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November 7, 1935     The Goldendale Sentinel
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November 7, 1935

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MALLTOWNPAPERS, INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. " SUBJECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTIO'N, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. NOVEMBER 7, 1935 THE GOLDENDALE SENTINEL---The Home Newspaper PAds - department in our federation plan. i fare. and Mrs. Carl Pearson, also of I 1 inch thick. Lay these slices clo~- Mr. and Mrs, W. A. Robertson and, shopping and attended a show in The Dist. Federation of Women's Clubs A.y and all stud," is Education, and ,Trout Lake, is named a member of ;ly together in a greased baking pan. Mrs. Cecil Allen were shopping in Dalles Saturday. a]! our club effort is primarily for the committee of Home Econom|cs'l'our over the sauce and bake in a lGoldendale Wednesday. Mrs. Ed Shultz has been on the tl~ Art,iclem Submitted by M~ the betterment of tl~e American~ Training for the American Home de-moderate oven (350 to 400 degrees) Mr and Mrs Hilmer Erickson D sick list the past week ~ HemaL" Further she continues w'ith!partment. And last in the same de-i for 25 to 30 minutes. Remove the{Glo;er and the Misses Andrews and i" ~a, ~,a ,~ ~ ~ "~,,, ...... ~l~I;',~l~,,-,~*~,~,, I~--'--'----~-- v" ~.-~'~....'7~_,e~ ~ ins cover rage sno,~s ~ ........... t,,~u-~ v,~ her most effective_ point of all, "It partment Miss Elyse crecelius~ Lvie, trolls. . from the oven and serve hot' Wolls~ attended the teachers Institute I-1,,,"~'~t-~"~.."~'~ ~ o,.,.w,--~ -- -,,~ ~,,.~"'~,~,,,,~ -,,,~---,~.u~:'~':'~" #r~ ~'"''~ u. --. ,,. -- - -- "- ~" ...... ' ,-,ark tm.~ b~en ~id that club work takes has been made chairman of Gerdensl~tth coffee crees. Iwhlchwasheld InVancouver last! ~,, ................... ,- .... ~,,~a ~OUnI /rainier ~TdLtlOllal IT - ~ ~tll-, ~LI|II *~0LVS, ~IVI~ JOIIH Vl~.~'*~ oint Program . . a woman out of her home but theunder the division of Spiritual Edu-! SAUC~ Tweak }rtend~ in Gel,I,~,,a,~'- ~h,.a~= ~v.~ = "'~ " Mrs Ouoidbach's musical composl- , .... : ., " ~ .......... ,~~,,~..,.,~j. " '~ club can also sehd ner back to her, carton. tions are well known among her ......... I 2-3 cup sugar I Mrs. Mary. Hlrtler ia visiting her! Mr. and Mrs. Elwln Coop, of Cu- e. Villiams, newly elected friends, although this is the first one nonie toe setter wits, mother or The state has recognizedthe worthI 2 tablespoons cornstarch Ibrotber, Max Krauspe and wife for l lnas, visited relatives over the ~eek- ~t of the National Federation, .~,^ ~.~ ~oa ,~nhl|~h~d Mr~ Miles homemaker as a result oi rmueauon, of these many one women Dy naming i 1-8 teaspoon salt {a few days. -I end .i . r _ ~,,~ ....... v ................... for the Betterment of the Amerioen them for these committees L~t us' 1- " Mness and Professional X~om lhas gained e. reputation as a writer .. . I ~. . " ~ I 8 teaspoon cinnamon I Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Raney werel Mrs. Betty Matthew, s and d~ugh- J " ............... In looking through the section of~ " ] I the vacation in Vancouver I J.D. Gross, f Port , relieved ~enrity for women in their peal- 2VllO-LOlUn11}la JL/IStrlC~ reoera- the October Bulletin we find the ! Blend the sugar with the corn-I Earl Hawkins went to Cooks E. E. Hopkins on first trick Saturday ~reater regards for their labor I f{~n ~f Wnm~ll'~ flubs News ~, n , ,,,. Istarch, salt, and spices. GraduallYIThursda,, and Sunday bn for living when retirement .............. names of man)" of our active club i ln e 00k WInS ladd the boiling water, stirring con-I Rober;" Krauspe was a Wishram! Miss Hattie Mac Johnston, of been reached, an economic {" ~ Press , women in Mld-(:olumbia district. In I o I stantly. Continue stirring and cook~ visitor Thursday.I Washougal visited Mr. and Mrs. that will enable women to in- . t~e~ t the officers division second to the PPI7@. N~ A[I~I@ ~#tfqn~luntil the sauce is smooth and thlckl The cold spell froze all the fall!S. G. Yoder Saturday and Sunday. I~t,- ~,,~nh,~ ,~r"in"s '" ~.,m [ Says Mrs. botzgesell, state federa-i top we find that of Mrs. G. F. Nells, ' .... v ...."1~1~'~" "''"i~V / (5 minutes) Remove from tt'e sloe- ............. I .......... ,_ ~. ~_ ..... a .... .......v .... ,~ ~ s "" -'~'l 1 the { ........ } " u = Ii0wers. Tfll~ IS the earll~S~cola / ~rtnur Dlivls, ot t-ort, l~tlU, atl sur- e om from lion president in her message n {~-{icK~tat fir.~t v~ce prestuent And and add the butter safety, and treed { " { , s . ] I spell In years, i ing to Wlshram. He Is an S. P. & atria"~---- ~" -'---- the wa~ [ October issue of the state Bulletin { in a new list just introduced this | ' ...................... tlul[ ~ll ~I~S i. " ..... ] - -- { Mr anti Mrs t; u ltamey anti ~ line man mr Davis WUl live Ill ,, "a,,~,,~.,.~+,,,,., , .... ",,,~*v,~ ,.{"We didn't anticipate ten years agolyear is the name of Mrs. P. H. Col-'~ Notice was receive(] tnm weekI t~,~ T T% 'Mrr,.f%..,.l'l~.,~N L.... ~.~nwt,, Mri "l~tllnn:~ hnma I'~t't:;';3vane;n?no~'3n'l;thelwhat we have in the world today, ilins, Ooldendale, Mid-Columbia dis-lthat M~: Florence Bartboiom w. IYouno Wishram C0unle {I'T+h'JDal'I3S%7'];;-- ........ ""!' rsqY'SS-qZ;oh and LilUa. of women, but those of men } nor do we know what the future will I trict president. A commltte, e member! Dln geJ}, .w a~n., has Dean awaraeo a ] ,~ r ] Mrs. Warren Coleman and young I went to Portland Sunday afternoon ill ~ ' is Williams bring but through education we can for the Reciprocity Bureau is Mrs certmcate ot recipe endorsement by 1 o n hr dren as -ell,' M s , I "{B r " mes & G " . Wa~ ~I~ e~ ~,,4,,ma~,, daughter returned home from Port- n umber t ee. ..........~I~md~v~hi~,. ......... nf sann0 women train our minds to be flexible andlH. McGowan, Lyle In the Depart-1 ette r~o aruen magazmeI ~u II%JI~ UI! O~t~|U~[~ land Frlday .... I Mr and Mrs R Sandstrom, of smi-,~ ~ ~h,~v do hundreds of meet the situations as they come.~ sent of American Citizenship Mxs !for her recipe, Tasty Apple Roll-I ..................... p,~*t~na ~,ioi+~ t,- ---~ ~,~- ~,' "~" .... ~ ' " "! " ...... i -. ..... ,, { ~'drs. /~ee zmrunuaKe returnt~u UOlnei--..--.-.--,, -.,,.tt~,a {vii. aug ~vHn. x. ~. ~i(ns is a tremendous chal- We, as a nation, are just emerging C. W. Ramsey. Goldendale, is nemedlUPs- ilnm eeru!:scate: w:nlcn 2rings . ]Friday morning from a two monthslWebber Saturday and Sunday. I feelgrea ly en ouragede g o v r e by from a critical crisis and it Is our on the dlvislon of Citizenship Train-~nattonai recogntuon to mrs. t~artn- Wishram---Randall Rohertson and ]visit In Minnesota I Park Thomas, of South Band, of support twhichChave come Doris John were married In Gold-{ Mrs F L Webber visited relatives!Indiana, is visiting her sister. Mrs. state, endale Friday afternoon by Justice *In Spokane for a few days last week E. Chrlstean. ~ant to emphasize that women Hyars. Mr. and Mrs. Philipe of theI Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Hopkins went IT Miss Lavelle McGarth, who has wish to supplant men in our Satus were their witne~ea. The to Banks, Oregon, Saturd~ty to spend been confined to her home for see- political, and economic life, i young people have lived in Wish- a couple of days with their children eral days met with a bad cold. is at do we wish to be sup- ram many years. Doris Is the daugh- Miss Helen 9arsfield of Vancouve~ her Work again in the post office. by men. become the self-rellant people we lMrs. Roy Southmeyd, Klickltat, Ini TASTY APPLE ROLLUPS tar of Mr. and Mrs. O. E. John and visited friends during the vacation. Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Mootheart greatly desire to develop a'~ have been in the past. The better I the division of IAbrary Service, andl Make a regular baking powder Randall is the son of Mrs. Dora Wil- Mrs. Dora Wilson and Mrs. W. A. went to Portland Monday. and e philosophy which' American home is the one founded on i. Mrs. Edward Abeling. Goldendale, in I biscuit mixture (2 cups) adding son. Both families are pioneer tam- Robertson went to Go]dendale Fri- Mrs. C. T. Nelson went to Van- us to work side by side such self-rellence and independence i the Motion Picture division. Miss 1-3 cup sugar to the dry ingredients. {lies nf Kllckitat County. Their day to witness the marriage of Mrs. couver Monday. and to join hands with'and the sooner we can help to ac-ILaura J. Soper, Lyle, appears asIcontinue as for biscuits. Place on a many friends wish them all Joy and Wilson's son. . Mrs. J. B. hantry went to Port- complish the return of them the i chairmen of the committee on Amer- floured surface, roll to 1-4 inch in happiness in their wedded Ills. The Valoris Clark was a Vancouver land Monday afternoon. working out eat effective sooner will real recovery be a real-lican Music in the Fine Arts depart- thickness and butter generously. ~,oung couple will live at an Auto visitor Friday and Saturday. C.M. Clark and 3. A. Abney Were Camp about f|fteen miles from Gold- Mrs. J. R. Brewster, of Redmond, in Portland on ~business Monday. Working Women's endale on the Satus highway where spent Saturday in Wishram visiting the groom is employed, friends. The Brewsters are moving Senator end Doctor Royal (3. Cope- P~blem~ epart- Mr. and Mrs. John Barr (nee to Lyle where Mr. Brewster has bid land is quoted as stating that Con- Trout Oladys Mootheart) have a fine baby in third trick, gress is too tired to think. Dr. Cope- Welf. boy. The Barrs live tn Portland. Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Robertson and land thus maintains his reputation Berr formerly lived in Wishram. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Tonseth were for politeness. Federation, through its presi- O. Williams, has accepted on the advisory com- et the Women's Bureau of the States Department of Labor the Bureau ~bring about a understanding of the work- problems of today. The is asking certain national to be represented on .COmmittee. The Bureau believes shifting economic condi- ~eke necessary a more general of the part women and must play in the development of the nation. all women's organizations in !United States the National Fed- should be particularly sue- in work of this sort, Miss said. "We have a 'Ten II III Hill SUCH IS LIFE ~, cttst.t~ $~ PICMI( BOBBY THATCHER--"The Deed Is Done[" Objective' aimed at making { 0,000 members fit to assume { ship in thinking on economic !ms." i~ h the theme of this year's pro- It decided upon, that of "Women for Effective Democracy" busl- it and professional women's clubs tl~e state federation are marshal- i their forces for resumption of Itructive activities. ~Lhering to the policy of the Na- Federation, the members of t~tate group will seek a greeter ~l~lne representation tn politics tn civic and community life. The of the state will also play a in the Federatton's act|el- its educational program. will seek for an axle- education for boys end girls ~hasts will be given to the rural ~by means of a vocational guid- ~ program. assist clubs in the state in their year's program, dis- conferences were held in differ- Lparts of the state. The confer- were held under the direction leadership of Mrs. Gay Quoid- ~t~ I, ongvtew. Miss Evangeline ~0 , Seattle, State Federation presi- ~t, was the main speaker. ~erving with Miss Start as officers the State Federation this year are: ~. ~ty Quotdbach, Longvtew, first le~ president- Mrs. Aurvilla Green, ~rdeen, second vice president; Mrs. Spike Olympia_, secretary; and Rachel D Seibert, Everett, ~i~urer. [)~rs. Gay Quotdbach, prominent b woman of the state and first ~, is not only a leadesrh w~n omen's [~ activities, but also ts a com- ber. ~ail to Washington" is a new song written by Mrs. Quoldbach ~lt words by Mrs. Corrinne Miles, of Longvtew, Just off the press. is a catchy tune, Is a swinging ~h rhythm and is particularly tO grOUp singing. Mrs. Quoldbach ~nd Mrs. Miles, ~h active tn business and profes-I "V~al women s circles, Introduced I song at the ~ganigation's ha-{ 1 convention In Seattle last ~lly. It met with instant success, I 1~1 because many visiting delegatesI ~l~ested copies, the authors, dec|d-I ~1 to have it published, j FINNEY OF THE FORCE MAI B~ Ted O'LoqlMtI "fez A .o W T.iSl4( t' At4' l>t l ' F'eR I GEORGE STORM I~t wAM PLACE--- MeBB~ IT'S RIED "t'I~EA~L{R~ ~'~7. BI~ AFT si