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December 16, 1948     The Goldendale Sentinel
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December 16, 1948

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SUBJECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. 4 - , I ". 187 Goldend a 16, 1948 Vol 69, No 51 -- O " "~ " " " 't ....... :rod l On Ho: ; - -- ii -- 7 ,I anta SatuL] ( To Be ( n, [ er, e-' " i ' y 17th ly Januar E 1( J dale Merchants STE ARDES~ FR [ . County Can nd , ar w OM OFFICIALS To=--. =o r '~ GETTING ~"BUMPED" tT / P.m. atina, X= ,,uono se.P,ty. 2:30. , UOlll lCtlOll llO rl Ex ected To Draw ...... , ............. P P P Th t=~arde s onth jFrd,,r --~ C~zltt~vL!Le G~19~ i iT0 DISCUSS Northwest Alrhner, which{ ~ ~m ~,arty, a,:oo a.m. S " r [reds Of Children oo,o~ ovt:r early, Monday , ]rt]rl .Ii~il~l Friday--- ~ebekahs and Odd ~evera! Contractors Expected To ,hd On Modern 19-Bed morning a~ ~ne xaKima air- i rettows. .t~art" ~ pro.. ; l~ricK ~trueture; tons[ruction t~xpected To Start Within port dueto ice on the run- A~r, IA~ l~=ilr.ilD~I Fnda~.---Klndergarten Xmas : Short Period After Awarding Of Contract; Commission- D way XVlllalwaysnave a party. . ,, , Free Show At Star Theatre In Morning To Start Full ay , ' - I I . v i era Have Hopes Of Moving In By Late In 1949 ....................... ~ arm spot m her heart for ~ : ~ ! Frtday --- Pleasant alley UI,. ACtiVity for, unxiaren; Locat. firms oHermg, rree. Bert. Wilkins, Goldendale ] State Senator And Repre-!~ Grange. Party, 7 p.m. ~i , ~.~ . Gifts; Band Concert On Mann Street At Noon, Santa logging operator, who was 1 ..en,_t:v.: w^ u....t un,k!Friday -- Dance, Golclendale., Another step tox~ard the reallzahon of a new and modern amon the 13 a~en era ~ ~d lt::~ iu lll~---~ Iltll] Grange ]t$ooWlU$ and Y s Claus To Arrive At 3:30 To Greet Kids With Goodies ', g, . ,, P ",, .g [ ,-,. .. . I Tex -" - " Klickitat "~ alley ho. pital, to be located on the former Ameri- aelar~"o v~:inSatW~he~trl~e i t.ounty t;ommissioners In i Friday~._.~I%~;'of Lefisla- can Legion airport sight in the east city limits of Goldendale, Goldendale is all set to play host Saturday, Dec._ 18, to ~}artin 2-0-2 ;;put its tail in I Goldendale Friday [_ tots and Co .n}missione~. t wastaken this week with the calling forbids by the Hospital [reds of children from all sections of the county who are the air.'~ He glanced back ..... ~. .~ - ! Yriaay ~ Joint [nat auction l~lS~rlcl; uommissioners. ~ios, on wnicn severat contractors ng here for the annual Merchants Christmas party. The just m t~me to see the stew- l an~t~e ~ene~rtiv~e~an~n i~a~)~s~I ot ?ran~?__o, ncgr~. ~olaen- !are expected to compete, will be opened by the hospital board ..... aroess coming down tne isle, , v ~ ~ ,--,, u~ ~.~r~,n~. ~ . day of. achwty, will start with two,, free. showings of. the feet first' and on her back and 'Cy". Miller, of the.16th leg[s- Friday ~ Organized Reserve ]~ at a pubhc. . n)eetmg to be held in mlar film Annie of Green Gables, which was especially As she started past Wilkins latived~strict, will be m Golden- meeting...00 ,.m. P.J. Lee Heads B'lonMonda January 17 itwasan ,, t the ghckitat county courthouse ected for the occasion b the management of the Star he grabed her by the leg, dam ~riua.y of mis week to meet Saturday _ ~al~. o, Is of R. Trainmen" I .... " Y - " " " r nounced leatre. The first showing will start at 9:00 and the second thus...preve.ntmg her from Skamania Klickitat Benton and t-,,,.,,;+ .... ,n --~" yt ! The new buildin~ of brick con wzth county comlmssmne s xromcooked food sale Ma on 11 00 a m Free lee' cream posslole inJury. In speaKing l ' ' ' --"-"~' "" ~"" / " * truct ~" " p ~_" Z;. ,,= + ......... hil~ ~ of the incident the big logger Franklin counties.. The purpose I Saturday--Merchants Christ- |] ~kl- Wlltl.ll.mtrrlls . ion, ,~illbe modern ~in every ~o:" presents~ s,~" ......... a coupon ~a~'~'""me ,1 ~ said "that is the first time ~i oz me meeting is to acquaint the ] mas Party. All day. 1 ,dv,,~=., ~ =1. ~"~ ~==" 1 detaii,os tt ~" o. Larsen, clerk of the ,p_2~!.' ,~ ....... l~~ I have, ever had hold of a tlegislatures with,the needs of the] Saturday -- Basketball: GHS L - - o . lh p.'. al commission, said in mak: ~.a:)c~ ,~c,u,,%,2~.. . . i~W~.:=>: woman s le without uettin~ in[strict anct ~o ~alK over proposeot vs. HJghlana. ~ P.J. Lee, was e~ectea president ting tne announcement oI me ca~t ~tmenwamrs narctware, l.:ea-!~~~ slapped." g " " t legislation to come up when the] Sunday --- Church Services. !of the newly organized Brother-t for b~ds. The ncw structure will l:i~]ari~n Sriore~,US#ilsotanla~nl- i~i~ [State Legislature convenes early] Sunday---Yuletide Pari~ at [hood of Railroad Trainmen Lodge have a capachy of 19 bc~s anct .... Y ....... -il~~/~ ; rip O ~---! C~_I_ lin January. , No. 12 Riding Club. No. 1074 at impressive ceremon-]is so arranged that additional ~ment .~o., ~omen.aam.~a~.,ery,;~~: :~ ........ |o I~. ~ltl O~U~ t Lett~r~ lO all ertuntv eamrnig ! Sunday---Cantata broadcasL .ies held in Wishram Sunday, Dec. lrooms can be added if the need o..~. ~-enney,. wm omtmDute ,stoners" - ....... and commmsmncrs-elect':"= ........... -~ KODL, 1"30. pro.. *I2 h~stalling officer was B. E ever arises. gx~ts during the day to all ~ nnell T ildren From 2"00 to 4"00 p m' Expected To Top,in the sixteenth district has been[ Monday -- B asketbalhTown ;Ke. y, B. of R.=.. general At the present time the Corn- "'" " ..... " " " : "ba" ~~~:~ " " - ~" !', ,,',* ]mailed out by Loren Triplett, t ~eam vs. xa~ima Junior,chairman I.or ~ne ~. r-. ~ ~. ~..,!missioners Larsen and J W Mc- ~p~{Orr~:ptS~th~:)k~tC~weil:Cl~: Last lear Plgure ~3h:2r~na~ ofthemKs~c:itI Cao~nty TC ae 7" i en Choo'i [ a s: n !h bLyn:e Pnre . ~gra~g dastte:hn72J - - ~~~:>~E::~. .... ~ .... ilar~e dele,,ation i.~ ex~-ected int wnrismas program, t p.m. ;was a:s'~ted Dy ~. rL ~v~cuougah,[outling plan~ for equipping the lute gifts to children and all : The1 sam or v. ~. unristmas ~.. ~' .. . e, ..... v I TucsOn,- Christ Sto,',, at -ast ~resident of North ~,.~t~._:~:_.. ~,..:t. ~ ,t. ....... : .... , :30 p.m. . ! "li I' t Y I Wednesday -- Local Grange Rhodes, chaplaini A F Bell'inger;~, Distr~ct will be in need of more ktnoon a spemal band concert ,~ K ck ta. To date the total ,,.ore Ooldendal, Grange *, ..... o., ,, turmg specialnumbers ap- , a ~u apploxlmately $150 , , { hall 7 m i " t" ' " " " a a of last P" C. A Randolph, tuner uard; Jer-.~s the plan of the Commissioners,.athe..., Yulehde,~,,...+.....seasn,~s~i,, ~J he_ d ~. .year.. . Farm Families ! y --= --Ever~eenllry Hack, outer guard; ~. G. Salt-* ',o have their" new equrprnent" on ~e big event--the arrival of~ ~showed that there ~ere at least residents along the Big Klickitat Mrs. ~'~k{~a l1oser ~ " - ; : . t-,i "" Ra Claus. loaded with hun 'six ositive rea r wi h river are now being serviced with l . ~ tel, secretary local committee and J.C. Phflhps, chmrman of the of bans of" holiday t, oodies--" ~ lal susnectsP listedCtRenortsS t sever-which electricity," " it" was ~tnnounced thls*Pl,n~V"~ P~tl~t* I ".. "R E Jacobs," organlza:t.lon" ...... corn- tdmtrlct, said the eomm]~loners i ~ake nlaee at 3-30 n m The ~ * are in the hands of the count-, [ week by ofhcz~.,s ~t the P.U.D. _. ~ . are hoping that constrLtetion will rand Ol~l Man" will be escort ihealth ~ie artmen, all haven In making the announcement it " Wishram Lodge No 1074 waslstart within a very short time down main street on a -aft: ~ ibeen mailel~ out a~,,et ,~et sucl was reported that m~ny otherl rvices Sunday the name ch+sen the new,~ter ~war~ing of ontra t ,no executive secretary of the ~ . ............ . were taken. Money to carry on P.U.D. include the following." vices were held from the Piitiips, bers. "!. federal ............. heal~i' authnor,ti,= .......... hay, endale Chamber of Corn- b .......................... Bob Wills ,rod H~ T~z,,t~ Playx_- i these free chest X-rays, research [ WAHKIACUS --- Howard Mor- i Funer~ home Sun dday afternoo_n I Regular meetings of the lodge ~been diligently working to get the e and his secretary Mrs. Hel-]da~e ~-~an~pp~e~ ~ t~ae ~n- ]work and operation of the asso-]~an, Homer Morgan, Ethel Mc-]witn ~ev& ~ruce brosecios_e of-]will be held on the second and ',project underway. Walter Rothe, .~ r, ....... -,,,,~ ........ ~ ~n~ re ~an Robinson Frank t~maun vaubearers were Hen fo r arc Vard, .have mailed out hun- I ,m,~ ...... ~ .... ~.~_~ ~ t.~;_:: [ ciation is financed enirely' I ;.Y , . " , 1 ~ " " g... ..... ry I u th Sundays of each month at of Yakima is the hitect who of free cou ons to school ~-"~ L~t"Y~'~22~=Y.~'~. "~-="'s through the sale of T B Seals Rooinson, irwin Morehead, W FJ r~unyan, r~oy riosteh, ~eo. JacK-;ll'00 a m designed the building, which P I orougn~ m ~omenuaie Dy lviajorl ." " " Ludlum an " " " so Ro Walker Ha Fer usont " ten throughout, the area. The Bhke, of The Dalles. Dance" 1' Those. m Goldendale and sur- _ .......... d Henry Wilson.. ann' BuY"" , . r~. .g , .An interesting safety dlscusmon" meets a~eq.mrements., of state and t prom mes to top any other ',will ~t-,,t ,~-m~#],, ~* ,,i,,o area who have not re- K,ICKI'I.'AT --- August. Smith, [ d d. Whj~ 2n~tment was ~chmaxed the meeting ~federal authorthes. affair ever held in the city. cln~ "~T~.n~ A~;~'"i'~'~ Iceivea seals may purcnase same ~mir ~mitia, R. W; Stewar~, u~yde [mace in tne t. u. u. ~'. cemetery. I ........... "" J During the November election [..k:2:~2j~.:-7.-" d.L-'~k~'{:.%;kX ...... , by calling at The Sentinel office, i biaener, rioTer rtutcnins, M. ft. [ Aria wooas morea wire her n -" ;voters within the hospital district _ ! 0 ~. ~v=,..g=.o~,.;~. ~a.. =qt~;,uu..=u. .. I " iSeofield, William P; Garrett, W.[parents to the Dot area in 1880., eorffanlzaUOn [favored a snecial ~75000 bond is rol lng At l.. wms.wg~ o e. the me rto.,stMORT IMPROVING Hoagland, Lyle Fink, Mabel Sco-IShe attended the Dot and OakI _ ~ lsue whieh~addeTd'to' the 900~{) ~Iggs ~:lectrlc ~nop I:0 auto rapn . : , ~ , .* . ~a / ~ ! ......... ~,g I The many fmends of City Clerk tfmld, Robert Graeme, Jr., Robert t Grove schools. On Nov. 5, 1895 ~Ir~ammaf~a Ira : tnv4~inallv i,~uet~ in h~,A~ will DtlSt ~nurcn IO*,,2[[?fo22^& recording aurmgis" W. Mort, will be glad to learnjGraeme, Sr., R. H. Goodwin and]she was married to Leo B. Moseri~V~'=a~m~'~ ~u I~,]-(te'~u, nr~l--e-fu-nds forco~tr~"c= " --- I .......... """ ~he is able to up and about his Edith Cooney. [and to this union six children t ltal . ~r~ a ~[ion ~ ,,~ishin-cos*~ it i~ b,~" tract Many ,~ ~ . !~ h~om.e, following a slight .stroke. I POWE ......"-~- "t~n~are born, two passing away inll1eet ueceml::)er /-lliieV"ed.--'~ne.third o~f the"~otal~cost I uurmg ms aosence trom me o~- n ~u ~- urr ncy. ~ com urlve "i " F Fr ..... I Sinc-1924 ...... ) wdl be matched w~th federal ~ ~ ce o. . y is carrying on~ne ---"---- e me oeceasea mace . ) public Carol sing, under the I 2_.__..]1 &A @eAgl illl/ll duties ofclerk. A slight interruption in electric I her home in Goldendale. Surviv-!,=The KlickitatCounty .Comm~{- funds..- ..... ~orship of the Young People iLd~L~ a~]k[ t~O~lVoUU ,' service will occur Sunday after-[ors include, the husband Leo B ~on Uwi~Cn-~' ~.~w~c~ urgan~za- - ~mc.e me p a~.age oi tne s~ciat ~e Baptist Cl~urch, .will be .----.---- BREAKS HIPS noon while electricians "cut in"lMosel;, three daughters, ~'~rs. Ciara'o.. T_~'.,_nmr,~_~s~ meeung t)ona LSsue, whicn practicauy as- ~unaay eve- .. ............ Mrs. Polly Oldham, 93-year-old the new transformer, which ar-lWest, Mrs. Etta Jarmey and Mrs. l~.o,~--~x':_~"_}._u~_" '~' a) sureg, cmzens ox me am tract we L~ecem~er ~v at 9:00 p.m. I- l ne recen~ uasn o.r~ve xor pioneer resident, fell and broke rived ~:he past week, it was an-IAlda Bradstreet; one son, Alfred .l~'~--~--;-u" m ~ury room a} woula soon nave.a new n osp~m~. M R Davies, director of Iunas to netp carry on me opera- her hi- hat Thursda,, mornin,~ nounced by "Bin~" Roonev of-tMoser all of Gold~n,~alo" ~ ~,~ .~ e couymouse,,~ was annou~cea severm orgamzauons ann minT- Choral Club. , w~]] lead the hon of the Boys ..... Scout of Amen- at the home of her son- J D hce manager for the P .... U D Mrs Maude Trumbo and a broth- u Yrin y ,~rown, county duals, have sig~Ahed, thelr, mien- singing m which members ca Area Council rinsed a total of Oldham. Mrs. Oldham is now The new transformer will beter, Orrin L. Woods; five grand- s pe tendent. ~onofendowmgrpomslnthenew ~er churches and individuals $640, according, to announce- confined in the Goldendale hos- used to service a part of the city ichildren and thre~ great grand- .. Members of the committee are, p uuamg, t~t Fmd.ay, Bill Garner, ake part. The program will men~. mace toaay .,Dy ~uan pith1, and rural lines. Ichildren. .~ay ~ar~er, e~ppze~on; .~on9 t=og- mas~er o.~me uentervule ~rarlge, feature special choir, soIo, ~rumv, cnmrman ot me crave. "'" 9 .... , I -- I . ..... , ....... ~I.~, ~nowaen; A ttr.ea Jensen, m~ormea ,arsen mat the t=en~r- rtgan numbers. [ The money was raised by sev- '*I~ ~ ~ m~,~ v,,- ~h,~a=,, rr ~tra ~t~ ~[~I~,,~ ~.cKle~on~ IvLrs. ~zlle .Lofgre.n" wu.e ~range naa~voted, to ena.ow ~rdial invitation to the pub-'eral local citizens who volunteer- ~,. u -, ~.~,~,.,~, --v, ,.~.~,.~,~,.~ y ~ ~,~.%y @ ~.~aaL~ ~.~a~uo ~enwooa;. clarence. Mc~riae, a aouole room. .wlm me mgrm~g. extended. Refreshments wilt ed their services for the one-day B~Ikle~n; I-lenry .Miller, Center- of the .Cen~rwlle Grange this following the program drive vim; ~. e,. ~auter, ~.yle; Mrs. orings me ~o:al to nine mat nave T. U. Barnes Gives Account Evacuation From Nanking, China ~ollowing, written by Mrs. refugee from China, arrived in the states recently, a,h ~ *is now making her home ~o:.den~Lale with relatives, of her evacuation and some problems facing the Na- "Our furniture had not arrived as yet, so we hadn't much furni- ture to worry about. What little we had acquired while there is still in Nank~ing as far as I know. We were lucky getting as much notice as we did. Others were on- ly given two anti a half hours notice. government. Captain is still in Nanking, se~g U. S. Army advisory group. ) "The morale of the Chinese is am not sure just what you very low. The feeling for the d like to hear about China, "Gemo" running high. I think the too, my stay of a little ove~iran'in reason for this being the rnonn, th" does~'t---a~nd couldn't_ ]money situation. The .Natinalists ~; e a complete view Government called m all gold l ~,,~-; ..... 1, ..... ~'~ ma..,+l (our American money is the', ~ +,~ h,, ~,, ~,,,, ;,~m,~;o+o Isame as gold there) and the p per ! :- ~ "~ 7".;"~.+ ~'"." ..... money given in return. But the l ~mh~Va~O~l~ne ~e~ va~ey i value of the money fluctuates so i h~.+ ;.~;., .... s~ ~ ye i much that people are panicky. ! t'~, ~i~1%`'` ~%~" ""~=" :"'~'lThe rate when we left had drop- . as sa a me unmese con t ..~.~ from one "~'11 ~ -^'-~ +o four i ~in .the. cold weather. This I gV~o'~'~'lct yawn to on"e '~l~%~'go zo 19 g-old'; op~mon has been proven g yawn. Black market rate is 40 to " ]one, I believe, t think the only fear--and few "The day we left, Shanghai was worried-was the.means of!placed under martial law and theI being cut xne ,~mericans I U. S. was giving out rice to try not allowed on the trains at ]an, d stop the rice line riots. le we heir as me ne.e~) The people in Nanking wereI were over-crowning, tnem. ~ not worried about the war part[-I termans are not weu nKect cularly when we left. They had j Chinese. The only means [ been months I left was by plane.[though husband came home on and said he had or- children and I to to be picked morning. Early we flew from Nanking --Photo by Simcoe Studio i Beryl Spalding, Goldendale and offered to endow rooms. Bruce Stephens, White Salmon. It was pointed out that those I wishing to endow rooms in the ]t~~,~ ]~[~,,& ]~'L.~Inew hospital ~should signify their ~t ~a~u~o ~vluoL l-/tH$ intention by signing up at Lar- ~ae~ ~r~ .. sen's office, which is located in I t qtO l-'ractlces )the Abeling building on Main street By December 31 . = . ~ (Christmas Story armers in Klickitat county ~ t-~ =-, .1 , who have not filed their 1948 10 I~e t'rmmntea l farm practice reports are urged! ........ I to do so immediately in order[ ~. [=.i;ev][~ l~,,.kA^l [to be eligible for payment lmder~t" a ~a~aa ~J~,aau~l [the ACP program, it was an-i -'-'------ " nounced today by the ACA of- A stage presentation of the :lice. Christmas Story as told in Gospel Deadline date of filing such re- according to St. Luke and St. I port is December 31, it was point- i Matthew, is being presented at ed out. Farmers are also remind- the high school auditorium Tues- ed to bring in all receipts and I day, December 21 at 8:00 p.m. by other necessary information at~the mixed chorus and band, un- the time of making application, der the direction of Mr. Kochalko, , ,,,,, music teacher. Christmas Cantata On Air Sunday Over KODL, 1:30 Shut-ins and those unable to attend the Christmas Cantata at In addition to the narration and the singing of favorite Christmas songs and carols, there will also be various scenes in tableau. No admission charge will be made and a general invitation to the public is extended. DAUGHTER BORN the high school Wednesday eve-i Mr and Mrs Bob Skar are the ning, of this week, will have an l~arents of a ~ir~, born Dec 9 at opportunity to hear a recording lil.44 n m "~n the Goldendale broadcast over radio station I G~era'l'hospital. The Miss tipped KODL, The Dalles, Sunday af-[the scales at 7 ~ounds and has teLnoon at 1:30. [been named Bbbbie Jean. l~aaio technicians from KODL] Skar is a linotype operator at were in Croldendale Sunday to[The Sentinel office--so we ask .make the rec.or~ling, .wiMch is be- ] complaining citizens to regist~_r t)Io~acast through the eour-[their complaints with him--as he zesy ~ ne ssauon management, l has all the traits of a new father. l i