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December 12, 1935     The Goldendale Sentinel
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December 12, 1935

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Palmer -II ll.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,..,,.il 9~-~WAS Christmas eve and tile |children had gathered about tile A- snow while Chrlslmas tree. a glimmering mass of iridescent lights and icicles, to listen to that long-prom. lsed story of the Prince and Prlneess, "Once upon a time," began Mother, "there was a tall handsome prince who loved a beautiful princess. They were to be married ou Christmas eve---an. other Christmas eve, long ago. "The gorgeous castle on tile hillside was ablaze with Christmas lights. The Yule log was ht~rnin~ and crackling delightfully and the huge Christmas tree was sparkling gaily, But there were candles, tiny colored candles, children, Instead of electric lights. They were lovely! Everything was moot beautiful !" "Oh, Mother," whi.~pered little Rose- bud, "I wish I was la that castle right now, looking at all the pretty things." "Hurry up, Mother! Then what?" in- terrupted Danny, impatiently. "What happened next?" "Well, the prince aud princess were married and then they all sat down to the wedding feast. Let me sea," mused Mother, "they were all there--- all of them. my dears. Right In the center of the table stood the most wonderful weddlag cake you ever saw --a gold cake frosted wlth silver, and because It was Christmas the whole top was decorated with lovely lltile bells. Yon see, nothing was too good for the prince and princess, for every one loved them and wanted them to be happy, and they were happy--so happy, children." "Well, then, did they llve happy for- ever and ever, MotherT' Rosebud wanted to know. '~Vhy, of course they did," shouted Danny, Indignantly. "Did you ever hear of a prince and princess who did not?~ "0nly a story," pondered Mother, "Would that L too, could be made to believe that 'twas only a story." "The prince!" wildly shouted the children, as a tall man stood in the doorway. They felt sure they had found the real prince as they clamored for explanation. "The Princal" Shouted the Children. A Tall Man In the Doorway. "Oh, look" Mother!" cried Rosebud. "Look what the prince brought--toys and dolls and everything--and--and a gold cake trimmed with sliver with bells on it, too, Just like the one in the story," "Oh, boy I" shouted Danny. ~his Is the best Christmas we ever had. Isn't it, Mother?" Mother whispered, "Yes, dear," and then rushed Into the outstretched arms of her loving husband, the really true prince who was waiting with a great big Christmas kiss. "And they all lived happily forever after," whispered Mother, through tears of Christmas Joy. 0 Westerr. Newspapel Union. A Y'uletid: Escapade Helen Gaisford TOOTS reigned supreme In the Martin household. Except at Christmas time. Then Toots was ordered from hls favorite corners, and e~tressed his displeasure by a switch of his tall. Toots was a big black perMan, with long silky fur and wide yellow eyes. It was pleasant under the kitchen stove, where delicious odors of suet and fowl mingled In tile warn. air. "Get out of here, ye beast," shouted Cook; who i was not quite her self during the hol- iday~. "Sure I can't step but what you're underfoot." Toots arched his back and withdrew to the parlor. "Nev- er lose your tem- per", wqs his atti- tude. "'Never sput. tar and scratch; ex- press your displeas ure in dignity and disdain." Beside the fireplace were a stool and pillow which were peculiarly his own. Onto these Toots leaped, and curled up for a snooze. "Oh, no, Toot~, darling." said Betty. "The tree's going there." And Toots was picked up under one arm, and his stool shoved off to a cold corner. "You must look Christ- massy, too," Betty cried gayly, and twisted a red ribbon about his neck, and tied a bow. Toots squirmed in- dlgna ntty. "See. Mother? Why, Toots, don't tear It off! That's our Christmas out- fit." The badge of merriment dangled just beyoud his reach. Disgusted, Toots crawled under the sofa. Now was his chance. Did he dare attack? The tree, gaudy with bells and tinsel, seemed to mock him. Cautiously, Toots jumped up on the sofa, sniffed at an extended bough. A slight breeze stirred, and a golden bird In /he branches quivered. Toots crouched and sprang. The tree went down with a swish, and was ablaze In a moment. Toots was ~urprlsed and terrlfed. He clawed at the door, and howled to heaven. Hls noise brought the family, and the blaze was soon put out, but not before considerable damage had been done. The tree was a heap of smolder- Ing blackened limbs, and the wall above was badly burned. "Look," said Bett. "It peels right off." And then she cried out, for a secret crypt had been uncovered, and the hoarded coins of some old tenant were brought to light. Such excitement as the treasure chest was emptied ! Toots sniffed it all tnqut,~itlvely. "Toots, darling," cried Betty, "you're a hero !" and squeezed him impulsively. "Just think, if we hadn't heard him crying, we might have been burned out of house and home! And Toots, you shall have a Christmas present." The parlor was locked up, and Toots' stool and cushion moved to the kitchen underneath the table. Cook was basting the turkey. A plate of goodies was offered him, but Toots only srntffed. He was tired. He found his place under the table and clawed the pilh~w into shape. He twisted and and scratched. He licked his fur Into place. He settled down. At peace with the world, Toots lay on his very own pillow and slept. From under one paw dangled n piece of red ribbon. We.,terla N~.w~pa.por UnlOB, THE gigantic Christmas tree in Fountain square was ablaze with colored lights and decorations. Christmas eve had arrived and the snowy atmosphere was beautifully de- positing the flnistdng toucims to the grand and wonderful community tree. Even though all the celebrations had taken place elsewimre the big tree had never failed to stand In Its place of honor In the center of town on Christ- mas eve. Mirth, happiness and laughter fairly abounded through the Joyous Christ- mas crowds as they thronged the streets blinking through the snowflakes and hurrying on to celebrations. They seemed to take the community tree for granted until the illnstrlons sound of slelghbells was heard In the dis- lance. Slelghbells on Christmas eve-- how delectable! All eyes were turned In the direction from which they came. Soon the object of the delightful dis- turbance came into sight. A bright red sleigh drawn by six horses, clever- ly decorated to represent reindeers, turned the corner and headed toward Fountain square. All traffic was stopped instantly as the children made a fran- tic rush to meet their Santa--the real Santa Claus from the North pole! 'It must be the real one," shouted one little fellow, "for only the really true one has reindeers. I know, 'cause my mother told me so." 'Midst wild shouts of merriment Santa, himself, in his bright red and white costume and long white beard, alighted from the sleigh with a Jovial, good:natured, "Merry Christmas, merry Christmas to you all '." The children swarmed about him in uncontrollable confusion as he Joyously dragged forth pack after pack bulging with bright colored toys and dolls of all descrip- tions. What could it mean? Who was this strange real Santa Claus with sleigh and reindeers from the North pole? The people marvelled! The cldldren were boisterous and completely out of control. Everyone forgot Ills own par- ticular celebration and lingered on to see what It was all about. Then Jolly old St. Nick, his beard flowing in the breezes, began digging down Into his packs and passing out the toys to the youngsters. "Oh, boy!" shouted one, "see what I got---an airplane." TheR two little girls cried out, Joyously, as they un- wrapped golden-haired dollies. On and on Santa continued as the crowd became greater and greater and the snowstorm grew heavier and heav- ier. Santa's packs seemed to be end- less. Soon gay colored balloons, drums, harmonicas and gold and silver horns were in evidence on all sides, adding to the gayety of the Christmas party. There was a lull as Santa Claus dug down into still another pack. This time he began hurling large oranges and sacks of candy into the crowd and they were catching them 'midst much laughter and excitement. Santa himself was having the time of his Life. Even more so, than the happy crowd about him. For he chuckling wlthln, because he had been reminded by a Christmas messenger of love to do this very thing and to become the community Santa Claus. Finally the crowd became impatient to learn who thelr strange, chuckling Santa really was. Who could it be, who had given so generously and Im- partially to all? But before they had time to speak, the Jolly 01d fellow was Jostling past people, snow and traffic until he scrambled into his sleigh. "Get up, reindeers !" he shouted. With a Jerk the sleigh hounded for- ward with Santa wildly shouting, "Merry Christmas, folks, merry Christ- mas to all !" But he wasn't to get away so easily for the next moment a strong north wind, whistling around the corner, tore off whiskers, mask and all, and Santa Claus stood revealed In all hls ember- rassment l A hushed silence at first and then a wild shout of Joy and surprise rang through the Christmas atmosphere. 'Twas "Indlan Pete," the town's most confirmed miser Never in all their lives had they seen such a glorious smile on his face, as he gazed out from his Christmas regalia and offered hin hand in friendly greeting to all. "Indian Pete" (so named because of hie love for the outdoor life), had given without thought of receiving; and had incidentally r~lved more than he ever could have received ma terlally--the respect and adoration of the whole town. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1955 A Merry Christmas and a Happy Prosperous New Year to our friends and customers Service Garage Yankee r~ Duffield, Props. Try Our Service to The Motor Public Towing Service Day and Night The Goldendale Dressed Meat Company KLEIN BROS., Proprietors Wishes to Thank their Friends and Patrons for the past Pleasant Business Re- lations during the Past Year, and to Respectfully Solicit a Fair Share of Your Future Business A MERRY CHRISTMAS and A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL