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November 9, 1950     The Goldendale Sentinel
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November 9, 1950

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Page Six THE GOLDENDALE SENTINEL--Goldendale, Washington Ethel Mae McConnell Makes Minor Forest Products Pay Parking Meters Talent Show Nets Rooms To Again Aired $100 For Drapes Be Built At Park (Continued from Page I) i ------- Continued from oage i) things" and questioned whether or The Talent show sponsored by ened at the Commission's Olym- not enforcement of the law would the Goldendale Parent Teacher pia office on Monday, November be maintained . . . pointing to the Association was well attended at 13 and local contractors are being fact that it seemed impossible to the high school auditorium Sat- urged to submit their bids im- enforce the two-hour parking liw urday night. Mrs. B. W. Spald- mediately. Cost of the construc- that is now supposed to be in el- ing, chairman, wishes to thank tion of the modern comfort sta- fect all those who participated and tion is placed at $7,850. elk. how to find them. Like her trees,; Mr. and Mrs. Sid Tallman re-~-:, she harvests them in such a man-turned Sunday after elk hunting "~ MOSTLY BLUE---Three-yeaz collection of ribbon: lr..m Klickita! and Yakima fa~s. won by Ethel nor that she gets new crops of last week. i-:. Mac McCcnnell for fine exhibits of grasses and or.~menlal p!ants, is admired here by Gall Thomas, them, continuously, without hay-; Mr. and Mrs Charles Glover:.l, Portland, Western Pine Asse, zialion forester. Curly the dcg bulled into the picture because of his post- ing to do any planting or nursery and Mr. and Mrs. Leon Glover:~ work. Sustained yield, really, i and Lyle, returned Sunday from!~: lion as cfficial tree farm watchdog. ~ Tame grasses and grains from:elk hunting George Bean has also the meadow are useful too. Millet 'returned. By Harold Olson wheat heads, timothy, foxtail and~ Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Neuman ~" Amer. Forest Products Industries Ethel Mac McConnell, retired several others are popular in the:were Sunday visitors at the W. A. ~t. GOLDENDALE trade. Doty home. She even ships seedling Doug-, Benny and Vernon Wade spent las firs five or six inches high the weekend at the Vernon Potts for use as placecard keepsakes, home in Goldendale. 4. She picks these in spots where Mrs. Isabel LaPlaunt has been[~: nature's prolific seeding urge has ill for a few days but is getting $ resulted in a veritable blanket of better now. ! school teacher, lives on her 160- acre tree farm north of Golden- dale amid contradictions. Her dog Curly has straight hair. She pick- ed out .her place because it was sheltered from gales, so for two years winds tried to blow her away. Never was there much snow around there, so in 1948-49 she was snowbound four months. Ethel Mac insists she is neith- er botanist nor grass expert, but she took 56 grass exhibits to the county fair and got 54 ribbons. She says she is no farmer but she dares farmers to match her blue ribbon grain sheaves. She says she is no hunter, but when a short-tempered bear started wrecking her farmstead she did as neat a job on bruin as any hun.tsman. Throughout her 32 years .laes teacher--at Okanogan, Watervit e, i Klickitat and other points --- she "just loved to teach school." But like some of her boy pupils, now: grown, she escaped. I feel served my sentence," was the s,he emphasized her fondness i~ way for schools. Thursday, November ion Post has been active preservation of the and named Charles Goldendale postmaster, to committee in helping on building job. Those inter~ helping are asked to contact. britton. The new additions at Brl Memorial Park will bring the tal expended to date to ap~ mately $21,171.33, according Sell Meters made the event possible. ~ Construction of the modern rest recent report on The Council, after considerable About $100 was received from rooms will start just as soon asmailed The Sentinel by John derzicht, director of the discussion, gave a majority vote the offering, and will be used the bid is let, the call for bids Parks and Recreation Car to"~the sale of two main line wat- by the P.-T. A. to buy drapery stipulates. er meters to the City of Washou- material for the auditorium. ! Need Help To Rebuild Fort sion. The above figure is gal for $150.00. Councilman Rad- .... Arthur Doty, caretaker at the $5,000 more than the q~r cliffe opposed the sale of the met- park, has also announced that the amount of $9,000 budgeted for ers as did Councilman art Olsen, ~ Satus Pass News cone~-ote base on which will stand park by the last session of who made the motion to decline the exact replica of Old Fort legislature. the bid of the City of Washougal. By Maxine McClintock Blockhouse has been installed. ;' During the year Grang Olson's motion was lost for the Logs have been cut and hauled to ganizations, Womans' want of a second Following fur- Mrs. L. A. Parton's sister from' the site and are now ready for and Goldendale Chamber of thor discussion a motion was Idaho has been visiting the Par-~ the rebuilding process Doty said merce have been actively ma4e by Councilman Bert Wil- ton home this week. that the work of rebuilding the ing to obtain more funds kins for the sale of the meters for $150 to the city of Washougal, the We are happy to welcome the Blockhouse will be done by vol- park. The organizations unteer labor and that he would mailed a tentative budget motion was seconded by Harry Fuhrman family who recently like to start ~his work as soon as $24,000 for the next biennium moved into the Angelo place. McCardell. ~ossible. . consideration of the Parks On a vote called for by Mayor Mrs. W. A. Doty, Mrs. Earl Mc- The Goldendale American Leg- it is reported. Harold Wolverton, Councilmen Clintock Sr. and Mrs. Earl Mc- Pike McCardell, Erickson and Clintock Jr. spent Friday in Yaki- "';":"~":'~"* ";"*"*";+';'~u':'~ Wilkins favored the motion with ma. .:, Councilmen Olsen and Wilkins Mr. and Mrs. Earl Wade re- ":" opposing. Councilman Radcliffe turned from elk .hunting Sunday ": declined to vote on the motion, evening, Mrs. Wade getitng her .'.": Music By Blanchard's Orchestra little trees. By thinning them out Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Porter rec-l REFRESHMENTS she does a good turn for the oth- ently lost two Guernsey heiferi ers. She's thinking also of mak-calves '~.t.~*.-t--~o-t-t..~o.t-~.t--.:.-~o~g-.~-, T ing a Christmas tree harvest on ~+~.~..~+.~t.~.t..~.~,~H~~.l.~..~.:....~.:..~.:.:..:..:..:.e..~.~., the same basis Her land grows .> the right kind of Christmas trees, -t- bushy and thick. ,I. : Miss McConnell said that when o:, TO~ QUDLITV, TENDER she gets ready later to harvest: q' some sawtimber she's going into "~ it on a planned program--no reck-!':" less cutting. Orderly harvests, :~" that's the thing. She came into the i :~ American Tree Farm program so .l- she could learn more from other ~ tree farmers about the business, and so she could have Western:~ Pine association forestry guidance m laying out a long-range grow-i, ing and harvesting program for ~' .her lands. I: The Lady Tree Farmer of i, Klickitat" is on of this area's!' leading patrons of the US parcel i: post service. When rates went upS:, FRESH COUNTRY DANCING AT Notice. We will CLOSED All 4 Armistice Day She lives alone but is never i a while back her business was !: lonesome. Her way of life is more ~ hard hit, but she made adjust-i, fun than bridge parties, s~he says, I then admits she never attended i Miss McConnell with a pinedrops, a forest plant greatly in demand ments and went right ahead. Un- 1' ~.~ . cle still gets most of her shipping: i sHAMS ..........H lb. 49c .TURKEYS ...... lb. ~Yu Th-@M!h ~S~ane~iiby the western Pine a c ~ama2sYa l~lam?" rs Walla Walla---Wh?la or Half Fresh Dressed P Y" . .. P P "for Tree Farm Status. She is tt y "~, "p "y, -rind--from Nave e P" ":' *PO~ i' f_.fl-b-?. wild folk, the cree~, mey are nor.~,~,rowinao tree crops in a major way go lily, hay lily are some of the ! 17---s, he had to ski two miles" ~o I~ C companions ,, . I!-"'~,-,- ~o~O makina,, minor forest prod- names by which ~t.~s known To neighbors to get her marl." 'I'nere I$_ ,Ethel Mae calls herself a wild: uets t~av She's a leading produc- botanists I~he plant m Calochortus, are other neighb~ about a ,half ~. . " es at the too~ o~: .... ' ......... .:. crafter.. . She liv . .. :or .... of matermls for winter bou- Catahnae, and tt m indeed a love- , mile from her plgce. She has no , ~ Ce,~ter Cuts Jumbo, JulcI~ theno~thS~mcoeof townrange'Her, aquarterteW, mUeSsee I quets. , ly thmg m flower or cured. :" kinfolk nearby, most Ofu hers peo-h s~ ''~:" .'~. .... ~-~ " " " i Winter bouquets, .now enjoyingl . Third most popular is the pine, ple being in KanSas, b t he a i'* tmn, well hmbered w~th young ~ frmnds ever where .I, P. derosa ines. Douglas and great favor all over America, are c~rops (Pterospora andromed'a), " Y o sOYSTERS ..... pint ! SHAMS ' nl - P -" - ~ ~-~de of dried, seasoned and on-tatso known as Albany beechdrops. A_nd speaking about Kansas, aI ,:. wnke ~irs, was recenuy approvea "2" ...... ~.~ ...:Ciwood i It is a fun~,us like arowth a,,nar I little Drown nouse in Avimne, t ,1. Fresh Pacific Hockless, fancy lean, picnic stl, le cur g p .... E enhowers IS'~ ~ ~ .... There are scores of items m them, i ently common to the pine forest ] next door to the ts ' . I .I, ~,,n Mice McConnell ,has added alof Klickitat county. Popping up!me name she letg.~o come west[#"lflflll[t~Whte Fish ........ lb. .PORK ROAST . .lb. .......... , i dustr in strai ht slender stems some-[as a "schoolmaam/" 2' I few. A growmg western n Y . g , . .... l~ 'has been built around these bou-i Umes two feet 'hit.h, the plnedrops [ .In Khckltat county her host of, I: Boneless Cenlet Cuts ~k~~ quets, which come in the forms}is decked with urn-shaped pods frmnds regard ,her as a dauntless i~ ~ ' s rays. swags, corsages a~d of such delicate symmetry as to iperson so self-reliant and woods-['i' K [0 i ! O[ho~ fo~toons Timber tree cones, !appear cast in an artist's mold. A iwise as to make even menfolk ~ [] ....... ' v,~- ......... " ' " U ~ I~ ! ....... rasses nnd, needles and [ wondrous thin,about their exmt- ~ envious. Ethel Mac smnes as s cn i [many other tree farm trmkets.golence ~s the ease wlth.whm.h theyi no,nsense. , .......... !'.~ i into them, an y J " ' ," ' ' uld ' I ~. d the. are marketeer are unseen Dy me unknowing. ~ ~ ~us~ line ~ nero, she sata, l~. I~ _~2~L.._ in natural or sprayed form to, These are.merely shining ex-i,If_Ididn.tI wo~' .2t be hertIl . C/-q~l l,-~.w.e or otherwise beautify quet materlals buslness. There There s to muchto an: t m o.Kea[o .. , --'1 [~.a~, /[. :,~tivo nccasions Of are dozens more She has stand-i forward to mlS Ior a long tzrne, t@ ' ~course the-' last indefrmtely, mg orders for such mtrtgumg ~t-:I m here now and I love It. i "2. --..~ ..... ~%lIT ~ll ~I:RT 1 ...... ~. ..... ccu-ied ems as wild iris pods, wild colum- ] ,,~ ~,~, ~w~, vw. v, w...-, wnert tvnss lvtcuonne~t 9 ;, If ~,i,= nin~ie~owa wild ti~er lilv. t w1~'Tl'W 'r~4'~N1~ VOTlm~l~S 1 ~her "home in the wooas iour ~,~'~'~Jo:~,~'~l~ti-~a ~t~ bluehell~'l ................. ' , con-*" .... a ........... o ...... ; . . : years ago she made sales ..... With 'herbs and flowers she mar- I take th~s opportunity to ex- Do as man other successful nections with wln~er DOUqUe~ ........ nk "o m man Y - - V~ki Kets quack:grass, rea to~p, aune press m~' ma s. ~ y ..Y ~shipping firms in Spokane, --.. rar,,,n do-Use t~e ~ona cities[ grass and many similar ~tems of xrienas m suppor~ at my canal- Bank .System to put your ~'. [ ma, Centralia and other the forested range. They grow all dacy for Commissioner. ! Then by dint of her own ocu~aen i and ability, she stirred up oou-, over her tree farm and she knows ~ Sincerely yours, Steve Wnuk nancial affairs in smooth, keyed order. 30 y,ars ex- perience and countless m~cces~ful loans prove the ,,a~ue d LAND BAH LOANS National ,her tree farm, but chiefly from two large and willing pines right C. E. Crooks, Sec.-Treas:in her front yard. Goldendale, Wa~ai**~m Next largest specialty in her ,,, ,, ,, ledger is the mariposa tulip, a ARMISTICE DA Y HALL- White Music by Story's Strutters, Goldendale Sponsored by Post 87 -- American Legion Adm: $1 per person, inc. tax Dancing 9 to 1 ',quet interest in materials .never i before used but which.she has mi i profusion on her tree Iarm. N~any i plants now seen in winter wreaths are there because she saw merit in their looks. Ponderosa pine cones are her best seller, year in and out. She guesses she has shipped maybe a carload" of them, along with cones of seven other tree species. She gathers them from all over .I, q. GRIP-SAFEI IT'S NEW,.. SEE IT AND SILL TIRES BATTERIES ACCESSC ES CHEVRON STATION Broadway at Columbus -- Goldendale, Washington Atlas Tires--Tubes--Batteries ./ FRESH AS A IMER Once again we join all America in aying tribU to her fallen dead in a significant ceremony , symbolizing America's S the world's hope for peace! We Will Be Closed Saturday Smiths Pork & Beans Smiths Butter Beans Smiths Spaghetti Campbell's Tom. Soup { ONIONS: 2 bch Grin Sweet Potatoes .. 2 lb. U. S. No. I Fancy Red -~i ......... lb. Delicious Apples. 2 lb. Extra Fancy Rs~ COURTEOUS SERVICE DIAL Saturday, Nov. 11,