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November 8, 1928     The Goldendale Sentinel
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November 8, 1928

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USE SUBJECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. PAGB TWO I - ,J quali --always at a saving Goldendale- Washington THE GOLDENDALE SENTINEL--TH.E HOME NEWSPAPER planning to go. There will 'be no school that afternoon which will make it more convenient for those who wish to go. A I'][ELPFU~ Mr. and Mrs. Bacher, their son STC~.F~ Edward, and M,r. and Miss Shelton, PAY LESS~ will make a trip to Portland Satur- day, to see a football game between GET ]t4OglKI the Washington State College and Every Little Girl I Invited to This Show On Friday Afternoon the University of California. ()no of1 our ex-graduates, Porter bainhart, I will play in the Washington game so we are sure that it will be very ill- teresting and worth seeing, l This Wednesday, Thursday and I Friday, November 7, 8, 9, will be i held the fiftieth annual Klickitat County Teachers' Institute. This will be held at Goldendale and a large attendance is expected--probably close to one hundred and fifty. All of the Goldendale public schools will be closed during these days as well as all of the other schools in the county. November Ilth is Armistice Day, which is on Sunday this year, so will be celebrated on Monday instead. The Goldendale schools will have one hour program Monday morning from 9 to 10 o'clock, at which tinle they will celebrate in the usual way with music and speaking. Afterward the schools will close for the rest of the day. The Senior class have selected "The Youngest" for their class play, wbich will lee given DecBmber 7ttl. Tryouts for it were held Monday evening at the high school. The fol- lowing were chosen as the cast: Mary Cain, Kathryn Crooks, VBlora McKune, Ions Miller, Claudia Barnes, Kenneth McKee, Orville Richardson Ralph Nickerson and Ralph Fenton. For several weeks we have been think- ing about and planning this event for all of our little friends. Lovely dolls in crisp white and colored dresses--baby dolls and young lady dolls--dolls that cry and dolls that go to sleep---many, many dolls that you will love. The Doll Show is the be- ginning of the exciting holiday season--, item now until Christmas. .ber the Date! Friday Centervi!l~. High School Notes The games last Saturday night were very stimulating The bo)?s game with Hartland was exceedingly rough and two of our players were injured. We did not lose our spirit with this as WB won thB game by a large margin, the score being 31 to 16. The girls played Lyle a close game all the way through, which always ~nakes an exciting one. Al- though we were not victorious in this game the 12 to 13 score was nothing to be ashamed of. Both teams will play Trout Lake at Trout Lake next Saturday night, Noven~ber 10. A good deal of prac- tice is put in this week which will makeusmoreassured of avictory. I Afternoon, November 9th at 4 P M Fifty dollars clear was made last # Friday night from the play "A Southern Cinderella," which was quite a success, and the candy sale. ............................................................................................. This money is sufficient to meet the and the team certainly surprised the boys will continuewith their expenses of the girls basketball suits. Nt~~'r'0~ some people. The majority thought good work. Seven suits were ordered for the it a wonderful game and were very The football boys are having it girls last~week, they will be the " proud of our boys. This sort of rather hard this week-end playing school colors, royal blue and whtte.I =,, ~, .-~_ I L - game gives one a different spirit and two games. They will play Grand- We are expecting them to arrive in t we are sure that it gives the boys view here Friday and Hood River at a couple of weeks. Perhaps this will ~d~m~____High School ~ t more hope. It was our misfortune that place on Monday afternoon. We mean bettor, playing yet, wbo knows! The score of the football game! this year to have almost all of the are sure that everyone is Interested A meeting was called Monday after- here Friday afternoon with White hard games flrstl But in this way ~n see!ng these games. Of course noon, November 5, for those who fav,r ~the boys g~ttned much more experi- everyone cannot see the game with were interested in a larger supply of Salmon was 19 to 0 in our gameience and practice so we are hoping t Hood River but a large number ere books for the library, This was well This was a very interesting attended and a book club was or- THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 192 .@ Quality Always Higher Than Price Specials For "s Crisco Can .................................. 3 IC Serv-us Coffee, 1 pound package ............ 47C Red & White Coffee, 1 pound package ..... 42c Thompson's Chocolate Malted Milk .......... 49C Beechnut Spaghetti, 3 cans ................. 39C Surf Rider Broken Sliced Pineapple, 2's, 3 cans $9C Serv-us Marshmallows, l0 oz. tins ............. White Wonder Soap, 7 Bars .................32C Red & White Oleo .......... ....... Q. Diamond Matches, 6 Boxes .................. 27c N. B. C. Grahams, 2 pounds ................. 37 Sere-us Strawberry Preserves, 47 oz. .......... 68C Sere-us No. 4 Peas, 2's, 2 for ................ 35(: Leave Your Orders For Either Dressed or Live TURKEYS OR CHICKENS For Thanksgiving t Tune in on Radio KGW Fridays between 6 and 7 p. m. for the RED & WHITE Chain 8totes Novelty Program INDEPENDENTLY OWNED UNITEDLY OPERATED ganized. Eleven new books have been ordered, among them are sev-i ! oral mystery stories and other mod-I ........... ern novels. They have all boon writ-[ :er. field goals and converted three points before they went home.. .~. I n rec n 1 er on fouls while Clark and Marvel . ) "fop*~ te e t y The SelBction wasl The Hartland boys played Ceut~ - ach marie one ~eld -oal for Roose Several of the High t rairia t - e n g - ]~e" chosen by Van Dine, the author oily!lie and were defeated by a score velt Dur!ng the last half four more went to the dance af!er the has ~ ,,'v~,~ ~r,~,~n,~ Marcher ,' wh~,.h h~l ..~ , ~ ,~ ~n field baskets were made by the same ball game. lillnlltlllllllillllllll IIIIIIIIIIHIHIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIilIIIIIIHII 1L .'- .... :"~:""',"--'~. "'": ...... [ ........... elusive forward, who was p~aying ~ _,,at, f veen running ]n the orogonlan as ai --.------------ at his best form for Wishram, while Alfred Noyes, alleged British P~f | serial ~tory. He hasn't selected anyl(;lenwood F~ch(xd Notes Clark and Knapp d!d some successful has now performed the ceremotlY v o .......... " ' * ~ ............ , I ' nil(ling Ot tne goal lot ~fle VlSl[0rs. ..J~11~ .~_:: -= ...... , . " ~ o~ his wor~ In the nst out we rel -- " After the boys all came from the "debunking" Bunyan's pilgP~"e "i-i ~1[ ~'~' $ [ all anxlusly awaiting thelr arrivall The Senirs ar~ Jubilant to have dresslng rms'aglrls" cgnlmittee Prgress' finding that as llterat~lr:l consisting oi: LorBe rleacu, Uorls . I1~ . , - - . [ The object of the club was to pay I received their yellow gold class rings, Robertson and Bessie Jaekel, had a it is "all wet." Butwe d..i$ for these books We are going to do f r 1 29 On the face in outstand spread of eats and drinks (hot) pro- whether this ~.~.n ~m m~ke a ~ this by collecting monthly dues froml~ng letters, are the school initials, P~r~def~thl~hte~msl~JheaW~:e[v~' n~o!se out of Mr Noyes. each member The books are to bel "G H S ' and the year 1929 Each where all were made more closely.-~ ........ c$~" " ' ' ' t t r xou may [nlnK this is a nv~ th I . . . acq rain ed befo e the departure of e~l .~ -I ~ * ' the Roosevelt team whichhad apaign we are having until you ,o read by the members of e c ub be member has il~s o~n initials carved r fore turning them over for the gen-]in the inner side. long drive back to theirhomes ,. ,~ ......... ~.."o,, ,,n hoop~ ][ eral use of the ht~'h schoolI -- ........ ~ous So"hoPlait Hopkins was referee a~t this ...... ~ v,,v~-~ -,~ ~,~ .~ last , t-atll ~ans~rom a stun v hay e 1 tnv ' I , ~ -game as well as the former one here e b en slain n China in | We are all looking forward tel more, has withdrawn and is now at, with Hartland. month or two in a religious war. teachers institute which is Wednes-] tendtn~ school at Ooldendale. He On Wednesday last two tlallo- , "~ . we'en parties occnred at the school. ' ..... day, Thursday and Friday of this was the onl be m the Sophomore t ~ Y Y One for the little folks was beld ill, ............ -- I / year, it will be well appreciated by[ bers deeply regret that he has had "u-qs These were f" r-i-i: ..... I . I | all students. I to leave t~eI~iaily by tile teachersu. w~oCworl~-" I ][ ~[1~ I~ A I~IG I [ -~/~~~~ ~ / / I"~ lwe ...... ,lave no place to pl basketled at the stunts and ~repared the I rlay w I alr, Ol II ~~ ~ . .~. I ' "iprogram of ghoslyt and bewitching] All VV. gJ~-ll~.~'~ I~-- l J~yie ~c.nooi ~9~es I Iball this year, but some of the numbers. Pupils took part in best i / :.: ~ " th tof spirit and merry was the party' " -- . boysare so enthusiastic that ey [1 ........... I . [ttiat broke up after refresllments,] / I '''~ [r " " ~ ~ I" I vesta t;namOerlaln was taken to [ are preparing the vacant rm in t~e at 10:30" II .I ~'[the doctor in The Dalles, as a cockle-Iscbool house, which is about four 1 On election day morning tlle high]l /'v ..... j z-~, _ ,~ I | [bur accidentally got into her eve [ ..... tare ~,,~,, ho,,,~ ~- ~na alSChl all vo~ed at the school house, t| (.wl~(;fIge~ = ~[our ~" .... | ]~. . ' . . " . . . ".'l .,~v~ ou ..... . v ...... IThey completed their balloting at an]| ib~....A/ I | ]we nave not nears now sue is get-[little eJoya~ole pastime inthis im-learly hour and had their returns all | i' ~1[$ 1 "" in and tabulated lDn before even ~]~ I tlng along but hope she lS alrlghtlprovmed hall I ...... -- - II / llrl ...... I " . ~ . ir~ew ~orK was nears rom. They de-II / lit ~eonara ~lewett s~arted to scnooiI The Freshman gave a nome maae cided by a 9 to 4 ratio for Hoover[I ~l ,1 }1: wdwood Frame I Iin Miss Zaremba's room this week. l candy at noon Thursday. It waslfr presidgnt. [I ....... I l~[ The seventh and eighth grade~, I delicious and sold rapidly. Thelrl Hartla~~-*--~-'----- ................ [] l ~r Igave the high school a Halloweenltreasurer reports a sum of $3.51. 1-- I _ I Exposed Parts Finished in BROWN MAHOGANY, spring edges, r[::2eYs,la::rve~e?::rdyYntcTehl:n:laaY:dd] frMa:d:ooV~.nsB~bh::t:erbt:nsabsS::t[MrTh~riHg~lewe~nMP:rtYc~Ut O asb a!I Rest Room for the] spring filled loose cushions, figured steel cut Jacquard Velour, -' , * "lbig success. It was attended by ll]l~ | ~J~ lafterwards danced. Everyone had almbved and is now feeling fine. Mar- nearly everyone on the prairie. The .,.-,,,.~,.*-~.,,,., ' . [school house was decorated beaut;- taupe figures, woven into rose ground body, the back finish like |Iv'7 evening.... I jorle Babcock, who made a trip to fully with yellow and black paper.][ [ the front. A very attractive full Davenport. Carries the same nasKetnau game was pinyon ee-IHood River Friday, called on MaudeiPumpkins,witches to makeJaCk''lanternsit look s ookyandwereld~l ~"~l ~lt.ween. Lyle and Centerville. Lylelat the Mt. Hood hoteland reportslhung everywhere. After t~e program]] ............. ~ ~ I construction as the $115.00 Davenport, only difference being the ~ [glrm selected Centerwlm 13 to 12.I that Maude will be with us again[games were played by everyone. See-l| l r road of our iris as eral stunts were put on and nearly ~[we feel eal p g lafter institute week [ever one took ar- --f .]l --.Ill better suite has Mohair. ]. ]they have won both of the gamesI We are all glad to have a vaca-/gamYs had beenPpl~yedA~eru~eVrera~[[ ~]~]~ r~-~| I~?F.R][ ! ~j~ Ithey have played this year. We hopel tion ahead of us Institut,~ is a ~ov-~pumpkin pies, sandwiches, ca~e and 11 $~a~a~m.a ~.~a.~a ...-- I ' t e ' ' "~ ~ " plenty of sweet cider was served. AI- " " }! hey win every one h y play. Tholful thing for~ all, especially the stu-/though the boys played quite a fewll Anywhere tn ToW~ I | I girls who played on the team were:l dents [Hallowe'en tricks tltey did no damage II l to an~/ one 1 Jane Daggat, right forward, made ' ~l " -- n I " " I --------------- l The Hartland basketball teaml[ l 10 points, Bernmce l)ea , eft for ~,Vishram 1 ) i 1[" [ " "/ " Sc u el Notes [played the Centervtlle team Saturday II I'I~TTf~'I~.T'I~'~ 992/ f [ward, made 3 points; Madeline/ .. . ~ [nigl~t. Although the Centerville team[I Ju_r'IuLN.P_j - ~.L.~ I |]o, ..... ..~., ..... .~ ,~ ..... ~..,.~., I On erioay night the high school[wen with a score of 33 to 6 we put!l ,,~. ~|1... ~.. llAa~. |f: ~ l _~io~u~ay, .~.~ ~.a.u; ,~ ......... s',ll)asketball team played ;he Roose-[up a good game considering'we only]| .,~ aaam~; ~ aa~ --- j ~lleft guard; Hazel Stump, jumptnglvelt team here and won. During the[had six men to their ten. The via-t| , / ]~1 ....... D.,,,.,,.. ~ ....... 1'1 .... /flrst half the score stood 7 to 4 for]iting team and the men they had|l ~1 ....... ' ........... ' ..... ~ "~" Wishram, Rayburn having made two with them, were furnished a supportL _