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October 31, 2018     The Goldendale Sentinel
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October 31, 2018

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4----OCTOBER 31, 2018 GOLDENDAL~E, WASHINGTON IT We need this This letter is to ask for your support for the EMS levy in Klickitat County that will allow for the continued level of service that Klickitat County Emer- gency Medical Service (KCEMS) District 1 currently provides. KCEMS District 1 is the sole provider ,of ambulance transport in the areas of Klickitat County served by District 1, they provide training to local fire department first responders, and trans- port critically ill patients to higher acu- ity care hospitals. Why do I care, since I live in Skamania County? I've had the opportunity to work in your EMS system as a paramedic for eight months, where I was privileged to work and train with your ambulance providers, KCEMS, and your volunteer agencies. What an outstanding group of people! My family members have required the services of KCEMS multiple times, to be transported from a local hospital to hos- pitals in Portland for specialized medi- cal care. In each instance, the medical care was excellent. The compassion and understanding given to my loved ones during these times made the stressful situations easier to bear. Your support of the EMS levy will allow the ambulance to continue pro- viding 3 ambulances throughout the county, with the possibility of a fourth ambulance. Also, provided in this levy is funding to allow your providers of emer- gency medical care to obtain necessary training to deliver the most current care to you, the tax paying public. I'm asking you to invest your hard- earned dollars in the continued opera- tion of this necessary service, by voting yes on the KCEMS EMS Levy. A yes vote will allow these Emergency Medical Technicians to keep serving you in the future. A no vote endangers everyone, as fund- ing for the current ambulance staffing is not sustainable. William Harryman Stevenson Keep her responding , What 1Qtofnonsense from the person who corrfplMried last week that Rep. Gina Mosbruekernever responds to requests for help! Make me wonder if he isn't on the HaUock campaign staff. From everyone I know who has' inter- acted with Rep. M0sbrucker, and that's several people, my understanding is that she responds with amazing quickness, often the same day. I've never heard any- thing about her being unresponsiveness except from people who support someone who wants her job. I say, keep her in office and keep her responding! Constance Demby Yakima She's done her research There are many candidates and issues to consider for this election. I encourage students and new voters to carefully research their candidates and issues. Ask questions like "What policies/legislation do they propose? Is 'it clear what their specific policies would look like in 'real life'? Who or what (plants, animals, land, air, water) would be directly affected by their proposed policies? Who stands to benefit from the proposed policies? Who would not benefit or would be negatively affected, in terms of their well-being: health, income, safety, opportunity?" How would you find the answers to these questions? Go to the candidate and issue websites. Read the platform statements, Are the ideas or propositions clear about what is being proposed? Can you envision a direct action? Look for deliverables that can be measured. In my review of the candidates, Sasha Bentley clearly stands out as the supe- rior candidate in terms of her well- researched and clearly stated platform which she gleaned from the people of the 14th Legislative District through numer- ous listening sessions and old-fashioned door-knocking. Issues communicated to her include a transparent and efficient government, reforming our state tax sys- tem, clean energy, funding for schools, development of apprenticeships, trades, and on the job training, and ensuring pre-K, after school, and summer pro- grams for low income families. For additional information on her proposals for our economy, education. health care, small business, farmers, agriculture, environment, immigration, criminal justice, public safety, and the Yakama Nation, see www.sashaforstate com/solutions.html. Sasha Bentley has clearly done her research and will represent a broad sec- tion of the communities of the 14th L.D Maria Cuevas Yakima SChool board needs new members With all the excitement over the elec- tion, let's not forget about the secret $200,000 golden handshake our school board decided we could afford to give to former Superintendent Mark Held while teachers sit in chairs held together with duct tape. Remember this the next election cycle, and please consider run- ning for the school board if you think this decision was outrageous. It looks great Marsha Anderson Goldendale The Goldendale Senior Center looks fabulous! What a difference paint can make. Many thanks to the men and women who have been giving the Sen- ior Center a fresh, clean, modern look. It really improves the appearance and atmosphere of Main Street. Have you noticed other businesses and homeowners remodeling, painting, and cleaning up their places? There's a bit of new construction in town, too. Gives us hope that Goldendale can be attractive again. If everyone would do their part to clean up and spruce up their homes, yards and businesses, folks would be THE GOLDENDALE SENTINEL OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER OF KLICKITAT COUNTY WASHINGTON ESTABLISHED 1879, PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY FROM OFFICES AT 117 W. MAIN STREET 'GOLDENDALE WA 98620, TELEPHONE: (509) 773-3777, FAX: (509) 314:4201 ~MAILS: NEWS@GDLDENDALESENTINEL.COM (NEWS, EDITORIAL, OBITUARIES. 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Guaranteed to make people smile! Mark and Cheri Harris .Goldendale Give them what they need There are three first responder organ- izations that are regularly used in Klick- itat county: Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS). The EMS first responders are the ones that directly impact our lives. In fact, they are typi- cally called more than the others. At any time day or night, calling 911 will dispatch EMS to help you or a member of your family having any physical prob- lem or illness. While I'm sure you support all first responders, you expect EMS to have excellent training, modern equipment, and ambulances that are functional to transport your family member to a hos- pital if needed. In addition, you want the EMS first responder to be paid a salary that attracts and keeps good people serv- ing our county's needs 24/7. That is why I'm voting yes on Emer- gency Medical Services District No. 1, which will replace the current tax levy which will expire this year. Please join me in supporting these most essential first responders. Morris Miller White Salmon An outright lie Carolyn Long is stating on her new commercials that she's hosted town halls from Goldendale to other communities in the state. That is a plain, fiat-out lie. She'did not host a town hall here. She was invited for a candidates night. What gall she has to say she hosted the event, in a commercial even. I am disgusted with the lies of all these Demo- cratic candidates. Vote for truth. Vote Republican. quality built into our system from wl ich women must be set free. LeRoy Schoot Goldendale Vote for a livable climate Yup, our droughts, wildfires, hurri- canes, and other climate effects have intensified even faster than scientists predicted. Climate change deniers have retreated to "the climate has always been changing--humans aren't causing it." But in court, Chevron and other oil companies recently agreed with scien- tists burning fossil fuels causes major, damaging climate change. Blame people using our products, not oil companies. Now they say that clean energy is unaffordable. But building a new wind or solar farm is often cheaper than operating an existing coal plant. Elec- tric vehicles are way cheaper to fuel and maintain. Prices of all clean energy products keep dropping. We know the problem and we know how to fix it, but there's insufficient political will to do what's necessary: aggressive policies that quickly ramp up clean energy and transportation. Until 2009, both parties recognized cli- mate change as a serious problem. Then dark money flooded in, and Republicans lost all motivation to address climate change. Almost no Republican candidates (state or federal) advocate climate- friendly policies. For the sake of our children and grandchildren, consider who you vote for. Eric Strid White Salmon Melody Wagoner Goldendale Remember the inequity My formation as a thinking, feeling human is traceable to the mother and grandmother who raised me. They were strong, competent, loving, demanding, and worthy of respect: Oh, yes there were loving supportive males in my life A great slate I am proud of the fact that in Klickitat County we have a slate of Republican candidates that have not had to resort to lies, slander, innuendo or half truths about their opponents. Susan Hutcheson is looking forward to getting positive and impactive things done in the U.S. Senate with her con- servative values and ability to work with everyone. Jamie Herrera.Beutler is including an Uncle and later a step-father personally responsible for keeping Life whose kindness I never frilly app :eciated . Flight the Dallesport Airport. Gina till long after I grew up. " Mdsbrlicker has the't'espect of both Dem- I am on the threshold of my ninth ocrats and Republicans in Olympia that decade on this planet. As son, brother, has allowed her to get many of her bills husband, father, grand-father and great passed through and on the books. Chris grandfather, I will take this moment to Corry has made every opportunity he share my beliefs about why we must as- could to take make himself available sure the equality of women in our deci- sion making at every level. The one most important takeaway from my growing up experience is that women are stronger, much less likely to be frightened by a passing squall, more resilient, and more able to survive in environs of intolerable powerlessness. So the fable about the male somehow being genetically destined to be the "head" of anything is no more than that: a fable imposed on us by a system predi- cated upon male domination. Even to the point of becoming, somehow, the "Word of God." Oh, my! This .election must be determined by women who have the courage to assert their dignity as human beings, whowill be able to step up and claim that position in society they were always in-tended to have. To those who feel this issue of gender fairness has been resolved, I would remind you of the Kavanaugh hearings and the way the white males on that panel and their political bosses attempted to marginalize not only the dignity but also the humanity of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. While I believe women are able to do this on their own, I also have the hope that the vast majority of males also know, understand, and support the necessity for our society to recognize women as full partners, in all respects, at all levels of living together as a society. So when you mark your ballots, look across the table at the person who shares your life and remember the basic ine- to his constituency, especially through parades and local events. He has the energy to work against all the oppressive taxes and fees legislated and endorsed by the current majority Democrats. These four candidates look to help the citizens of Klickitat at the state and fed- eral level bystopping increased taxation and laws instituted by the Democrats that have and will harm our well-being by reducing our available income and rights to live freely. Bob Songer has done an excellent job in initiating a neighborhood watch pro- gram throughout Klickitat County sup- ported by a volunteer Sheriff's Posse: This program helps make small com- munities safer for everyone, especially our children. David Sauter continually works to maintain a balanced budget for Klickitat County, and he proactively advances the interests and needs of the county bygetting new business tb the area. What a great team to have elected office! We need to get out and ote and ensure that our voice in Klickitat County is heard in Olympia. Each of these Repub- lican candidates will move forward for the betterment of our county. It is most important to vote for those who will truly look to uphold our constitutional rights, especially the 2nd Amendment. Therese Leon Dallesport Deadlines: News and letters: Noon Monday Display Advertising: 5 p.m. Friday Classified Advertising: Noon Monday Legal Notices: 5 p.m. Friday Subscriptions: Goldendale Carrier:. 1 Year: $40. 2 Years: $60 3 Year's: $90 Same prices within Klickitat County. Outside K/ickitat County:. $70, $90. $120 Add $1 to print and get an online subscription. USPS 2213-6000 WEEKLY. Periodical ostage paid at Goldendale Post Office, Goldendale, WA 98620. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to The Goldendale Sentinel, 117 W. Main Street, Golden- dale, WA 98620-9526.