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October 31, 2018     The Goldendale Sentinel
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October 31, 2018

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12----OCTOBER 31, 2018 GOLDENDALE, WASHINGTON Puzzle Page not only lonesome but a true test of wills. lab Johnston, Collection Manager Fort Vancouver Regional Library District You can email Jan at For some reason lighthouses have been on my mind lately. It might have something to do with watching spooky old movies on cable television. I can't recall a specific lighthouse-related scene, but I think it's the fog's fault. Almost every horror film from the 1930s and 1940s uses fogto heighten the tension; and since my mind has a habit of connecting certain things with other certain things, I see the fog on the screen and my brain gifts me with images of ocean waves, stormy nights, rocky coasts and you guessed it, lighthouses. I try to imagine what it must have been like to be a lighthouse keeper back when lighthouses were the primary navigational aid for mariners. If you didn't keep up with trimming the wicks, winding the clockworks and polishing the lenses among other important task, the lighthouse wouldn't work properly which could be disastrous for ships and their crews.]here was no turning to a GPS to avoid crashing against the shore - a bright light and the sound of a foghorn were the only signals to guide seafarers away from potential hazards. In honor of lighthouses and their keepers, here is a list of material available through the library ~eir heyday may be long gone, but their presence is still felt. =Brilliant Beacons: A History of the Amedcan UgtflJIouse" by Eric Jay 9olln. Shining a light on American lighthouses, "Brilliant Beacons" takes readers on a coast-to-coast journey =from New England to the Gulf of Mexico, the Great Lakes, the Pacific coast all the way to Alaska." ' "How Does a gghthouse Work?" by Roman Belyaev. Growing up in the Southwest, I didn't have easy access to lighthouses. And honestly, I didn't give them much thought. But it would have been a completely different story if my roots had been planted in the Northwest. Give youngsters a head start on how a lighthouse works by having them read Roman Belyaev's introduction to lighthouse principles. ."Lighthouse: An Illuminating History of the World's Coastal Sentinels" by R. G. Grant. Building a lighthouse is no easy task even in modern times. Go back two or three hundred years, and building a lighthouse truly was an engineering marvel.To learn more about the golden era of these coastal beacons, check out R. G. Grant's fascinating chronicle. Filled with incredible stories, archival blueprints, and vintage photographs, this book is - in one word - illuminating. ."Lighthouses of the Pacific Coast: Your Guide to the Ughthouses of California, Oregon, and Washington" by Randy Lefflngwell. A discovery guide to the sentinels of the Pacific Coast. Learn about their development, the role of women keepers and much more in this beautiful tribute to the guideposts of the briny deep. , "Miss Colfax's Light" byAim~e M, Bissonette. A picture book biography of Harriet Colfax, the lighthouse keeper for the Michigan City Ughthouse off Lake Michigan from 1861 - 1904. Excerpts from a log that she kept are included in this engaging read. "Operation Ughthouse Rescue" [DVD] disbibuted by PBS. Ughthouses around the world are showing their age. One National Historic Landmark, the Gay Head Lighthouse located on Martha's Vineyard, was very close to toppling into the sea. Fortunately, engineers were able to move the structure inland, and in May 2019, public tours will resume.To see how this lighthouse was saved from the brink of dfsaster, check out this Nova episode which originally aired in 2016. ."TIIlamook Rock Ughthouse: History and Tales of Terrible Tlily" by Brian D. Ratty. , Get to know more about one of our region's most famous lighthouses. Did you know that the Tillamook Rock Lighthouse was "classed as one of the three most isolated stations of the [United States] Lighthouse Service?" Remote, battered by pounding storms and without any way to call for help, duty at Terrible Tilly was New at the Library RCTION "Christmas Cake Murder" by Jeanne Fluke. "Dracul" by Dacre Stoker. "Shell Game" by Sara Paretsky. NDNRCTION "Betty Ford: First Lady, Women's Advocate, Survivor Trailblazer" by Usa icCubbin. "Weaving on a Uttle Loom: Techniques, Patterns, and Projects for Beginners: by Fiona Daly. "Writer's Digest Guide to Magazine Article Writing" by Kerrie Flanagan. CHILDREN "Finding Langston" by Lesa Cline-Ransome. "MissTud'e's Magic Creatures" by Joy Keller. =Ranger Rick Kids' Guide to Hiking: AIIYou Need to Know about Having Fun While Hiking" by Helen Olsson. This Is Just a small sampling of the many new titles added each week to the Fort Vancouver Regional Ubrory District collect/on. Visit the district's 15 locations, our webslte at, or call (360) 906-5000 to reserve t/ties or find additional listings. Earlier in the month I went to visit Grandma Gay. She said, '%'ou don't put desserts:in your column. Why is that?" I didn't have an answer and dec ded if Grandma Gay thinks I should offer a dessert recipe then I need to get on it. She sent me home with boxes of apples because she knew I want to make apple sauce to use instead of oil in my baked goods. So I decided to find a frugal type recipe that wouldn't be hard to make with a preference for apple sauce as an ingredient. Looking through old recipe books (before children I read novels, now ) I came across some recipes for "stack cakes." One called itself a pioneer wedding cake; guests brought thin layers of cake as their wedding gifts and the cake was assembled at the ceremony using apple sauce as the filling. Other stack cake recipes use jam or fruits as layering agents, and all called for six to eight cake pans only partially filled then baked for 15 to 20 minutes. I thought to my self, "Self, that sounds like a baked pancake to me. Wouldn't it be easier to make pancakes then layer them with apple sauce and top with whipping cream or vanilla yogurt?"Then Uncle Larry called and I remembered the crepes we used to make. Our chickens are producing; eggs are available; crepes it will be. So here's the dessert. So easy it doesn't require an oven. If your family has a favorite pancake recipe, there's no reason pancakes wouldn't work just as well! Cooked Apple Sauce 4-8 apples pealed and cored ~ 1/4 to 1 cup brown sugar (optional) Water as needed Spices (optional) Peel and core apples, put them in a small crock pot or a sauce pan. Simmer until the apples fall apart adding water as needed. Mix in sugar and spices to taste for filling. Crepes 3 eggs 3/4 cup flour,1/2 cup milk 1/2 tsp salt 1/2 cup water,3 TBS. melted butter or olive oil Mix eggs, milk, water and oil: Add flour and salt and beat until well blended. If the batter is left to set for a few hours, even over night, the batter will be less lumpy, more uniform, easier to swirl in the skillet, and errant egg shells will settle on the bottom and don't have to become part of the crepe. Heat a skillet brushed with oil until a drop of water splashed in it sizzles. Then pour in just enough batter to cover the bottom of the pan. (about 3 TBS. for a 6 inch skillet) "Sp the pan with the handle, swirling until the batter is distributed. This has to be done rather quickly in order to spread out the batter before it stiffens up in the heat. Cook until the top of the crepe is just dry, then flip the crepe and brown the other side. To Assemble A No Bake Crepe Applesauce Cake ' . On a plate large enough to hold the crepes start making layers. First a crepe then a thin layer of apple sauce, repeat, repe&t; repeat until the cake is as tall as you'd like, or you run out of crepes or apple sauce. Cover and stick in the fridge overnight so the sauce seeps into the crepes Top with whipping cream or vanilla yogurt if you have it or just top with the last of the apple sauce Cut into wedges and serve. Choices: any fruit, jam, fruit butter, pudding, frosting will work as filling between the crepes. Pancakes will work. Baked cakes cut crosswise into thin layers work. Let your imagination be your guide. If you have feed back for this column, please email me at mykitchenstrategies@ By Merek IN MEMORIUM OF MEREK Figure out the enciphered letters to reveal this week's quote. Here's how the puzzle works: JXBKGQKNBG is GOLDENDALE One letter represents another, Here B replaces the two Us, Ks are the two D's and G stands in for the E's. One-letter words, letter frequency, apostrophes, punctuation and word patterns are all clues. The cipher key will be different for every puzzle. OVIFQHK PHVAPD NQF VHAK, NQF CUDOVIFQHK RED CQAR CVIK TEFUKHAK. -XEQIKHAK B. TKFKI The answer is in the next paper. ' (Hifit: P represents K) Last week's answer: MONEY CAN'T BUY LOVE, BUT IT IMPROVES YOUR BARGAINING POSITION. -CHRISTOPHER MARLOWE i ACROSS Like Sentinel on Facebook SUDOKU The support you need to find quality SENIOR LIVING SOLUTIONS A Place for Morn has helped over one million families find senior living solutions that meet their unique needs. l) Celebrity haunt of the43) Go around and around Rockies 44) Went about aimlessly 6) Mountain peaks 45) "Do not open til " 10) Drained of color 47) Gullets 14) Sparkly stone 48) Santa's reindeer, sans 15) Ready for publication Rudolph 16) Homecoming visitor, for 53) Like some indic films short 56) Revered threesome 17) Nintendo 3DS, for one58) Not as knotty 20) Passionate states 63) Etsy offering, sometimes 2 l) Arrogance 66) Pointless Olympic event? 22) Dictionary subject 67) Kent's beloved 25) Smart-mouthed 68) Coin of Pakistan 26) "No" voter 69) NL Central team 30) Head-and-shoulders 70) Dermatological diagnosis, sculpture perhaps 32) Friendly disposition 7 I) Baseball card data 35) "Into the Wild" setting 41) Have no need for negotiations 7 5 3 8 9 2 8 8 9 7 1 5 @ Stat=I oint Media Fill in the blank squares in the grid, making sure that every row, column and 3-by-3 box includes all digits I through 9. m n .-.--- DOWN I1) Turkish honorific 2) Brown meat 3) Diminutive lake 4) Taro root 5) Jacket named for an Indian leader 6) Aviv 7) Not even 8) Forty-niner's quest 9) Greek portico l 0) Pre-marathon staple 1 I) "A Lesson from " 12) Whoppers 13) Manicuring material ! 8) Driving-exam curve 19) Xi preceders 23) Not incompetent 24) 1990-91 hostilities 26) Culture medium gelatin (Fugard drama) 27) Cape Canaveral cancellation 28) Civil wrong 29) Mental gemq 31) Mountain lake 33) Soaking 34) Goat seen on treks 36) Escorted 37) "May I have your attention?" 38) Gilbert of TV 39) Had down cold 40) Annexes 42) Kiln , 46) Seaman s Help! 48) "None of the above". 49i myrtle 50) With prongs " e" settln 51) .Aliv " g 52) Lacking in brightness 54) Meet, in poker 55) Bawls loudly 57) Rash treatment 59) Serve as an usher 60) Mozart's Trojan princess 61) Once, in the past 62) Some shaggy rugs 64) Coast Guard officer below It. 65) Boeing 747, e.g. Free Daily Crosswords Copyright Edited by Timothy Parker