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The Goldendale Sentinel
Goldendale , Washington
August 18, 1938     The Goldendale Sentinel
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August 18, 1938
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ISITS HEIGHTS HOME FARMED 70 YEARS Court News G,ven ,Eat Breakfasts, Frank E. Miller BIRTHDAY PARTY Former Furmture .... i 1. contlY:o: :ptB:S::Ls FrWee kSnPT:ldDeclare PleC T: kSuP' trture No,:E RbH ,: hIZe Pa'sies He,yden, an old schoolmate morning. Mr. Esteb former- on ,the H. B. Sheldon pMce ~h~ Orchard Heights ! ere is making an ind~efi- tvt Roy Gunnings. :he~ been busy the past g the livhting system awttter supply at the Heights school. Ya,tes a~ld "Hevbie" Smith with Miss M~Connell Copley family. Ida Mae W+oodw~,rd: who is school ~vt Y~klma, ~pen,t Mrs. E. N. Haupe~t. g and Lloyd1 Van~oy thauling wood from Ei~hF1 place .the past week. Wtndell and~ Miss Helen teemhers at Joy,ca, Washing- weekend at ,the E. N. home. Mr. Wilid@l,l is a located three miles northeast of Bickleton still had enough left to yield a wheat crop estimated at from 50 to 55 bushels per acre. The Shattuck field, originally the old John Graham place, was first plowed up in the late 60's, only a few years after the Civil War. Since that time, without in- terruption the land has yielded a wheat crop every other year. The 1938 crop was estimated to be the thlrty-fifth raised on the land. According to Biekleton farmers the field has never been fertilized other than turning under the old crop of straw and stubble. ------Register Now-------- of Mrs. HaUpel~t. Smith, of GoldendaSle, is the week with Roy Gun-I and decreed l~hat ,t~e title to Lots 1 and 2, Block 6 and all of Block 7 in Hopkizm' Ffr~t Addition to Gold- endMe be, and t~he same is qulted tn the plaintiffs, aI~ the defendants are perpetually enjoined and vestru,ln- ed from cMtming any right, tttle, ~nterest, llen o~- estate in a~d~ to the same. Order is entered ~.hich approves ,~he fina~ account of the admlnistra- tar with will annexed of the estate of L. T. Gillott, deceased, and makes of the residue of the property of t~e estate in accordance with Uhe terms of Che ~-111. The guardian of the estate of 'Dh~r~n S. Doubravsky, a mentally incompetent pea~on, has flled~ ,his an- nual accounting of the property of tlm estate, w.hich ~eport is approved by the Court. Flno~ decree of divorce is entered in the caee of Fern C~amberlin vs. H. G. Chamberlln. The surv~vtng p~rbnesrs of the The Service Garage partne p of Myles Brothers ~ave Goldendale, Washington filed their petition asking 1~he Court to fix the value of the interest of the deceased partner, James Myles, DISTRIBUTING CO., Bonneville, Wash. Keep and Healthful /in t ke property of the partner~ip, that they may purchase s~me. "Dhe petition will be heard before ihe Oou~ on August 23rd. In dei~ult Judgment entered in the case of Russell L. Elsom vs. Ernest Cal@we~, and wife, i,t is ordere~l, ad- jtrd,god and decreed ,~het the plaintiff be, ~nd he is gu~anted judgmen~t in accordance with the pa~ayer in his complaint. Order is entered appoln.ting John R. McEwen as administrator with will annexed of @he estate of Jame~ M. Lovell, deceased, an:d~ fixing his ~ond In the sum of $50.00. Order is on,tared which sets ~side to l~he surviving spouse, in the mat- ter of the estate of Maxtmilis~ Tuerck, deeased, wll of ~he property of ehe e~tate in 14eu of homestead and exemptions. In tbe matter of 'h~ estate of Raymond B. Votaw, deceased, order is entere~ which sets aside to l~he surviving spouse all of the property of ,the estate In ]ivu of homestead, emd exemptions.- In oomplaint filed by Dr, s. Router Thompson, Cob~rth & GriffiVh, a cor- poPati,on vs, E. L. C~reenfield and wife, ,the plaintiff demands Jttdgment in ~he sum of $303.00 together with interest and costs. The complaint o,lleges that between Aug. 15Uh, 1935 and Jan. let, 1937, ~he plaintiff at the special insbenc~ of and request of the defendants, performed medi- cal e~rvic~s of skill upon the bo~4es of the defendan,t E. L. Ga'eenfietd and of ihls immedi~te family, of the rea- sonable value of $253.00, no part of which ha~ been pekt;I,. ~hat between Aug. 15~h, 1935 a~d Jan. 1st, 1936, The Dalle~t Hospi*tal company, at ~Ytie special instance and request of the defendants, rendered ~hospitalil~tion EAT MORE ICE CREAM Serve Reliance Ice Cream to make a hit with your guests at parties . . . social gatherings, or serve it when they've "just dropped in" . . .. serve it to keep a step ahead of the weather man ; serve it because it's good 1 Special orders of Reliance Ice Cream made on request. i RELIANCE CREAMERY I AND COLD STORAGE PLANT to defendant E. L. Greenfield an~ his immediate family of the reason- able v~lue of $50.00; that said ac- count has ,been duly a~signed) to the plaintiff. Inforrn@tion is filed v~h~oh charges one Kenneth ~her wi,~h t'he crime of Forgery in the Fl, rst Degree, com- m4tte~t on or e/bout July 27th, when he did, wllfully, and felon- iously forge a w~lttng on paper, the same being a request for the paymen~ of money of ~he tenor of a check on the H~>d River Braneh of 'Dhe First Netlon~l Rank of Portland, in ~he sum of $15.00 payable to Eae order of Mt..~dams Inn. A petition 4s filed ~Moh aside the court to appoint F. A. Dmtth ~ ad- minis*~rator of the estate of Mae 1935 CHEVROLET TRUCKS h op, d sed hoe e of seIma~a,te property th~vtng an as- LOng wheel base with duals.., good rubber.., paint.., and ,ttmat2 valuation of $600.06. A ready for manymiles of service ~aughter is the surviving 'heir. % ---Register Now----- 1936 CHEVROLET TRUCK Regi$ ationDates Set For W. S. C I~g wheel base.., duals.., very good condition... Suit- able for log hauling -O 1931 SPECIAL INTERNATIONAL wheel.., good rubber.., just the thing for a farm or wood haul O All of the above have recently been econditioned and in top condition ! WE ALSO HAVE MANY MAKES AND MODELS IN PASSENGER CARS o FOR FURTHER INFORMATION AND PRICES WA~SHINGTON STATE COLLEGE, Pullman, Aug. 17----It won't ,be long now until hundreds of students from all pa~ts of the state will Ibe pecking bhetr trunks and heading for Wa~h- lngton Sta~e college. Registr~tlon for all classes and departm,enes will he held on Friday and Saturday, Sep- tember 16 and 17. Freshmen days will be held September 13, 14 and 15, ~o give the n~w students a chance to have tndlvid~al and group confer- ences with faculty members before college is ,formally opened. Classes will meet for the first ~me on Mon- day, September 19. Advance rooom reservations show an increase over former years and In- dications ere that enrollment may go even higher Uhan the more then 3800 etudnets who were .registered t "!l''ty- Register Now------ WHITE- SALMON, WASHINGTON A Sentinel Wan~ Ad will sell t~ -. ...... . : I Jthoeo unused articles you may have. forcefully condemned, says Lella Wall Hunt, head or reade and nutri- tion, Washington State college. I is doubtful, says Miss Hun.t, if any one meal of the day is es im~t as bre~kfae.t. The bodT needs food, in the morn- ing to draw on for energy used in the day',s activities. The reserve stare is usually used up before the morning meal, and as a result there is nothing ,to draw on for the work of the forenoon. Lack of .time is usu,~lly given es ,the reason for not taking breakfast. It is suggested that the individual who skips breakfast for this ree~on should) try getting up a few minutes earlier and allow ~tlme for an un- ht~rTied meal. Br~in workers who complain hh~tt a noonday meal make~ ,them feel d~lll and eluggi~h in th~ afternoon shoukt eat ,their heartiest meal In the evening and confine their lunch to simple, easily digested foods. As for the ancient ~belief that l~it- lng clears ,the braln, Miss Hunt eays experiments have proved this o be a myth. -------Register Now----.--- HARTLAND PEOPLE VISIT HAPPY HOME I~APPY HOME~--(Special to The Sentinel)--Mfrs. Webster Ahola and dtluffhter June, l~l@o Mrs. Burton Wll- ,dt~nen and be,by daughter were vis- ltor~ wi~h. liars. Alex Randall Thurs- day. Mr. and Mr~ Win. ltt. I~wrence and daughter Rulby, of Hartla~.,, eiso M~ss Esth~ St. Iatwrence of W~l~ite Salmon were callers at the R~ndall home Friday agternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Aug Niv~ and family aevtended a show in Ooldendale Sat- urday evening. Mr. an@ Mrs. &~thur Mattllon were business cttllem in Goldend~e F~l- day. M,r,s. Alex l%andall ,rid son were business c~levs in Goldendale I~-t- d~y. George Riohea'dSon and friend of Kltckttat were Saturday morning call- ers at the P~ncl~ll home. Berntta Niemela ~ho %as 'been vis- iting at The Dallas t~turu~d home ~turday evening. Alvin R~n.d~ll mode e business trip to W~Ro Salmon Saturday. Mr. and M~s. Robert I~ughlin of B~ttle around, elsie Robert Laughlin, Sr., of Po~tlan,~, were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Randall and family. Mr. and Mrs. James I~fever at- tended a dance et Blockhouse Satttr- day evening. Mr. a~d~ l~m. Leonard Uhocz and @on Dean of Brush Prairie were Sun-i d~y visitors ~i' Mrs. Uhocz folks, ] M,r. and Mrs. &l~h,ur M~ttson. Mr. allot Mrs. Walter Mattson and ~haby bey were Sunday visitors with (trandpa and* Grandma Avlhur Mestt- s~n. ------Register Now----- l By Goldendalo Townsend Cqub [ Elmer Olark, ~tate President of t~he F-raternal Order of Eagles in Montana, hasjoined a Town~nd club and h~sannounee~ ~h~t he would vig~vously ,help ~o make the Townsend Plan a lww of Cae United States. August 25th is to be Townsend Day at4the Lewis County Fair, and Dr. Townsend ~vlll give an address, explain4ng ,the princII~les of th~ Town- send Plan. Two powerful Mexican vadlo st~ tlons 'will broadcast Townsend news e~h Wednesday from 8 to 8:15. These are ~o ,be el@otrtesa t ranserip- ,tions of ~d~dre~es ,by Dr. Townsend. Very soon a Townsend speaker will be in (~oldendale. Members and all in~erested~ parties ease enjoined ,to be ready to beck up t~e Plan to ~he limit. Did you know ~hat critics of the Townsen~ Plan offer no eub~titute? There is a reason. One of our can- didate~ for ~ongressman cri~lcises the Plan, yet, on a recent trip to ~oldendale, he stated he knew very little ~bout It. He w~ advtse