airport, or how they are being treated? Maybe they need food and medicine? Finally a man who works for Avis got me out of this mess. He went to a secu- rity gate with me, used his security pass, and I drove away. (You have to won- der about a system that lets everybody in, but requires a pass to get out.) I should have sent this man back to help those other hostages, but I was so glad to get out of there, I didn't even think about it ...... 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POLITICS AS USUAL 0 www.barryscar? LETTERS Re M TH E To the Editor: This concerns all of us: the education of our children. I have had the privilege of teaching in the Goldendale School District for the past 2o years. Teaching is a demanding profession, but a very rewarding one. Our schools are getting better and our kids are learning more, thanks to Terry Bergeson's leadership as superintendent of public instruction. She has spent more than 40 years as an educator helping students achieve the highest aca- demic level they can. Our schools here in Goldendale and across the state are better for the right reasons: caring communities, car- ing school staff, caring administrators, and caring profes- sionals at the state level. Terry Bergeson has to serve a number of constituencies as state superintendent, but her number one priority is kids and what's best for them. That's at the heart of every decision she been a leader in our decade-long effort to create ! uation requirements for student that will ma more meaningful and better connect what learn in school with what they need to know an& successful lives. There is no q leaving school better years ago when she was first elected Terry has worked hard to bring more federal Washington that we have used locally to achievement in key subjects like reading, and science. As a parent and someone who taxes, I like the idea that the system wants to give my child the best and keep education our first priority in the Brian US To the Editor: The Republican Party, Fox News and other media outlets owned by large corporations and wealthy indi- viduals are trying to portray John Kerry as a "flip flop- per" on the issues. However, a little close examination of the facts shows President Bush as the real flip flopper. It was Mr. Bush who in 200o told voters that he would unite the global community; then he proceeded to abandon the Kyoto Accord, the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, and he attacked another sovereign nation with- out the consensus of the world community or the United Nations. He proceeded to tell us that he was against steel tar- iffs, the 911 Commission and the of Homeland Security. Predictably, all these issues as well Here's the biggest flip flop of all: The ing Iraq to find weapons of mass destruction; to "liberate" Iraq; and now, the latest "remove an evil dictator", (no doubt, forces have now captured him!). Bush's latest flip flop is related to the itself. First it was winnable, then now it's winnable again. I just want a president who's a "straight That certainly isn't Mr. Bush. new s Challenges have spun their way into our happy, lazy days of summer. Declared unconstitutional, our much-loved open primary is no longer valid and the new Washington Primary will soon replace it. Last session, the legislature presented Governor Locke with two options to replace our old primary. The first and most desirable, known as the "Modified Blanket Primary," allowed for an open primary similar to what we had. The top-two vote getters would advance to the gen- eral election. The second option, meant to be a backup, was the open primary/private choice option, known as the modified Montana primary. The Governor, with pres- sure from the political parties, vetoed option one, leaving us with option two. Klickitat County citizens have voiced their discontent- ment with our new primary clearly and loudly. Nothing raises the hair on the backs of Washingtonians' necks like tampering with their almost 70 years of enjoying the blan- ket primary. The new primary system has thrown citizens of Washington State fight into the whirlwind phases of CHANGE. We can choose to accept the change, resist or reject it. We can refuse to participate, or just follow along. Those who accept change do not necessarily agree or support it. If you actively choose not to participate in the upcom- ing primary election, you are actively giving your voice to another person who may or may not have the same vot- ing tendencies as yours. Your vote has become the voice of someone you do not even know. You will be voting in the general election on candidates that others have cho- Guest Column sen for you. If you want to Diana Housden, tinue as is, you, the Klickitat County Auditor must start at the grass rootS' racy, "government... There's hope and a bright light awaiting unhappy with the new September primary. Grange-supported Initiative 872, which the 2004 general election ballot, includes the language: '~ais measure proposes a new system primaries for partisan offices. This current practice of permitting voters to vote : didate for any office in primary and without limitation based on party. The two dates with the most votes in the primary general election. Candidates continue to party idating the traditional blanket But there is another big obstacle to voters do not believe that their vote countS do not vote. I, as Klickitat County Auditor, can certifi, your vote is counted as you voted in also feel confident that every County Auditor fy the same in their county. Just think: one vote not voted, voted because voters believed they add up to millions of lost opportunities changed the path of history. Show your reaction to the new primary ing your voice in both the new Initiative 872. Voting is just Setting the record straight on Washington's new Citizens who receive a voter registration hv Tmva Hutchin_q with a certain political form in their mailboxes should only flU it . --,v ,.- . --~" ..... ---- out that voter registratiorJ out and return it if they are not yet regis- washing, ton ~e.Eretar/ The new primary does tered to vote. Or btate s orrtce to: A voter registration form is attached to a brochure Pick one political party for the explaining Washington's new voting rules for the Onlyvote for that party's candidates. September 14 primary. The attached registration form is However, voters' party selections will to encourage citizens who are not registered, to register Documented by the state in any way; with the state and vote September 14. Recorded on any The form has no connection to the new primary rules. Voters' only ebnnection to a Washington's new primary does not require people to lot itself, not by marking any kind of re-register to vote, nor does it require them to register form.