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October 29, 2014     The Goldendale Sentinel
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October 29, 2014

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A4 -- October 29, 2014 GOLDENDALE,' WASHINGTON Lou MARZELES, EDITOR AND PUBLISHER KAREN HENSLEE, PRODUCTION ANDREW CHRISTIANSEN, REPORTERJSPORTS an an1 Here's what we'd like to see in a public notice in this newspaper: "CITY STALWART. The City of Goldendale seeks person with strong moral fiber and visionary leadership, able to hear the words 'I'll get you and your little dog, too' without quaking in terror and turning into an insipid bureaucrat. Must be nine-tenths John Wayne and able to mutter, man's gotta do what a man's gotta do,' unless the person is a woman whereupon she is free to spout some other equally inspiring aphorism. Other nine-tenths (yes, we want someone larger than the sum of his or her parts) must be combina- tion of American patriots from days of yore like Patrick Henry ('Give me liberty or give me death') and George Washington ('Morality is a necessary spring of popular government'). Starting salary: the deep gratitude of a municipality and its people, the in- nate fulfillment arising from following an inner guidance rather than an outer trend." The ad would be to replace Bureaucrat Man (BM), the city's cur- rent quick-as-a-bunny, go-to guy. BM hustled when the mighty city he served called upon him to do nothing, say less, and basically treat the citizens like mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed fertilizer. But thankfully the city realizes it needs someone more dynamic. OK, perhaps this mocking is too harsh. Let's be fair: this town is filled with really good people. Some of them are on the city council. The mayor himself is a perfectly nice guy. The real issue may be simply that our city leaders just don't have enough experience dealing with megatrends emerging from urban vicissitudes, now being visited upon this rural backwater. Who knew we'd have to deal with the likes of implementation of a state initiative at odds with federal law? It doesn't help that we're faced with astonishing stupidity and ineptitude on the issue from a federal administration that leads by the gravitational pull of mass banality. It's a weird thing, this conflict of states' rights versus federal au- thority. The administration wants it both ways: follow our lead, but hey, if you states want to do something wacky like legalize a feder- ally controlled substance, well, gosh, there's nothing we can do. While you're at it, you states can also print your own currency and open embassies to all the other states and other equally foreign powers. The people of Washington--well, more correctly, the urban cen- ters west of the Cascades--voted their own will as superior to fed- eral law. Now that hubris is rolling downhill, a landslide verging on overwhelming Goldendale and its municipal officials. They haven't matched in leadership what proponents of the supremacy of state law possess in the way of sheer in-your-face, what-are-you-going-to- do-about-it arrogance. They're going to need to. Goldendale leadership: take a stand, for crying out loud. Who do you think you are, the federal government? Do something. Get off your inertia and leave a mark of proactivity on the future of this community. CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATORS Norm Johnson U.S. Rep. Jaime 122-C Legislative Bldg. Herrera Beutler P.O. Box 40600 Vancouver Office Olympia, WA 98504-0600 Phone: (360) 696292 (360) 786-7810 Web site: Charles Ross 122-A Legislative Bldg. P.O. Box 40600 U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell Olympia, WA 98504-0600 Phone: (202) 224-3441 (360) 786-7856 cfm/email-maria Curtis King 305 Cherberg Bldg. P.O. Box 40414 Olympia, WA 98504-0414 (360) 786-7626 U.S. Senator Patty Murray Phone: (202) 224-2621 cfm/contactme THE G'OLDENDALE SENTINEL OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER OF KI_ICKITAT COUNTY, WASHINGTON ESTABLISHED 1879 " PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY FROM OFFICES AT 117 W. MAIN o GOLDENDALE, WA 98620 TELEPHONE (509) 773-3777 FAx (509) 773-4737 EMAIL: (NEws, EDITORIAL, LETTERS) INFO@GOLDENDALESENTINEL.COM; OR SENTINELADS@GOLDENDALESENTINEL.COM (ADs, COMMUNITIES, HOMETOWN) THE GOLDENDALE SENTINEL STAFF RACHEL OLP, AD SALES LISA CUNNINGHAM, ADMIN ASSISTANT KARIE ELLIS, CIRCULATION Deadlines: News and Letters: Noon Friday Display Advertising: 5 p.m. Friday Classified Advertising: Noon Monday Legal Notices: 5 p.m. Monday Subscriptions: 1 Year, 2 Years Goldendale Carrier: $32, $52 In Klickitat County: $32, $52 Outside Klickitat County: $42, $75 USPS 2213-6000 WEEKLY. Periodical postage paid at Goldendale Post Office, Goldendale, Wash. 98620. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to The Goldendale Sentinel, 117 W. Main St. Goldendale, WA 98620-9526. ' W-*I:aCSa~*~7~. ETTE FROM THE NITY What's our legacy? To the Editor: As we consider the ramifications of a recreational marijuana store in Goldendale, an important question to ponder and answer is this: "What kind of city do we want to become?" book page) that removed the infor- was finally our turn, it was so over- mation about Mr. Songer choking a whelming with all the people shout- suspect in Clark County ing over the music that we couldn't This is a pattern of behavior that even get our son to look at the cam- the Klickitat residents need to be era. By 7 p.m., the whole event was a aware, mess and we couldn't have been more disappointed. Amanda Richards Next time we will just go to The Lyle Danes. Or, better yet, "What kind of people (Editor's note: While we're talking do we aspire to be?" The decision to about factual accuracy, the web link Amy Fulton Goldendale either welcome or prohibit pot you cited here actually indicates shops in our city will speak volumes something totallydifferent from the Dark day for city about us as a people, statement you made: it was not a fed- Which shall we choose to be? A eral judge that made the ruling; it people who value and protect the was a jury. The factual difference is health, safety and well-being of all significant. As to the edit mentioned: our citizens, or a PeOPle concerned as amply explained at the time, the with personal gratification to the sentence you refer to was deleted be- detriment of our:m0stvulnerable cause your statement said Songer members? Shall we ghoose to be a was known to show excessive force in fearful, pessimistic, "short-sighted Clark County--but there was no ref- people, grasping at the baseless erence to any supporting informa- promise of large revenues, and cow- ering at threats of lawsuit? Or will we be a courageous, optimistic peo- ple of vision who band together to create a community worthy of new members, new businesses, and new opportunities? The choice we make---or rather, the choice our elected officials make on our behalf--will prove the kind of folks we are and what we value most. What kind of people do we as- pire to be? The world shall soon find out. Cheri Harris Goldendale Get facts right To the Editor: In response to Mary Pierce's let- ter to the editor: she mentioned a "fringe group of Republicans" were at the Trout Lake candidate night. In fact, the treasurer, five precinct committee officers (one of whom is running for state legislator), and the secretary were present. That is hardly a fringe group. Ms. Pierce, I have yet to see you at any of our central committee meet- ings,which are open to the public, Republican Women luncheons, or at any of the luncheons or picnics we put on. If you would like to become active in the party, we welcome everyone at our meetings in Dalle- sport. The next KCR meeting will be on Tuesday, Nov. 11 at 6:15 p.m. Regarding Elko, Nev., a federal judge ruled that Mr. Songer violated the First Amendment rights of three women, which to me is signifi- cant. Please read the court docu- ments for yourself: www.lasvegas- sun.corn/news/1997/aug/19/elko- city-employees-settle-lawsuit- against-city And Mr. Marzeles edit- ed my letter (he admitted on a Face- tion, and as it stood, the statement was a purely personal conclusion without corroboration. As such, it was deleted as unsupported specula- tion.) Lame Trunk or Treat To the Editor: My husband and I got our little Hulk all pumped up and ready to go to the downtown Trunk or Treat. We decided the sprinkling rain and windy weather conditions were not enough to keep us in. We got there about 7 p.m. The event was schedule to go until 8 p.m., so we thought we would be OK. There were only two trucks re- maining to Trunk or Treat from, and one was packing up and ignored us. Our two-year-old was so excited to say "Hulk Smash" to the people left on the streets and couldn't be- cause the music was blaring. The last hay ride was unloading, so we bought tickets to go into the haunted house only to find out that it too was already shut down. It was indoors, so there was no reason to close it down early, The only thing left to do was his costume picture. The event crew was getting their picture taken. Peo- ple were acting drunk and being so rowdy that the large camera light got bumped and came crashing onto the six-week-old baby in my front pack. Nobody asked if we were OK; they were only concerned about the light. We were told to give our money to the person at the desk, but the per- son sitting there said they didn't work there. After the group photo was done, they started taking small- er group pictures. We had to get their attention and remind them we were still there waiting. When it To the Editor: The owners of Golden Dispen- saries were seen on the news on Fri- day, Oct. 24, saying that they were not doing anything illegal by open- ing up on saturday, Oct. 25. Yet whet~ we look at federal law, selling of marijuana is illegal. When we look at the city level, there is a moratorium on selling marijua- na, and they do not possess the prop- er license to operate as a business in this city They do have a state license but WAC 314-55-20 (11) makes it clear that a state license doesn't matter if a city has a different rule. So at the federal, the state, and the local level they are doing something illegal. The federal government has decided to remain silent on the issue, the state government has decided it is left in the hands of the city to decide on this issue (as shown by the state AG and recent cases such as from the city of Fife). So that leaves it to the city (our mayor and our city council) to defend their laws. Saturday, Oct. 25 will go down as the day that Goldendale (specifically the city council and mayor) lost its authority to stand up for itself and its laws. On this day we saw as one business was allowed to open, with no city business license and operate as a business with no consequences. We saw as a legal moratorium was ignored by both the business and ul- timately the city that did nothing to stop them from disobeying the law. The city was warned ahead of time that the business was going to open and didn't care what the city thought. The city's response? Si- lence. They were bullied and refused to push back, afraid of the possibili- ty of a lawsuit. I learned a lesson: the next time I don't like a law I just have to yell "I'll sue" loud enough, and I can then do whatever I want. Some have said the pot issue isn't a big deal, that it has been decided and we should just move on. But consider this: the issue was resolved for better or for worse, not through a legal process, but because people broke the law and those we entrust- ed to protect us and uphold those Continued next page J comment on an issue. letters with fictitious signatures, or