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December 18, 2008     The Goldendale Sentinel
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December 18, 2008

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~n~-~l! Page 4 December 18, 2008 N The Sentinel, Goldendale, WA ANDREW J. MCNAB- TARTAN PUBLICATIONS, INC., PUBLISHER KAREN HENSLEE, GENERAL MANAGER RACHEL CAVANAUGH, NEWS EDITOR ANDREW CHRISTIANSEN -- REPORTER/SPORTS Idiot lights. That's what they always called them. It used to be the dash on our cars had gauges, so ..... we could watch as our fuel tank or oil reserve dwin- COlumn dled; or as our battery was drained, by Now we just have to wait until the little indicator lights come on. Karen And then we panic, at first. Henslee We grab the manual and go directly to the trou- bleshooting guide. Inevitably, the solution simply says, "see qualified technician." So what is it, some grand conspiracy to keep the auto repair world in business? Whatever happened to do-it-yourself? And so we wait. We ask the guy down the street who knows something about cars (after all, he's always got his head inside the hood of a car). Or, we find a fix-it-yourself manual to see if we can save a few bucks. And still in the end, we take it to the "qualified service technician." It sort of reminds me of health issues. We start to feel lousy, but hey, it's just a part of life, right? Sometimes we talk to our friends, or if it's a little too personal, we don't mention it at all. We grab the latest medical guide, or go to WebMD. All the while, the condition gets worse until we have no choice but to see the "qualified service technician." Of course, if you're a guy, anything more than a sniffle qualifies (see Man Cold on YouTube). This situation is all too familiar for me. My recent emergency hysterectomy stemmed from waiting. I just didn't have the time. After all, it all must be part of "the change." But it could not be ignored and when I finally gave in, it seemed I'd entered the twilight zone. Blood transfusions and surgery came at me so quickly I didn't have the time (or the strength) to panic. It wasn't until after recovering, I realized how foolish I'd been. I was surprised when I spoke with other women who have had similar experiences. Seems we're so busy with working our lives around our monthly cycle, we begin to accept it as "normal." When I spoke to my very wise and famous doctor a few weeks later, one of the questions I asked was if this condition was hereditary.., was it some- thing my daughter should be concerned about? His blunt response was, "well, she should know that if she's bleeding to death, she ought to see a doctor." Who can argue with that? So do the diagnostics, read the manuals and check the Web, but don't wait. They don't call 'era idiot lights for nothing. Ton Winter is here and along with it comes the incon- venience of snow removal. The City of Goldendale's Public Works Department has been diligently work- ing to keep the city streets clear of snowfall and inter- sections sanded for safety. G( All arterial streets are plowed first and side streets are plowed when snowfall of greater than four inches occurs. During the plowing of the streets snow is pushed to the side, creating a berT in front of curbs, driveways, mailboxes, etc. It is impossible for the City to plow the street without leaving a berT. We apologize for this inconvenience! However, it is important to keep the streets clear of snow for public and emergency vehicles alike. The City does not remove these berms, they are the responsibility of the property owner. Snow also falls on sidewalks making them hazardous for pedestrians. It is the responsibility of the property owner to remove the snow on any side- walk abutting his or her property. If you are unable to clear the sidewalk or berT on your property, try to make arrangements with a relative, neighbor, or friend to clear it. Lets all work together to make Goldendale a safe community during these winter months by keeping our streets and sidewalks clear of snow. THE GOLDENDALE SENTINEL OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER FOR GOLDENDALE AND KLICKITAT COUNTY, WA ESTABLISHED 1879 PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY FROM OFFICES AT 117 W. MAIN GOLDENDALE, WA 98620 TELEPHONE (509) 773-3777 FAX (509) 773-4737 EMAIL: (NEWS, EDITORIAL, LETTERS) SENTIN ELN EWS@GOLDENDALESENTINEL.COM; OR (ADS, COMMUNITIES, HOMETOWN) SENTINELADS@GOLDENDALEsENTINEL.COM THE GOLDENDALE SENTINEL STAFF AMY WALKER, GRAPHIC DESIGN; HEIDI MCCARTY, CIRCULATION, AD SALES Deadlines: News and Letters: Noon, Friday Display Advertising: 5 p.m. Friday Classified Advertising: Noon Monday Legal Notices: 5 p.m. Monday Subscriptions: 1 Year, 2 Years Goldendale - Carrier $26, $40 In Klickitat County - $32, $52 Outside Klickitat County - $42, $75 USPS 2213-6000 WEEKLY. Perio~lical postage paid at Goldendale Post Office, Goldendale, Wash. 98620. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to The Goldendale Sentinel, 117 W. Main St. Goldendale, WA 98620-9526. WHYAP.E YOU I DING SUCH A WHAT CUTS IN PAY & ARE YOU PRE TO TAKI ? IF TURNADOUT IS FAIR- SHOULPN'T DIG DUSINESS GRILL CONGRESS P THE MUNITY Wal-mart death which are often destructive of awareness of the problems of human life and values, methamphetamine manufactur- ing, use, and community impact highlighted a David Duncombe through literature, speakers, and contradiction White Salmon promotional events. We have been to several events this year throughout the county To The Editor: I p I don't know about you, but He end meth hoping to develop interest in other when I heard that a Wal-mart communities. g h We are planning a social event in employee was trampled to death use throu the White Salmon area for later by a mob of Christmas shoppers on community this year in th hope of getting a Black Friday morning, it was hard meth team started on that end of to see it as just a freak accident. It involvement the county. At times we have part- seemed more like a grotesque nered up with other local agencies drama capturing a basic contradic- which see the effects of metham- tion at the heart of American life. The Goldendale Meth Action phetamine use in the community. Here we are, eagerly rushing to Team (GMAT)has been working in The Klickitat County Meth buy costly Christmas gifts for those the Goldendale area for over two Action Team has dissolved and we love, and we roughshod over years. It began as a subdivision of we've been asked to continue the someone else's loved one! Does the Klickitat County Meth Action work for the county so we are now this theme sound familiar? Team (KCMAT) which was started calling ourselves the KCMAT. Perhaps this is what's really going to address the methamphetamine With the grant funding we on -- writ large -- in our current problems in our county and indi- recently received, we would like to fiscal crisis, in foreign affairs, and vidual communities, help support other MAT meetings in our spiritual lives? In the name GMAT has put on several events in our county and are willing to of kindness, generosity, and love including the now annual Methhelp develop and promote those we are trampling underfoot vehat- Walk/Run event, Family Night meetings. ever and whoever gets in the way. Out at the pool and last year's If you are interested in what we So instead of rushing out to buy social, which included speakers do, please come to our meetings. If more stuff that no one needs, from the medical and dental pro- you want to start a meeting in your Christmas may be the time to pon- fession, law enforcement, treat- community, please contact us. der why we seem so prone to Tent, and individuals from the express our most generous recovering community. Sunday Sutton motives in materialistic ways, ways We have attempted to bring Goldendale Can you think back to a favorite gift you received in operated circus lion that stood on a colorful pedestal. your childhood? Maybe it was from a birthday, When I waved a magic wand before it, it stood up, Christmas or other celebrated day. For me, I think of waved its arms and growled. That toy brought me Christmas - my favorite time of the year. Two pres- so many hours of fun and I'd love to find one just ents come to mind. like it again - just to show my kids how One was a 3-foot tall stuffed giraffe I much fun it was to be a kid in the affectionately named Fred Larkin; 196os. "Fred" after Fred Flintstone and I'm sure you, too, have favorite gifts. "Larkin" after Elmer Larkin, a mechanic But if you're like me, you've probably friend whose repair shop, by the way, realized something the older you've carried the slogan, "if it ain't sparkin', grown: that the very best gifts we've see Larkin." received through our lifetime are those Fred was given to me on Christmas that cannot carry a price tag. Eve in 1963 when I was just three years For me, that means watching our 25- old. Dad bought him for me at the down- Judy Halooe year-old son form his own Christmas town Woolworth's. 2008 traditions with his family and listen to Together, we played king and queen judyhatone@gmaiti~om: his two daughters giggle with delight after naptimes, rode my trike and even ..... on Christmas morning; or hearing our ate dinner together. And when I wanted 19-year-old daughter's car arrive home to sneak out of bed to watch Saturday morning car- safely after a journey home from her university; or toons, Fred filled in as proxy beneath my covers. I was listening to our 16-year-old daughter read a story just sure I had fooled Morn and Dad! each night in the candlelight warmth of our home- Today, Fred sits in the closet of my office, made Advent wreath. Occasionally, I open its doors and feel the soft orange Other gifts include the chance to make my hus- velvet inside his ear - the same softness that once band's lunch each night, knowing he has a job to go soothed me to sleep when I'd rub it on my cheek at to in the morning; and holding my mother's hand bedtime, while she lives with Alzheimer's. Friends and family discovered my love for Fred. To share our favorite gifts from childhood can be You can probably guess what happened: my office is a delight; to treasure the gifts money can't buy is filled with giraffes - but none so special as Fred even better. Larkin. For the greatest gifts, I believe, are those we wrap My other favorite gift was a soft, brown, battery- in our hearts to last a lifetime. "I ! 1 1 ~4 ii