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November 9, 1950     The Goldendale Sentinel
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November 9, 1950

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\ Page Four THE GOLDENDALE SENTINEL--Goldendale, Washington Thursday, November ~~ ~ whether they can save two pfen- while hstenmg to a symphony! 10 p.m. and stopped in I ~~ ~ nig for a sausage by buying it at orchestra playingin the city Scotland, to refuel a ~t ! ~~ ..... ~ a different market He also said square i through customs When We ~!il ~~ that the greatest fear of the Ger-i "'Battle" On Train i off again, our steward ~ m0~ ::~i~:~!i~!~:.~::~:z:i~::~:::~i::~i~:::.~i~'ii~ ~~ - took the tram to Florence. There .... , ~,~_ ~ .... .~ .~.~.~'~ ~~~man people is there will be war i But our romantic illusions about that because of unfavor.'b~ ~)::ii~!::i!::iii~ )ii/ii:ii:~!~!i~;iii~:~i:/:::::::~::~i!~ii%~ ~ ~~ between Russia and the United ....... he e thor conditions farther s )u~ .~ ~:~,::~::: ~ .o~/.~ " --,~ . l~aiy were sna~erea w n w ........ ._~ .__ ~.~ e,il ............. ~:: =: :~:::::::*~:~ ............ ~:::~%:~.:::=:~:::=-~=:~' ~:;~:-. :~ ~a~es . nex~ slop woum De ~,. HAROLD FARIELLO .......... PUSLISHER := :i ~~ In Switzerland we rode in a bus weren't enough third-class cars on ~nu. Ve ~a~ucu "*~*'~-*t ..... ::: ::::::::::::::: ::::::*::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :~:~:.~~ tourists maKe me r ay rn a en er he su .................. ........................................ , number of p ss g s.T b- t~ : : :, ......... ............................... ..... :::,~:z~::,~:-:~::~ :: - . * flat ground below us and ENTERED AT GOLDEqDAL WASHINGTON POSTOFFICE EVERY THURSDAYA~ ~:~ ~ : mountain ~ustacrossthe valleyways in New York are for ama- .............. SECOND CLASS ,*IL UAVl~e from theschool wasthe heighttours, but riding the third-class ~e c~zz~sla~}~ng o~ l n!o y :::~: :~ ~i~. ~ofMt. Adams and by climbing trams in Italy requires highly- 1 [ SUBSCRIPTION RATE S2.50 PER EAR ~L. * ......................... ~ .................... land, it was so comDleteY, ............. =::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: U DeIllnO ~ne school ior an hour" ' " " i a [ OFF/CIAL NEWSPAPER OF GOLDENDALE AND KLICKITAT COUNTY ~ P ........ speeJ.anze~, SKIllS 0I. 3aoD ng n.aled with clouds that we i a:~m~ ....... " - :o ~ .... -: or Lwo, wewere a~le ro see..~ne pusnmg. Tne scene in every ran- ,~ ~ hit r~ it w~ ~w ice ' top of the famous aungtrau. xne road station was one of corn lete -. ": .......... ] UE,SER WAS~m~ION HEWSPAeER PUSClSHeSS ,SSOCIArlON ,NO.. ~~ ~ S"is mountains lo"t" "~"i*'~ '~* ....... P . :floating in the ocean off the | AND NATIONAL DITOR|AL ~S$OC|&TION ~}'~~ ~t i~" ~ ~ . "'~ "~;_~=.'**G chaos; wnen a ~ram came m, of Labrador and we fie# | ~~ ~ Leren~ ~rom ours because me lana some oz me neonie aooaru it .,~ -~, .,~ ] ~~ ~i ~ farmed or used for pasturage fought their w~y t~ the doors so :~: t~P~'UC: Sw~aTPdda~t~-( l IAl|,. Ctf W^... "r~,^,,,~,k m~ ~:}a~n~DaVesdne~e~rm~re~nevilla~ee tshat tahfYtl~:U~daigets?:ft)b?ttt~se:Bay" ri~ L~4~-~t|-:~ t~:;||~ ~;UO ~.~z aunt l~tl ~u~aa ~~ ~ nestled between sheltering arms suraing mass of neonle on the In mid-afternoon we art ~ r~ .r~ . ~..1 o. ~ . ~ .... " ..... ~iof the mountain, with grazing platform pushed to'yard the doors Montreal,, xvhere we "ha a ~ tz r urouean ountrles l[fi maems ~!cows wearing beautifully-toned in rou~s of fift- or more. Then TM wa~t. long enougr~ *_~ Editor's Note: Miss Barbara Neils, daughter of Mr. and /~ ~' b:llSdte~a~i~anag :J~mtDg:thor and'ens~ing~strugg!e ~between people', foirStr t~]~]eke Shoakt~s ~end~ x ~ ~- ger~mg oH an~ on mane a lOOt-' " h~ Mrs. Gerhard Neils of Khckltat, who accompamed 24 stu- ~~ ~t ..... I ball ~ame look like ~ te~ -^r*" !ly grateful when the w_ ~.~, .....* ....... ~ ~ .... ~,,~ ~,,~,,~,~,~ c~,,n~ri~ aurin~ the ~ ~, m nussmn -territory ] ...... ~ ~. . ~ ~ = v,~ ~,iour plane finally touch~ .............. . ........ -~,,'~'*.'~v ..... -,"~ .~:" " . , ~" ... One of the girls and the fjord at Aurland, Norway I'm sure that ever-one in our I w~n. ~yp ..onors going m women i~round at LaGua~dia Fiel~ past summer gwes the Ionowmg accoun~ oI nor ~rlp we ; ~rouu would sa-" th~;' the tri"~ tot~ sixty or more wnose emows~; ........ ~ ' ...... ~" - ~ ~ ' v ;ha been shar ' orK. we nac~ marnea u are confident citizens will find the contents interesting as Granville in t~me to catch the for my bicyclethan the other Vienna was the most unnervingt d ..... pened by age. Dogs summer to appreciate as! ..... ills did ann ~)aggage were passed ~nrougn fac the Paris train g ' ~ well as making them more appreciative of the t y !mm mm~::::~ .................. ::: :::::~~ th~ u,i~u,~ ~na ~ ~ ,~,~-,, before the many great and: }~v~ ~n Amer" ' Four Days In Paris Train Trip "Tough" ~::~::~~:~ i~:~::i~:::i~ii~;i~?;~i~~ ~',~= ~'~,~'~ ~"~ ~,~,h~" C~'~:,~: blessings we AmermanS ............ . ' Paris itself was all that It is From Denmark to Holland Tel i:~::~i~::~::;~::~iii~ii i~::~i!!::~:~~. ~-.~. ...... b ....~, ...... ~. ....... and we will always be st~ m a e mornln we were so tired that . . ~ I tr in tO Then the tram moved . . As an elderly professor fro.., th .g ~ -, renuted to be The Bastille Day againtraveled all night on the. ~Y~g,h .....,~,,~ ....... .~ ...... as such simple thm~s as M{] universk ut IL, we were smpenea. .- . . . . ~ ; ~, ~u ,,= ,,=~ ~a~,=s,u~,,, wa~. "~ i mid-Westei n.~ .. YP - ~. .................... celebration was going full blast tram. An all night thlrd-classi ~i:i!/~i~;v:~||~[| im~o+ ,~, ,h ........... , .... a w~th hot and cold water. : -- ~ - rk street or ~.e tour ua~s ~= w=.= ,..~.=, ~-...., ..~,~ ,,.. .~ ~-..v~a- ~.a,,, .~ , " 1 the best hotels and trudged through the da s ........ ::: :::: ::*:::::::v::::::::*:::*: ~::::::,:~ ~::::::::::2::: together in the aisles. / mg to stay n ,. .... . ............. with fireworks staging and danc- not to be confused with a pleas- ~:~: ::~;~!!~ ~:~;~/ .......... CARD OF THANKS--"Wea " ' ~ - me trains where oI ~ours, france, to our m,~a,'. .... , ..... ::" " ..... ride hr.~t class on ......... ~ i ...... , ..~, ~..~.. ~...~ ..~ ~h ......... mg in me s~ree~s until dawn. ure trap. For one thing, the lava- [ ~#~!:i!:iiiii~:iiii~iii);~;!!!iiii~i i~:ii~~ i. ~ome was i lima wl~n p ngrlms t'his means of ex,res~ you win meet no one ~-~ Qmc,,- ~ yL-~- ,v? ~,,.G L,~,~ ..y. ~.~:~ "L$ Paris also had its intellectual tortes usally didn't ,have water, so ~!ii:i:i:i:::i~;iii~;i:~ii~i : :~i!i!i!;i ~~ i irom an over me worm wno naa +h~..t-~ ,~. +~.~ ~%,w #~ cans~ If you really wan~ ~o see Dams DU~ also nau never ne~u-~ u~. ~ .... ^ *,- :-- ,-:- ,l- ..... - ,1-- *~- ........... ~- ......... -- - - 1- * come to the Vatican forHob, ""~'~" *~'~ ~'*= ""~.*~-~ --' " ~:~J~$~ L'k llyl.[i4~~ {,L'I[) bltl'O~.l~ll Lllt~~,l#.~:l~= wct~ KIU t~LL~:~IIUt2 t=~Vt2II ~O waSll ~i;~:i;::::;:!~i!::;:i:i:i~!i;:T:!:~:~:ii!ii:~::::i::i:!i!~::~:,;,:.. a in in~ ~ wa the Euro-hot water. Two of the boys in " I ! k dness, floral offery~ Euro e, travel they hands In ad z lo h ................................ ....... ...... Year,and in the squarebefore P . _Louvre showed us three ofits . d t n, t ere was no ............ =:::::::::::::::::::,:::::::::::::: :::::::::::: :::::::,:::::: . : er .....d " The twent-ftve stu-desperatmn sneaked into the base ......... ,~.~ ur,.,.~ ~r~., .... .~ ,l~ ...... , ....,~o .~..o c~, ~::~ .................................................... SaintPeter's we heard oz of sympathy-and oth *~ m sister Jmn ment and bathed ina French . . ( ~*~::::~:~'~4~:~::~:~;:~;:;*~~:~;~*~;~:;~:" '. ~ r ~ s n our g our dents (including _Y .... Y ............ Venus de MilD and Mona Lisa. course we had to contend w,thl ~~i~,:~~ Id.ffe2ent languages and saw.poD-I reavement and Ioss rf~ .and my cousin 3v~arnyn)~.n my washing machine. Our first sight of Notre Damethe wooden seats, but the train i ~~~ pie irom everywnere on eaton. ! ,~,,, .~, ~,~.,ZJ -~i:. az~ group certainly ~otiowea o~t~ ~ec- 3V,-Month Bicycle Trip from the front was disappointing, ': was relatively uncrowded, and we !~~~"'- ::~ i ~talian sanitation at its best i ()'lln Woods '-- "~ ommendation, to__rEuroOn an oun-'P When we loaded our bicycles but the great cathedral showed were able to stretch out on the t .. ...::, .. ~ seems none too good, so that no: ............ ~.~ through, twelve pe 1 d the next afternoon,. I was glad its beauty when seen from theseats, on the floor and even in l ..... :~!one was surprised at the odor.~~~'~.i tries this summer we trove e to have only two small duffel side with the quiet River Seine in,the overhead baggage racks. ] "~ when we walked through the Professi.n. or. *herstr third class allthe way.. bags for the31/2-month trip. Wob- the foreground Most of. all in Amsterdam, contrary to whatl "~ ~iarches leadinginto the ruins ofi ,, ,~, ,vr..~,~ .~,~1 ii . Ji *--- --,~ .... .~.~ deck to see Marl- P. , . ............. : ~ .ii . ..... I Effects Of Allied Bombing I ! lane for London, on the first la ' ~,~ vr .... ?.,-,*,~. .... ana every tl~le nouse ooas~vu a ~. } 1,~ r~..~.....-~ o ..... ip ......... P~ . Goldendale ] lyn stanamg ammai.iy alone on nrofusion of gay flowers In Brit- ~ * . *:, -.v,~s.-, ~rerm. any, me ~'!part of the summer for when we oi me ~ourney nome. on ~vtonaayl .M +~ ~,~" Of course .her uassDort ~: ...... ,___..__.: .... - _,._^_, .~.~ ' ,,neu oomDmg naa been so mor ,+,~,,,~,a +hr~.ah c~G'mll s of Rus ni ht we flew out of London at* ~,-~ ~- .... ~- -- . Laity, IIIeUII~tIIIZa~,IUII W~G:i ~.llllU~b [ . " ......... .... ~, ....... e -i g " " i rmved at the dramatic last morn ..... ~ .: ' ' " ~, a, ~...-"~"~+ ..... ~ ....... + .., v .....~.... ., , ough that scarcely one brick had l .... a " unknown xnere were some trucks ' . slan termtory, Russian soldiers ent and she was able toscramble- - " ...... " ~ ....... ~: [beenleft standing on another The ~.~.,~,~,~ ~h,~ ,~,,~ ,~ ~ ~ .... : ~~*~**#~:.-~,~4~ " , ou~ no cars, ana me people roue ........... ~:; h ' ' " ~'~'~ ....................... "* efore the final ang *,~*:: e took his silver out of the cu I ~. aboard just b g "in horse-drawn carts The farm ........ .P-, passports and visas The soldiers 'i~i ] ised . ~: camenral, consiaerea D man m :'~ plank was ra . _ 'ors plowed their land with walk- be th-- ---~* 1- ..... :'-Y-" :- y'- were young and took their work ~~ f~ ~w~ ~ ~ !-I ..... '~ -~* = ,,,~ o~au~u~ m me, " - i u 1 Althou n we Eight Day Boat Tr~p i ing plows and cradled their gram ] wor ........... " " - . ! ver:~, very ser o s y.g ~ ~ ~ m m " ~,- tt~, was relatively unnarmea a w were safe we e, return- The SS Atlantic, which in its by hand Even if they had been [ ......... --lwere sure th t e ' ~ 1~ U I I ~ J~ mmm-- | in Diner woras, l~ coma osslbl ~ ~,. v .~ ~ v heyday was a Mat.son liner on the able to buy tractors, they could ~ [be re--~ir~-~ -" ....... P~- l y) were all relieved to be in Vienna, !,~ " v ~ ~ v ~-~ ] Hawaii run, was remarkably corn- not .have afforded the expensive. ~ thirtyV~e~rs w~mu ~w~u~y or lwhere there were U. ~. somiersl$ ^~ ~_ __ _-__ ___ ~______ ~ ~ ~_~ _.,~ft| pact and clean. After waving gasoline, t . , as well. Several of us photograph- ~O1L~tc~ Of GolderiO | goodbye to New York and the Continuing our circuit of bath-) ~. - ) Germans Fear War ed Russians and learned later that'~ .... ,.,t,~ ,.,.~ ,.~v-- | Statue of Liberty; we were so lull-' less hotels and a t~eUth hostel "~~ I In Cologne we stayed in an air- t if we had been caught, our cam- ! ~~ v,c],n xr ~T,'~,~v~]~Pl" .... the " ' : ...... " " " - is t~t't* wt~t ~ ~;t~u ~2~t~j~ ~v~.--- ed by the gentle roUmg, of. ~ where we washe4i dishes m ~:' . . traldshelter where German people ~ eras would have.been conf ca )~S'~.~t'~TJ.~. ,,~_.vw,, i ship that we spent more man halt cold water with no soap, we or- ~~;: l had been hiding from bombs only|ea ana we woum proDamy nave nce of Armistice Dav. ] of the time sleeping during the rived after ten days at Mont ~t.l ~ la little more than five years ear[.~been thrown into j.ail. Vienna was[~ ~" .... ~'~"-" ~"~J" ~ ,~ight days of our voyage, but we Michel, the island monastery, '. Tier They must have been terri- a beautiful city but had none of ~ .......... did awaken sufficiently to sneaR which is no longer either an is-': ~ [fieci, cooped uv inside there with the ~aiety for whioh it was ram-ii Apprec'mtion Day will be held up to the first-class swimming land or a monastery but has be-!~]no light and little air while the bUS in years gone by. The situa-l:~ ~--- --~,., ~,~, ........ |' pool when we reached the sun- come so commercialized that it l ~ {destruction went on outside How- tion there was too te~se for fttn,,~ da I' at S:00 I ny, warm Mediteranean. . is impossible to walk up the nar-t ~ lever, in Heidelberg I talke~i with with English, French, American)4,~ ......... " ..... | We were well cared for oy our__ row street wiChout being accosted i ~ ] a high school boy who told me and Russian soldiers rubbing el-~ | stewardess, a young Italian girl by a dozen shopkeepers trying to~ ~about the basketball team he play- bows just as in Berlin.!,~, ........ e ,~ who had quit teaching because sell cheap souvenirs, Coney Is- I Jinny Neils in London ) ed on and went on td say that ~ Ferther south in Italy we found l~t~2~Cl~ItloF$ Of ~'~ she was starving on the equival- ]and style, i ......... [the German people now ~ss the Venice to be overwhe~nin~l~ ro I~ ................. _| ent of 35 a month When it was The next mornin a ozen of'ma~ zta~enea acres ana acres or' x " n o, - ~. ......... ~ .,~ $ . g d i . . . e clteme t of the war, when mantic. After an evening gon- " : time for us to disembark at Bar- us decided to return ten miles, building.s:. Near Plym.?uth, J~.nn~'ldeath constantly stared them in dola ride through the winding[~ Golden.dale Chamber of Commer | celona, Spain, we gave her. what along the way we had come the lana t vm~.teq me~aml~_Y_O~a~ roman]the face. Now they are troubled canals, we sat ~ a sidewalk cafe]~ . .~ we thought wasa tip: day before, to a town where we, prmc pa 'l. n Y Plc it en]with such mundane problems as and ate excellent Italian ice creator - ,~@e@,l~.~_.~ ~he took the ~ Din, starea at would be able to catch a traimlam'F~ . ~a~:,.q ~,~. I ~ " .................................. ---'~ |' us coldly, and went off down the Marilyn and I were the last to leqmPmen~ wmen woma cause~ corridor without a word. Awareleave on our bikes, with just~ a~y housewife in Klickitat county i that somethin.g was .terribly enough time to catch ~.he train._.~l~ ~ to throw, up her hands in horror ~ ' , and leave home wrong, we borrowed a travel the middle of nowhere we were .... .... I guide and read about ti ping on caught in a drenching rain storm I k:ycnng in normwestern ~ng- I ships. According to the ~ook, we but we had so little time that Telland, we passed through .'the ] I ave ten her ~x tmes ' 'mountainous lake coumry, plc~ should h g'v s" ' eouldn t stop to find shelter. With-, ......... 1--t -urn" / | as much In other words, the in~ a few minutes we were soak-I urea in a ~lle magazine a~ ~ -) .... -~ i mer where William Wordsworth l stewardess, in addltmn to room, mg wet from scalp to ~ole. The - ............ d board and a small salary, would rain :pelted our faces so hard that '~ wrote n~s tyrlca~ poetryd ana.we have received from her passeng-~we could scarcely breathe or see )marnea ma~ we were mere our- == ors a total of $44 a day. )but the thought'of the train ride iin.g some of the rare days of sun- mm One of our most exciting mom- : kept us going We reached the stone. .......... ents was when we first steppec)irailroad station thinking only) ^ n ' ..!np^urgn we onto European soil; we thought i that we were through bicycling, i .a~: w.,,~. ~.w p.,~,~ .... ,,, -~,: o ncestors and wondered ----~ ~- ~* :- ---~ *^ - ~*^~- *~- .... ~ mg s~ralgnt ou~ oz me cen~er ox m of ur a . ~ a,,~, j~ ,, --,~ ~ wa~,, ~,~ cu~- i +~... ~i+. The mist .... irl'~d ~bout what their feelings were wnenl.ductor let three of the first or- "'= ~,'~" .- %~ ..% ~' . ;~ they stepped from their native! rivals board the train. He said us, oDscur.m.g the omml.ngs .~ar ;~ land onto the ships that carried~ there just wasn't room for the pelow, ana It waseasy ~o ~magme (!~ them to America. They couldn t'rest of us. mary ~.ueen oz ~co~ ?!~ mere w~n ner ~ong cloak DlOwlng have been much more excited Feelin~ utterly defeated, Marl- . '. . . !~ .... m me we~ wma than we were, hterally bouncing lyn and I tried to fred a bus, but. " up and down in our seats on the~ none would take us to Granvillel~orwa ~eaumm bus and trying to see all the!in time to catch the five o clock Our voyage from Newcastle to Bergen, Norway, 'across the tradi- tionally stormy North Sea was perfectly calm, and Norway prov- ed to be a beautiful and inter- esting country, in spite of the ever-present odor of fish. Marilyn ) suffered a severe appendicitis at-I tack in a little town in the moun- t tains, and luckily there was a1 hospital almost next door, where she was taken at midnight forI possible surgery. When morning arrived, her pain had disappeared, the only time during the entire when we tried to flag them. With and much to our relief, no oper- summer when we didn't ride third 35 miles to travel, we'were hind- ation was necessary. She had a class. The following afternoon we ered bv a head-wind so str~n~i real struggle while in the hospital, " -- for the nurses knew only two reached the French border, where that we had to pedal hard to go l ........... downhill and cou d 't r de up , . the temperature was 110 degree " 1 n i woras oz ~ngnsn, ana i~zarnyn in the shade, and where we chang- even the gentle slopes. About the l .naa never learned any Norweg- t entmt time we climb d tan wnen sne Iet~ SInK ~o ner ed to a French train that had, w " h " " e off the! . ..... been sitting closed in the sun all hilr~ ta nu~h w~ wer,~ b~th r~adv smmacn ana sa~ up, me nurses day long This French train had *-~"~'i~ "~'Y'--~'~"('*-~':"~L'~'~'("~; : threw her back onto her pillow, ~ :.~.,-,.^,,,::.... ~-~--^-L~.~-,-.-2~ _~-a, using their two Enghsh words, wooden seats, the first of many bu~ uj, ~.u~cu,~ ,.,m~c~v,~ ~u cuu- ,,.. ;.,,, xou can ~, which would pain us during the tinue, we finally accomplished the months ahead. By four o'clock in impossible and wheeled into l - sights of Barcelona at once.I train to Paris with the rest of the Lack Modern Facilities (group. At last we decided that In the Hotel Europe in Barce-Ithe only solution was to bicycle, lona, there was only one usable I but we had alr~eady wasted at least b=throom,. , and all of Sp:ain was~ two. hours, and had gone at least correspondingly lacking in prog- fifteen mileS out of ~e way. We ress. We were glad to board the bought a couple of huge choco- train at Madrid at ten o'clock in .late bars to buck up our spirits the evening a week later en route aria smr~ea ozL nopmg to ea~cn to France, and even though we a riae on a truck, as we had done had to sit uu all night, we s~ould on one or two other occasions; have been grateful~for our corn- but the truck drivers in Norman- parative comfort, because it was dy simply wouldn't look at us Barbara Neils &inkin from aI Vikin~ horn in Sweden Our route led from Norway to Sweden, where we saw beautiful farm country as we traveled through the Gota Canal on our little steamer, and from Sweden, a 15 minute ferry ride took us to Denmark, ~he land of dairy cat- tle, where on a sunny afternoon l we sold our bicycles on the Side- walk in front of our hotel Al- though my buyer and I couldn't understand each other, I drove a shrewd bargain and got $1 morel Barbara Neils between Chinon and Saumur, firat day of Cycling in France #: Chevrolet trucks are eng/neered to "take it," in every way. Chevrolet's heavy-duty hypoid rear axles offer maximum strength.., with single-unit housings formed into tubular steel beams, and splined axle-to-hub connections that deliver pc wer more evenly. Gears last longer, too.., pinion gear is ball-bearing supported at each en l, with adjustable thrust pad to prevent distortion on extra heavy pulls. Add these advantages to powedul Valvb-in:Head engines, Synchro-Mesh transmissions, and channel-type frames. Then you'l| know why Chevrolet is the most populartruck In America. Come see these great Chevrolet trucks toda O Phone 2282 ,@ Goldendale, Wash. 0